tagBDSMJourney Into Submission Ch. 02

Journey Into Submission Ch. 02


Journey Into Submission: The Training

"Hellllo-oh." Fingers snapped under Ruby's nose and she blinked, focusing on her friend Diane's exasperated face.

"Anybody home?"

Ruby smiled apologetically and nodded. "I'm sorry Diane. What were you saying?"

Diane wrinkled her nose and then grinned, "He's really something, huh?"

Ruby could feel the hot sweep of a blush climb her neck and spread over her cheeks. Lord! She was too old to be blushing like a teenager.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Ruby, this is me, Diane! I tried calling you 5 times on the weekend: 3 times Saturday and 2 times Sunday. Clearly you were gone the whole time, now 'fess up..."

Ruby glanced around the teacher's lounge. Instead of going over the tests she had brought in to grade, she had been daydreaming about AJ and the world he had opened up for her. Diane, Ruby knew from past experience, was most definitely NOT going to be put off. A reluctant grin curved Ruby's mouth as she glanced at her friend's determined expression. It was only fair: it was Diane's gift of a massage that had precipitated this amazing turn in Ruby's life.

"He is....he is...." Ruby stumbled to a halt. How did one explain one's Master? She thought he was beautiful, she thought he was sexy, she thought he was ...perfect.

"That was a sigh!" Diane pounced, "Why are you sighing?"

"Diane, please -"

Diane made a "T" with her hands, "Time out! Start again. Where did you meet?"

"At the Laguna Spa...remember that massage certificate you gave me?"

"Now we're getting somewhere!" Diane gleefully rubbed her hands together, "Employee or member?"

"Employee. The masseuse in fact."

Diane went still. "Wait a minute...which masseuse--we are talking male, right?"

Ruby rolled her eyes at her friend and nodded.

"AJ." Sir. Master. Lover. She could feel the blush deepening on her cheeks. Diane eyed her brightly.

"AJ is a hunk! But Ruby...didn't you meet him fairly recently?"

Ruby nodded, nibbling on her lip, trying to hide her discomfort by focusing on her test papers. Diane bent the sheaf of papers down and grinned unrepentantly over them.

"You spent the weekend with him!"

Just remembering the weekend jolted a wave of hot lust through Ruby.

"Alriiight!" Diane lifted her hand in a 'high five' that Ruby reluctantly met then averted her flaming face from the curious looks they were drawing from the other teachers in the lounge.

"I want to know every little detail."

Ruby balked. Essentially a private person, she rarely talked openly about sex and she wasn't about to start in such a public place. On the other hand, she felt the need -powerfully- to confide in someone, to discuss dominance and submission with someone whose opinion she valued.

"I can't talk..here." she added, as her friend's expression grew mutinous.

Diane scooped up her purse and tugged at Ruby's hand.

"C'mon then, let's go to your house for a cozy little chat."

"Diane, I can't. Not this evening."

Diane cocked her head, her dark hair swinging against her chin and demanded, "Why ever not?" then correctly interpreting her friend's guilty look, exclaimed, "Oh. My. God! You're going out with him tonight?!"

"He's picking me up here," Ruby admitted softly.

"I can't wait to meet him!" Diane crowed and then, conspiratorially leaned close to whisper "Is he...kinky?"

Stalling, Ruby said, "I don't know what you mean--"

Diane snorted in derision, opened her mouth to retort but no sound came out. Ruby saw her friend's eyes go wide and turned to search for whatever it was that had captured Diane's attention so thoroughly that she stood staring with her mouth open.

AJ stood just inside the door. Oh god, he looked good: vibrantly, challengingly male with that indefinable something Ruby had yet to put a name to but which pulled at her. He was the sun to her earth, a tree to her twining flowering limb. He was her Master.

She knew the instant he spotted her for his attention riveted wholly on her. Ruby gave him a shy grin and stood as he approached.

"Hello AJ." she greeted him softly.

He cupped the back of her neck beneath her hair with his big hand and smiled down at her. "Hello my own."

Ruby blushed as he knew she would at the literal greeting. It delighted him. The dark-haired woman who had been talking with Ruby when he entered cleared her throat loudly. For the second time. He looked over at her with cool-eyed interest.

"AJ, I would like you to meet my friend, Diane. She's the one who gave me the free massage."

AJ grinned at her;

"I have you to thank then, for sending Ruby to me."

