Julie Ch. 06


Julie didn't see much of Greg that day. He was there at the start of the meeting and dropped in a couple times before lunch. But mercifully, Julie didn't have to sit in the same room with him all day. It would have made it too hard to concentrate.

And for all the wrong reasons. She should have been worried about being discovered. The consequences of what she did. How it would ruin her life and her husband's as well. Her career too. But those wouldn't have been the reasons for her distraction.

Her distraction would have revolved around wanting more of what he had given her. It would have been because she was in the presence of the cock that had taken her to such unbelievable heights. The fact that it would be hidden by slacks would not diminish the hold it would have on her attention.

She would have been distracted thinking about how hot it had made her when he told her to suck it. Even now, she had to avoid thinking about it, so she wouldn't get aroused again.

And equally distracting was the unexpectedness of her reaction. Julie had never been told to get on her knees and had never been told to suck cock before. She had never had a man she was pleasuring call her a cocksucker before. She was surprised how much it had turned her on to experience those things. She would have thought that she'd be put off by such arrogance. But she wasn't. It made her belly flutter just to recall.

Maybe that was the reason Greg's presence would have been so distracting... Julie wanted to experience all those feeling again. And she knew, no matter how much her husband loved her and wanted to please her, he would never be able to make her feel the way Greg had.

Gary couldn't order her to her knees. Tell her to suck his dick. He could try, but it would never be convincing. Greg had told her to and he did so with no doubt that she would do exactly that. Julie didn't know why she had felt so compelled to obey, but she had. And she got turned on like crazy doing so. She had cum herself, it had been so hot!

Thinking back to the first time she had met Greg in the bathroom hall of the restaurant, Julie would never have suspected such a thing was possible. He was so insufferably arrogant. His every word, expression and gesture chafed. He was like a composite of everything that Julie detested in a man.

And now Julie was fondly recalling the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth. The wonderfully submissive feeling of kneeling before him. Tasting his cum. Swallowing his cum.

Julie knew that the only thing that would stop her from doing it all again was Greg. As long as he wanted her, she wouldn't be able to refuse. The size of his cock and the incredible orgasms aside, Greg had something else that Julie needed. That arrogance that she thought she detested, that confidence and male dominance that should have rankled her, turned out to be the missing ingredient.

Julie remembered one of her friends from college, Krissy. She wasn't particularly close with Krissy, but they were dorm neighbors for a year and for a brief period, they talked regularly. Krissy had a boyfriend that was not unlike Greg. He was good looking and arrogant. And he made little attempt to cover his indiscrete hook-ups with other girls.

Julie had lectured Krissy on several occasions on what kind of guy he was and how rotten he treated her and how she shouldn't let him. If anything, Krissy's boyfriend was probably responsible for Julie's dislike of good-looking-but-arrogant men. He was at least a major reinforcement of Julie's reasons for that dislike.

But no matter what he did and no matter what Julie said, Krissy always went running whenever he called. Julie had always assumed that Krissy had some sort of self-esteem issue. Why else would she allow a man to treat her with indifference and still be at his beck and call?

Did Julie have self-esteem issues? She doubted it. She certainly never felt like she had. Maybe Krissy hadn't been suffering from poor self-image either. Maybe there was something in a man like that to which she responded. Sexually. Just like Julie with Greg.

In a way, that was even scarier. If it was a self-esteem issue, presumably there was some flaw that could be addressed or corrected. But what if Krissy had just been wired that way? What if she just needed a man to treat her a certain way? What if that was the case with Julie?

What if the only way to reach those glorious heights was at the hands of a man who didn't see her as anything more than a fuck? What if that was the reason he was able to have the effect he did on her? It was almost a catch-22... as long as he didn't show any attachment to her, he could please her. If he were to fall in love with her, he would lose the power he had over her.

Not that Julie was naïve enough to think Greg might fall in love with her. It was just a no-win situation. Even if she wasn't already married. There would never be a guy who could give Julie loyalty, love and respect and still make her cum like that.

