tagSci-Fi & FantasyJudy's Submission Ch. 01

Judy's Submission Ch. 01


The city of New York was bustling in the rush of the christmas crowds and the get away oasis was packed with youngsters and oters resting their feet and tired limbs from the chores before the season, more like scattered all around the park office.

Ray slipped into the building, dressed in dark colors. Black, greys, his step quiet. One who was Garou would know he bore the Blood of the Lords. Blood of Power or so they would have you believe. His face was handsome if looking perhaps a touch young, 'only' in his late teens, yet an experienced battle warrior.

Like a predator, a human one, he moved through the crowd, using the trick he forced from the spirit to hide his anger from them. To make it easier to hide among the humans. The foaje wasn't that busy, a few littered by the far wall and another one or two by the elevator.. other than that the hall was scarce of people than the help desk out at the front where a young redhead sat with a monitor lit in front of her and a headset on, and she wore the most ugliest pair of spectacles ever on her innocent face.

He walked across to where she sat behind her desk, studying her as he approached. He needed some information on comings and goings here. Hard to tell if he could get it from her. Bribery perhaps? She didn't look well paid. Of course, he would have to play it by ear. Smiling, he stood and waited to be noticed.

Finally after a little while she did notice the shadow of someone standing there, and glanced up at the stranger, making somewhat of eyecontact, "Yes Sir? May I help you?"

Looking into her blue eyes with his own dark gaze; intensity and focus there, "Oh I don't know. What can you do?" he asked.

She blinked her gaze with a cocked brow, "Well.. I.. I don't know Sir. I usually give directions as to where people wish to be in the building..," feeling a little bit insecure.

He smiled and says "I was curious what sort of offices do you have here?," he leans over the edge of her counter looking down at her intently.

"Well Sir.. I.. we.. have the list of offices on that board over there sir.." pointing to the plaque on the left wall next to the entrance, she said quietly with a nervous swallow.

Not taking even a glance at it, he continued to owe pressure in his gaze upon her. Ray knew well how it could unsettle the nerves with some people and he wanted to push his point through with this young chick to see what information he could gather, "Those are the names of the companies, but not what's really there, right?"

Her voice began to quiver, "Please Sir.. I just direct people to the floors and take the post in the morning and answer calls."

Darkly he chuckled, "You never see anyone..gossip? Oh come on."

She blinked again, "See anyone? They do that all the time Sir, but never close enough for me to hear them."

Quietly he considered. She deemed interesting. She must be new on the block and took to a different tactic, "So.. you know nothing about what is here besides what's on the plaque?," his tone one of disbelief.

"I.. I just work down here, Sir. I know nothing of what goes up there, not my c-concern, Sir," a slight stuttering beginning.

Still smiling warmly, Ray took a moment to search deep into her eyes, to see if she was really an unknowing drone. Quite possible, he thought. His eyes almost magnetic as he studied her further, mayhaps he could use her more, than just attempting to gain information.

Slight she fidgeted in her seat, feeling uneasy with this stranger looking her over, yet unable to break the gaze, "Please.. Sir. You're making me uneasy. If.. if you don't remove yourself I will have to call u-upon security."

For a moment more he held her gaze with his, "Am I? I was not aware," a pause, "Perhaps we can speak after your work then."

Now she stuttered, "t-there is n-nothing t-to t-talk about S-sir. P-please remove or be r-removed," feeling quite uncomfortable.

He stared into her eyes, deciding to have some fun with her. His rage came slowly to the fore and he knew that she could feel it, seeking to use the primal aura, the animal attraction upon her. Watching how she cringed before him and most timidly peer back up to his gaze, he smirked for himself, yes, this one he would dominate to his will and chain her desire and need for him.

Softly he gave a low growl, barely on the edge of hearing. Primal and dark. He reached across the desk and touched her cheek with a single finger, a sensual gesture even if the girl shrank away from his touch. His dark eyes devouring hers as he called to her darkest passionate desires, culling her to him. He smiled more and cupped her chin, drawing her to lean forward as he leant over the desk. That imperceptibly soft growl coming from his throat again as he enticed her to accept his kiss.

