tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJournal of an Agent: Ch. 19

Journal of an Agent: Ch. 19


This chapter is dedicated to those who senselessly lost their lives on 9/11/01. You will not be forgotten. Sorry it took so long, but sometimes real life takes precedence over even our hobbies. Feedback and suggestions always welcome.


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You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, not be offended by the contents of it...blah blah, you know the rest.

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This is Part 19 of an ongoing series. Yes I know the celebs don't act like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.

* * * * *

The past few weeks had been hard to concentrate on business at all. World events brought my industry to a halt and even big events like the Emmys had to be postponed, leaving agents like myself sitting around with nothing to do but call and check on clients to make sure they were doing ok.

Several clients stopped by through out the week, including one who turned the head of my assistant Damon pretty sharply, Halle Berry. She had just come by to talk and kill time, production on her next movie delayed because of what was happening in New York. Halle was a little angry at the response her most recent movie, "Swordfish" had at the box office.

"I mean, Jesus Christ! I got paid half a million dollars to show these," Halle said, grabbing her breasts and thrusting them into my face. They were a quite nice sight, but not when accompanied by her complaining. "And what does the film do? It tanks. Now there are all these nerds and perverts online, ogling my body from some stupid bad quality picture, and the film is almost totally forgotten!"

"Halle, I think you need to calm down a little. Swordfish broke even and made a few million more than we expected. It was worth it, I'm sure. Think of all those 'nerds and perverts' who are going to be buying the DVD so they can freeze frame you. That's almost pure profit for you, and you are sure to get more viewer ship on video any ways," I said to her, trying to reason with her. She stopped in her tracks, pausing from her pacing of the room.

"Your right. But I still am not happy with my name power. I was at this website the other day, some sort of celebrity sex story archive, some sort of erotic fiction site. Any ways, all these other celebrities had lots of stories about them. You know how many were about me? Three! Even some of those no name actresses had more stories than me. If the perverts aren't even hip on me, then I'm getting nowhere in Hollywood! And as my agent, I think you should fix that!" Halle demanded, putting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot on the ground. She wore a pair of low cut jeans and a pink t-shirt that exposed her firm and toned stomach wonderfully. Her brownish hair had been dyed in gold colored waves and stayed firmly in place on her head. As she paced back and forth of my office, ranting and complaining (I had learned right off the bat to sometimes just ignore stars when they go off like that.), I started to think of what I could do to appease her. Glancing outside my office through the open door, it hit me.

"Halle, look. While the industry slowly starts up again, there isn't much I can do. BUT if you want to know how much you are appreciated and wanted by your fans, you only have to go talk to that man sitting at the desk, answering phones right now. His name is Damon and he told me he saw 'Swordfish' five times. And not just because of your tits. So why don't you go make a fans dream come true and the two of you maybe go spend the afternoon together? There sure as hell isn't going to be much work done here today," I said, reclining in my chair.

Halle had turned to look at Damon when I pointed and I could see she was clearly pondering the thought. To seal the deal, I reached in my pocket and pulled out my wallet, tossing a few hundreds on my desk. "And here. Since you OBVIOUSLY didn't make any money off of 'Swordfish' and are a starving actress again, it's my treat,"

Halle grinned at me mischievously. "Alright, I'll do it. It will be nice to do something with a real person, something that doesn't seem so fake," Halle said. She picked the money off the desk and walked out of the room. I couldn't help but admire her ass as she walked out, and knew that Damon would be thanking me repeatedly the next day. I leaned back in my chair further and watched the scene play out in front of me, like some sort of Cinderella story (the dyslexic version of course). At first Damon pretended to ignore her, trying to act "cool" and not notice her. But when Halle began to tap on his desk with her long, curled fingernails and look down at him as he tried to work, it was too much and he looked up.

I couldn't hear the words said between the two, but Damon's face went from one of feigned coolness to utter and total shock. Halle grinned wildly at his reaction and reached into her purse, handing him a small card. With that, she walked away, Damon's jaw still hanging half way to the floor as he watched her go.

As soon as she was in the elevator, he came hustling into my office, trying to act professional.

