tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJourney to OZ Ch. 01

Journey to OZ Ch. 01


The Magician's Assistant

A long time ago on a stormy night in Kansas...

The sky was getting darker. A terrible storm was approaching. Dorothy knew she and her dog Toto needed to get home soon or their Auntie Em would be worried sick. They decided to take a shortcut through the woods. That turned out to be a mistake, for soon they found themselves terribly lost.

Dorothy and Toto stumbled across a small clearing where they discovered a big cart with a brightly painted cabin on top. The words "Magic Show" were printed above a series of images depicting astronomy and the occult. Dorothy noticed that the wagon was creaking and moving almost as if it were alive. What sounded like horrific screams were coming from inside.

Toto began to bark. Concerned that someone inside was in need of help, Dorothy nervously approached the back and cautiously opened the door. She gasped. A man with his pants down around his ankles had a young woman braced against the wall with her skirt raised and her blouse open. He was slamming her against the side of the cart causing her to scream in obvious pain.

With his back to Dorothy, Professor Marvel was oblivious to the presence of another human being. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he repeatedly slammed his cock into his assistant, Glinda. She was suspended in air with her arms tightly around his neck and her heels kicking and digging into his naked buttocks.

Professor Marvel had a firm grip on Glinda's ass cheeks. He lifted her up and slammed her down onto his swollen cock, driving it deep into her belly again and again. Glinda's head was thrown back and her eyes closed. His powerful thrusts drove her repeatedly up the side of the wall. Loud screams pierced the air. Juices poured from her cunt and dripped from his balls as they slapped wetly against her ass.

"Mister, you had best stop hurting that poor woman immediately and let her go or I will have to report you to the authorities."

Dorothy was about to run and find help when he finally stopped. The poor woman slid to the floor. Her large naked breasts heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Dorothy could tell from the look in her eyes that she was barely conscious.

Professor Marvel turned around and looked at the young woman with a short blue polkadot dress and pigtails. Dorothy stared with amazement at the dripping protrusion that grew from between his legs. This must have been the weapon that he was using to hurt her, but it looked to be part of his body.

"Well now, Miss, it seems you have caught me practicing a very sacred form of magic with my assistant Glinda. I was about to inject her with a powerful healing potion, but you interrupted before I was finished."

Dorothy was confused. Could this be true? After all, he was a magician and magicians were supposed to know all about healing potions. Dorothy noticed that the protrusion was beginning to lose its shape. Perhaps there was magic involved after all. Besides, why would he want to hurt his assistant?

"I'm really sorry, Mister, but in all my eighteen years I never heard of this kind of treatment. And I must say that it sounded like you were hurting her, not healing her."

"Appearances can be deceiving, dear. In my profession we call it magic. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Professor Marvel... magician, healer and teller of fortunes. This is my capable assistant Glinda. And you might be who?"

"Oh, pardon my manners, Professor Marvel. I am Dorothy and this is my dog Toto. Are you sure Miss Glinda is okay? She doesn't look so good."

Just then Glinda stirred back to life and picked herself up off the floor. She buttoned her blouse, adjusted her skirt and smoothed her curly blond hair. Dorothy couldn't help but notice how beautiful and radiant she looked, not at all like a woman who had just been mistreated. Glinda looked over at Dorothy and smiled.

"I can assure you, Dorothy, that I felt no pain at all. This form of magic causes such excruciating pleasure that it made me scream with excitement. The large wand that Professor Marvel uses for this ritual is an amazing tool, and is quite magical all by itself. Let me demonstrate."

Glinda wrapped her hand around Professor Marvel's deflating cock and stroked it a few times. Dorothy's eyes widened when she saw it grow longer. Glinda squatted in front of him and flicked her tongue across the tip. The meaty protrusion continued to grow longer and harder. Glinda put it in her mouth and moved her lips down the shaft until it had magically disappeared.

Toto barked while Dorothy stared with her mouth open. She could not imagine how something so big could have completely disappeared into Glinda's tiny mouth. When Glinda finally pulled it from her lips, the glistening shaft was even longer and stiffer with veins bulging from the sides and a swollen purple knob at the tip.

"Would you like to learn a bit of magic, Dorothy? You could become a magician's assistant like me."

