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Joining the Underground


[I've been writing privately about these characters for over 15 years and there are several different parallel and cross-cutting plotlines and groups of related stories which I'm in the process of revising and posting on here in order. This episode follows directly on from others on Literotica. In sequence:

1. Nothing fires lust like grief

2. Flying solo with Coll -- chapter 1

3. Flying solo with Coll -- chapter 2

4. Joining the Underground

All of these precede another Literotica story "On Heat" by 6-12 months.

Background: Experienced Underground secret service officer Coll McDiarmid has recruited two young skywheelers, Sweft Apollorida and Kestrem Forré, to work with him after the death of their former guardian and manager, Telor Jerenko, an old but semi-estranged friend of Coll's.


Coll's training methods are idiosyncratic and he sees no problem in mixing business with pleasure. Coll is an ex-athlete, an ex-soldier and now holds a senior position in the Underground. Physically he is tall, strongly built and roughly handsome with turquoise eyes and short, straight sandy hair. There are certainly smoother, prettier men in the universe but few with Coll's extreme sexual magnetism for both men and woman.]

"You're in," Coll McDiarmid grinned at them, looking up from the secure handheld device that had bleeped for his attention a moment earlier.

The two gorgeous young skywheelers who had been practicing Sen-Gae martial arts moves on the matting in front of him stopped and high-fived each other.

They were now in some way part of the Underground, the informal name for the secret service of the Allied Federation of Established Homeworlds (FedWorlds in common speech).

"Don't stop. I want that evasion to be close to perfect before we quit for tonight, at least a 90% score from the programme."

"You don't ask much, do you?!" Kestrem Forré grumbled over the obvious delight on his face.

"From two people whose reflexes and instincts are so close to supernatural that some more backward non-FedWorld cultures would probably burn them alive as witches? No, I don't ask much at all."

Coll clapped his hands and reactivated the programme.

"Within 3 months, I'll be asking for 95% perfection against this programme. If you take my advice on physical enhancements, I'll expect 99% very quickly. After three years training with me, I'll expect 100% every single time."

"Are you trying to prove that you're tougher than Telor?" Sweft asked.

"Hmmm," Coll mused. "No. But I may need to prove to myself that your undeniable sexual charms do not influence my judgment. You can expect me to be very tough outside the bedroom."

He let his eyes rest on their hot, damp bodies in clinging exercise vests and trousers.

Sweft Apollorida was athletic with taut curves at breast and hip, her eyes sharp steely blue with strong intelligence. Only 18 years old, she had already won both the Sen-Tae Intergalactic Championship and the Skywheeling Universal Cup, spoke six Standard Languages (three with native fluency), and had an affinity with artificial intelligence which had impressed even the Underground's cell of computing supremos.

Kestrem Forré was three years older and half a head taller than Sweft. A fine example of male sexual beauty, all long dark wavy hair and deep-blue smouldering eyes, his mouth was red and sensual. Both Sweft and Coll knew the skill of Kestrem's lips and tongue. Lacking Sweft's self-taught but still formal education, he operated almost entirely on instinct and impulse, wild and creative in his use of language and touch. His intelligence was founded on emotion and empathic connection. Like Coll, he could very quickly pick up virtually anyone, male or female.

Coll was aware that they were each studying him too.

"One more thing, kids. I'm not Telor Jerenko. I'm the man he warned you about. Don't join me expecting another father-figure."

Sweft and Kes exchanged a glance and smiled. They had perhaps discussed this together.

"Telor warned us that you were sexually voracious and would try to recruit us to the Underground. Well, it turns out that's what we want from our next boss."

Coll nodded, content with their response.

"Rewinding slightly, Coll, what about in the bedroom? Will you be tough there?" Kestrem's insolence excited Coll more than he was willing to show.

"With you, undoubtedly," Coll assured him but took Sweft into his arms to kiss her very gently. "And never with you."

Coll already knew their pasts and understood a great deal of what made them tick. Each responded as he hoped to the implications in his words and caresses.

"Now, back to work. Reach 95% and I'll show you around the ship."


"This is where you're going to work, rest and play for the next few years."

Coll's ship was a medium-sized vessel on three levels, most of it given up to high-tech equipment rather than living quarters. He quickly showed them the rest area, medical centre and a storage bay which he had converted into a physical training area.

