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Juicy Nurse


Bret awoke in the Stanford Memorial Hospital recovery room. It looked like some one had rubbed Vaseline on his eyeballs. He could see a white faced clock hanging on the wall but it was all bury. He blinked and mentally shook his head trying to bring the world back into focus; the anesthesia had apparently really done a number on him.

"I'm going to need you to raise your left arm for me." A voice said. The voice was deep and muted, like it was spoken from across the room.

"Honey, raise your arm for me."

Bret could see his arm lying in his lap. He turned his head, it was, a nurse. Bret tried to say I can't with a mouth like a dried up river bed.

"How are you feeling? You awake yet honey?" A warm soft meaty hand touched his forehead.

"Yeah, I'm awake." Bret whispered. He swallowed hard; his throat was so dry and scratchy.

"Your throat is a little raw after we take out the breathing tube. Would you like a sip of water?"

"Yes, thanks." Bret said. Reality was coming back now. He was here for reconstructive surgery on his shoulder. He had fallen off a roof. Took a step back and there was nothing there. Fell on his shoulder and busted it up real good. Thank god for workmen's comp.

The plump redheaded nurse returned with a white Styrofoam cup of water. He got a better look at her. She was wearing the full blown operating room garb, blue medical scrubs, a hair net, and a clean room face mask. Her pasty double chins hung over the nylon straps of her mask.

She wore a thin gold necklace; Jesus hung from it carved in gold, forever in agonizing impalement.

The water tasted icy and refreshing going down his parched throat.

"Can you raise your arm?" She asked again.

"Very good."

"Now wiggle your toes."

Bret performed all her simple post operation exercises. He was mildly surprised he had to really concentrate on what he was doing. It was like his brain wasn't firing on all eight cylinders.

"Ok, very good Mr. Holmes, the staff will move you too your own recovery room shortly, just hang tight." She patted his leg and winked at him. For the briefest of seconds he swore she glanced at his crotch and smiled. What the hell was that about?

Bret looked around the recovery room. It was a large room, more narrow than wide. He could see eight beds. Only two were occupied besides his. The other two patients slept softly. Really softy actually, Bret could only tell they were alive because he could see their heart monitors regularly spiking with each pump.

He looked at his right shoulder. It was heavily bandaged. He couldn't move it. He figured he didn't want to anyhow, seeing as how it would probably hurt if he did.

He raised his head looked at the ceiling tiles, then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

"Bret. Bret you awake solider?" It was Doctor Benjamin Morton.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing alright."

"Good I'm glad to hear it. You did fine. The operation went smoothly without incident."

Bret noticed he had been moved to his own room. He was the only guest. Good, I don't want to share a room with some jerk, some old codger that just wants to talk about the depression and his time in the service, thought Bret.

"Good, I'm glad." Bret said.

"You're a strong young man, strapping even. With a strong and healthy fellow like yourself, we usually never have complications." Dr. Morton continued.

Strapping? Who says that? Bret wondered. I guess this doctor does.

"Of course you can't be too sure. Any time we cut into someone we have to very careful, infections, viruses, excessive bleeding, well there are a host of things that could go wrong, put you on ice in the morgue faster that you can drain a nut."

"Dr. Morton!" His assisting nurse, who shadowed Dr. Morton, interrupted the good doctor at his crude remark.

Bret laughed.

"He is a young man Miss Lopez. I try to speak frankly with my patients." He smiled at Bret and made a rude jerking off gesture.

"Women just don't understand what its like to be a man, do they Bret."

"Ah, no I suppose they don't." Bret said, what a fucking nut, was this guy for real? Had this joker really just operated on me?

Bret had only spoken to Dr. Morton briefly in the O.R. as he was getting anesthesia pumped into his IV tube. Had he been crude before? He couldn't remember. It didn't matter, whatever. It was nothing compared to the talk on a construction site. Guys bragged about eating out their girlfriend's clam even on her heaviest menstrual days.

"We want you good as new and pounding pussy as soon as possible. I'll be back to check on you in a couple days okay buddy." Dr. Morton said. Nurse Lopez left the room blasting out a highly audible sigh and rolling her eyes.

"Ok, thanks Doc." Bret said, not sure what to make of the surgeon.

Dr. Morton took another glance at Bret's chart as he was leaving the room.

A nurse passed Dr. Morton as he headed out the doorway.

She was a sex cat. Dr. Morton spun on his heel and bit his knuckle. Bret checked the busty nurse out head to toe. She wore a short white nurse's dress. It was very form fitting, tight against her double D-cup boobs, micro waist, and round voluptuous hips. Dr. Morton looked straight at her ass and made hip thrusting pump motions behind her back.