Dorothy nodded her head. She couldn't imagine anything more exciting than being a magician's assistant.

"Okay then, kneel beside me and wrap your hand around Professor Marvel's wand. Tell me how it feels."

Dorothy did as she was instructed.

"Oh my, it's... hard but kind of warm and... almost alive. Touching it makes me feel different... a little dizzy with a tingling inside. I... I think the magic is already beginning to work, Miss Glinda."

"It only gets better, dear. Now put it in your mouth and swirl your tongue across the mushroom shaped tip. Be careful not to bite it with your teeth."

Dorothy did as she was told. Professor Marvel moaned with pleasure when he felt her tongue wash across the sensitive head of his cock. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes. His cock twitched at the sight of this lovely young creature in pigtails with her lips wrapped around his swollen meat.

"That's really good, Dorothy. Now take it deeper into your mouth. Try sucking it in and out... Good. Use your tongue as well. Wonderful, dear. Now I'm going to teach you how to make it disappear."

Glinda removed Professor Marvel's cock from Dorothy's mouth and explained to her the secret of relaxing her throat and pushing out her tongue. She demonstrated the technique, and once again Dorothy watched as Professor Marvel's cock slowly disappeared between Glinda's lips until it was gone from sight.

"Now you try it," Glinda instructed.

Dorothy made several attempts to take Professor Marvel's cock down her throat but each time she gagged and choked. She tried one last time but once again could not do it.

"Oh pooh, Miss Glinda. I'll never be a magician's assistant. I can't even do the simplest of tricks."

"Don't worry, Dorothy. It takes practice. There is another way to make it disappear. Would you like me to show you?"

Dorothy nodded, hoping she wouldn't be a complete failure as a magician's assistant. Professor Marvel sat on the couch with his long thick shaft poking up from his lap. Glinda unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Dorothy noticed that the puffy mound between her legs was completely bare, unlike hers that had soft brown curls covering it.

Glinda stood in front of Professor Marvel facing Dorothy and motioned to her to move closer so she could see how it was done. Grasping the meaty protrusion firmly in her hand, Glinda straddled his lap and slowly lowered herself. Dorothy watched as she guided the large head of his shaft to the slit down the middle of her swollen mound.

Dorothy's eyes grew big when she saw the two halves of Glinda's womanhood split open to allow the oversized tip to push through until it was inside her body. Even more amazing was how his shaft slowly plowed deeper and deeper into her body. It completely disappeared from sight.

Glinda lifted up and sat back down on his rigid shaft. She did this over and over, lifting up his entire length and slamming down until his swollen wand was gone from sight. Each time she did this Professor Marvel thrust upward and driving his throbbing cock deep into her pussy. Glinda moaned and squealed with what looked like a pained expression on her face.

Dorothy watched in amazement wondering how such a large protrusion was able to disappear so completely into Glinda's body. Professor Marvel ripped open Glinda's blouse and squeezed her breasts. This only made Glinda scream louder. Dorothy assumed that this was all part of the same magic ritual, although it seemed much too complicated for her to understand.

Dorothy moved her face closer and noticed that a clear substance was leaking from Glinda where Professor Marvel was penetrating her. She also noticed a tiny protrusion that poked out from the top of Glinda's slit. Glinda moved her fingers down and rubbed it. This made her screams more intense. A sticky fluid came out shooting out with such a force that some of it splattered onto Dorothy's face.

At that moment, Dorothy noticed a tightening in the small sac below Professor Marvel's swollen protrusion. The veins of his shaft bulged, and the size of his girth swelled even further. He grunted loudly and pushed up inside Glinda, holding it there. His shaft appeared to be almost alive as the base of it twitched. He pulled out and pushed into her again and then again until a thick white fluid leaked out from where he was penetrating Glinda.

After catching her breath, Glinda lifted herself off Professor Marvel's long shaft. Dorothy gasped when she saw a creamy white substance ooze out from Glinda's slit. As she stepped away from him it streamed down the insides of her thighs and dripped onto the floor. Dorothy was quite sure she was observing very powerful magic.

"Dorothy, the ritual you have just witnessed is called fucking. It culminates in the emission of a potent elixir known as cum from the tip of my shaft, called a cock, and into Glinda's body through an opening called her pussy or cunt."