"The control room is absolutely sacrosanct," he instructed them as he opened a door with fingerprint, iris and DNA scan. "This room is only for work. No messing around, no playing, no fucking. In here you follow my orders to the letter without question. Clear?"

"Clear," Sweft answered for both of them, eyes wandering curiously over the numerous consoles, screens and input devices.

"What if I think you're wrong?" Kes asked.

"Then you ask to talk outside the control room. If I feel inclined, I'll agree. If you get in my way, I'll throw you out and talk to you later."

Sweft's shoulders and jaw tensed and Coll moved on quickly to the bedrooms. He had assigned each of them a small room off the corridor by the rest area. The beds were big enough for two but separate rooms would give privacy when it was wanted.

"What about your room, Coll?"

"We're coming to that."

As with Coll's other bedrooms, the massive bed was clearly the focus of the room. A materialisation niche beside the bed and a door presumably leading to a bathroom or sanitation area were the only other obvious features.

"In here, you can talk completely freely. Sexually, I will never, ever do anything without your consent and desire. Beyond sex, when you want to be challenging, expressive and individual, this is the place to do it. Not in the control room."

"We're under no obligation," Sweft said aloud.

"Aside from three years hard training, no. I think we can have a lot of fun together but obligation will never come into it."

"How many other trainees have passed through here?" Kestrem said then out of the blue.

"None. I've never had the inclination to ask for any before and HQ certainly never pushed anyone my way," Coll reflected. "You are exceptional. They probably think you can give me a run for my money..."

"What do you think about that, Coll?" asked Kes provocatively.

Coll looked at his bed and then back at the two of them in turn.

"Let's find out shall we?"

They quickly stripped, kissed and fucked until all were thoroughly satisfied.


Lying together, catching their breath a little while later, Sweft turned to Coll with a frown.

"How do you do it, Coll? How do you make this so good?"

Kestrem burst into laughter and kissed them both.

"Get used to this, Coll. You can spend hours bringing Sweft to the pinnacles of ecstasy, pour your heart and soul, as well as your body, into giving her pleasure, and at the end she'll always roll over and demand to know how..."

"Is it part of your neural or physical enhancements? The way you know how to touch, when to touch is almost impossible," Sweft persisted.

Coll didn't seem put out at all by her questions. He cupped her face in one of his hands and kissed her lightly.

"Three things about me are fundamentally unenhanced, Beautiful. Mind, heart and cock -- I've never wanted to mess with any of them. I'm significantly enhanced for access to strength, speed, stamina and healing. Little else."

He smiled warmly. "The short answer, Sweft, is that I'm much older than you two, I've been around for a long time and had a lot of experience. I've always loved good sex, both giving and receiving, with both men and women. As with any hobby, you become more skilled with practice."

Sweft's eyes narrowed, framing another question but Coll got up and stretched.

"Let's all have some rest, something to eat and then, if you'd like, I'll give you a more practical explanation."

"I'd like to hear it too," said Kestrem.

"Of course. You may find that you understand much what I say already, in the same way that I don't need to explain all the computer systems to Sweft. But there will be nothing between Sweft and I that excludes you."

"I'm not the jealous type," Kes shrugged and Coll only smiled.

"There's more to my reasoning than simple jealousy."

They dressed, Sweft in Kestrem's shirt since hers was ripped earlier in a passionate embrace between the two men, that had overwhelmed her with its combination of strength and sensitivity.

Coll then ordered the computer to temporarily replace the bed with a dining table and plenty of food. Music followed, low but with a definite rhythmic beat, and they all ate voraciously as they discussed plans for Sweft and Kes' training programme.

"We start with a straight six weeks of largely physical training and some mental and psychological assessments to see what areas you each need to focus on. After that I want you here with me three weeks on, three weeks off for the rest of the year. It's important that you continue your normal lives, attend events, skywheel, enter Sen-Tae competitions, dance, drink, fuck, do whatever you normally do."

"I don't know what is normal, now that Telor is dead," Sweft admitted, she and Kes automatically coming together as they spoke of their former guardian's death. "Vita is finished. We've no reason to stay on Luna."