Bret chuckled at the doctor. Doc Morton rubbed his head like a sudden heat wave roasted him. He bowed his head nodding in disbelief then left the room whistling and humming smooth jazz.

The vixen of a nurse smiled at Bret as she approached his bed side.

"Hi honey I'm Carmel ." She tossed her long brunette hair off her shoulder and around to her back. Bret swore some how she did this in slow motion.

She leaned forward and touched Bret's shoulder bandage. She had about ten inches of exposed cleavage between those luscious melons. Bret felt embarrassed gawking at her pink pillows, savoring the soft massive mounds, but he couldn't damn well look away, it was like trying to not look at a car accident as you drove by, impossible.

"How's the shoulder honey." Carmel asked. Her voice was velvet, smooth, like melted chocolate.

"Um, what, oh, its fine." Bret stammered, mesmerized by Carmel 's full red lips.

"Fine? You just had surgery on it. If it was fine you wouldn't need me sugar." Carmel said raising one eyebrow giving Bret a mischievous look. She was beautiful.

"I meant, It doesn't hurt much, I guess."

"Outstanding. I don't want anyone I take care of to be in pain. I pride myself on being an excellent nurse with exceptional bedside manner. Whatever you need you just call me honey." Carmel sauntered over to the white board and used a fat pink marker to write her name on it. Like Bret would ever in a million years forget her name.

"And I do mean anything, whatever you need just call, don't be shy." Carmel said as she drew a smiley face inside a heart.

Bret watched her perfect heart shaped ass. His eyes wondered down her long tan legs. Lean and not too muscled he figured he could spend all day licking every inch of those streets to heaven.

Anything I need? Bret fantasized, how about a hummer.

"Before I go can I get you anything, fruit cup, glass of ice water?" Carmel asked. She had light blue eyes, so stunning Bret was getting paralyzed by them. Focus man, he thought. He didn't want anything, but he didn't want her to leave.

"Um yeah, water sounds good." Bret said, admiring her striking jaw and neck lines, what a beauty. This woman could be a model no problem.

"Oakie doakie, be right back." Her jugs bounced as she hop stepped and turned.

Shit, this recovery thing was going to be a pleasure with a knock out like this taking care of his every need.

Bret turned on the TV, it was CNN, all bad news, same shit different day. Maybe he could read something.

"Here you go hone." Carmel returned with a plastic pitcher and an ugly mauve colored plastic cup.

She poured some ice water for Bret. As she bent over he didn't waste anytime leering down her dress. The long black crevice of cleavage was cave he was dieing to explore.

She glanced at him; she saw he was looking down her top. She smiled.

"Look good?" She asked in her sexy voice the tone of a velvet violin.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm thirsty. I guess it was the breathing tube down my throat. It made me sorta raw." He said and swallowed.

"I don't mind having things down my throat, no gag reflex." She said nonchalantly.

WHAT THE FUCK! Bret thought.

"Really?" his throat suddenly dry as a nun's coochie.

"I guess I'm gifted. Unfortunately there aren't many uses for the ability."

"Oh I could think of some." Bret mumbled under his breath.

"Oh, yeah, like what?" Carmel asked.

"Um, well," damn had he said that out loud? She must think I'm a total pervert loser.

"Like um, food tester." Bret you are an unbelievable moron.

"Food tester? You mean taster." Carmel grinned. "I try to watch my figure."

I'm trying to watch your figure too baby, Bret thought.

"Okay well, we'll finish this conversation later. I have to visit a couple other patients right now. I'll need to clean you up tonight. Would you like your bath before or after supper?" She asked.

" Bath?" Bret asked.

"Yeah it's just a simple sponge bath. It'll make you a lot feel better. You'll want to be nice and clean before you go to sleep honey."

"Yeah sure." Abso-fucking-lutely thought Bret.

"After dinner will be fine."

"Ok see you soon." She winked and left.

Chapter 3

An orderly, an enormous bearded black man, brought Bret a small meal of soup, applesauce, and fruit. He took a few slurps and tastes, just enough so it looked like he touched it. All he could think about was the sponge bath. He was equally excited and nervous. He felt like Carmel had clearly been flirting with him, but she was nurse, they all were friendly, called you honey, sugar, and shit like that. He was probably just being a horny pervert and seeing signs that were not really there.

At eight o'clock there was a knock on the door. After seven Bret had given up on the sponge bath. Maybe Carmel was kidding, toying with him, flaunting her big cantaloupes in his face mocking him.

Bret used his good arm and pushed himself up in the bed. Please no suppository he thought.

