tagIncest/TabooJudy's First Time Ch. 04

Judy's First Time Ch. 04


A quick replay of the first three parts. Judy, my niece was staying at my house as she attending nursing school in Cleveland. My wife had passed away 5 years ago. I was left with a big house and no one to help out. I fell down the stairs a few days ago. And was going to be laid up for a week or two. This whole thing with Judy started a day ago. I was lying in bed and Judy came in. One thing led to another and I got a great hand job and a so, so blow job. Then today Judy gets into the shower with me. Then after a great bath I get to meet Judy's pussy, up close and personal! If you can, try to read the first three parts. It might help you understand what has happen up till now.

Judy had me back in bed. I took a pain pill and fell fast asleep. Before I went to sleep Judy sat in my room and we talked. After lunch she told me that she was going shopping and that she would wake me for dinner. "I'm getting something I know you'll like!" That is all she said. I could hear the car pull out of the drive.

I closed my eyes and I was dreaming of my wife. Mary and I had a great sex life. Mary is my, or was my wife's name. When we got married she knew all my little secrets! I have always had a thing for women that like to masturbate in front of me. I love to do the same in front of them. One other thing that I loved was to have my wife use a strap-on dildo on me. Not the big ones. Just something that would fell me up. We had a few dildo's that Mary loved to use. One was the 7 inch one. Long but skinny. And it was also made of a soft rubber that bent as it went in. It would mold to the curves in my ass. It felt like the real thing! How do I know? I have had the real thing! Mary knew about the few times I had done that. And sometimes as we made love she would have me tell her about it. It was a great turn on. For both of us!

I remember the first night she used that 7 inch cock on me. I had bought it for her. Mary loved anal sex. So that night she told me that since I loved to fuck her ass she was going to show me how it felt. How it felt to be fucked by someone that loved you. That night was the first time she did me. And I fell in love with her all over again. Almost once a week she would have me bent over in front of her and Mary would pump away at my ass. We made three videos of her doing that to me. Her fucking me, me fucking her. Mary would film me jacking off. I filmed her doing the same. One was on a vacation and we had a hooker film us. That was all that hooker did was film us. And then we paid her and we both watched her masturbate in front of us. Mary loved to watch that video. The other ones we hand the camera in a tripod. But nothing like the vacation one. We got a lot of close ups of her fucking my ass. Mary also loved to film me jacking off. I also had a few of her using a dildo on herself. I would watch them from time to time, even after her death. Then I would jack off and then cry myself to sleep. Plus I had a few videos I bought of young women fucking guys with strap on cock.

I could hear Judy come in the house and she was fixing dinner. She called out to me. "Uncle Bob! Uncle Bob!. Time to eat. May I come in?" The door opened and Judy walked in. She had a tray of food and she set it down on the dresser. I sat up and she put it in front of me. "Start eating! I have to just get the coffee." Judy left and then came back with coffee. She sat at my desk and had her dinner and we talked.

"Uncle Bob. Last week I was cleaning out the TV room and I found some videos that you had. I put them back in the desk. All but one! It was the one marked. VACATION! I put it in." I knew the one Judy was talking about. The one with the hooker.! I felt like a ton a bricks hit me. I was trying to think of what to say. I was just about to say something when Judy spoke.

"Uncle Bob, I know I should have turned it off but I just couldn't. Something about watching you and Aunt Mary doing that. It was the greatest turn on. I watched the whole thing! I must have watched it ten times since then!" Judy looked across from her chair at me. Her head was bent down. As if she was talking to a priest. I was that priest and she was confessing to me. With her head still bent, looking at the floor she told me more. "I'm so sorry for what I did. But! I was so turned on by it! At first I was shocked, then I saw how Aunt Mary pleased you. Not only did she love when she fucked you. But when you fucked her too."

Not only did Judy see the one of me getting fucked by my wife but now she tells me that she watched the other ones. I took a deep breath. I was getting mad at what she was telling me. But I was also getting turned on at the same time. Just knowing that Judy watched my wife, not only fuck me but she watched her give me head.

"Judy, what you saw was something that your aunt and I did years ago. I have not done those things in years. Sometimes I wish I could!" I stopped talking. I was almost ready to cry. I looked over at Judy. Her head still bent, she was rocking back and forth. I could see tears on her cheeks.

"Uncle Bob, I'm sorry. But I have to tell you this. After I watched the tapes I knew that you could teach me! In one of the videos Aunt Mary said. and I quote."

"'Honey you taught me ever thing I know. Before I met you I never did this." I watched her bend and take your cock in her mouth. All of it! She took your whole cock in her mouth! I watched as so bobbed her head up and down. Then when you came, you came in her mouth. I watched as she sucked it out of you!" Judy was now looking at me. She still had tears in her eyes. And I could see a look on her face. As if she was pleading with me not to be mad. Judy stood and came to the side of my bed.

