For the first few years I didn't think anything of it. My wife and I both have brown hair and freckles but none of our three sons do, they are in fact all blonde, and fair skinned.

It wasn't until our youngest was three and the oldest was eight that I began to suspect anything.

My wife and I were sitting at my family reunion and as I looked around it was easy to tell where the boys were as they were the only blonde children there. Now there are some spouses that are blonde or that have black hair, and the older ones have gray or white hair, but the young people in my family all have hair that falls somewhere between brown and red, and most of us have a lot of freckles.

As I sat there I noticed that my nieces and nephews all had similar hair and skin to the rest of the family even if they had a parent that was blonde or dark haired.

I found it very strange that my wife Julie and I, who look as if we could be brother and sister, could produce blonde, fair skinned children.

I didn't suspect anything at the time, but two weeks later at Julie's family reunion the thoughts came back, and they were joined by suspicion.

Julie's family, much like mine had a very strong genetic tendency to produce freckles and brownish red hair. There was only one child on her side of the family that had blonde hair, and that was her older brother's third son. Julie's brother's wife is one of those ultra blondes that has the really pale skin and blue eyes, she's one step above being albino and even with that only one of the four children she had came out blonde.

The more I thought about the situation the stranger it became. How could Julie and I produce three blonde fair skinned sons if both of our families had so little of either in them?

It was almost time to leave the reunion when it suddenly occurred to me that the only way for the children to turn out the way they did would be for one of their parents to be a strong carrier for it. It seemed that neither of us fit that bill, which led to the understanding that one of us wasn't the parent of our children.

I immediately understood that I was the one that wasn't the parent as I had seen Julie go through the pregnancies, I had been there for all three births, there was no doubt that she was their mother.

The realization that I wasn't the father of my three sons almost made me break down and cry, but I fought it off.

I was silent as we drove home, though Julie was talking non-stop about how great it was to see all of her out of state family again.

For the next few days I agonized about what to do. My wife had three children that weren't mine but that she had led me to believe were. I immediately thought of confronting her, but I decided that I had to be sure first. I was nearly certain that I couldn't be their father, but I had to know for sure.

I didn't want anybody to suspect what I was doing so one at a time I took the boys to the doctor for full physicals including blood work. I got copies of their blood tests and then on a business trip a few weeks after the reunion I stopped at a doctor's office.

"So Mr. Evans, what can I do for you?" The doctor asked.

"I'm being threatened with paternity suits for these three boys. It's possible that I am their father, but I'd like to know for sure. I've acquired copies of their most recent blood tests, can you test me to see if I'm a match?" I asked.

"Certainly. This is a pretty common thing, there are a lot of women out there that will claim that a child was fathered by the most successful of the lovers she had at the time in the hopes of getting money from them. Luckily medical testing has advanced far enough to allow us to determine with a great deal of certainty whether or not you are or aren't the father." The doctor says.

"How long will this take?" I asked.

"Several hours. I can put it in as top priority in the lab and have the results around 4:00." The doctor said.

"Then I'll see you at 4:00." I said.

I was in hell all day at my meetings. Did I really want to know? Could I just pretend everything was the same now that I had reason to doubt my wife's fidelity? What would I say to her if the test confirmed my suspicion? How would my marriage survive?

At 4:00 I was sitting in the doctor's office when he walked in results in hand.

"Well what's the verdict?" I asked.

"Well I have good news for you, you won't have to pay child support, you are not the father of the children." The doctor said.

"Thank you doctor." I said.

I acted relieved, but in truth I was heartbroken. I thanked the doctor once again for his efforts, took the test results and headed back to my hotel.

Two days later I returned home, but I stopped off to meet with a lawyer first.

"So, what may I do for you Mr. Evans?" The lawyer asked.

"I've decided to divorce my wife, I need some no fault divorce papers." I said.

"Okay, what kind of division of assets are you looking to get?" The lawyer asked.

"Her parents gave us the house so she can keep it, but I paid for the three cars and most of the home electronics so I would like those. As for financial I make 60% of our combined income and she makes 40% so I'd like 60% of the current financial holdings." I said.

