tagLoving WivesJourney into Cuckoldry - Third Time

Journey into Cuckoldry - Third Time


This story begins the morning after the events told in 'Journey into Cuckoldry - Twice Shy' and will mean a lot more if you have read that story first.

This chapter is dedicated to RF for all his help in understanding some of the subtle and complex intricacies of the Cuckold mind. I hope it does justice to your considerable patience.

Jenny x

I woke suddenly the next morning as bright sunlight found a gap in the bedroom curtains and fell across my face. It was early. I blinked in the semi-darkness as my mind began to assemble all the thoughts, images and emotions that swam around, eventually merging them into something resembling a coherent picture.

I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling, then looked across at my wife Alice who was sleeping peacefully by my side. Her sweet face was turned towards me, her eyes closed, her body relaxed, deep in slumber.

Had it all really happened?

I looked closely at the lovely women I had been married to for so many years and with whom I had sired two equally lovely children. Seen like this it was almost impossible to believe that merely hours ago she had allowed - no, begged another man to fuck her, bringing her to the kind of orgasm I thought only existed in pornography and finally inseminate her unprotected body, all in the knowledge that I, her husband, was watching every step of the way.

There were some small clues to the extraordinary events that had occurred; her pretty face still bore traces of smudged make-up; her hair was still tousled and under the duvet she was naked, as was I.

And of course the images that were indelibly printed on my mind were a kind of proof in themselves. I closed my eyes and pondered the momentous change in our lives that had taken place.

I was a Cuckold. There was no point pretending any longer. A willing, happy Cuckold.

Carmen had seen it in me long before I realised it myself but now I understood what I was and what I wanted in life. And what I wanted in life was to watch my sweet, lovely wife being fucked to unbelievable orgasms by another man.

I played with the word in my mind. Cuck-old... Cuck-old... If you said it enough times it didn't sound like an insult any more. A small thrill passed through me as I felt name beginning to fit me like a glove. Perhaps it always had!

The first time it had happened could have almost been laughed off as a drunken mishap on a hot summer's evening where a little boisterous play between friends had gone a bit too far; awkward to deal with but in the end not marriage-threatening.

But after last night there could be no excuses. Spurred on by the she-devil Carmen, I had deliberately engineered circumstances in which my wife could be seduced by her husband Steve in front of me once again, while at the same time Alice had been trying to tempt me into letting them do exactly the same thing.

We had both been spectacularly successful. I began to wonder where this new dimension to our lives would lead us.

I slipped carefully out from under the duvet leaving Alice fast asleep slipped on my bathrobe. In the half-light I quietly picked her discarded clothes -- her new suspender belt, a tangle of silk stockings - and placed her heels in the closet before leaving the room, closing the door softly behind me.

As I crossed the landing, I noticed the guest room door standing open and looked inside. The duvet was neatly folded on the chair but the sheet was rumpled and stained where Steve and Carmen had enjoyed their loud, energetic 'victory fuck' while in the lounge below, Alice and I had realised to our amazement how successfully Carmen had played with us and our emotions.

I pulled the dirty sheet from the bed and took it downstairs with the rest of the washing.

The lounge curtains were still closed and the room dark when I entered. I drew them open to let the morning sunlight flood into what in my mind I called 'the scene of the crime'. There was a distinct odour of stale sex in the room. I inhaled it deeply like a drug and felt a thrill pass through my body as the memories of the previous evening flooded back even more vividly than before.

Alice's rumpled silver dress was draped over the armchair. I added it to my pile of washing then looked around for her new bra, finding it under the edge of the sofa. As I picked it up I felt its silky softness on my fingers and imagined how her breasts must have felt encased in so wonderful a prison and what Steve's fingers must have encountered as they caressed and released them.

It took some time to locate her thong but eventually I found it tucked behind one of the sofa cushions. I held it up before my eyes. It seemed so tiny and insubstantial to have covered so important a place. I raised the small silky triangle to my nose and inhaled. My nostrils filled with the unmistakeable aroma of a woman in heat.

Oh my God! I slipped them into the pocket of my bathrobe instead of adding them to the washing.