Carmel pushed a cart into the room.

"Hi honey, I'm sorry I'm so late. Mrs. Bohaus had a terrible accident. I have spent the last hour cleaning up an exploded colostomy bag and a good amount of blood. Poor old lady had terribly high blood pressure."

Carmel wheeled the cart to the foot of Bret's bed. It was stocked with a small bucket, a large shallow rectangular pan, towels, and wash clothes.

"She was what we refer to in nursing circles as, a gusher."

Carmel disappeared into the small bathroom and began to fill the bucket with warm water.

"I thought you forgot about me. I was falling asleep, dirty." Bret said.

Carmel poked her head out of the bathroom which was tiled from floor to ceiling with hideous shinny peach tiles.

"Never honey, I would never forget about you. I was just knee deep in liquid shit and blood. I think I got some splatter in my mouth. I had to rinse with scope. It took awhile. Can you forgive me?"

"Well, we'll see how my bath goes." Bret said. Hell he might as well flirt and tease back.

Carmel's beautiful face light up like a supernova as she smiled ear to ear.

"I'll give you the sponge bath of a lifetime." She promised.

Damn she was gorgeous. Bret's heart began to thunder in his chest. This is crazy he thought. She is just being nice and I'm getting all worked up. I have to calm down. I'm acting like I'm a horn ball fourteen year old kid, his thoughts rambled.

Carmel used two hands to place the bucket on the cart.

"Okay let's get this gown off; I brought you a fresh clean one. Arms up." She said.

"Um, I don't have anything on under this thing." Bret looked at the cotton gown with a gazillion tiny blue and yellow flowers all over it.

"Oh ok, hold on." Carmel said. She turned and went to the large wooden door of the room. She closed and locked it.

"A patient needs their privacy. Now no one will interrupt us."

Bret noticed that her nipples had gotten hard. He could clearly see them through her dress. He gulped.

Bret leaned forward. Why was he being so damn modest? She was a nurse for goodness sakes. She probably saw twenty penises every day. No different to her than seeing some one's nose. When in Rome , he thought.

Carmel untied his gown in the back and gently worked it around and off his bandaged shoulder. She pulled up his blanket to cover him up to the waist. She then removed his gown completely and threw it on the floor like it was made of asbestos.

Bret looked down nervously. The blanket was very thin material, he could see the outline of his semi-erect cock between his legs, he could even see the ridge of its conquistador helmet shaped head.

Carmel didn't seem to notice. She soaked a sponge and rung it out. She gently and slowly washed his chest.

"I hope I'm not being unprofessional Bret, but you have a nice body. Nice pecks. I see so many wasted old men. It's nice to see someone young and, um, I guess, strapping."

Strapping? There is that word again, what is this nineteenth century England? He joked to himself.

"Lean forward for me honey." Carmel said in the most throaty, lustful voice.

Bret did as he was told. She sponged his back. She was very close to him. Her tits began to rub against his arm. She pushed closer. She smelled of lavender and roses.

He bowed his head and tried to ignore her aurora of sheer sexual lust. Her fleshy cleavage rubbed right against the bare skin of his arm, up and down, up and down.

Bret's cock grew longer. He glanced at her tits. Her dress top had gotten wet, in the bathroom maybe. He swore he could see the dark circles of her areolas. It was too sexually arousing for him. His cock was rock hard and throbbing now.

She washed low down his back; he was leaning so far forward he was sure she could see the top of his ass. She lingered on his ass with the sponge, enjoying the view.

"Okay, lean back." Carmel whispered to him.

As Bret leaned back on the forty-five degree incline of the Hospital bed his dick pitched a tent with the blanket.

"Oh damn, I'm sorry, I..." Bret said reaching for his tent pole.

"No, no, no problem honey, an erection is perfectly natural. You're a healthy young man. Healthy men get erections." She said.

Carmel pulled the blanket down. Bret's substantial cock bounced up into view. It was thick, and stood tall, a full eight and a half inches.

"Here let me take good care of you honey." Carmel said as she reached and took a hold of the base of Bret's hard meaty shaft.

Oh god, I can't believe this is happening Bret thought. Shivers of excitement rocked him to his core.

She leaned forward and kissed the fat tip of his cock. Her tongue worked on him exploring every vein, bump, and crevice along the length of his pulsating penis. Carmel opened her luscious pouty lips wide and wrapped them tight around his fat dick. She sucked it down, deeper, deeper, deeper until her lips suckled the root. Bret's brown jungle of pubic hair tickled her nose.

No gag reflex indeed, Bret thought.