"Any children?" The lawyer asked.

"Three sons, and she is to get custody." I said.

In less than an hour I had divorce papers in my hand and headed home. I put the test results and the divorce papers in my briefcase before entering the house.

Julie and the kids were happy to see me, and I was happy to see them, even though I was about to turn their world upside down.

I had decided to wait until the boys were in bed before I talked to Julie. No need destroying their lives until I'd heard her explanation.

"Julie, can we sit and talk for a little while?" I asked.

"Sure honey, what's on your mind?" Julie asked.

"Well, there's no easy way to say this, so I'll just let you read it for yourself." I said.

I pulled the divorce papers out of my briefcase and pushed them across the table to Julie. She picked them up and began reading them. It took her a little while to realize what they were.

"John, I don't understand, why do you want a divorce? I haven't seen any signs that you were unhappy with our marriage." Julie said.

"I was very happy with our marriage up until very recently." I said.

"John, this doesn't make any sense, what happened to make you unhappy?" Julie asked.

"This." I said.

I pulled the test results and the report that I had gotten from the doctor that spelled out in very definite terms that I was not the biological father of any of our sons.

Julie looked at the test results, but science never has been her strong suit so they meant little to her, but the report however brought her to tears. I watched her sob silently for a few minutes.

"Right now I don't care who and I don't care why, the only question I have Julie is did you know that they weren't mine?" I asked.

"No, I'd never had them tested. I had suspicions because of how they look, but no matter what these tests say you are their father John." Julie said.

I didn't respond, I simply got up from the table, walked out of the house and drove to my brother's house on the other side of town.

"John, you look like hell, what are you doing here?" Matt asked.

"I need a place to stay for a couple of days, Julie and I might be getting divorced." I said.

"That's terrible, what happened?" Matt asked.

"I don't want to talk about it. Can I stay here for a little while?" I asked.

"Sure man, no problem." Matt said.

For the next few days I kept my cell phone turned off, I didn't answer my phone at work, I didn't open any of the countless emails that Julie sent me, and if I saw her approaching I ducked out of sight to avoid talking to her.

Finally on Saturday morning she cornered me. She woke me up in my brother's house, and I found myself handcuffed to the headboard.

"You had better let me loose right now." I said.

"No John, not until you hear what I have to say." Julie said.

"I don't want to hear it Julie. You've been lying to me for at least 9 years, I don't give a damn what you have to say about it now." I said.

"Well that's tough; you don't have much choice but to listen right now." Julie said.

"Oh no? We'll just see about that." I said.

I'm a pretty strong guy and that headboard was pretty cheaply made so I yanked as hard as I could against the handcuffs and the piece of wood holding me to the bed splintered and I was loose.

Julie was quite stunned and she looked as if she was afraid that I was going to hurt her.

"Now, are you going to give me the key, or do I have to go use the bolt cutters in Matt's garage?" I asked.

"You win John, here's the key. I left the papers at home, I'll sign them and drop them off here later. I just thought that we had loved each other enough for you to let me explain." Julie said.

She began crying into her hands. I unlocked the handcuffs and was about to walk out the door when I looked over my shoulder at her, shook my head, and closed my eyes as I would probably regret what I was about to do.

"Okay Julie, if you want to explain, I'll let you explain, but not just to me." I said.

"Not the boys, they're too young to understand." Julie said.

"No, not the boys, but our families. My parents, your parents, and our brothers and sisters. If you want to explain it to me, you've got to explain it to all of them at the same time. Or do they already know?" I asked.

"Nobody knows John, nobody." Julie said.

"So should I start making calls or do you not want that kind of audience?" I asked.

"John, what I have to say is for you alone. I'd rather not have to tell everyone else." Julie said.

"Then goodbye Julie." I said.

"Okay, I'll tell everyone. I'll do whatever you want, but I have to explain it to you." Julie said.

"I've got phone calls to make." I said.

Now our parents and all of our brothers and sisters lived relatively close so by 1:00 in the afternoon we had everyone gathered in our living room. The spouses had taken all of the children to spend a few hours at the park while we had a blood family only talk.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming so soon. I know I was a little vague as to why you had to come, but it will all be explained very soon. Okay Julie, tell everyone what's going on, then you can tell me what you have to tell me." I said.