A short while later the washing was in the laundry room, the kettle switched on and I returned to the lounge to seek out any more evidence that should be removed before the children returned. Apart two wine glasses there was nothing untoward but as I passed the sofa I noticed a small but distinct stain on one of the cushions.

My heart pounded. It was the cushion Alice's bottom had been on when Steve had brought her to that incredible orgasm before inseminating her - the same cushion on which I had added my own semen to the pool inside her as I enjoyed 'sloppy seconds', as Carmen put it.

I knelt by the sofa and tentatively touched the mark. It was still slightly damp. I lowered my head and sniffed it. It was unmistakeably the smell of my lovely wife's vulva immediately after her amazing climax. I sat back on my heels and stared at it, my head filling again with images of the previous night before going back into the kitchen and returning with a bowl of hot soapy water and a cloth with which I tried to wash away the evidence of adultery that lay before me. After five minutes the whole cushion seemed to be wet but the dark patch was still clearly visible. I cursed under my breath as I took the bowl away, hoping that all would be well when it eventually dried.

Then a mischievous thought occurred to me. Perhaps a long-lasting souvenir of last night would be a good thing after all. Perhaps it would help bring back memories of that wonderful evening. I chuckled at the wicked thought of our friends -- maybe even Alice's intimidating mother - sitting primly, drinking tea on the same cushion on which her innocent daughter had been thoroughly fucked by her lover and had loved every minute of it.

My reverie was broken by the sound of a lavatory flushing upstairs and I realised that the Alice must be starting to wake. I went back to the kitchen and started to make tea.

A few moments later I felt a movement behind me and turned to see my wife, also in a white bathrobe, standing watching me. I could tell immediately that there was something different about her. She had removed the last traces of smudged make-up from her slightly puffy face and run a brush through her still-tousled blonde hair but seemed somehow taller, stronger, more confident than before.

"Darling!" I smiled, turning towards her.

"Good morning to you too." She smiled back at me as she crossed to the breakfast bar.

We kissed gently on the lips; her mouth soft and warm. "Are you ok today?" She asked me, her question seeming genuine. "Still happy with... with everything that happened?"

I smiled broadly back at her as she looked anxiously for reassurance -- something I was happy to provide.

"I still can't quite believe it happened but yes, I'm very happy." I said, placing a large mug of tea in her hands. "How... how do you feel... now?"

"I'm soooo sooore..." She sighed, slightly embarrassed. "My body feels like I've been hit by a truck but..." I smiled and nodded encouragingly. "But last night was sooo good. Just amazing... Thank you sooo much, my sweet, sweet Cuckold!" She kissed me on the lips again.

I glowed with pleasure at the sound of my new title and the love in her voice as she used it; a title most men would find deeply insulting but to me felt... just right. Taking the mug in both hands, she took a long sip of tea and a serene expression came over her face.

"I'm pleased you enjoyed it... Ali..." I said, using the pet name I had heard Steve use. "You looked so very, very beautiful -- you always do, but especially so while you were with him... and afterwards... wow!"

A thought crossed my mind.

"Was the whole seduction thing just an act for my benefit?" I asked. Alice paused before replying.

"Not entirely. We really hadn't done it before -- apart from that first time in the car. I've never cheated on you behind your back. I suppose deep down I knew - unless you stopped us -- that I wouldn't put up much of a fight, but it wasn't all a set-up." The dreamy look came over her face once again.

"And my God! That man knows what to do! I couldn't breathe... I thought I was going to die... I've never felt so incredibly, amazingly..."

I stared open mouthed at the woman I had thought I knew as she sat down on one of the high stools. She even moved more confidently this morning, more sexily, I thought.

"And you played the role of 'Mister Cuckold' so well, Darling." She said, her eyes sparkling despite her tiredness. "That's what Carmen calls you, isn't it?" Her voice was warm and good humoured. "I suppose I'd better get used to it, though it sounds a little harsh."

She paused a moment. "I suppose there are a few things we'll have to get used to now." She added enigmatically.

I waited for her to continue but she just sat looking vaguely in my direction. Then a slightly strange look came over her face; not unhappy but I could tell something important was about to happen.

"Come and sit here..." She said, indicating the stool across the breakfast bar from hers.

