tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulia is Trapped

Julia is Trapped


First, I'd like to say that I wasn't a slut. I dressed in a conservative fashion and I'd only ever been with three guys at the time it happened. Only one of them was due to too much alcohol...but I was single at least. It could be said that I was definitely sexually within the norm at the time....

It happened in my second year at Western University. It was fall and I was twenty three and supposed to be enjoying the prime years of my life. Instead I was squandering every night studying or preparing my projects for med school.

My social life was almost non-existent. I longed for my parents home in the countryside. I literally dreamed of running off to the countryside to walk in the tall forests of my youth.

I'd fought hard for my position in the school and I needed to keep my marks up if I was going to get one of the better positions or specialize. If that wasn't enough pressure, if my marks slipped my grants would become loans and I'd be buried in debt. I pretty much enslaved myself to my future for the last six years. It would pay dividends in the long run.

My saving grace were my close friends Erica and Samantha, who affectionately called me "Jewel". Evidently, "Julia" took too long to say. We'd made a pact to get out twice a month to dance and let our hair down. We coined the term "Freedom Frenzies" as all three of us were single due to the workload. Erica's boyfriend two hundred miles away while Samantha and I had respectively put our serial monogamy on hold. Who had time to date? Not us. So we'd exercise our freedom by going clubbing and flirting with whomever has on the dance floor. Then we'd go back to Erica's apartment and drink until we passed out or fell asleep.

I was taking several classes that semester, two of which were with Samantha. Sam and I were both suffering through anatomy with Dr. Creeper and Medical Ethics with Professor Richards. Dr. Creeper wasn't his real name, it was the name he earned by how he stared at the pretty girls in class.

Sam always said I was beautiful and I guess Dr. Creeper agreed. He gave my the chills from the first day of class. When drunk Sam would joke that I'd been "Eye fucked" by him so often I should feel very satisfied and save on C batteries. -On the contrary, his violating stares made me feel naked and in need of a shower. He was a shameless, lecherous old man.

Professor Richards was almost the exact opposite of Dr. Creeper. He was calm, approachable and very easy going. Sam joked that he looked like Indiana Jones (as the first movie had just been released to theaters at the time). I didn't think he was anywhere near that cute and definitely not as young as Harrison Ford. He was middle aged and as boring as he was nice. He dressed sharp though.

"Nice leather jacket. I wonder if he has a whip too," Sam whispered quietly to me during a particularly dull lecture from Professor Richards. I stifled a giggle at the thought. I shushed her quietly. Anything would get me to laugh when I'm that bored.

"I'm dying from the amount of memory work anatomy is burying me with," Sam confided beside me as she went through her purse to retrieve some chapstick.

I agreed. We'd spent every night this month studying for a mid-term together. With exams all coming up at the same time I was having very little time for my Medical Ethics paper and I kept postponing doing the memorization for Ethics. There were so many useless dates, names and events he wanted us to be able to regurgitate for him.

Plus, everyone else was cheating on every test as he cycled the tests he used from previous years. He'd also step out for a "smoke" break, although he didn't smoke, leaving only one assistant to watch the class of two hundred. To top if off he'd always have the tests in his lecture hall where it was too easy to have a cheat sheet tucked away under the scrap paper you were allowed to bring in.

Sam leaned over and whispered "I'm thinking of using a scram sheet for this one." I couldn't believe Sam of all people would consider cheating. "Sam no!"

"What options do we have? We have the heaviest workload of our lives right now. We haven't gone clubbing or dancing in over a month and I know we are spending every second studying as is."

"Sam I can't believe you're saying this."

"What? Everyone else has been cheating all year. Our marks are suffering for being honest and we are working ourselves ragged. Why not make use of last year's test this time to get caught up? Just this once. We lost that weekend when your car broke down. You ever heard of anyone ever getting caught cheating in this class?."

I chewed nervously on my pen and imagined how much of a weight this would take off.

Sam whispered in my ear, "We'll never get caught. We can spend an hour practicing on how we'd do it. One hour to save ten."

"You have a point. Just this once though. Just to get caught up," I said nodding nervously.