A terrified gasp escaped her quivering lips as Judy felt his mouth touch hers, yet she felt too panickstricken to back away whilst Ray growled sensually into the kiss, radiating his primal destructive power, enough to terrify most. He focused upon her, demanding his claim on her and licked his lips, tasting her nervousity and smiled.

"Are you certain that you wish me to go away?," he asked in his deep sensual voice, softly teasing her whilst his hand caresses her cheek like a lover.

Her voice trembled like a leaf in the autumn winds, "P-please S-sir, I.. I d-do not w-wish to c-call upon s-security, b-but I.. I have t-to w-work too," she stuttered in shock, no man had ever come on her like that.

With a chuckle, he let his finger trace down her trembling jawline from her ear and murmured again in a sensual voice, pitched just for her hearing, "You are trembling with need.. are you sure that you don't wish to step into some place more private for a moment?," leaning more down, closer to her, "Surrender to me, to your need for me," he whispered.

Now she blanched, "P-please, oh p-please, n-no Sir!," whimpering quietly.

Persistant he growled into her ear, "Yes.. you need it don't you, you are only just realizing how much," he savoured the moment, the subtle game. Trying to force her to need him. Leaning down again, he made his warm breath caress her young neck and nipped at her tenderly like a beast teasing it's mate. A soft whimpering escaped her lips and she shivered, no, she couldn't deny the need but he scared her the same time and confused she gazed at him, not understanding why.

Quietly he straightened up and glanced back at her imperiously. He took her hand and drew her up close from around the desk and studied her more closely, "I am sure that you know a closet or something near. Take me there. Now!," his voice stern, one of command.

Again, she swallowed and most timidly nodded, leading him to one of the storage rooms for office supplies and stationary. He followed her, waiting until she unlocked it and ushered the poor girl inside, whereupon he locked it behind him and gave her a dark enticing smile as he slowly advanced her.

Awkwardly she stood there, watching him uncertainly. Ray took her face into his hands and growled a little bit louder now than he had done before and pressed his mouth to hers, taking her lips in a hot passioned kiss of which she gasped on in sheer surprise.

With a smile, he continued his sensual growl, "Need it don't you," caressing her face, wanting to bend her to his will, dominate the young redhead.

Nervously, she swallowed, nodding timidly, "y-yes s-sir."

Lightly he ran his free hand over her thigh and reached down, pulling up the hem of her skirt with a slow deliberateness. When it was over her hips, he lowered his hand and lightly traced over her panty clad quim, enjoying the feel of his new to be fucktoy quivering and whimpering, "wet.. and hot," he purred.

Chuckling darkly, he growled soft into her ear, "Like it don't you?" His fingers catching the elastic of her underwear and pushed it to the side, gaining access to her exposed labia, stroking it softly with his fingers. He had wanted to make this fast and rough, but to dominate this young one was way too much fun and he was enjoying the devious act.

Bewildered she closed her eyes, emitting small confused gasps from her lips and tried to deny herself that she was not.. wet. Whilst he parted her lips and let his fingers slip between her labia, caressing them teasingly slow. He leaned in and nipped at her neck, hard enough to mark her and sensually his fingers brush across her clit the same time, making her jump like as if his finger had coarsed an electricity jolt to her joybutton and she squeezed shut her eyes tight, in hope that the bad dream would soon come to an end and that this wasn't happening at all.

Harshly, Ray laughed and stroked it again, watching for that jump to come again. His other hand moved between her legs and he pressed a finger into her wet box, growling in pleasure.

"Oh you're so tight.. And.. Oh Yes!" he exclaimed as his finger encountered her maidenhead. Darkly he chuckled whilst he fingered her wet virgin cunt, this was going to be fun to break her in to his will. "You're so wet," he whispered into her ear whilst he continued to finger and tease her.

Finally he pushed her back towards some filing cabinets and knelt down before the trembling teenager, leaning forward, he lashed out his tongue towards her splayed labia and tasted her with a teasing tongue whilst he watched her expression as he played with her clitoris. She swallowed an uncertain mewl then she gave a soft gasp, her knees slightly buckling during the overwhelming sensation that her body responded to.

He continued teasing her, "Tell me what you feel," his hands spreading her netherlips wide apart so his skilled tongue can flick back and forth, waiting for her answer.

Her voice was quiet, "S-strange s-sir, f-fuzzy kindda.."