Maybe that was why she didn't feel more guilt over cheating on Gary. Gary, after all, was a wonderful man and a loving husband. But there's no way he could inspire the feelings in her that Greg could. And Greg, whatever his prowess in the bedroom, whatever itch he scratched for her, could never amount to more than a sex partner.

The only way to have her cake and eat it too was to love Gary as her husband and submit to Greg as his lover. No, not lover... Slut.

That's really what she was to him: a slut. And that's what made it work for her. As long as he treated her like a slut, she could get the sexual stimulation she needed from him. As long as he treated her that way, it would release that side of herself, be that slut that would drop to her knees at his word. Suck his cock when he told her to. As long as he fucked her like a slut, used her like a slut, it would fill that void in her. It would make those dizzying heights and shattering orgasms possible.

That was the key, wasn't it? That he made her feel like a slut? So she could behave like one, right? Let go of any inhibitions and revel in the pure, high-octane physical pleasure of sex the way a slut would?

How far would she take it though? That was the question. Greg still had the key to her room and she would be there at least tonight if not tomorrow. And if he came back again tonight, she would gladly do it all again.

But that wasn't what she was pondering now. What she wondered is what would happen if she were having drinks with him and he told her he wanted her to come out to his car. Maybe he would even tell her it was to give him a blow job. But it wouldn't matter if he said it or not. Julie would know why he'd want her to go outside with him. Would she do it?

What if he were to meet her in the hallway here, at his own company, and guide her into an empty conference room? There was no denying that the insane level of risk would make it incredibly exciting. But the question wasn't whether or not Greg would actually do something like that. No, the question was, how would Julie respond?

If the magic revolved around being his slut, did that mean she had to be his slut whenever he wanted to keep the magic intact? Once she started refusing him, wouldn't the dynamic change? Would she still get the same thrill if it did?

It was purely hypothetical at this point. Greg had shown no inclination to do anything that might jeopardize either one of them. Most likely, if he was interested, he would return to her room tonight. There, in the harbor of a rented room, he could tell her to do whatever he wanted and she would comply.

These thoughts ran through Julie's mind at odd times, occasionally foiling her concentration. But for the most part, she was able to focus on the meeting and do her job quite well. If she missed something once in a while, well, who didn't? Especially in an intense, get-a-lot-done-in-one-long-trip session like this.

All in all though, Julie was glad that Greg wasn't in the room. That might have been ugly.

When the meeting broke for lunch, Greg was one of the people who again took Julie and Tony out to eat. His presence at the restaurant wasn't as distracting as it would have been in the meeting. Still, Julie found herself daydreaming about him naked while they ate.

True to form, Greg didn't talk shop at lunch and everyone in his group seemed to be of a like mind. But the conversations seemed to revolve around sports and politics for the most part. Being the only woman in the bunch, Julie felt slightly left out of their guy talk. But on the other hand, it gave her time to watch Greg and think about the things he had done to her. And might do to her again tonight. Hopefully.

That afternoon, as they were all once again locked in the conference room and working through item after item, the door opened and one of the senior execs popped his head in.

"I've got tickets to tonight's game if either of you are interested," he said to Julie and Tony. Julie declined, but Tony enthusiastically accepted.

"I almost never get to a game anymore," he said. "I'd love to."

"I would too," Julie lied. "But I'm probably going to spend tonight getting everything finalized," she gestured to the stack of folders beside her on the table.

The exec shrugged. "Okay, I'm sure there'll be no problem getting someone else to go," he laughed. And one of the other men at the table quickly accepted.

"They have great seats," the man assured Tony.

When the meeting broke up for the day, Greg came over to Julie and Tony.

"I understand you're not going to the game with us tonight," he said to Julie. Us? Julie thought. Was Greg going to the game? If he was, that pretty much ruined her plans for the evening. Of course he would be part of the group going to the game, Julie realized too late. He was their primary contact. The one they were here to build a working relationship with. How could Julie not have thought of that!