And that was how it all started.

We did spend an hour photocopying the bootleg copy of the test and agreeing on our different answers. We practiced cheating until we had a good technique. It was such a relief to not have to memorize all those name, dates, etc. That night we drank and laughed ourselves silly. It was such a needed stress break.

That week, when we entered the lecture hall, I was so nervous. Everything apparently went smoothly. I finished the test without anyone even being by my desk. I tossed my scrap paper in the garbage and waited until the time was up to leave(as we weren't allowed to disrupt the exam by leaving early).

Professor Richards walked up to me five minutes before the end.

"Julia, I'd like you to stay after everyone leaves please," he said in a tone that I've never heard him use.

My heart started to race and my hands were sweating profusely. I even had to put them in my lap as they were starting to shake. He couldn't know anything. No one saw me. No one was near me other than my fellow cheating classmates. I've got to stay calm. It's likely some other reason I kept telling myself trying to keep from letting my panic show.

The buzzer rang and everyone started to leave. Sam walked towards me and saw Professor Richards standing just behind me. She knew me well enough to know I was scared shitless. Sam subtly diverted her course and continued past without saying anything.

When everyone had left, Professor Richards put his hand on my shoulder and said "Jewel, I need you to come look at something for me."

He said it in the kindest manner and I knew I was home free. It really was for some other reason than cheating.

"Ok," I said still trying to calm myself and not sound terrified.

I followed him without saying a word. We left the lecture hall and walked to his office across the hall. Before I entered I wiped my sweaty hands on my bluejeans.

His office was beautiful and smelled of old books. A mahogany desk was piled high with papers in one corner and a computer monitor on the other.

He sat down behind his desk and motioned for me to sit in the smaller chair facing the desk.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"No thank you."

"Suit yourself." He poured himself a small amount of rum from a flask in his desk. There was one remaining empty glass.

I could use a shot...."Can I change my mind?"

He smiled kindly and poured me a glass. He did look good for his age I thought to myself as I picked up the glass then sat down again.

He turned the computer monitor on his desk around and said "I wanted to show you this."

I watched myself writing today's exam. The camera angle was perfectly able to see me cheating. The resolution and zoom were horrifyingly good.

I almost dropped the rum. I froze hoping this wasn't happening. He tapped a button and the view changed to show four cameras watching me cheat. I was screwed. If I was standing my knees would have given out. I felt like I was going to puke.

The door opened and I turned around expecting the Dean. Instead, Professor Richards' assistant came in. She was a very pretty girl. I got a pity smile as she passed MY cheat sheet to the professor. She must have gotten it from the garbage just now.

"That will be all," Richards said dismissing her with a wave. She nodded and left.

I looked out his full length office window into the courtyard three stories below, wishing myself away. My hands were shaking now and my heart was deafening. I was close to fainting.

Professor Richards took the untouched glass of rum from my hands and set it on his desk before I spilled it. He smiled warmly and spoke in a soothing, soft voice.

"You don't need to talk Jewel. Just listen. You know the schools policy on cheating don't you?"

I nodded while swallowing and holding back tears. There is no way I wasn't looking every bit as terrified as I felt. He had me dead to rights and I needed him to know it. Sympathy was my only chance now.

He continued with a calm, easy tone. "There is...and I don't fully agree with it..." He pointed his finger in the air to emphasize the point. "...a zero tolerance policy on cheating. Once caught, the student is expelled and it is permanently added to their academic record."

He walked to his bookshelf and opened the policy book flipping through it. With a shrug he put it on his desk by me. "It's in there somewhere. Very cruel that policy. It puts you in a tight place."

I nodded quickly without making eye contact. I was barely able to hold back from sobbing.

"I am obligated to report all cheating. Unfortunately, the school is quite clear on this."

I saw my future burn before me. I've never cheated before why did I. I didn't need to. Now I'd be permanently expelled and no med school would take me after that. It would be on my record. Oh shit, the grants become loans. How would I repay them on a minimum wage job? Oh fuck, Oh fuck fuck fuck,

Professor Richards bent over and put his face in front of me. He looked sad and I could tell he felt pity for me.