His finger dipped into her wet snatch, sliding in and out of her slowly, tormentingly, "Continue.." he says and took her clit between his lips sucking on it more and more roughly nipping upon it lightly.

She jumped again, grbbing the cabinet behind her with a soft sounded squealing, "P-please S-sir, no.. no one has done this to me before."

With a low growl he nipped at her inner thigh, again, hard enough to bruise her, his finger not pausing as he demanded again to know what she was feeling. Beginnging to suck and torment her again, working to tease her, testing to see how close he could push her to her first orgasm.

Whimpering she told him, "I.. I feel strange.. Sir.. like.. like b-bubbles fizzy and.. and.. I think I need to go to the toilets to take a wee Sir!"

Darkly he laughed at her and unzipped his pants. He stood up and then whirled the girl around, bending her over the head of his thick hard cock, letting it nuzzle into the bed of her wet lips and pressed it into her. Without waiting for her to adjust to his size and girth he pressed more into her whilst slowly stretching her tight limits out, letting her squeal when he felt her cherry and busted through it with a growl and a brutal thrust of his hips. He took her deep and grasped at her hair, using it to rein her in and guide her onto him before he began to hammer in and out of her newly violated snatch.

Roughly he rode her, thrusting and leaned close to her ear with a snarl uon his lips, "Tell me what you're feeling my girl," while savouring the tightness of her virgin flesh, the sweetness of being the first to claim it. Listening to her crying that he was hurting her, he chuckled and ground himself deeper into her, filling her entirely until he had jammed his whole length down to the hilt, "You like it, don't you? You're so tight.. and hot.. gripping my cock.. you needed it bad!"

Despite that she wasn't liking it her body was beginning to betray her, and her cries turned to whimpering moans, even if he was rough-handed and her sex burned like as it was on fire, managing to gasp one word, "Y-yes.."

She was his now! He growled again and took her roughly, gripping tightly onto her hair. He used her. He abused her. Forcing her head to the side so he could bite at her again, bruising her flesh and growled like a beast whilst she moaned quietly, like a puppet in his grasp, writhing on his dancing pounding cock. Holding her tight to him, Ray forced her again to take him to the hilt which made her cry out. Slamming his hips into hers with a furious bestial strength, quite enjoying to hear her cry and shiver. Heatedly he gruffed, so close to ejaculation and his free hand slipped around her, to rub her clit as he pounded his tool deep into her abused snatch, feeling her soon contract and convulse around his throbbing tool before violating her again by spewing deep his jizz into her fertile womb, whereupon he hissed into her ear, "Tight.. hot.. and wanton."

Quivering, she let him do what he wanted, it was quite clear to her by now that she couldn't deny him. Which pleased him greatly and smacked her behind, caressing it whilst he asked her what her name was.

Her voice was a mere whisper, shy, "Judy."

Chuckling, Ray pulled her back against his hips and ground them to hers, his finger rubbing their juices onto her clit as he growled softly, "My Judy."

She shuddered slight, a soft mewl escaping her lips again and she jumped of his finger over her sensitive nub.

He pulled back and out of her with a groan and pushed her to her knees, putting his half hard cock to her mouth, "Lick me clean, my girl.." watching her, seeing if she follows his orders.

She blinked in the darkness of the closed room and made a face of disgust, "B-but. you just.. just had it in me!"

He growled "You are mine... do it or I will fuck your sweet ass..."

She thought about that, and she didn't like the thought of him taking her in the ass, swallowing, she tested a lash of her tongue to his halflimp cock.

Another growl from him, "Do a good job or I will do it for you..." his tone making it a threat.

She didn't know half of what she was doing, but he scared her to the point that she did what she hadn't done before and cautiously reached up a hand to the base of his cock whilst she licked again around the crown, disliking immensely the salty taste.

With a smile he stroked her hair possessively and growled, "Take me into your mouth and suck me."

She didn't want another threat.. so she did what he demanded her to do, closing eyes on the taste. and hesitantly engulfed the head with her lips, cautiously sucking on him.

Cupping his hands to the back of her head, Ray forced her to take him deeper into her mouth, "Suck it down.. Breathe through your nose, use your tongue, my Judy girl."

