tagIncest/TabooJudy & Her Parents

Judy & Her Parents


She often listened to the sound of her parents fucking but she couldn't help it. The walls were thin and they were LOUD. Trying to roll over and go to sleep never worked. Sometimes, Judy wondered if they wanted her to hear them. It wasn't just the moaning and groaning. They TALKED. Her mom was always saying "fuck me harder" while her dad said "take it all." And, God help her, Judy touched herself while she listened.

Her fantasies never really developed. All she knew was that when she touched herself while she listened, she's easily bring herself to an orgasmic bliss. It wasn't as though she imagined being fucked or anything. At least not at first. One night, though, she heard something new from her mother. Judy's mother said, "Fuck me, Daddy" and Judy came harder than ever. Suddenly, all she could think about was her father fucking her. It was only a few nights later when her mother said those three magic words again and Judy's world completely turned upside down. She thought those three words were enough but it got so much better. Because that night, her father said something in response. He said, "Take it all, Judy, take all of Daddy's cock." Judy passed out from cumming.

This type of conversation during sex continued and it was all Judy could do not to scream with passion. The time was coming for her to move into her college dorm and she knew she'd never forgive herself if she lived on fantasy alone for the rest of her life. Though she was determined to do something, the decision was taken out of her hands soon after.

Deep in sleep, Judy woke with a start when she felt a hand over her mouth. Her father was on top of her, his obviously aroused body pressing into hers. She wanted to scream but then his hips flexed against hers and she wanted to moan. Reality seeped in enough for her to realize he had discarded her nightgown and panties as well as his own clothes before she woke. Judy could feel his huge cock pressed against her pussy and though it scared her, she was wet too.

While his one hand stayed over her mouth, Judy's father reached down to push her legs apart with the other. Her struggle didn't last long once his fingers started to stroke her clit. Soon, his finger was soaked and Judy was moving her hips up to meet the penetration. Slowly, he moved his cock to her entrance and panic set in. Judy was scared to take his huge member inside her. What if it hurt too bad to stand it? As his dick began to enter her, she started to struggle against him. He easily kept her restrained and moved further inside her.

The pain was intense and Judy screamed into her father's hand as his cock bottomed out inside her. His eyes stayed on hers though, his gaze intense as he slowly began the act of mating with his own daughter. Judy's body eventually began to betray her good sense. Her hips rose to meet each thrust and her hands suddenly gripped her father's ass to keep him buried inside her.

Judy's father grinned and moved his hand away from her mouth only to cover it with his own. She kissed him back, wanting to take every ounce of him inside her.

She felt herself start to cum and her nails dug into her father's ass as he pulled out farther only to thrust back in harder. Judy screamed again, this time in intense pleasure and into her father's mouth as his tongue fucked her in time with his dick.

When he came inside her, Judy came for a second time. His cum was so hot as it shot so deep in her that Judy never wanted it to stop.

Looking up into her father's eyes as though both came down from such massive orgasms, Judy saw him bring a finger to his lips so she nodded. Her father then slipped off her and out of her room.

The next morning, Judy wondered if she had dreamed the whole thing. Surely her sudden soreness was a sign that it had in fact happened. But her father acted like nothing had changed between them as the three of them sat down for breakfast. Judy felt herself blushing the entire time and couldn't wait for her father to leave for work so that her embarrassment would ease.

That day, Judy's mother took her shopping for clothes for college. They bought tons of outfits and Judy was feeling more like herself as she pretended the whole experience with her father had only been a dream. Since her mother insisted Judy needed a new bathing suit to take with her, Judy took several choices into the dressing room with her. As she struggled with choices, her mother offered to come in and help her decide.

Judy wore a bikini when her mother entered. Something about the way her mother studied her had Judy's cheeks and stomach feeling hot. As her mother moved behind her so that they both faced Judy's reflection in the mirror, she felt her mother press her large breasts against her back. Then, her mother's hands slid around to cup her breasts, talking about the fit of the bikini top. Judy felt her breath leave her as her mother's fingers pressed against the sensitive flesh of her breasts. Though her mother's gaze followed her hands, Judy's couldn't stop watching as well.

Her mother's fingers pinched Judy's nipples and a shudder went through Judy's body. Then, though one hand stayed at her breasts, Judy's mother allowed her other hand to wander down to Judy's pussy. Her fingers slid over her daughter's mound and Judy found herself leaning back against her mother as her legs became weak.

Judy felt herself being lead to the small seat against the wall and the next thing she knew, her mother was kneeling in front of her. The bikini bottom was pulled off and Judy's mother buried her face in her daughter's dripping wet pussy. As her tongue shot out to taste, Judy bit her lip to stop the moan from escaping. Her mother ate her out until Judy couldn't breathe anymore. Then, her mother raised her eyes to meet Judy's and said, "Cum for Mommy, baby," so Judy did as she was told. Her mother sucked and licked all of her juices until there was nothing left. Judy passed out.

The next thing Judy was aware of was being alone in the dressing room, her clothes back on. She met her mother outside and again thought the experience had been in her imagination as her mother acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

That night, Judy's mother was in the basement doing laundry when her father came home from work. Father and daughter chatted about his day and what Judy's mother was doing. Her father glanced towards the basement door before reaching for Judy. His grip was strong so that Judy wasn't able to make a decision about whether to move to him or not.

His lips settled on hers in a passionate kiss that Judy found herself returning. Then, her father said, "Daddy wants to fuck you" and Judy allowed him to lift him onto the kitchen table. He yanked down her shorts and panties before freeing his hard cock from his pants. Judy was wet already as she watched him. He drove into her and the pain was small compared to the pleasure. She wrapped her legs around her father as his finger dug into her hips in order to control her movements. Since her lips were against his ear, Judy started saying all the dirty words she always heard from her parents' bedroom that got her so hot. Except, she was able to add something that made them even hotter. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me hard. Your baby girl loves it when you fuck her. Deeper, Daddy. Harder, Daddy. I love your cock inside me, Daddy." She barely knew what all she said but her father grunted after every comment so she knew he liked it. It made her hot too and she was cumming in no time as she stayed wrapped around her father on their kitchen table.

Once her father came deep inside her, he lifted her down and kissed her. Then, he told her he'd better get cleaned up and went upstairs.

Judy realized the power she now had. Both of her parents wanted her. Riding on it, she went down to the basement.

Her mother was standing facing the dryer as she folding clothes on top of it. Judy moved to her and pressed against her back. Her mother's gasp didn't deter Judy's hands from reaching around to grab her breasts. Their positions from earlier were switched and Judy was shocked to realize she liked being in control.

Spinning her mother around, Judy continued to fondle her mother's breasts as she leaned in to kiss her. As her mother moved against her, Judy pulled both of their shirts from over their heads. They both moaned when their naked breasts mashed together, her mother's larger nipples digging into her own. Following her father's lead, Judy helped her mother up onto the dryer. She removed her mother's pants and underwear before diving into her mother's hot, wet pussy. Judy followed instinct and the memories of what her mother had done to her earlier that day as she attacked her mother's wet hole with teeth, tongue, and lips. Now, it was her mother's turn for dirty talk. "Eat Mommy, baby. That's a good girl. Suck my clit, baby girl. Mommy loves how you lick her. Taste Mommy, honey." Judy did all she was asked until her mother's juices enveloped her mouth. Over and over she ate all that flowed into her mouth. Then, like both her parents had done to her, Judy left her mother in her orgasmic bliss.

Later, Judy heard those same old noises. She didn't lay there and touch herself, nor did she just roll over and try to sleep. Instead, Judy stripped her clothes off and went to join her parents.

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