I brought my own mug and sat down opposite her. Close up I could see the tiredness on her face and the pink flush on her chest which her incredible orgasm had left - fading quickly but still visible if you knew what it was. Her lips were a little swollen from too much kissing and, as I looked more closely, I saw two large love bites on her lower neck, mostly concealed by the robe's collar but up close, very distinctive. I hadn't noticed them when I had undressed her and put her to bed but now they were very obvious.

I felt another thrill pass through me at the thought that another man had physically marked my sweet wife as his, leaving an obvious sign of her infidelity that would last a good few days at least. I smiled and looked into her eyes, seeing to my delight a new, bright, confident sparkle in them -- not much different from the one I had seen in Carmen's so often.

"What happened last night was wonderful -- you were wonderful..." She began, sounding almost as if she had prepared a speech. "And it's great that it was something we both wanted and needed but..."

She drew in her breath, then placed her hands on mine and squeezed.

"Now I've had a taste of what things could be like, I can't go back to where we were before. I just can't!"

"You're leaving me?" I asked, horrified, instinctively trying to pull my hands away but she held them tightly.

"No!" She almost shouted. "You're a lovely caring husband and a good father. I really value that but..."


"But you simply can't give me what I need in bed. You've seen that for yourself now. I never dreamed that such pleasure existed and now I've experienced it, I know it has to be part of my life now. And part of yours too."

"I know you want to see Steve again. You said as much last night and that's alright with me, I told you..."

"I know and that's really good, but there's more to it than that..."

"Go on..." I urged, a strange feeling, part hope, part fear building inside me.

Alice paused, toying with her mug, not quite able to look me in the face.

"Well, it's like this. I need to keep fucking Steve now, whatever it takes." I sat back, amazed. Alice hardly ever swore. I was surprised but not horrified. "Oh, I know he has Carmen and other girlfriends too; I'm not naive enough to think I'm his one true love so the only way I can have him is when he chooses to have me."

"Golly, Ali..." I began but she cut me short.

"Please don't call me Ali..." She said quietly but firmly. "It's Steve's special name for me."

"Ok Darling. I'm sorry..." I mumbled, although the idea of another man having a special name for my sweet wife to use whenever he wanted her body made me shiver with excitement. "What does this mean for us though? How would things change?"

"I'm not entirely sure. Carmen was a bit vague about bits of it but basically I become Steve's girlfriend as well as your wife and you become, well a full time Cuckold."

"Oh...kay..." I said uncertainly, very interested but a bit bemused. "But what does that mean about the way we live?"

"I guess we go on living together as we do now, except when it comes to sex." She said, apparently unsure. "I think, when it comes to sex, you have to accept that I'm going to keep sleeping with Steve and that sex with him will always take priority over sex with you."

"Will I... Will I still be able... to watch?" I asked hesitantly.

"Of course!" She assured me, smiling. "If you want to, that would be part of the whole Cuckold deal. But Carmen says if you want to be in the same room with us and maybe even take part then there are a few rules." She yawned and stretched. "Perhaps we should take the weekend to think it over before we pick the kids up tomorrow night -- while we have a little time to ourselves."

"Sounds a good idea..." I said. "But I'd need to understand things a bit better. These rules for instance..."

"Why don't we get our New Best Friend to explain it? She seems to know everything! Why don't you give her a call? We're free all weekend now!"

She stood up and refilled her mug, then turned towards the door.

"I'm going for a bath now." She laughed hollowly, gesturing to her groin. "I've still got 'stuff' all over me!"

The idea of my wife still having Steve and my semen on and in her body was very arousing, but suddenly a serious thought struck me.

"Alice?" I asked urgently. She stopped and turned. "What about... I mean you didn't use protection and..."

"Oh yes..." She interrupted, her voice dreamy again. "That made the whole thing that extra bit more exciting at the time, didn't it? ... The idea that I might actually get pregnant..." She stroked her tummy. "I suppose it was a bit stupid... I might even be pregnant now, I suppose..."

She looked at me as if expecting a reaction. I felt my cock pressing hard against the tight bathrobe as my mind span. Could she really have conceived already? Certainly she had spent the night on her back with a lot of Steve's sperm inside her. I stared back into her face, then at her tummy. Alice giggled mischievously.

