tagBDSMJourney of Submission Ch. 05

Journey of Submission Ch. 05


Lying in bed i feel the welts from His marks tingle as my skin rubs against the sheets. The warmth from them comforts me as i lay alone reflecting upon O/our recent time together. Every movement sends ripples of sensation through me from the welts causing my clit to swell. i feel my body respond to the sensations as moisture begins to form between my legs. Desire rises inside of me as i squirm between the sheets creating a vicious cycle as the welts rub against the fabric.

i lay in bed exhausted from O/our time together trying to push aside the need to satisfy the sexual hunger that i feel. my body is unwilling to co-operate as i try to will myself to sleep till finally i must concede to the rising needs. my hands drift to my breasts firmly massaging them in my grip. They are still tender from the clamps as i twist the nipples between my fingers sending waves of sweet pain through my body.

The wetness between my legs begins to flow onto the sheets and i can feel moisture form beneath me. Blood begins to flow into my clit increasing my need for satisfaction. i can no longer ignore the growing desire demanding satisfaction. i reach for the Hitachi placing it on my clit turning it on i feel my body respond to it's charms.

Squirming beneath the vibrations of my toy i slip a finger inside covering it in my cum before slipping it into my mouth to enjoy the sweetness. i savor the flavor of my cum inside my mouth as i grind my clit against the Hitachi feeling the orgasm begin to engulf my being. my legs begin to tremble as i twist a nipple between my fingers. i fantasize about Him demanding me to cum. Grinding harder against the toy as the sheets rub against the welts and tender nipples till my entire body trembles in response as cum rushes from me soaking the sheets. The sexual desire satisfied and completely spent i lay in my own cum and drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow W/we are attending a special event at the Ranch and i will wear my new corset. i need to practice wearing it so that i can move as gracefully as possible under it's restrictions. my roommate assists me lacing me tightly into the confining device. The corset binds me so that bending is impossible i spend my day practicing sitting, walking and breathing under the constraints.

The corset beautifully enhances my body cinching my waist in pushing up my breasts and accentuating my hips creating a beautiful hourglass shape. i love to view my reflection in the mirror as i wear it about the house. Initially i feel as though i am walking stiffly the boning presses against my ribs making it difficult to take deep breaths. Each step i take causes the corset to dig into my ribs and sides causing me to wince, i push aside the sensation of pain that runs through me as i practice walking gracefully under it's restrictive nature.

i enjoy the new challenges i am presented with as O/our Master/slave relationship grows. Learning how to present myself in a beautiful and graceful manner under all circumstances excites me. i can't wait for tomorrow and i can show Him how elegantly i wear the corset. my collar will also be in and W/we will formalize O/our Master/slave relationship. i love being displayed in public for His pleasure and He will be so pleased displaying me in this beautiful corset wearing His collar.

As i loosen the lacings of the corset my ribs are bruised and tender from being so tightly compressed. The sting of pain passes through my body as my ribs return to their normal position and my blood now unabated rushes back into my torso. Sensation triggers my libido once more and i retrieve the Hitachi to once again relive myself of the desire that is building inside of me. Quickly i bring myself to orgasm satisfying my sexual hunger so that i can return my focus to preparing myself for Him.

As darkness falls i complete my preparations selecting clothing for O/our time together, painting my nails, and soaking my body in a hot bubble bath before rubbing oils into my skin so that the texture is silky soft. Placing clamps on each of my nipples i kneel naked in the corner arms behind my back i meditate clearing my mind before slipping into bed. Settled under the covers i remove the clamps from each of my breasts and use the Hitachi to bring myself to the brink of orgasm 4 times, tonight though there will be no release.

i must force myself to ignore the hunger inside me as i wrap the covers about my body and drift off to sleep. Through out the night my body's hunger awakens me and i must push it aside saving satisfaction for Him. He does not demand this sacrifice of satisfaction but i have grown to enjoy the first encounter when i am so pent up with desire that His slightest touch causes my body to convulse in pleasure.