"Yep." Diane agreed, grinning back at him smugly. "See that you take good care of her. Ruby is special."

And as Ruby squirmed inwardly in embarrassment and anxiety over her friend's brash, somewhat challenging comment, AJ stroked his fingers over her sensitive skin in reassurance.

He took a step closer to Ruby and so she could feel his heat all down her left side as he said, "She is a jewel."

Ruby climaxed. She gulped hard, biting back a moan as she tilted her chin to look up at him. He loved the shock warring with the pleasure in her grey eyes. He tracked her tremors, the sudden wave of heat beneath his hand. She sagged a little at the knees and he used his hold on her to bring her against his body to support her.

Ruby was horribly aware of her friend standing not 6 feet away, of the room full of colleagues, none of whom had the faintest idea that she had just had an orgasm. But Ruby knew and she blushed so hotly she was afraid that alone would give her away.

She did not yet understand how AJ was able to do these things to her and Ruby was not yet sure she wanted them done but just now she was grateful for his strength.

"Are you ready?" AJ murmured and another quick upward glance confirmed the double entendre for Ruby. His dark eyes were sparkling with a wicked, knowing humor.

Not quite able to trust her voice, she nodded and gathered her things together all the while aware of Diane's eagle-eyed interest and barely suppressed curiosity.

"Call me!" Diane ordered as AJ steered Ruby toward the door. Ruby waved.

At his car, AJ pulled Ruby into his arms and kissed her. When he lifted his head, AJ stroked her cheek with his thumb and smiled warmly down at her.

"Where are you, Ruby?"

"In my Master's arms, Sir." she answered breathlessly.

He tilted his head, watching her closely. "That's right," he agreed, opening the car door for her. "And as your Master, it is my place to push your limits."

Ruby slid into the front seat, conscious of her escalating heart rate. AJ had discussed limits with her over the weekend and she understood that while some of hers were absolutely non-negotiable (no edge or breath play, for instance) others were not.

As AJ slid into the driver's seat he gave Ruby an encouraging grin and stroked her cheek.

"You please me very much, lover."

"Your pleasure is mine, Sir." She gave him a wobbly smile.

"As it should be," he reached over the back seat for a bag that he placed in Ruby's lap. "These are for you."

She peeked into the bag and heat rushed over her. On top of black lace lay the silver remote-controlled vibrating egg. Her eyes flashed to AJ and she found him watching her with a look she was starting to recognize a watchful, expectant look.

"We are going to stroll through the park," AJ told her as he started the car and backed out of the lot, "but first you are going to put on the things in the bag."

Ruby swallowed hard and began to pull items out of the bag: high heels, garter, and silk thigh-high black stockings.

"Wh..." she choked, cleared her throat and tried again, "Where am I to change my clothes, Sir?"

"Here in the car, baby."

Her heart thumped hard in her chest as Ruby contemplated her options. She could refuse and disappoint her Master or she could obey and risk embarrassment, discovery, shame. Drawing a deep breath, Ruby kicked off her shoes and socks then reached for the garter belt.

Though he said nothing, she thought she could feel the approval that radiated from him. As Ruby drew the garter belt on under her knee-length skirt, AJ said without turning his attention from the road, "Remove your panties."

A flush of heat rolled through her. Ruby bit her lip as she slid her panties down and kicked them off. AJ took his hand off the wheel and held it palm up. She stared dumbly at it a long moment and then, her color flaring higher, put her panties obediently in his hand. Calmly AJ brought them to his nose inhaling deeply - inhaling her scent - before stuffing them in his jacket pocket.

Drawing a shuddering breath, Ruby rolled the stocking up her left leg squirming in the tight confines of the car as she tried to pull it high enough on her thigh to reach the garters without exposing her pussy. It was easy enough to fasten the front hooks but the back...

"Pull your skirt up, Ruby."

She obeyed and found it easier to fasten the back snap as her skirt pooled in her lap. Ruby jumped a little when she felt AJ's big hand fondle the bare cheek of her ass. All too aware of the picture they made; she with her skirt rucked up around her waist and one black silk lace-topped stocking fastened to an equally lacy garter, her blonde hair falling over her flaming cheeks while AJ's warm hand cupped and fondled her ass.

"Sweetheart, I can smell you."

Ruby whimpered softly in acknowledgement and struggled to pull on the right stocking. When she had both stockings fastened and the thinly strapped heels on her feet, she sat gulping air. Her heart nearly stopped beating altogether when AJ held the egg out to her and murmured,

"In your pussy."