"I only cheated this once," I said trying to minimize...hoping there was a way out. It took all my strength not to break down totally. You could hear my voice on the edge of all out crying and I was starting to get tunnel vision.

"Don't talk unless asked to," he said uncharacteristically sternly and stood up. "You are free to go. I'll report this to the dean tomorrow morning." He turned towards his desk. I sat still.

I slumped in my chair and almost didn't hear him continue,"Unless you agree perform sex acts on me."

"What??!" I said blurted incredulously. "I mean pardon." I didn't hear that right.

He turned and sat on his desk facing me with his legs spread. My eyes went to the crotch of his dress pants and quickly away. "You heard me. You perform sex acts on me and I ignore this evidence...or you can walk out that door and know that you'll be expelled tomorrow."

I was too shocked to respond. Too shocked to process these series of events and what he was saying. I looked into his eyes trying to make sense and hoping it was a joke.

His calm tone was even more unnerving as he continued. I could tell he was serious, but I was too stunned to respond or even process what he was saying.

"Either do as I say or give up on your career and all the hours you've spent studying, the tuition money, everything. Give up everything you've sacrificed and find a new, lesser career. Come up with some reason to tell your parents for your change of heart."

I played the scenarios out in my mind as he spoke. I could hear my Mom crying and watch as my Dad turned his back on me.

His tone became serious then,"The lecture hall was crawling with cameras. Look at this too."

He tapped a key and the monitor showed Samantha cheating as well.

My jaw dropped open.

"Lets up the ante. You can walk out the door now and only you will be expelled... or perform sex acts on me and stay become a doctor. I'll even give you top marks in my classes without you having to work for them, however, if you double cross me both you AND Samantha are expelled. Its only fair. You both cheated."

"You can't do this!" I half said it to myself looking once again at that spot on the floor.

He stood before me with his arms crossed. Anger or impatience was in his voice now. "Oh, I can. Not only can I. I have. Do you think this is the first time I've caught a pretty girl and had her perform for me? Why do you think you are sitting here and not Samantha or one of the other cheating girls?"

I shook my head confused, still not looking up at his face. I was staring at the floor tile between my white sneakers.

"I chose you because you turn me on. I've watched you forever, waiting for you to cheat on one of my exams. You did this. You did this to yourself. If you didn't cheat on the exam you wouldn't be here. Runner up number two would be."

I looked up into his eyes in stunned horror. Realizing now it was a trap all along. My only other thought was that I wasn't that beautiful.

"I've been doing this for many years. Do you understand? You aren't the first and won't be the last. I make my classes hard and feed the test to the students. I take my pick of the prettiest cheater. For some reason you are the one that turned me on from the start....so proper and well behaved."

He passed me the rum I hadn't touched. I took it with shaking hands and downed it. He took the empty glass and put it on the bookshelf that was in front of the window.

"I wait until my victims are two to three years invested into medical school, then I take them as my pets until some other cheater turns me on more."

I opened my mouth to say something, but he whipped his finger up and pointed it at me. A harsh expression crossed his face. "Do NOT talk unless I tell you to."

I looked at the floor between my feet again as I sat before him.

"Do not do anything unless I tell you to. I've done this for years. Many female doctors are my former little pets. If you call the cops all of them will lose their careers as I present their evidence as well."

He paused as I tried to follow along.

"I'll make it perfectly clear. If you go to the police or anyone else I will have a third party release the evidence of cheating to the school. Careers will be ruined and you will be the cause. Years from now when you are a well paid, respected doctor...how angry would you be that someone ruined your career?"

He took my empty glass from the shelf and walked to his desk again.

"Someone like you had the option of walking out the door and sabotaging only their own career, but they went to the cops because they couldn't overpower their petty ego and perform sex acts....how many enemies will you make?"

He poured a triple into my glass and passed it back to me. I felt the burn in my throat as it all went down. He took the empty glass and returned it to the shelf.

"If you double cross me, yes, I'll go to jail. It will ruin my career as well, but I've saved up enough to last the rest of my life."

He sat on the desk again and spread his legs again. An obscene bulge was now prominent.