"Uhh, Dean...can I have the rest of the day off? I have to uhh..go do some...uhh.." Damon said excitedly, trying to come up with a weak excuse to let him leave. I folded my hands on my desk in front of me and decided to play along with him a little bit.

"What do you have to do Damon? I didn't quite get that," I said, smiling as sweetly and sarcastically at him as I could.

"I have to...well, see Halle wants me...uhh..can I have the time off or not?" he finally said, impatient as a child.

"Yes, yes, go. I told her to take you out. Now you kids go and have a good time," I said, waving my hand at him in the direction of the door. He didn't hesitate the slightest and rushed out the door, saying "Thank you thank you thank you" repeatedly under his breath as he left.

He shut my door behind himself as he left and I heard him literally RUN towards the elevator. I sighed deeply and leaned back in my chair, smiling to myself about the fun that lay in store for Damon and Halle that afternoon. I managed to get a little more work done that afternoon, but decided to just send everyone else home and close up early, since there wasn't much to be done right now anyways with the state Hollywood was in.

The next morning, I got into work earlier than I usually do, hoping to make some early morning calls and get some paperwork done before the rest of the office staff came in. I also hoped to be able to talk to Damon about how his afternoon went with Halle, before he got bogged down in the work that we had (mostly contracts to review).

However, it was not to be, as I got distracted on a long call that morning with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the phone, after she called to complain about the scripts she had received for this season of "Buffy". Sitting at my desk, listening to her drone on, I saw Damon come into work. He looked like he normally did, although there was something odd about him and the way he was acting. Almost...secretive. I thought it was nothing until I saw him slowly open up his file cabinet and slip what looked like a video tape into the drawer. Then, he gently closed the drawer and sat down at his desk to start his work for the day. I watched him for a few more minutes but he made no more motions towards the cabinet, and in fact ignoring it. I hung up the phone with Sarah a few minutes later and tried to ignore what I saw. But it was no use. Was that really a video tape? If so, what was on it? Was Damon hiding something that he did with Halle or did he just put something of his own in that cabinet?

I pondered what to do, my hope of getting any work done disappearing as the day wore on. Finally I decided, being the boss, I would just send Damon on a long errand and raid his desk. I know it wasn't ethical to break into an employee's personal storage area, but if that tape contained something that might be damaging to Halle's career or the firm itself, it was a risk I was willing to take.

Mid-afternoons around Shooting Stars are usually pretty quiet, so no one noticed me walking out to Damon's desk and sitting down, acting like I was looking for something like I normally would do. What no one saw though was me slipping a hand down and opening the desk drawer on the very bottom of the redwood desk. I pulled the handle out gently and felt around inside, my other hand and my eyes focused on the desk in front of me as I kept up the charade.

Finally my fingers touched an object that felt like a videotape and I grabbed it, pulling it out. It was an 8mm tape for sure, and bore no visible indications on what was on the tape. However, as I examined it further, I noticed that it did indeed have writing on it, the letters HB written in a black permanent marker so they wouldn't show on the tape without closer examination.

Putting the tape into my pocket, I walked back to my desk and shut and locked my door. I had sent Damon out for a long errand out in Santa Monica and knew with traffic he would be gone for at least three hours more. I reclined in my chair and pulled the tape from my pocket, examining it and playing with it in my hands as I debated on what to do.

If I watched it, I might be in for a few hours of his family Christmas party or some other family function. Of course, my devils advocate said, it could be something to do with Halle. "HB" seems a little obvious. However, my less mischievous side countered with the idea that HB might be TOO obvious, or perhaps I was reading it wrong and it was BH, which of course could have been anything. I decided in the end though, that watching it was worth the risk, even if it was just some family reunion.

Popping the tape into my adapter (I had a kit for playing 8mm tapes, since I often had to review up and coming girls screen tests), I pushed the play button cautiously.

The screen lit up with black and white static for a few seconds. However, it quickly corrected itself and came into focused. The camera was a little shaky but when it stopped moving so much, I got a better view of where it was being filmed.