"Oh god," she took it from him and inserted it between her legs. "Yes, Sir."

"Turn towards me, love."

She closed her eyes and obeyed, spreading her legs so her Master might watch her slide the egg in as commanded. There was a roaring in her ears and her body trembled uncontrollably as she sat in AJ's car with her eyes closed.

The egg buzzed suddenly as AJ thumbed the control and Ruby's eyes flew open in shock. All at once she became aware of several things: they had arrived at the park, the car was turned off, AJ watched her with heat in his dark eyes.

"Good girl."

These simple words spoken with quiet approval gave Ruby a jolt of pure delight and she exhaled shakily. While he exited the car and walked around to open her door, Ruby smoothed her skirt down over her knees with hands that shook just a little. AJ drew her out of the car and into his arms for a deep kiss.

"My sweet, sexy, wanton woman," he whispered into her hair as he nuzzled her. Ruby curled close with a happy sigh. She felt protected and cherished when he wrapped his big body around hers this way.

"Let's go for a walk," AJ grinned down at her.

"You DIDN'T!" Diane exclaimed one day later as Ruby recounted the adventure while she and Diane relaxed in the living room of Ruby's home.

"You didn't walk the length of Riverside Park with a vibrator in your...in your..."

Ruby tilted her chin. "Did." She countered.

AJ had walked her along the crowded park, his hand on her lower back, a claim, a reassurance: all the while varying the speed of the egg in her pussy.

Ruby concentrated not only on staying upright on the unfamiliar high heels, but could not help but focus on the vibrator in her sex, on the smell of her own arousal, and on the dreaded fear of encountering someone she might personally know.

"Then what happened?" Diane demanded drawing Ruby's thoughts back to the present.

"When we got back to the car," Ruby continued, then faltered and thrust her hand distractedly through her hair. "The thing is, Diane...when we got back to the car, I was so wet!"

While she could not stop the wash of color that spread over her cheeks, Ruby's gaze was level and honest as she made the confession to her friend.

"So?" Diane shrugged.

"So...obeying him...like that. It...it..."

"Aroused you." Diane said cheerfully when Ruby stumbled to a halt. At her nod, Diane continued, "Just tell me you went home and had hot sweaty sex for hours."

Ruby's averted flaming face and her silence said it all. She closed her eyes as the hot memories surfaced. They had barely entered her home when AJ had pushed her against the wall, thrust his knee between her legs to spread her.

He had removed the egg from her pussy and lifted her higher, impaling her on his cock before Ruby could catch her breath. He fucked her up against the wall of her foyer and she loved it, wrapped her legs around his waist as his hands cupped her bare ass. She had fused her mouth to his as he worked her to climax with shocking speed.

When he eased her to her feet, Ruby had been stunned to find that her front door stood partially open. God! She had screamed in her bliss and undoubtedly informed the entire neighborhood.

Even discovering her door half open had not stopped Ruby from following AJ eagerly to the bedroom for more 'hot sweaty' sex. She sighed.

"Ok, so you DID come home and have sweaty sex for hours. I think it's bloody wonderful and I'm thrilled for you, Ruby!"

Diane's declaration drew a chuckle from Ruby.

"Diane, I need to ask you something. Something important."

"Ask away."

"Do I seem...different to you?"


Ruby snorted, "You don't want to take a minute to consider the question?"

Diane shook her head. "Nope. Now don't take this the wrong way, ok? I'm about to be brutally honest here."

Ruby straightened her shoulders and nodded, "Go on, please."

"Well...up until very recently you acted ashamed of your body. You used to walk with your shoulders hunched like you were trying to hide the fact that you have breasts. And you used to wear the most god-awful granny clothes." Diane shook her head as though she found Ruby's behavior incomprehensible. "But lately, well lately you've got your head up, Ruby, and your shoulders back. You walk like you are proud of your femininity and aren't afraid to show it off in the hot new clothes you've bought. And-"

"Don't stop now," Ruby said dryly as Diane abruptly halted mid-sentence.

After a moment's consideration, Diane shrugged and continued. "Well, when AJ arrived to pick you up the other day...Ruby, I've never heard that particular tone of voice from you before...the one you used around him."

Ruby blushed but urged, "What tone was that?"

"Shy. Soft." Diane grinned suddenly, "Best imitation of 'sex kitten' I've heard in awhile."