Sunlight begins to flow through my window as i wake filled with excitement of once again being back in His arms. my clit is so swollen with desire the need for release is so strong i can barely stop myself from exploding as i once again bring myself just to the brink before forcing my body to stop. Rising from the bed i run a hot bath and begin the process of shaving myself so that everything is smooth for His use.

Butterflies fill my stomach as the time for His arrival approaches, i wait outside to greet Him barely able to contain myself as i see His car pull into my drive way. A smile engulfs my face as i see the look of approval upon His. He glows as He steps out of His vehicle to embrace me. Holding me in His arms He pulls back my head and my body melts into Him as He consumes me with a kiss. my breathe quickens at His touch and i feel the hunger for Him build inside of me as moisture forms on thighs.

He presses against me and i can feel His desire for me growing. All i can think about is ripping off O/our clothes and having Him right now O/our hunger will have to wait though as He releases me from His embrace and retrieves my luggage. W/we have a schedule to keep tonight He is officially collaring me and W/we have a friend joining us in the celebration of formalizing O/our Master/slave relationship. This will be an exciting evening as He will present me publicly in His collar.

Driving to Denver W/we share the excitement each of U/us is experiencing looking forward to the future. He holds my hand and shares how much He loves me and how amazed He is to have me in His life. W/we are both so excited at the realization of O/our dream to create a Poly BDSM home.

Exiting the freeway the excitement of officially being His collared slave mounts for both of U/us. Parking the car He exits the vehicle caught up in the anticipation of having His collar locked about my throat i forget to wait for Him to open my door. A sensation of panic rushes through me as i realize i have exited the vehicle. Ashamed at my lapse of protocol i look into His eyes casting down my gaze apologizing for the error.

Recognizing that my lapse was a result of being overwhelmed by excitement He takes me in His arms lifting my face up to gaze into my eyes as He kisses my mouth. As my breathing returns to normal He escorts me to the elevator. Arriving at His apartment i am taken to the bedroom and directed to remove my clothes as He closes the door leaving me alone to wait.

i can hear Him in the living room preparing it for my collaring. Exhilaration floods me as i hang up my clothes the goose bumps begin to form on my skin. i feel the blood flowing into my clit as it swells and my nipples become hard as i feel the juices begin to flow between my legs. i hear the door knob begin to turn as He opens the door to retrieve me. Grasping me by my hair i am led to the living room. He directs me to my knees spreading apart my legs exposing my swollen clit and glistening vagina. i reach to feel His hard cock beneath His pants but He pushes my hand away ordering me to place them behind my back causing my breasts to be thrust forward. Pulling my hair back He thrust my head up exposing my vulnerable neck as He reaches for the collar.

Stopping He now shares with me His promise as my Master to care for me, protect me, love me, and the honor He feels in my willingness to submit to Him. Finally He asks if i accept Him as my Master willing to entrust myself into His care. Accepting His collar as a symbol of His ownership of me. Tears form in my eyes as i confirm my willingness to give myself to Him completely accepting Him as my Master committing to always serve Him.

Looking into His eyes as He places the collar around my throat His face is glowing with His love for me. Locking the collar in place He pulls me up into His arms and leads me back to the bedroom where He now takes complete ownership of me thrusting His cock deep inside. His cock hardens with each thrust as He reminds me that i am now His to use as He wishes. My body is so hungry to release myself i feel myself tighten around His cock begging Him permission to release myself. Exerting His ownership of me He denies me this release as He spreads apart my legs lifting them higher so that He can fully penetrate me.

Looking into His eyes i can feel the head of His cock swell inside of me He is on the verge of exploding inside me. Slamming His cock deep inside i feel Him release His cum as He orders me to cum my body explodes as cum rushes forth drenching Him and the bed covers beneath me. Collapsing on top of me W/we lay in each other's embrace trembling from the release each touch triggering more tremors.

i am consumed with joy as i feel the weight of His collar about my throat. W/we lay curled up with each other sharing O/our excitement and pleasure in the consummation of O/our Master/slave relationship. Forcing O/ourselves out of bed i run myself a bath while He begins to select the items W/we will need for the evening festivities.

i am filled with excitement anticipating O/our plans and celebrating my collaring with O/our friends. W/we invited a friend to come join us for dinner before attending the BDSM event at the Ranch tonight. Finished with my bath i do my hair and apply makeup before retrieving my corset for Him to lace me into.