Halle Berry was certainly in this tape, leaning against a railing near the beach. Damon was talking to her but I couldn't make out what he said. Apparently neither could Halle.

"What did you say?" she said, smiling at him and the camera enthusiastically. Halle was wearing a sea green topped bikini, the bottom piece covered in a shawl like garment that was see-through. Though the picture quality wasn't that great, you could clearly see her long and luscious bronze legs through the material.

"I asked when did you want to become an actress?" Damon said. His voice was unmistakable, but it was a little hard to hear him because of the fast whipping ocean breeze.

"Well, when I was little, I used to put on plays for my mom and brother & sisters. When I became a teenager, I did a little modeling and then really began to try and pursue acting instead. So I guess since I was a kid. When did you know that you wanted to be an assistant?" Halle asked, jokingly shoving Damon in the chest. The camera shook a little bit at this as Damon adjusted.

"Hehe, well, when I was little I started filing papers around the house and..." Damon said in a laughing manner. It caused Halle to burst out into laughter as well. She smiled warmly at the camera, but I could detect a bit of lust in her smile. The conversation suddenly got quiet for a few moments before Halle spoke again.

"I'm getting cold standing here. Why don't we go back to my hotel room and order room service?" Halle said.

"Uhh..yea, I'd like that," Damon said. The camera then switched very quickly into a dimly lit room that I can only assume was Halle's hotel. Off in the distance was the cart that their food had arrived on and I could hear some soft music playing in the background. It had all the makings of a bad porn movie, I thought to myself. Of course, it turns out that I was right.

Damon was moving the camera slowly around the room, looking at all the scattered clothes and empty shopping bags spread around. Something bright and pink came into focus on the camera and Damon zoomed in on it: it was a pair of Halle's panties, thrown on the floor almost in haste. Damon couldn't help but linger on the pair of underwear, zooming in and making sure that ensured seeing them on the tape.

"Damon, put that thing down," I heard Halle say in the background. The camera moved sharply and panned onto Halle laying on the bed, holding her head up with her hand. She had removed the slip that had been covering her legs and now was wearing only the skimpy bikini from earlier.

"Come on Damon, I don't want to be filmed right now. I'm always on camera," Halle said pleadingly.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. You are just so beautiful," Damon replied. He panned the camera up from her feet slowly up to her face, making sure to stop and linger and zoom in on the obvious parts of her body as the camera drank in Halle's flawless skin.

"Awww...your so sweet. Well, I suppose the camera can stay. We can have fun with it," Halle said, smiling sexily. "Be a good boy won't you and go get something out of my suitcase will you?"

Damon put the camera down on top of the chair he had been sitting in. It showed Halle sitting up to tell Damon something, the audio wasn't real clear. Within a minute or so, I could see the backside of Damon, still wearing the clothes from the office, hand Halle something. He walked back over and picked up the camera, readjusting it and zooming in on Halle again. He focused on her face, and I could see her arm moving below her on her body. Halle threw her head back slightly and moaned a little, her lips pursed in pleasure.

Like an expert camera man, Damon slowly savored the scene and moved his viewfinder down towards Halle's legs. Very quickly it was clear what was going on - Damon had given her a vibrator from her suitcase and Halle was now very slowly working it in and out of her cunt. She had pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and Damon zoomed in on what she was up to.

Her fingers were wrapped around a long, light blue and translucent vibrator. Her pussy was shaved in a very neat pattern, trim and narrow all the way down to her lips. As Halle worked the vibrator in and out of her hole very slowly, her inner lips, as pink as the panties Damon had scanned onto earlier, stretched and quivered around the sex toy. I could hear the motor of the vibrator whirring, but it wasn't nearly as audible as the moans of Halle.

Damon so far had not said anything, but it was clear he was moving closer to Halle's now wet snatch. Slowly, his right hand entered the frame of view on the camera and he held it over Halle's pussy, debating on touching it or not. But Halle made the decision for him, moaning out "Just do it Damon! Touch me!" Without a moments hesitation more, he brought his large, callused fingers down onto Halle's small tight snatch.