"I understand that. Normal has been reset for everyone who knew Telor, Cato and Nemphir too. If you need it, I can help you to build new lives."

They talked for a time of what life should appear to be for people like them. The parameters were wide.

Maybe an hour later, Sweft became aware that Coll was studying her as she sat on the table eating a piece of fruit. She stopped what she was saying and met his eyes.

"Sweft, you asked me a very good question earlier. If you're willing, I'm ready to give you a fuller explanation now."

"Yes," she answered simply. Coll stood and held out an arm.

"Come here," he said gently and drew her against his body, dropping a few light kisses on her face, as she put her arms around him.

"Show me how you make it so good, Coll," Sweft repeated her earlier question and Coll nodded before turning to Kes.

"Kes, can I ask you to watch, stay close, kiss and touch Sweft as she wishes, but don't distract me? I need to focus on Sweft if I'm going to be able to both show and explain."

"Of course," Kestrem nodded. With a quiet command from Coll, the bed again replaced the table.

"Sweft, relax, enjoy and listen. Ask me anything you like as we go along." Coll ran his hands down Sweft's body through the oversized top, pushed it off one shoulder and kissed the exposed skin.

"Three things to bear in mind from the start, honey. Firstly, you should know that ultimately there are no rules in sex, only desires, instincts, needs... Whatever I tell you, show you, here and now is an illustration of principles, not a set of rules."

"Secondly, good sex is as much about psychology and understanding other human beings as it is about the body and practical techniques."

Coll kissed her ear, bit lightly on the lobe. "It can be slow and tender and thoughtful like this... but sometimes someone just wants to be taken hard and fast.... you have to figure out what they need if you're going to satisfy them. Look for signals, check responses."

Their eyes met again.

"Thirdly, good sex requires a fundamental biological attraction between the sexual partners. If that spark isn't there then the rest becomes mechanistic at best. Check for attraction before you start worrying about arousal."

"Where do you begin, Coll?" Sweft asked and Coll caressed her face.

"With a woman? Looking at you is a good start. Right now, you're flushed, your pupils are dilated and you're leaning into me. They're all good indicators of attraction. When I came to you in the training room at the Sen-Tae Championships six months ago, all of those physical signs were present before I kissed you."

"With a man?"

"You can take it for granted that I'm hugely attracted to you. We don't need to dwell on that side right now. I won't be able to concentrate." He anticipated Sweft's hand moving towards his crotch and diverted it back to his lips.

"And then?"

"It depends. Tonight, because it's you and because this is going to be a long slow lesson, we're just going to hold each other for a while."

He pulled off his T-shirt and threw it aside. Sweft immediately kissed his chest, laid her cheek against him for a few moments.

"I suspect that the smell of my skin turns you on, partly because there's a strong natural attraction between us and partly because you've already come to associate my scent with sexual pleasure."

Sweft nodded confirmation, her face becoming even pinker now, lips slightly open and eyes full of desire. Coll had done so little but she was already breathing heavily.

Coll then ran his hands again over Sweft's top, pulling at the fabric.

"Ah, a woman in a man's shirt is incredibly sexy," he noted, breathing harder himself as he removed it. "It's too big and cut all wrong.... makes you look so... blatantly, curvaceously female. Brings out the big protective alpha male."

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, it's just an evolutionary response," Coll said absently, gazing at her semi-nude body. His hands lightly glanced over the side of her breasts as he slid his grasp down to Sweft's waist, watching her nipples harden without any direct touch.

"What's an evolutionary response?" asked Sweft breathlessly.

"What's evolution?" asked Kes, forgetting for a moment that he was meant to be the silent partner. Coll couldn't hide his astonishment at their ignorance.

"We really are starting from the beginning, aren't we? OK, evolution and evolutionary sexual responses are going to be an interesting set of future lessons. For the purposes of tonight, let me think...."

He refocused on Sweft and the jut of her breasts against his torso.

"There are certain strong desires and instincts that are common to one gender or the other. These instincts prompt sexual behaviours and responses that you may express simply because you're female and I'm male rather than because you're Sweft and I'm Coll."