"I'm willing to risk going to jail for five to ten years to get my jollies now. Like me, you'll have all the evidence you need to get me convicted....of what? Rape? Just some sick old man manipulating cheating students. Or maybe it was you who offered to perform for me so you wouldn't be expelled. Isn't that more likely? Wouldn't your fellow cheating classmates turn against you if shown the evidence I have on them and threatened with expulsion?"

"ok, ok" I said meekly starring at the ground.

"Ok what?"

"ok, I will..."

I sat there waiting for his response. He spoke with little emotion now. I could sense his seriousness as I looked at the floor.

"Get up and walk to the window. Face the courtyard."

I stood and walked to the full length window. I faced outside. It was night in the courtyard and I could see a few people making their way against the fall wind. He came up behind me and stood there. I could feel his presence like a prey animal could sense a predator.

I felt two hands slide under my arms and cup my breasts over my sweater. I inhaled in shock and my body went tense. I continued to stare straight ahead as he gently kneaded my breasts, gently squeezing and relaxing. I was terrified. I knew it would take ten minutes until the alcohol started to kick in. Now I was sober and petrified.

"They'll see..." I said referring to the people in the courtyard below. My voice sounded so far away and on the verge of total breakdown. Like someone else's voice.

"Oh, right. Don't want to be seen trying to perform sex acts for marks do we," he whispered into my ear giving me goosebumps from the unexpected warmth and proximity. I wanted to recoil from it.

His hands left my breasts and I unclenched my fists. I hadn't even noticed I'd clenched them. My heart was going a mile a minute and I felt weak and ready to faint. It was all I could do to keep my knees from buckling.

Then, all of a sudden I felt my sweater tug up and hands went to my ribs under my sweater and undershirt. I froze and tensed. I could feel his hands going up my ribs, flesh on flesh, one rib at a time. Normally this would tickle me like crazy, but I wasn't anything but scared. My armpits were soaking wet...overwhelming my antiperspirant. I squirmed and made a sound of protest as his hands went closer to my armpits. For some strange reason I was embarrassed to have him find out that I was sweating.

The hands found the wetness of my sweat at the sides of my breasts and he didn't say anything. I could hear his breathing becoming a little faster now. I was somewhat glad he didn't say anything about my sweat. It was the small mercy of the night.

I was almost hyperventilating, my body tense and shaking. His hands cupped my breasts now and he pulled me back against him. I could feel his strength and I knew I couldn't stop him if he wanted to use force. My heart was jackrabbit quick. He started to knead my breasts again as I stood exposed in front of the window. At least no one would see what was happening now I told myself. This shame will be my secret. It was all happening under my shirt. I tried to hold myself together.

No one could help me. Crying for help was useless. All I could do is get expelled.

I felt terror mostly then. Terror and Anger. Anger at myself for cheating and getting myself into this. Anger at this asshole cupping my breasts and kneading them over and over. I was tight against him and I could feel his erection with only our clothes separating. I didn't want to think of how far this would go.

I willed myself away. Willed myself to be strong. He was slowly and surly tweaking my nipples. I ignored what was happening and just tried to remain standing. My breath was rapid and my heart was frantic.

Then it started to get more rough. His one hand squeezed my breast hard and pulled me back...firmly pinning me against his chest. I could smell the leather or his jacket now. His other hand slowly and harshly slid down my stomach. I squirmed and tried half heartedly to get away but he was too strong.

I was afraid he'd expel me if I put up too much struggle.

It felt so terrible as he pressed the bulge of his cock against me. So gross and defiling. I felt repulsion and shame, helpless, vulnerable, trapped, angry, terrified, dirty and resigned. I felt all of them to varying degrees and sometimes some more than others. I just wanted it to stop and for everything to get better.

His hand reached my panties and he slipped his hand under them. My legs tensed as he cupped my mound in his palm, firmly and steadily making circles using enough force to almost lift me up. It didn't hurt, but I could feel his strength...and his unconcern for me.

I stood there in front of the window while Professor Richards groped me. It was unlikely that anyone would have seen anything other than me standing at the window, but I felt totally exposed and vulnerable.

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