"Okay, recently John served me with divorce papers." Julie said.

Everyone is stunned as neither of us had told anyone except for Matt, who had been sworn to secrecy.

"Your shock is almost as strong as mine was, but then I was even more shocked when he told me why he was divorcing me. John had blood tests done on the boys and found that he was not the father of any of them. When he told me I was just as heartbroken about it as he was. Obviously though I immediately knew who the biological father was. That brings everyone up to date on what has happened so far. The reason you were all asked to come here is because John made it a condition that I had to explain what happened to all of you if I was going to have the chance to explain it to him." Julie said.

She began crying.

"This is your chance Julie, you wanted to explain, so explain already." I said firmly.

"I've loved John since the moment I met him on our first day of kindergarten all those years ago. He's been my best friend ever since and he's been my lover since 8th grade. A woman couldn't ask for a better friend, lover, husband, and father for her children than John. John, you are a far better man than I deserve, but even having you I got greedy. A few months before I got pregnant with Adam I met a man at work that started paying a lot of attention to me. He was very handsome and he started showering me with gifts and poems, all the romantic stuff that just drives a woman wild. At first I thought it was just harmless fun, I made it clear to him that I was married and he accepted that. I let things get out of hand and ended up sleeping with him. I felt so dirty and ashamed that I wanted to die; it took learning that I was pregnant with Adam to pull me out of the funk I was in. I never even considered that the baby wasn't yours. I tried to end things with him, but he said that I could either move up or down in the company based on what I decided to do. My career ambitions, and the fear that you would find out convinced me to continue with things. I got pregnant with Marcus, then Kyle and still there was no doubt in my mind that they were all your sons John. I made a terrible mistake, I was afraid that if you found out that I did it willingly the first time that you'd divorce me and I'd lose the best thing to ever happen to me. I'd have been better off taking my chances and baring my soul to you back then, but I was terrified of losing you. Now it seems that I have lost you. I am so sorry; I never wanted to hurt you." Julie said.

She broke down and began crying uncontrollably.

"One more thing Julie, after hearing what you had to say I have a good idea who the man is, but I want you to say the name." I said.

"Robert Johnson." Julie sobbed.

"Okay. Now that we all know, nobody is to tell the children unless Julie and I agree to do it. I'd prefer that your spouses not even know. I didn't really want you to know, but I know that right now Julie is completely humiliated, and after what she's done to me I felt that would be a suitable payback. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to be." I said.

"John, what are you going to do?" My dad asked.

"Don't worry dad, I'm not going to end up in jail, I've just got a few things to take care of." I said.

I drove to the lavish home of Robert Johnson, his wife Lisa answered the door.

"You're Julie's husband aren't you?" Lisa asked.

"That's right. Is your husband home?" I asked.

"Sure, he's in the backyard grilling up some steaks." Lisa said.

I went around the side of the house.

"John Evans, welcome, what brings you here?" Robert asked.

"Let's take a walk so we'll be out of ear shot." I said.

"Okay." Robert said.

We walked to the back edge of their property.

"Okay, so what's up?" Robert asked.

"You owe me a great deal of money." I said.

"What are you talking about?" Robert asked.

"My wife told me about your affair, and blood tests have confirmed that I have been raising three bastard sons that you fathered." I said.

"Oh my god, I hoped I was wrong about that, but they do have my blonde hair and fair skin. So what now? Are you going to tell everybody and destroy my life?" Robert asked.

"Heaven knows I should, but I'm not going to unless I have to. All you have to do to prevent it is give me the money I'm asking for." I said.

"So it's blackmail then?" Robert asked.

"It seemed fitting considering the way you kept my wife in your relationship." I said.

Robert hung his head.

"How much?" Robert asked.

"I figure it will cost about $1.5 million per kid to raise them to 18 years of age so you owe me $4.5 million." I said.

"That's outrageous, I haven't got that kind of money." Robert said.

"You don't have to pay it all at once, I'll take it in installments, but I want a nice big lump right away." I said.

