Judy Slips the Leash

byJust Plain Bob©

"Mom, I got off work early...oh shit!"

Robbie knew about Billy, but Billy didn't know about Robbie. There wasn't any use in trying to hide things as Billy could see Robbie standing naked in the doorway with his hard cock sticking straight out in front of him. I looked at Robbie standing there and the first thing I thought was that if I had one more cock in the room I could recreate the night of my bridal shower.

Poor Billy's cock had shriveled up so I slid down and took his dick in my mouth and gave it a couple of quick sucks before turning to Robbie:

"Hurry up baby, get over here and do me from behind. Billy almost had me there; I was ready to cum. Hurry up sweetie, help mommy out."

I gave Billy a couple of more quick sucks and licks and then said, "It's all right baby, just more ways to have fun" and went back to trying to bring his cock back to life. Julie was spending the night at a girlfriend's house so I asked Billy if he could stay the night and when he said yes I pulled out all the stops. When I had both of my studs rock hard I said:

"Time to get kinky guys. Which one of you wants my ass?"

They boys actually flipped a coin and Billy won so I had Robbie lie down on his back and I lowered myself down on him. I leaned forward and told Billy to take my ass.

"Go slow and easy baby, take your time, we have all night."

It took them a while to get the hang of it and to get a rhythm going, but eventually they did and they had me screaming. It was a long night and I had a huge smile on my face when I finally fell asleep. I woke up in the morning with morning wood poking me from either side. I took care of Robbie first since he had to go to work and then I did Billy while Robbie showered. I fixed us all breakfast and when the boys left I went upstairs and soaked in the tub for an hour.


For the next six weeks almost every day I had one or both of the boys. There were times when I had them both that I fondly remembered my bridal shower and wondered where I could possibly come up with a third. I giggled to myself when I wondered what Darrel would say if I asked him to be the third man. Maybe that was why we didn't make love anymore; it just hadn't been kinky or erotic enough for him.

It was a weekend and Darrel was home. Robbie and Julie were out with friends and Darrel and I were sitting at the kitchen table. I was taking a bite of meat loaf while looking at Darrel and trying to imagine him in a foursome with the boys and me. It was strange, but I could picture him with his cock in my mouth, but not in either of my other two openings. I was wondering why that was when he dropped the bomb on me.

"There isn't any easy way for me to do this so I'll just have to be blunt. I'm leaving you. I've met someone else - someone I would rather be with."

I should have seen that one coming. Why else the complete lack of sex and the minimal, almost non-existent affection? I was blaming it on hard work and exhaustion and I should have known better. I was crushed. I loved Darrel and even though quantity wise he couldn't give me what Billy had or what Billy and Robbie did, both boys would have gone to the trash can if Darrel would have stepped up to the plate. In fact, Billy would never have happened had Darrel taken care of his business. Hells bells, I'd even taken my lusty sex life and buried it in order to stay true to Darrel and now he kicked me in the teeth. Well, I might have been crushed, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing it.

"Oh? Then why are you here?"

"I wanted to wait until the kids were grown up to the point where they would be ready to go off to college."

"Okay, they are grown and you've told me so leave."

"We need to talk Judy. We need to discuss the divorce and...."

"We don't need to discuss anything Darrel. The lawyers do all the talking in a divorce. I'll shop around and find one who is extremely successful at what he does, tell him I want you left raped and bleeding and then sit back and watch him do it. Now please leave."

"For the time being this is still my house and I'll leave when I'm ready. I'll be moving into the spare bedroom and I'll try to stay out of your way as much as possible. It shouldn't be too hard since I'm gone most of the week anyway."

"I want you out of here now Darrel. It is your choice; leave or go to jail."

"Don't be ridiculous Judy. No one is going to put me into jail because I'm leaving you."

"Of course not, but they will for domestic violence. Read the papers lately? All I have to do is pick up the phone, tell them you are violent and that you've hit me and I'm afraid for my life. The cops will show up and haul your ass away to jail and you won't even be allowed to come back for your clothes and other things. Lately, most domestic violence gets in the papers. How will that go over at work?"

"Get serious Judy, no one will believe that shit."

"You want serious Darrel? I'll show you serious."

I got up and went over to the cupboard, got out a sauce pan and then smacked my forehead with it so hard that I almost made my knees buckle.

"I should have a nice bruise in about five minutes. If you are still here in ten I'm calling the cops."

I walked over to the table and picked up the steak knife he had been using and said, "And for icing on the cake just before the cops get here I'll cut myself and draw some blood. The knife already has your finger prints on it. You could try and take it away from me, but that wouldn't help because I'll fight hard to hang on to it and you will end up marking me for real. Think about how the domestic violence angle will play out at the divorce hearing. The clock is running Darrel."