Dorothy felt special to not only have witnessed this sacred ritual, but also to have been taught the special magic words that were associated with it. She repeated them several times in her head so she wouldn't forget... cock, cunt, fuck... cock, cunt, fuck. Oh, and she mustn't forget cum... cock, cunt, fuck, cum. They even sounded magical.

Something else happened that added to the supernatural atmosphere. Right before Dorothy's eyes Professor Marvel's cock began to shrink. In a matter of minutes it went from a long, thick and stiff protrusion with a bulging knob at the tip to a limp and wrinkled slab of meat sticky with cum.

"Dorothy," Glinda asked, "Would you like to learn some more magic tricks? I could teach you how to make Professor Marvel's cock disappear into your pussy."

"Would you?" Dorothy replied enthusiastically. "I just hope I can do it."

"I'm sure you can Dorothy, but first, you need to clean Professor Marvel's cock with your tongue and get him ready. I'll explain it to you. Start by licking up and down the shaft..."

Dorothy did as she was told. The taste of the sticky fluid on his cock was different but not at all unpleasant. His curly hair tickled her lips, but Dorothy didn't mind. When his cock was clean, she kissed down to his lumpy sac and took it into her mouth like Glinda instructed. She looked up and realized something amazing... magical... was happening. His cock was getting bigger.

"Very good Dorothy... you're making it grow. Now take just the tip into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it."

Dorothy could actually feel it grow bigger and bigger between her lips. The tip she was sucking and licking swelled into a large knob. She could feel the tiny slit in the top and realized that this must be where his cum shoots out. Glinda told her to move her lips down his shaft and continue licking and sucking. After several minutes, Professor Marvel was fully erect.

"See, Dorothy. You are a perfect magician's assistant. You made that tiny little slab of meat grow into a great big hard cock. You keep sucking and practice trying to make it disappear into your mouth while I prepare you for your next magic trick."

Dorothy was determined to prove her skills as a magician's assistant. She got off her knees and stood, bending over at the waist to give her mouth a better angle on Professor Marvel's cock. She slipped it between her lips until the swollen head pressed against her throat. When it pushed in further Dorothy concentrated hard to resist the urge to gag. She felt it move a little deeper.

Glinda knelt behind Dorothy and pulled down her cotton panties. She admired the swollen plum of her virgin pussy hanging between Dorothy's legs just below the creamy white cheeks of her ass. Soft brown curls surrounded the edges. Little droplets of moisture clung to the pink petals peeking out from the gash down the middle.

Dorothy thought an electric shock had jolted her body when Glinda's finger slid down her gash and pressed against the tiny protrusion at the top of her slit. She had to pull her mouth off Professor Marvel's cock as she gasped with pleasure. When Glinda's finger pushed into her body, Dorothy squealed and felt a tingling deep in her tummy.

Dorothy took Professor Marvel's cock back into her mouth and tried to concentrate on swallowing it but Glinda kept doing things to her with her fingers that made her gasp, moan and squeal. She was getting all sticky between the legs and a terrible pressure was building in her belly to the point that she thought she might explode.

When Glinda finally pulled her fingers from her body, Dorothy slammed her mouth down on Professor Marvel's cock hard. This time she felt it slide into her throat. The urge to gag passed. Professor Marvel put his hands on the back of her head and pushed down. His cock slid deeper and deeper until Dorothy could fell his curly hair brush against her lips. She had done it. She had made his cock disappear between her lips.

Dorothy was trying to hold him deep like Glinda had done, but when she felt something warm and wet flick across her pussy and over her clit she coughed and had to pull her mouth off his cock. Strands of saliva dripped from her lips and drooled down his shaft. Dorothy squealed loudly when Glinda clamped her lips over her pussy and shoved a tongue into Dorothy's cunt.

Dorothy knew it was hopeless to put Professor Marvel's cock back into her mouth. The things Glinda was doing to her pussy had Dorothy's head spinning. She even felt Glinda's tongue brush across her other hole sending more tingling shivers up through her body.

What happened next took Dorothy's breath away completely. Glinda flicked her tongue across the sensitive button at the top of her slit The pressure building in Dorothy's belly exploded with a force that caused her entire body to quake. Her cunt gushed into Glinda's waiting mouth. Her head was spinning so fast that she didn't even hear her own desperate screams.