"An example is that men tend to be protective of women they're attracted to. When I see you dressed in Kestrem's shirt, the lack of fit accentuates all your physical female attributes and brings out a very primal male response in me. I want to protect you, I want to fuck you and I want you to scream with the pleasure of it. Do you understand?"

He spoke patiently, his hand caressing her naked, curving back.

"You feel protective of the women you fuck?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, almost always. I can't help it. It's a subsidiary function of healthy male desire. Kes feels incredibly protective of you, by the way. It's one of the reasons I told him to stay close. I want to reassure him again that you're safe with me."

"It makes no sense..." Sweft puzzled breathlessly. Coll could see that her subconscious and instincts were reacting to his words while her conscious mind struggled with them.

"As Sweft and Coll and Kestrem, no. Not much sense at all. But as male and female it all makes perfect evolutionary sense and I promise I'll explain it all to you sometime soon. Now," he kissed Sweft's mouth again and caressed her hips in their close-fitting shorts. "Let's see where we are..."

His fingers stroked the damp material covering her sex and Sweft drew in her breath sharply.

"Oh, Coll. Yes..."

"When you respond like that, you tell me that I'm doing something right.... " he grinned.

"You're still so hot and wet from earlier," Coll continued then, whispering now in her ear. "I could easily take you right now, very pleasurably for both of us. But I intend to make you even hotter and wetter."

Sweft moaned.

"Anticipation can be very arousing, Sweft... So, let me tell you what I'm going to do.... I'm going to touch and kiss and suck your beautiful breasts, rub and stroke you here until your underwear is soaked, caress your whole body until your hips can't keep from moving against me and then I'll know that you're ready for fucking."

His hands and mouth kept the promise of his words. Sweft was soon panting, kissing his mouth hungrily when she could reach it, her legs parting to facilitate access to her sex and breasts shivering to be handled firmly by Coll's knowing touch.

"You are very ready..." his fingers had moved into her underwear now, expertly probing the slippery hair and folds around her clitoris and vagina as she pushed against him.

Coll pulled down her underwear and then his own and lifted her onto the bed where Kestrem was already lying, watching with interest.

Sweft parted her thighs for Coll to kiss her wet, furred sex, moving then to her breasts and pink hungry mouth. He rubbed his cock in her moist folds with his own sounds of pleasure but made no attempt to enter her.

"So wet, so hot...." Their eyes locked again.

"I want you, Coll. Enough anticipation..."

"Oh I want you, Sweft." He leaned over and kissed her at length until they were both gasping.

She reached down to try and guide him into her but he resisted slightly, allowing her only to grasp and stroke his penis.

"Trying to work out how best to talk and fuck. Don't want to completely lose my hold on teacher-mode yet..." he explained.

"Turn on your side, Beautiful," he added after a further moment's consideration and curled himself around her back, sliding his cock very slowly into her vagina.

They were still for a few moments, enjoying the initial sensations of penetration.

"So good, Coll..." Sweft told him again.

"It is, isn't it? This conjunction, when you're highly attracted to someone, is one of the most amazing feelings." Coll began to move slowly. "As a man, it's something I want from the start. I want to pleasure you, I want to get inside you and I want to fill you with sperm."

Sweft was making small sounds of pleasure at each thrust.

"As a sexually mature and responsive woman who is attracted to me, you want it too."

One of his hands was now stroking Sweft's clitoris as he moved in her, his other arm under her upper body, holding her close.

"It just feels so good, you feel so good, your hands, your mouth, your cock....How does it feel so good?"

"It's just nature, Sweft, complementary biology, sexual compatibility..." Coll increased his rhythm a little, kissing her neck passionately. "I'm following my instincts and your cues, doing whatever makes you cry out, makes your heart beat faster, your vagina moisten and tighten around me..."

Sweft was losing control now, pushing back onto his cock, really crying out as she sought seeking sexual release.

Coll worked harder, kept up the rhythm of his fingers in her wet folds until she began to quiver around his cock, the contractions of her orgasm bringing him close to the edge too. Groaning loudly he pulled her very close and let himself come, bodily fluids and sounds of pleasure both mingling.

He rested inside Sweft's body only briefly before he carefully withdrew and urged her into Kestrem's waiting embrace. Her face expressed the aftermath of extreme pleasure but also the wariness that he had learned always followed even the most delicious loss of control.

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