Surprised she yelped, a bit of panic and it took her a moment before she actually did as he told her to do, sucking it down and swirling her tongue about it. He held her and forced her to do it, feeding his cock into her mouth. She could feel his cock hardening again as he thrust the tip in and out of her mouth slowly groaning in pleasure. Once or twice Judy gagged, struggling before she got the knack of breathing through her nose and worked on sucking him. Groaning anew, Ray began to move faster, gripping her hair and making her suck him down.

He growled and pulled back his cock, slick with her spit and stroked it as it got hard again, "On your back girl.. I'm going to take you again."

Without so much hesitation this time, she blinked and laying down on the hard cocncrete floor.. spreading her legs in fear that he might just hurt her more if she didnt co-operate.

Pleased that she obeyed this time, he knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock over her nub and growls "You're hot.. do you want my cock?"

Fearing that if she said no, he might abuse her.. timidly she nodded, "y-yes.."

With a smile of satisfaction, Ray pushed himself into her, moving slowly letting her feel each moment as he takes her, filling her with his throbbing cock and watching her reaction.

Expecting it to hurt, but in this position, a look of mild surprise washed over her face and she gasped as it felt better than the first time. Which made him to laugh softly, "Yes, you need it.." and began to seduce her again, not as rough this time though, instead, he showed her the other extreme, slow, deep thrusts of a gentle and proficient lover now. What she felt was even stranger than the first but it felt good and her face showed it, a different expression.

"My bitch like it doesn't she.." he laughed at her expression.

She nodded.. slowly getting used to having him inside of her.

With his hands unbuttoning her shirt, he began to move even faster with his hips. Taking time enough to push her bra up, he grabbed her breasts and began pinching them, teasing her nipples, making her mewl and writhe in the new sensations much to his enjoyment. Leaning over, he nipped and kissed at her neck, growling in a growing hot passion, taking her harder, savouring his claim of her, and kneaded her breasts in time with his pounding of her flesh.

He drove her wild in a passion she didn't even know existed.. writhing beneath him in suffered gasps and cries of pleasure. He savored it, driving her harder, trying to make her lose all control, growling into her ear "Scream my name my Judy-slut." She blinked.. "I.. I don't know your name.. Sir." He grinned and growls into her ear "Ray." His growl sensual as he nipped her shoulder grinding and taking her as deeply as he can. She cried out again in the heat of the passion. his name on the tip of her tongue.

He moaned and growls and slides his hands down to grip her hips snarling, "I'm going to fill you with my cum again my girl!'

Gasping she nodded.. rutting up her hungry snatch to his rampant cock, careless of how prude she was before this morning. He grinned, loving the changes, and claimed her by fucking her deep and hard, looking into her eyes, his burning with passion as he came hard into her, burning hot seed filling her and spilling out of her and growling, "My sweet slutty girl." Hesitantly she braved him a smile, observing him whilst she regained her breath. He was flushed with pleasure, and stroked her hair purring his gaze upon her posessive, purring in pleasure he gives her a kiss, hot deep and sweet.

Willingly she accepted the kiss, hardly reflecting over the mannerism he influenced her with a short period ago, and kissed him back, even if she was pretty much inexperienced. Passionately Ray nipped at her lips, mouthing her and stroked his tongue along hers, teasing her beyond all limits. His hips ground against hers while he ferally growled into the kiss. She followed his lead, still basking in the aftermath of the first ride on the floor and jutted up her hips again to his with a low muffled moan.

Slowly, he pulled back away from her snug depths, sighing regretfully, he did so much wish to be in there more, but.. time was flying.

Standing he looked at her and smiles "Clean my cock my Judy."

This time she even gave a mewl of disappointment when he got up from her, but she accepted the challenge of cleaning cock and serviced him willingly with her mouth and tongue.

He groans and enjoys it also enjoying her willingness now. He strokes her hair as he does and pulls back when he is clean putting his cock away and smiling.

"Now get dressed."

She fumbled and got straightened out.. eyeing him again, this time trying to determine him in the dark of the room.

"Close your eyes," he spoke gently, whilst he watched her with a smile.

Judy did as she was told, wondering what was going to happen now.

He touched her breasts pinching and teasing them, then cupped her crotch, groping her, making her squirm and enjoying it. Then he invokes the gift he has. Their clothing smooths and the stains are brushed away as if by expert cleaning.

He says "There, open them."

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