Carmel backed off allowing the length to come back out her throat and mouth. Then she plunged down sucking it all down to the root again. She began to moan and hum. Bret could feel her vocal vibrations against the sensitive spongy skin of his cock's head. The exquisite rumbling sent static bolts of pure pleasure into Bret's sexual nucleus of nerves.

He pushed his hips up in rhythm with Carmel 's superb face fucking.

Carmel stopped, "Do you want to see my tits?"

"You know I do."

Carmel slowly unbuttoned the front of her white dress. She pulled the dress open exposing her body. She wore a thin white bra and no underwear. Bret held his breath at the sight of her thick triangular pubic mound. She dropped the dress to the floor and reached behind her back to unfasten the bra. She popped the strained fabric loose and lets the twin monsters dangle free. They were magnificent. Large pink areola's with rock hard nipples poking up like the tip of a child's pinky finger, tipped the full perky teardrop shaped breasts.

She climbed up on the bed. She moaned erotically as she playfully and sensually fondled her boobs.

"Care for a titty fuck?" She didn't wait for an answer; she knelt before Bret's stout bonner and hocked a thick slimy glob of spit on the bulbous round crown. Carmel squeezed her tits together around Bret's cock. She pushed her cans up and down along the length of Bret's dick. He matched her rhythm, thrusting his hips, fucking those silky soft tits with all he had. His shoulder ached, but screws it, the jug sex felt so good. She pulled her tits apart and slammed them back against his rod. Pre-cum dripped from the tip.

"Oh I want to eat it some more." She said and lowered her face onto his pulsating trunk.

Carmel sucked hard. She stuck out her long serpentine tongue and slowly longingly licked the underside of Bret's lengthy pole. Then using both hands she furiously rubbed his shaft as she sucked the head.

It felt so damn good. A burst of uncontrollable pleasure swept over Bret as he felt his testicles tighten. Carmel pushed her hands under Bret's tight muscular ass cheeks and squeezed. She pulled his body closer and aggressively sucked, her head bobbling on his cock like dribbling basket ball. She sucked his cock head, twisting her tongue round and round it, all the while rigorously jerking the long shaft up and down, squeezing it, begging it to unload.

Bret cried out in ecstasy. Carmel responded by somehow intensifying her sucking even more. Bret's nut burst. His cock 'rawked' as he blasted his throat yogurt into Carmel 's hungry maw. She tasted his creamy baby batter. He watched in delight as she took his load into her wide open mouth. White warm semen dripped out around her red lips. A long thick sticky strand of dick snot rolled down Carmel 's chin and hung like a sexual tassel.

"Oh yeah, you sure took care of that Nurse."

"MMM," Carmel moaned as she licked Bret's jizz from her lips and swallowed it down.

"I have a little something you need to take care of for me honey." Carmel said and ran a finger between the soaking wet lips of her gash.

"Anything you need." Bret said.

Carmel turned around and got on all fours. She presented her asshole and dripping pussy to Bret's face.

He raised his good arm and squeezed her ass cheek. It was so solid and smooth. You could bounce a nickel six feet into the off that dumper. Bret smiled as the sight of her pubic hair tail sticking down between her legs. Dark curly pubes rounded her drooping labia. Her cunt was sopping wet with pussy juice; it practically dripped like sap from a tree.

Bret slipped his tongue into the vertical smile between her legs. Carmel gasped as she felt his curious little muscle explore her wishing well. The oral organ pressed against her clitoris. She could almost feel the gentle friction of his taste buds against her most sexually sensitive place. Bret licked up and down, back and forth, in circles, clockwise and counter. Pussy juice soaked his face from the base of his nose to clear under his chin. He hummed as he sucked turning his tongue into a fleshy vibrator. Carmel whimpered in pleasure approving Bret's oral administration.

He sucked harder tugging her inner vaginal lips into his mouth. She tasted like a delicious fish taco slathered in quim, meaty, and slightly sour. He salivated on her poon. His saliva added stringy juice to the already drenching face fuck.

Bret's nose brushed against the anal opening of Carmel 's ass. Bret admired the tiny tight pink wrinkly orifice; even this bitch's asshole was cute. He licked the little knot of flesh. It was dry and salty like a stale potato chip. He worked at it more, pushing his tongue into the hole. Carmel relaxed allowing him to enter her fudge tunnel with his slippery probe. He spread his lips, sealed them against her fissure, and sucked liked a vacuum. He faintly tasted her shit. She moaned, called out his name. He reached up and tickled her hairy honey pot. He jammed his thumb into her twat as far as it would go, grinding it against her swollen clitoris.

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