Bracing myself against the wall as i feel Him tightening the laces. Cinching in my waist compressing my ribs till He is satisfied with the fit. i slip my legs into the silk stockings as He helps to attach the garter to them. my collar looks stunning complimenting the red brocade corset perfectly. i select a pair of red and black leather cuffs that match the corset and present my wrists to Him as He secures them in place.

Holding His leather vest i wait for Him as He retrieves the whips He has selected for tonight. i have a sense of anxiety as W/we leave the apartment tonight i will be wearing His collar at the restaurant. i know that people will stare and pass judgment when they see me wearing the corset and His collar about my neck. i enjoy the challenge of overcoming my anxiety and His presence helps to calm my nerves as W/we drive to the restaurant.

Meeting up with O/our friend she compliments me on the collar and congratulates us on this step in O/our relationship. W/we are escorted to the table and the hostess gives U/us the menus i push mine off to the side knowing that He will select what i will eat. i can feel the other diners staring at me as i sit waiting for Him to order. Ignoring the stares i sit proudly in my chair wearing His collar as W/we consume the food.

The meal complete He pays the bill and W/we leave for the Ranch to continue the celebration. Tonight they are having a host of demonstrators performing various BDSM skills. The energy as W/we enter the venue is exhilarating i can barely contain my excitement as O/our coats are checked. Requesting permission to go to the bathroom O/our friend and i leave so that i can remove the jeans i wore with the corset.

Tonight i feel completely at ease as i remove my jeans leaving me wearing just the corset, a red thong, silk stockings and my 5 inch heels. The last time i was a bit anxious being so exposed, with the comfort of His collar about my throat i exit the bathroom proud to be so openly displayed in front of everyone.

He greets us as we exit grasping me in His arms He examines me before pulling out a leash securing it to His collar adding the perfect final touch. i remove His shirt and hold His leather vest helping Him into it before He leads me into the main room. Looking about there are various stations set up to demonstrate flogging, suspension, and even fire play.

There will be lots of new experiences tonight and i can't wait to enjoy all of them, but first W/we take some time to socialize. He escorts O/our friend and me to the pool tables leaving us to enjoy a game of pool with another couple as He socializes with the hostess. Her and i make quick work of beating the couple at pool i end the game banking the 8 ball perfectly into the corner pocket.

Shaking O/our opponents hand and thanking them for the game W/we exit to locate Him at the bar. As i walk up to Him He grabs the leash pulling me close introducing me to the hostess as she compliments Him on what a stunning slave i am. She expresses how she is looking forward to watching us perform a flogging scene on the stage before leaving to greet other guests.

i have never performed a scene in front of so many people before the venue is filled with people excitement builds along with a touch of anxiety at being flogged on stage in front of so many spectators. i feel moisture form between my legs recognizing that being exhibited for everyone's pleasure is causing desire to fill me.

Leading me to the stage by the leash He escorts me up the steps. There is a pole in the center that He directs me to hold onto as He bends my body positioning my bottom to receive the lashes from His whip. Everyone has gathered around to view His demonstration and i close my eyes trying to focus on my breathing as i feel the first lash of leather thongs kiss my skin.

my hands are trembling as i increase my grip on the pole and He runs the thongs of the flogger down my back and onto my bottom before pulling back and striking my buttocks. With each lash He increases the force upon my skin. The warmth of each lash spread through my body culminating between my legs. i am in my own world unaware of the people watching the scene as i feel my cum begin to run down my thigh and my legs begin to tremble. Increasing my grip on the pole i stretch my body further out thrusting my bottom to greet each blow.

i feel His hand reach between my legs to gauge my excitement and desire. Pleased by the moisture flowing from me He reaches for the crop striking the inside of my thighs spreading my legs farther apart. my hips rotate and grind to the music as i feel the sting of the crop land on my ass sending my legs into uncontrollable spasms. The intensity of desire mounts inside me as i feel the first sting of the single tail being used upon my skin.