"You would really do that to me?"

"Considering what you just did to me? In a fucking heartbeat! Remember the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" You are about to find out first hand just how true it is."

He looked at me long and hard and then said, "I'll need some time to pack and gather up some things."

I looked at my watch and said, "You have ten minutes starting now."

"Be reasonable Judy."

"I've been reasonable for nineteen years Darrel and look what it has gotten me. You're down to nine minutes Darrel" and I got up and left the room.

At the end of ten minutes I walked into the bedroom where Darrel was putting some clothes in a suitcase. "Time's up" I said as I picked up the bedside phone and started to punch in 911.

"I'm going, I'm going" he yelled as he slammed shut the suitcase and bolted for the door."


The door hadn't fully closed behind him than I was on the phone to friends who had gone through divorces and by the time I went to bed I had the name of the lawyer I wanted. A real shark! I called his office the first thing next morning, was in to see him at ten, told him what I wanted and turned him loose and by noon I had a restraining order on Darrel that kept him from coming within five hundred feet of me or the house.

I knew Darrel well enough to know that he would try to get something on me he could use to soften the blow headed his way so I told Billy that we would have to cool it. He could still come over, but only when Robbie was home. If Darrel had anybody watching the house all the watcher would see was me staying home with my two children. The only visitors would be Robbie's and Julie's friends and who would connect a bunch of teenagers to an old broad, right?

Well the old broad was having a ball in her house. The day after I invited Darrel to leave I told Julie and Robbie about what was going on. It didn't seem to bother either one of them. About a week went by and then one day Julie came up to me.

"How are you holding up?"

"Okay, I guess."

"You getting enough since you had to cut back on Billy? Is Robbie going to be enough for you?"

"What in the world do you mean by that?"

"Oh come on mother, I'm not a child. I've known what you have been doing almost from the start. Why do you think I started spending so many nights over at girlfriend's houses? I wanted to give you privacy."

"So why are you telling me this?"

"Maybe we can help each other."

"Help each other? How?"

"Well, Billy doesn't come by much anymore so it is just you and Robbie. The question was "is Robbie enough for you?"

"The honest answer to that is no. I don't think a half dozen would be enough for me."

"That is where I can help."

"I don't understand."

"Harry (her boyfriend) gets a hard on every time he comes within ten feet of you. I know he's hot for you so you can seduce him pretty easily. I have the hots for his best friend, but I don't want to go after him because I don't want to lose Harry. You nail Harry and then I can go after Sam and when Harry bitches I'll just point at you and say I'm just keeping things even. There are a couple of other guys who hang with us who can't keep there eyes off of you so you might even be able to get your half dozen."

"You make it sound delightful, but I'm afraid that I can't. There could be talk and I'm sure that your father is just dying to get a hold of something he can use against me in the divorce."

"You don't have to worry about my crew. They are all pussy whipped and they know I'll cut them off if they breathe one word about what goes on in this house."

"Your crew? Pussy whipped? You'll cut them off? Just what are you doing young lady?"

"Emulating my mother."

"Do I get an explanation?"

"I've got your genes so I'm guessing that my love of cock is genetic. It was on my visit to grandma's. I was in a store and a man came up to me and said, "You are Judy Dalton's daughter aren't you?" I told him that I was and he said, "You look like her. Are you anything like her?" I asked him what he meant and he told me about your seventeen to seventy rules. I did him and nine more of your old boyfriends before I came home and since then I've been doing what you did when you were my age."

"My God Julie, I don't know what to say."

"Just say yes that you will help me out with Harry."

"I'll help you of course, but I still don't understand. You have a 'crew' that you are having sex with and Harry doesn't care?"

"No, he cares and he bitches about it all the time."

"So, if he knows why do I have to seduce him to give you an excuse to go after this other guy?"

"It is one of those weird guy things. The guys in the crew are all friends, but Sam is Harry's 'Best Friend" and that makes a difference."


I did help Julie and she did share her 'crew' with me and for the first time in almost twenty years I was able to recreate my bridal shower and service three guys at once. It did cause some problems with Robbie. I want to keep my "illegal" fun with him quiet so I won't let him participate. He has to be out of the house or in his room with no one aware that he is home when Julie brings her boyfriend's home for a pool party, but I make it up to him.

Darrel took Julie and Robbie out to dinner one night and was pumping them for information about me and what I was doing. Robbie told him that I hardly ever left the house.

"She stays in her room and cries a lot."

"Yeah" Julie said, "Sometimes so loud that you can hear it all through the house" and she and Robbie exchanged a little smile.

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