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Jud's Anal Sister


Sarah looked up happily as her handsome brother Jud walked into the Amtrak station. he wore a well tailored casual jacket, open, no tie, over a nicely pattered shirt. She saw his broad smile, and the thick wavy blonde hair that framed his rugged athletic face....and then the intense blue eyes. Her own smile was as broad as his, and then they were hugging briefly in the transit way with other disembarking passengers jostling around them.

They both noticed other people watching them as they walked through the terminal. Sarah had a stunning, wholesome, healthy look. People always stared. The many winters spent skiing at Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat Springs had shaped and toned her natural genetic gift. Long blonde tresses curled lazily down her back, and danced merrily on her shoulders as she walked. She moved alongside her brother with an easy graceful sway in her hips.

When they got to the car Jud asked, "How are the kids?"

The answer didn't come until after they'd left the parking lot. "The kids are fine Jud, just a little confused," she said, a small worry line cracking across her brow. Jud watched her face as she drove, and silently put his hand on her shoulder, then said, "I know, divorce is horrible."

The house was out of town, off a paved road, then a mile up a clay road, up in the pines. The driveway was strewn with pine needles. Jud brought his suitcases in and set them down next to the couch. "Where's the kids?" he said.

Just then a lovely dark haired young girl walked in from another room. "Hi Wendy," called Sarah from the doorway. "Thanks for watching the kids" she was saying, and handing some bills forward for the girl to take. "Sure," the girl said happily, "anytime." She inadvertantly glanced at the handsome man who had been standing there by the suitcases. Sarah noticed the quick look and introduced her brother. The two shook hands and Jud held her gaze while they touched, until Wendy looked shyly away, as Jud noted the tanned thighs below her snug cut-off jeans and the warm femininity that exuded from the full curves bulging off her chest. "Nice to meet you Wendy," said Jud, adding his most charming smile. Wendy took the bills from Sarah, sliding them into her back pocket, and looking warmly toward Jud from the doorway, she left.

That night, when Jud was preparing to stretch out on the couch for the night, Sarah casually announced, "oh....i put your bags in the bedroom, you can sleep in there." She meant of course "her" bedroom, Jud realized, but the moment of confusion was erased when Jud saw that there were twin beds, separated by two nighttables.

Jud turned out the light, stripped to his boxers and slipped between the crisp clean white sheets of the bed that had belonged to his sisters' ex-husband. Jud petted his penis a bit and thought how nice it would be to fuck Wendy.

A crack of light shot across the room as the door opened slowly and Jud opened his eyes to see his sister glide through the shadows. She was wearing a long flowing semi-transparent gown which she immeadiately slipped from her shoulders, revealing her large breasts ensconced in a 3/4 cup brassiere and her lovely rear covered by thin panties.

Jud watched silently from his bed as Sarah turned her back to him and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall to a small settee at her dressing table. She had assumed he was sleeping soundly. In the shadows Jud could see the full sensual ripeness of her hips, and when she turned the outstanding display of her brown nippled boobs thrusting proudly from her chest.

Sarah slid noiselessly beneath her covers and Jud began his perverse plan. He began to quietly rub his penis until it was super hard. Then with a moan he shuffled the bedclothes, putting his hand outside the bedsheets, and on top of the large bulge now showing between his thighs. Pretending to be asleep, he massaged his swollen cock and moaned loudly.

When he heard the sound of his sisters' body turning over in bed, he knew she was watching. Jud massaged his cock and slowly worked the bedsheets down until he was exposed in his boxer shorts, his long thick penis rising proudly through the opening.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh.".....Sarah heard from the other bed, as she saw her brothers' hand close around his bare hard-on. What a beautiful cock he has! She knew. It wasn't the first time she had seen her brothers' hard penis. She watched him masturbate. "Are you thinking about Wendy?" she whispered.

Jud didn't bother to pretend he was startled by her voice, "not right now" he whispered back. He slowly moved his hand up and down his stout erection, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....." He could see her eyes fill with desire, as she gauged his cock and balls. Jud flexed the muscles in his buttocks, rocking his hips, sending his throbbing prick, up into his warm loving hand.

"Ok," Sarah whispered. Jud looked and saw her turn again in the bed. She had lowered her bedsheets and was looking at him over her shoulder, presenting him her full round panty clad ass.

Jud climbed easily from his bed and went to his sister, his long thick penis bobbing fiercly in the air as he moved. As he lay down beside her, she skinned the panties down her legs, and they immmeadiately spooned together. Jud's penis thick hard and sure throbbing in the hot warm crease of her ass. "Oh... Jud," she moaned hesitantly.

Jud reached around his sister and filled his hands with her soft tit-flesh, gently squeezing the nipples between his fingers. He put his warm lips on her shoulder, then her neck, kissing her there while he bucked his pelvis firmly into her warm butt, and felt the delicious rush as she pressed back against him.

The rules were the same as before, no french kissing, and he wasn't to try and touch her pussy. Jud covered the long middle finger of his left hand with saliva and rubbed it around his sisters' asshole. Sarah moaned eagerly. When Jud pressed the digit into her hole, she grabbed at his other breast massageing hand and desparately sucked his finger into her mouth.

Jud felt his sisters' sphincter relax around his finger and he began to drill her with it. God, she loved it! He quickly recalled the first time he had fucked her ass. the family camping trip, when they had shared a tent. Sarah had seen it as a way to please her older brother, without getting pregnant. She hadn't realized it would be so pleasurable!

He worked the finger into her ass while she moaned and hummed, amazed at the delirious thrills expanding through her body. Jud felt his sisters' hand searching between them, finding and squeezing his erection. Jud slid the finger out of his sisters' ass. She lifted his heavy log and looked back over her shoulder at the handsome man who happened to be her brother, and placed the tip of his long swollen penis at her palpitating brown entrance. "Yeeesssssssssss....." she groaned, pushing back against the phallus that slowly squeezed through her sphincter ring, filling her ass with a lovely warmth, and sending alarming sensations directly to her clitoris. Jud assfucked his sister carefully, slowly, feeding her his prick in a easy but steady way. He became aware that she was rubbing her clitoris with her fingers. He kissed her neck and shoulders while fucking her..." oh Sarah, i love you," he said. She whined and twisted her ass onto his penile probe.

Her warm ass cheeks bounced off the muscles in his thighs. Jud squeezed her boobs with his right hand and rubbed her tummy with his left, laying good pipe up his sisters' pretty rear. "Want my cum?" he whispered hotly into her ear. She gasped at the quickening in his stroke, and felt a tell-tale swelling of the cock meat deep in her ass.

Sarah jammed her other hand between her legs and began diddling her clitoris furiously. She pressed her face into the pillow and began a low scream as Jud stretched his length and began powering his rock hard cock into her. His long powerful strokes pierced into her anus.

The top of her head lifted away as the orgasm exploded in her. Her body vibrated madly and a nonsensical gibberish uttered in her throat. Jud's penis spasmed wildly in his sisters' butt. Hot jets of sperm spewed over and over inside her loving ass. Their bodies sealed together with the heat and sweat of lovemaking, Jud's penis deep in her willing hind.

There was nothing to say. It had happened again. After a while Jud pulled his limp penis from the warm brown embrace of Sarah's ass. She was fast asleep.

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