Striking the back of my thighs i can feel the undeniable sensation of my orgasm mounting. With each strike of His whip cum begins to flow from me till my body quivers uncontrollably i feel Him firmly grasp my waist supporting me as the orgasm subsides. Opening my eyes i look into His face to see how pleased He is in my submission to His ordeal. Relief engulfs me that i have served Him well as i ask permission to experience fire play.

Granting me permission He undoes the lacings of my corset completely exposing me on stage before presenting me to the Dom who is demonstrating the fire play. Relinquishing me into the Dom's care i am laid upon a table naked while everyone watches. i feel my breath quicken and my heart beat begin to race as i lay exposed for everyone to view. i can feel the warmth of His welts on my bottom as they press against the table and the cum from my recent orgasm between my legs.

i close my eyes focusing on my breathing as i feel the sensation of the fire upon my skin. The Dom places a cool gel on each nipple before i feel them ignited in fire. The heat from the flame courses through my skin. i feel the fire batons as they are ran across my skin engulfing me in the warmth of the flames. i am rolled onto my stomach to complete the experience i feel the gel being poured onto my back sending chills through my spine before it is ignited and i feel the heat of the fire as it kisses my skin.

The fire extinguished i lay for a moment as my body recovers from the demonstration. Several of the spectators ask permission to touch my skin to feel the effects of the fire. i lay patiently as they run their hands over my body before i am assisted up by the Dom and escorted back to Him. The pleasure in my performance is clearly written on His face as He helps me off the stage. Naked and trembling from the two scenes He helps to dress me before re-attaching the leash to my color.

The evening is just getting started but O/our friend has to leave W/we say O/our goodbyes as He escorts me outside to a tepee that the venue has it is a relaxing place to recuperate. Inside there are lounging areas that circle around a nice warm fire. Several couples are sitting inside chatting and relaxing as W/we enter. i relax into His arms as He caresses my breasts and i run my hand over His cock. W/we strike up conversations with other couples as W/we sit caressing each other.

Recovered and now hungry with desire for each other W/we decide it is time to leave and satiate O/our sexual appetite. W/we are B/both pent up from the evening's events as He retrieves O/our coats and W/we leave to return home and satisfy our sexual desires. Driving home He shares with me how proud He was and what a good girl i was. Telling me how honored He was to display me wearing His collar. The excitement that ran through Him as He watched me naked laid out on the table for the fire play demonstration. The pride He felt of being my Master as the spectators ran their hands across my body to feel the effects of the fire on my skin.

His compliments honor me and increase the burning desire i feel to serve Him. The drive home feels like an eternity as W/we finally pull into the garage. i wait patiently in the car as He retrieves O/our belongings before opening my door allowing my exit. Entering the apartment He drops the items to floor and removes my coat before grabbing my hair pulling back my head and consuming me with His kiss.

Following Him to the living room He sits on the couch as i kneel before Him and remove His boots. i bring my head into His lap as i remove His belt and undo His pants to release His cock before running my tongue around the tip. As i wrap my mouth around His cock taking it into my mouth He unzips my dress directing me to remove it. A pout forms on my mouth as He stops me from the pleasure of giving Him a blow-job directing me to kneel as He places a blindfold over my eyes.

i kneel on the floor with my legs spread apart as i hear the sound of the metal chains of the clamps jingle before i feel the pinching sensation as they are clamped upon my nipples. He clips the cuffs on my wrists together in front of me before pulling me up and bending me over a chair spreading apart my legs and positioning me to endure His ordeal. i feel the chain between the clamps sway tugging at my nipples i am so wound up from earlier that my legs immediately begin to quiver at the sensation. i try to focus my mind and plant my feet into the ground to maintain the position.

i hear Him retrieve items and lay them on the table next to me shivers run down my spine as my body responds to the sounds knowing that soon i will endure His exquisite torture. He runs His hand down my back caressing my skin down between my legs feeling the wetness that has formed as anticipation mounts. He inserts a finger inside of me than teases my clit as He reaches for the leather flogger and inserts the glass handle deep inside me.

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