"It's not my most fertile time and I'll douche now. If I'm pregnant after that then I guess we're having another baby, Darling!"

She turned to the door then stopped.

"Seriously though..." She said turning again to face me. "I'll go to the Doctor on Monday and go back on the pill. He knows you've had the snip so he'll wonder why but of course he can't tell anyone, can he?"

And with that, she left the room. A minute later I heard the bath running upstairs.


The rest of the day passed in a surprisingly normal way. After breakfast I went for a run and did the laundry while Alice went to the gym as usual -- well, perhaps for a little longer than usual. Around noon, I called Carmen on her mobile.

"Well good morning, Mister Cuckold." She greeted me in a warm and friendly voice. "How's your household this morning? How's Hotwife Alice?"

It hadn't actually occurred to me that, if I had acquired a new title, my formerly faithful wife might have acquired one too. I rather liked the idea -- no, I really liked the idea.

I explained our conversation of that morning and to my delight, Carmen understood quickly and completely.

"It's a big step for you both, but you've made the first moves and you're both still happy, aren't you?"

I had to agree. I certainly felt good about it and Alice had made it clear she wanted to continue.

"So what about the rules?" I asked. "We thought you might be able to help -- if you don't mind..."

Carmen laughed into her phone. "Mind? I'd love to help. After all, I'm kind of responsible for getting you this far." She paused then continued. "How about I come round to see you both tomorrow before lunch? Steve will be playing golf and if you're still making decisions his presence might be a bit... distracting, especially for Alice."

And so it was agreed.

After lunch we went shopping in town, as usual -- well, perhaps things were a little different. I noticed Alice taking just a little longer getting ready, and when we left the house her skirt was perhaps just a little shorter than she would usually wear for the shops, her top just a little tighter, her heels just a little higher?

As we walked through the crowded streets I found myself feeling unusually proud of the sexy woman by my side. Certainly a few more heads than usual turned to look at her as they passed. She had worn a scarf around her neck, presumably to hide the 'hickeys' but it often slipped, leaving them large and dark in full view -- almost as if she wanted people to glimpse them. I found myself getting a thrill out of this too; complete strangers seeing how Steve had marked my wife as his as he had fucked her.

We split up for an hour and met back at the car with our purchases before going home. Later we telephoned the kids who predictably were being thoroughly spoilt by my parents. Alice made up a story about her mother which didn't sound convincing to me but was easily accepted.

Later we went to the movies. As Alice got ready -- again taking longer than usual -- I noticed half a dozen pairs of her older, larger knickers and a couple of older bras in the rubbish bin. For someone careful with her clothes this was a surprise.


The following morning we were both excited about Carmen's visit. Alice hadn't wanted sex the previous evening, claiming still to be too sore from Steve's onslaught on Friday night. Having witnessed it for myself, I could understand this but I did feel a bit frustrated with so much talk of sex 'in the air'. After breakfast she went to the gym again for a full hour -- twice in a weekend was very rare -- and this time I went too. It seemed to be full of body-builder types on a Sunday morning. I'm no couch potato but they made me feel puny and insignificant.

Alice of course looked simply stunning in her Capri length tights and tight pink top, attracting attention from a large proportion of the men, even the much younger ones. Her whole bearing was sexier, more confident and I felt proud of her, wondering how many of them were imagining what she would be like in bed; wondering what it would be like to watch them finding out.

We returned home just in time for Carmen's visit and were still in our gym clothes when the front doorbell rang. Alice let her in with a broad smile. True to form, Carmen exuded sex even on a Sunday morning, in tight jeans, knee length boots and a tight, low-cut top.

"So how's the newest Hotwife in town?" She joked, kissing Alice on the cheek and hugging her. To my amusement, I saw Alice blush deeply.

"I'm fine..." She replied in a soft, demure voice as Carmen moved towards me.

"And my favourite Cuckold..." She kissed me too and we went into the kitchen where I made us coffee.

"I wasn't sure how welcome I'd be in this house." She began. "I was so pleased when you called. I didn't want our friendship to be ruined..." She said, looking primarily at me. "It seems I needn't have worried."

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