"I can do $250,000 now." Robert said.

"Wire it to this account." I said.

I handed him the account number and walked away.

I returned home to find nobody had left.

"That didn't take long." Julie's dad said.

"No, I just had to run over and arrange a wire transfer, it's no big deal." I said.

"Son, we've been talking and we all want to know what's next for you and Julie? Are you really going to go through with the divorce? It seems to be such a waste to throw away such a long relationship and such a loving marriage over a mistake, even one as big as this." My mom said.

"Well, I'm willing to give it another try if she is, but I don't think I can ever go back to the way things were before, knowing what I know now." I said.

"I understand John. I felt terrible keeping it from you for so long, but I was afraid I'd lose you if I told you. And I swear to you that I never, even for one instant thought that you weren't the boys' father." Julie said.

"I want to believe that, maybe someday I will." I said.

Julie and I tried to get on with our lives, but things were just too different. The years of lying and the fact that another man had fathered the boys were just too much and within a year I had a new set of divorce papers in hand.

"John, I know things haven't been the same lately, but I love you now more than ever." Julie said.

"I know, and I still love you, but when I wake up in the morning I'm not excited to see your face the way I used to be. Now there's a lot of pain. I know that what happened wasn't entirely your fault, but I can't help but think of the years of lying and betrayal. Even if you were being blackmailed what you did still hurt me. And the boys, well, I've been their daddy all their lives, but I'm not their father Julie and nothing anyone can do will change that. I hate myself for it, but every time I look at them now I don't see our sons, I see your sons, yours and that piece of shit father of theirs. I can't keep living like this. It's eating me inside that I'm not madder at you for what you did. If you hadn't been blackmailed into it I could say goodbye and be on my way. I can't be mad at the boys because they had nothing to do with it. If I get mad at Robert and go after him the whole thing becomes public knowledge and it destroys our family and Robert's family. I don't want that. That leaves me with only one option, divorce. If I'm ever going to be able to move on I need to get out of here and go somewhere that I can forget about all of this for a while. Just as you asked me to understand what happened I'm asking you to understand why we must get a divorce and I must leave." I said.

Julie was crying, but she fought back the tears for a few minutes.

"Yes John, I understand. I've hurt you in the worst way and I can never make that up to you. I've been trying to avoid the hurt of losing you since this whole thing started, but now it will hurt more than ever knowing that we gave it our best shot and failed. I will sign the divorce papers John, but I want you to know that if you ever want to come home you'll be most welcome. There will never be another man in my life." Julie said.

We divided things up pretty much as I had wanted in the first set of divorce papers, but I made most of my assets liquid so I could move them with me to where ever I ended up.

It turned out that I ended up about 30 miles away after transferring to one of my company's other locations.

I was still able to see the boys on weekends, but I never spoke one word to Julie, it was still too painful.

Julie and I went 5 years without talking. Then one night out of the blue she called me.

"Hello?" I asked.

"John, please don't hang up." Julie said.

"I don't want to talk to you Julie." I said.

"But I need to talk to you John. It's been eating at me inside for years, so I have to tell you." Julie said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Robert isn't the father of the boys." Julie said.

"What?" I asked.

I was confused and angry.

"I was blackmailed into a sexual affair with Robert, but I always thoroughly washed myself afterwards." Julie said.

"Then you had an affair with another blonde haired man?" I asked.

"Yes." Julie said.

I could hear her sobbing on the other end of the line.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Mr. Williams." Julie said.

"The old man from next door?" I asked.

I was both shocked and disgusted.

"Yes. I accidentally saw him through his bathroom window one day and later he came over and asked me if I liked what I saw. I tried to get rid of him by saying that I hadn't seen very much. He then said he'd give me a closer look. He dropped his pants and I couldn't believe my eyes, his cock was huge. I mean you're big, at 9 inches, but his was over a foot long and so thick. Something inside me let go and I had to have it. Before I realized what I was doing I was on my knees sucking it. He fucked me three times per week from about two months after we moved in until I was six months pregnant with Kyle. The only reason we stopped is because he died." Julie said.

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