"Uncle Bob. I knew, after watching that video that you could teach me how to please a man like Aunt Mary pleased you. If you taught her how to do it. Then you can teach me!" Her face was wet with tears. I could feel her hand holding my hand. I looked into her eyes. So soft and deep. Judy wet her lips and then in a half crying voice. "Please? Please teach me!"

I felt her hand move down. Down closer to my cock. Yes it was hard! Hard and ready. I felt her close her hand around it. Then her other hand pulled the sheet down. Down past my feet. I felt the cool air as my pants came down. My cock sticking out and up. I felt her hand once more stroking me. With a smile Judy bent forward and took the tip into her mouth. She open wider and took the head in. I felt her tongue on the tip, licking. My eyes locked on her mouth and I could see her looking up at me. More of my cock went in and then Judy pull back. Then her head went back down and up. As her mouth fucked my cock I felt her jacking me off once more. Judy gave the best hand job that I ever hand. But as for her giving head. No! I thought she had a lot to learn. And I was going to teach her!

Judy pulled all the way back and let my cock pop out of her mouth. I could see her pulling down her jeans and then her panties. Off came her top and bra. Standing in front of me was my niece. Nude! With her eyes locked on my eyes she got in bed. She was over me and my cock pointing straight up. I felt her put some KY on me and then she started to sit down. The tip of my cock touched her pussy lips. They felt hot and wet. I felt as she moved my cock to the front and then to the back. Then back up front. Then I felt her push down some. Not to much.

"Uncle Bob! It's so big! Ever time I have tried this with a guy I had to have them stop. They just want to get it in so fast. It hurts so much I have to have them stop." I could feel her open some and then I felt her push more. The head was in. I could feel how wet she was. Dripping wet! I looked down and I could see her pussy taking my cock. A quarter of an inch at a time. Up and then down. Up, down. Each time just a little more. Then I heard a scream. Judy was coming! Not like in the shower. This one was from having a cock in her cunt. Her head went back and she held my cock in her hand. Not moving. Her mouth open as if she was going to scream but nothing coming out. Then her hand moved and she let out a scream!

It sounded like a battle cry. A scream that troops used when going into battle. With her hand on my cock she was only getting about 3 or 4 inches in her. But once her hand moved Judy sat down on me. I went all the way in! Non stop! Balls deep! One push down Judy took it all! She had all of my cock up her tight pussy. All 6 and 3/4 inches. When I say tight! I mean tight!. Her pussy was like a vice. Holding, clamping and squeezing my cock all at one time. I felt her pull up. But her pussy held my cock inside. I felt her pull more and I could see her pussy lips being pulled out some as my cock started to come out. With only 4 inches pulled out she sat back down. I could hear her scream once more.

"My God! You feel like your going to split my pussy open! I have never felt anything like this. My God!. Is this what it is all about? I have been missing all this? God! Uncle Bob your so big! Don't move. I think I'm going to .." And she did. I felt her muscle's tighten, contract clamp down on my cock. Judy was having one of the best orgasm's I have ever got to see. Her hands went to my thighs and she held on like I was a "Cider Point ride." She never tried to pull up or off me. Her thighs closed as much as they could. I saw her tits shake as she went through her climax. Her face had a glow on it. Her chest was moving up and down so fast. It sounded like she just ran a four minute mile.

"My God! Did that feel great! I have cum hundred's of times! Mostly from my dildo's. But never like this! Never!" I could see the sweat . Little droplets dripping from Judy's breasts. Her body bent forward some. Her hands still on my chest. Holding herself up. Her eyes half closed and her breathing was still unbalanced. Still unsure if she could hold herself up she started to rise and fall on my cock. Her eyes never left me eyes. Looking deep into my eyes she smiled.

"Uncle Bob, it is now your turn. Let be take you over the edge! Let yourself go. Let me feel you cum in me. You are not the first to take me. But you will be the first to cum in me! Then we can sleep. Sleep like death has taken s over." With that her hips moved up, then down. Back up and back down. Her eyes looking deeper and deeper into my eyes.

"God yes! Judy you have no idea of what you feel like. Your so tight! So wet! So." That was all I could say. My hands went to her soft breasts. I held them and licked my lips. My eyes now closed. I could picture Mary when she would fuck me like this.

"Cum for me. Shoot your hot cum in my pussy! Let me know how it feels. Do it! Do it for me! Please, Cum in me." Judy picked it up one more notch . It was like she was on tread mill. Picking up speed. Now she started to go faster. Then I felt it deep in my balls. Way down deep. Working it's way up. I was trying to hold off some. But I knew that this would not last to much longer. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down and at the same time I pushed up inside her. I had all of my 6 and 3/4 inches in her. I felt myself going off!

"My God...! Oh my God! This is more then I can take! Try to relax. You are so tight my cum is being held in by your muscles. NOW! I started to shoot. I felt her relax some and I came. I shot off about 4 times. I could feel her pussy pushing my cum out onto my cock as I came. She was that tight.

"Judy you have made an old man very happy. Very Happy!"

Judy was now next to me in my bed and that night was the last night I slept alone.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Write and let me know what you think.

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