Halle immediately began to moan with pleasure as Damon began exploring her sex, rubbing his fingers over and around her hole. Using his other free hand, he zoomed the camera in to show as his hand worked it's way inside of her pussy, grinding in against her clit alongside the vibrator. It wasn't long though before Damon took the vibrator from Halle's nimble, thin fingers and began to move it in and out of Halle's snatch himself.

"Yea, you like that don't you?" Damon said as he moved the sex toy in and out of her pussy.

"Mmm...you know it baby. Fuck me harder with it. HARDER!" Halle cried out as Damon began pushing it in at a more feverish pace, sawing it in and out of her cunt, making sure to rub it against her outer lips and to be CERTAIN to touch on her clit with every stroke. Halle began to moan louder and louder as Damon pushed the rapidly moving toy into her pussy deeper each time.

"Oh yea, that's it baby...fuck my cunt...Do it just like that! Ugghhhhh!!!" Halle screamed. She had moved her hand back down to her pussy and wrapped her fingers around Damon's hand, guiding him around inside of her.

Damon continued fucking her with the toy for a few minutes, Halle's hips now writhing around on the bed, rocking back and forth as she lifted her ass up off the bed to meet the strokes that were pushing into her deepest channels.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" was all that Halle could say, her voice practically screeching as she was lost in a world of her own pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh baby I'm about to cum! Eat me out! Come on Damon, eat me out, please!!" Halle moaned.

Still (miraculously) holding onto the camera, Damon held it out and away from his face at arms length, showing him lowering his mouth to right above Halle's pussy. He had removed the vibrator from her pussy and was now working at her with just his fingers, moving in and out at a tremendous rate. I could see that feeling Damon's hot breath just inches from her snatch was driving Halle mad, but Damon seemed to know what he was doing.

"You want me to eat you out? How bad do you want it baby huh? Tell me how bad you want Damon to lick your pussy," Damon said coolly, smiling into the camera. His camera work and talent at coaxing Halle along was eerie, almost as if he had done something like this before...

"Oh baby, I want it more than anything. Just lick me baby, lick me long and hard and deep! But just do it now! I'm gonna burst into flames if you don't put me out!" Halle cried. Damon again just smiled wickedly for the camera but managed to hit the zoom button and capture the moment just as his tongue touched Halle's inner regions.

Halle cried out in what had to be an orgasm of explosive proportions, as she thrust her hips hard into Damon's face as he licked away at her. Halle moaned for what had to have been a minute as she bounced repeatedly on the bed. Damon managed to hold her down though with the hand that had been previously in her pussy. I could see his fingers glisten with her juices, despite watching a tape - she was THAT wet!

Finally her orgasm subsided and Halle's moans were replaced with panting and the sound of Damon lapping at her pussy. Damon though was still buried between her legs, licking at her pussy savagely, trying to devour and savor every last drop of her juice that he could find. Halle tightened her legs around his head as he continued to lick her, but released him a few seconds later, her legs too tired to hold on any longer.

Damon lifted his head from between her legs and got into a more comfortable position, straddling her waist as he zoomed in on Halle's face. Her forehead and chest were beaded with sweat, the perspiration glistening in the light from the camera.

"Did you enjoy that?" Halle asked, her chest still heaving a little bit.

"Not as much as you apparently. I still want more though. Think your husband would mind?" Damon asked. This caused me to sit up and pay attention - I didn't want to be the cause of an eventual breakup of her marriage. But Halle surprisingly put my fears to rest.

"We have an agreement - neither tells the other what we did while off at work. Since he is on tour and I'm always off shooting movies, that gives us both pretty good flexibility. Of course, it also makes sex with him that much better, not knowing what other hot bitch he has fucked. But that's none of your concern," Halle said, grinning.

"What was it that you had in mind, Mr. Porn Director?" Halle said, mock pouting with her luscious lips.

"Since I saw 'Swordfish', I've wanted to tit-fuck you for the longest time," Damon said. "I hope you don't mind if I do," Damon said. I was surprised at the gall Damon had with a client of the firm, but given how far he had already come, I guess there was no going back now.

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