"That was a good one, Dorothy," Glinda explained. "You just had an orgasm. That often happens when someone rubs that sensitive spot on your pussy called a clit, but sometimes it can happen when you are getting fucked by a cock even without touching your clit."

Dorothy had just learned two more words used in the magic business... orgasm and clit. She wondered how many other special words there were. She didn't fully understand the magic behind her orgasm, but she knew it must be a powerful spell to make her feel the way she did.

"Now for the final part of your training, Dorothy... at least for now... Professor Marvel is going to make his cock disappear into your pussy, and then he is going to fuck you. Would you like that, Dorothy?"

She was a little nervous and couldn't imagine how something the size of Professor Marvel's cock was going to fit into her body. But Dorothy so wanted to be a magician's assistant that she knew she had to try. She nodded her head, wondering if she would have another orgasm and that frightened her as well because the last one had been so powerful she almost passed out.

"Climb up here on my lap, Dorothy, and face me with your knees straddling my legs. Good... yes... just like that. Okay, now I'm going to open your blouse and play with your tits. It'll help you relax before we start fucking."

Tits must be a magician's name for her breasts, Dorothy thought as Professor Marvel unsnapped her bra and massaged her two white melons with his fingers. It felt good and put her in a mellow mood. When he gently pinched her hard nipples, Dorothy felt her pussy tingle with an emptiness that begged to be filled. She knew it was time for Professor Marvel's cock. Almost as if by magic, the words she had learned flowed from her mouth.

"I'm ready, Professor Marvel. I'm ready for you to put your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

Dorothy sat up on her knees. Behind her Glinda guided Professor Marvel's throbbing shaft between her legs until the swollen tip of his cock brushed against her puffy little plum. She wedged the tip between the pink lips of Dorothy's pussy until it was slotted in the opening of her virgin passage.

"Push down Dorothy. The magic is about to begin."

Dorothy was sure it would never fit inside her. She could feel the huge swollen tip poised at her entrance and was sure it would rip her apart if she did what Glinda suggested. She reminded herself that this was magic, and that things were not always as they appeared. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and pushed.

Dorothy felt her entrance stretch around the swollen knob. Her whole body trembled with this new and wonderful feeling. She tried pushing down again but this time he didn't budge. Her body wanted more of his cock inside her but it wasn't going to go. She had reached the end.

"Dorothy, this usually happens the first time, but don't worry," Glinda explained. "There is a way to fix it. I want you to lift all the way up, and then slam down hard. You might feel a little pinch, but when his cock slides deeper into your cunt you'll forget all about it."

Dorothy pulled up until she could feel just the tip brushing against her opening. Logic told her that if she slammed down, his hard shaft would stab into her belly and she would die. She clenched her teeth and tightened her fists, and told herself over and over that this was magic and she had to believe. With all her might, Dorothy impaled herself on his hard cock.

It had to be magic. There was no other explanation in Dorothy's mind. She barely felt the pinch when his cock punched through her cherry and plunged deep into her body. Dorothy lifted up and slammed back down a second time driving his hard meat even deeper. He was filling her like she needed to be filled. The pressure building in her tummy was almost unbearable.

Dorothy threw her arms around his neck and held him tight as she lifted up and slammed down, repeatedly impaling herself on his throbbing cock. Professor Marvel's large hands cupped the rounded spheres of her ass and guided her tight pussy up and down his shaft. Shrieks and squeals escaped from her throat each time his hard shaft stabbed up into her cunt. Glinda pressed up behind Dorothy and squeezed her tits.

The first orgasm caught her by surprise. Glinda pinched her nipples just as Dorothy was driving her cunt down onto Professor Marvel's cock. A chain reaction rippled through her body. Dorothy felt the pressure in her belly suddenly gush out through her pussy. She screamed. The Professor kept pumping his cock into her causing a second explosion to rip through her body.

Professor Marvel stood up holding Dorothy's small weightless body by the cheeks of her ass. Dorothy's arms and legs were wrapped around his large frame as she rode him, lifting up and slamming down on the throbbing cock stuffed deep in her cunt. Professor Marvel staggered across the small enclosure knocking over tables and bumping into the wall. Dorothy's uncontrollable gasps and squeals pierced the air.

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