The comment heightened the bloom of color on Ruby's cheeks.

"So," Diane went on with an innocent look at her wineglass, "You want to tell me why you really asked me here?"

Ruby took the plunge, "Diane, I think I'm submissive."

Diane nearly fell off the couch she laughed so hard. Ruby sighed and grinned reluctantly. "Here me out, please, Diane. I don't mean submissive at work, I mean here - inside me."

Her friend made a big production of wiping her eyes and fanning her face and settling herself primly on the edge of the couch. When she raised her brow, Ruby took it as a sign to continue.

"AJ is a..Dominant."

"Oh man, is he ever!" Diane said enthusiastically, "Prototypical Dominant male. Yum."

"He is A Dominant." Exasperation crept into Ruby's voice.

"Wait a minute...are you talking about BDSM? The bondage and leather and 'whip me 'til I bleed' set??"

Ruby bit her lip and nodded, "Well yes, but I don't think you understand what it really is."

Diane leaned back on the couch, stretching her arm along the back and crossing her legs. "Enlighten me, then."

"I've always had these...sexual fantasies of being tied up and dominated by a man. You know, made to do things that I secretly wanted but could never admit to?"

Diane nodded. Ruby got up and began to pace as she sought the words to explain to her friend the shape of the world into which AJ had introduced her.

"And I've always felt...incomplete...like something's been missing in my life. I've been reading a lot about it lately and I think that some people need to be in control and other people need to be controlled. AJ says that a Dominant has only the power that a submissive gives up."

"You mean, like Master and slave?"

"There is a difference between slave and submissive, one I am still learning. I think that a submissive can and does speak her mind to her Dominant, that she is expected to have opinions, to disagree now and then, to retain control of large chunks of her life whereas a slave..."

Ruby paused in her pacing and shrugged, "A slave gives up more, I think. Gives up opinions, gives up whatever her Master says she will give up, never disagrees with her Master. Regardless of whether one is a slave or a submissive, the relationship is always a consensual one. Anything else is simply abuse...I'm explaining this badly."

"Just tell me that AJ is not beating you."

"AJ is not beating me. He would never cause me real pain."

"There's fake pain?"

"I am learning that there is...erotic pain."


"Nipple clamps."

Ruby was unaware that her voice softened and her expression became dreamy. Diane flinched a little and then stared hard at her friend. There was a kind of hunger that flowed and flickered over Ruby's face as she recalled the initial bite of the clamps...the slow building burning ache and when the clamps were removed and her nipples were at their most sensitive, the rush of sensation as circulation returned.

Diane leaned forward, intrigued.

"Are you telling me that the general public has it all wrong then? That those who participate in BDSM activities don't like whippings or humiliation?"

"There ARE submissives who crave those things," Ruby admitted, "but I am not one of them. For me, the attraction is in the power exchange; bondage, and ...and sexual magic..." she broke off, shrugging.

"So tell me, what did you get out of that little adventure AJ took you on yesterday? Besides red hot sex at the end?"

Ruby's face glowed as she answered:

"Oh, I don't quite know how to explain it but it gave me such joy, such satisfaction to please AJ by doing as he asked! I've thought about it alot: about why it was difficult for me, about why he would ask me to do a difficult thing, about why it made me so hot for sex..." She sighed and grinned wryly.

"And? Your conclusions?" Diane prompted, fascinated.

"Well, I think that AJ asked me to do something difficult partly because he could, because HE is the one in control and it excites him to know that he can command me and I will obey. I think also that he wants me to...to"

Ruby chewed her lip a moment as she tried to fathom her Master's intent, "AJ wants me to glory in being female; to be proud of it, to embrace it, I think."

And oh! That felt like the correct answer to her!

"I obeyed yesterday despite how hard a thing it was for me, precisely because it gives me delight to please him; because AJ's excitement ignites mine; because I -" she glanced hesitantly at Diane, considering her intended response and then plunged ahead, "because I gave myself to him, submitted to him. And I trust him."

Diane opened her mouth. Shut it. Opened it again and blew out a sharp breath. "I want to say you're crazy." She said at last, "but I know you're not. So AJ is NOT interested in beating you black and blue?"

"Only if I wished him to." Ruby admitted.

Diane sighed and squirmed a little:

"I gotta admit, I'm a little turned on myself. Does AJ have a brother?"

Ruby laughed, relieved. "I think he has several."

Journey Into Submission: Sisters

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