Oh, well. Too late now! She had inadvertently sentenced herself to a night in her hotel room with her laptop. Fun, fun, fun!

"Too much work to get done," Julie replied to Greg. "Can't let my new account down before we even get started, can I?" Greg smiled, his eyes fixing on hers in a way that made her insides turn mushy. That arrogant prick! she thought. He knows he has me!

"Well, I admire your dedication," he replied easily, his eyes still on hers. "I guess we'll see you in the morning?"

"Briefly," Julie said, tearing her eyes away, hoping she hadn't seemed like she was swooning or anything foolish like that. "Our flight's at noon, so we'll pop in for an hour or so, then head out."

Julie turned to pack up her things while Tony, Greg and the other guy talked about getting to the game. Julie realized she was listening in as she heard Greg tell Tony that he would pick him up at the hotel.

Had she been listening for that? Deliberately? Or had she just accidentally heard it? She couldn't lie to herself. The idea that Greg would be at her hotel, however briefly, got her mind going. He still had the key to her room, after all.

And, she realized, that meant he would have to drop Tony off after the game too. Would he come to her room then? Julie had to force herself not to think about it while she was still here in her professional capacity.

As she gathered her things and made ready to go, Greg separated himself from the group of men.

"When you go back, don't change," he said in a voice low enough only Julie could hear. She looked at him blankly. Back home, she wondered? "When you get to the hotel," he clarified, seeing the confusion on her face. "Don't change your clothes." Without giving Julie a chance to reply, he walked away.

"See you in an hour or so," he said to Tony, clapping him on the back on his way by, as he headed down the hall away from the group.

Julie looked down at her clothes. Navy blue slacks, a white blouse and a blazer. Why would he tell her...? Then another thought pushed her musings out of the way: he was going to stop in and see her before picking up Tony. Why else would he care what she was wearing? The thought of seeing him in her hotel room again sent shivers through her. She had to hurry up and get out of here before she did do something foolish to give herself away.

A short time later, she was back in her hotel room. She piled her work on the table and started picking through it. But she wasn't thinking about work at all. She was thinking about Greg and him walking through that door. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to unwrap her presents.

Julie wondered again about Greg's instructions to keep her work clothes on. She thought she knew why. In these clothes, she was a business woman. She was a woman with a career, with responsibilities and one who earned the respect of those around her daily. This was Julie as she appeared in her most powerful form.

And that was exactly how Greg wanted to see her. So he could tell her to get on her knees. Watch her in all her pride kneel before him and suck his cock. Could there be a more obvious way for him to illustrate his influence over her?

He wanted to take her at her most self-assured and make her kneel in submission. Julie shook with anticipation. It was a totally evil thing for him to do, she thought. But incredibly erotic.

It wouldn't be Julie the naked, horny chick on her knees this time. It would be Julie, the account manager. The woman who had her own office and secretary. Who was a star on the rise in her own company. That was the woman he wanted to humble tonight.

It should have bothered her, his arrogance. That it was a foregone conclusion that he could waltz in the door and have her suck his cock was enough. That it had to be in her work clothes? It was a clear message, if ever there was one.

But Julie didn't care. She should have. Did it bother her that she didn't? Probably. She had never been a woman to be taken lightly or for granted and that was part of what Greg was doing. And she was a professional woman who was never one to accept sexist treatment.

And now? She looked at herself in the mirror. With her blazer open, Julie could see her erect nipples through her blouse. It wasn't the slightest bit cold in the room. Her nipples were straining against the fabric because of Greg. And the way he made her feel.

And how was that, exactly? Well, hot, sexy and desirable for sure, but that wasn't the real story. He made her feel like a slut, which she was still surprised she enjoyed so much. But that wasn't all of it either. He made her feel like she should want to please him. He made her feel submissive.

Yes, those were the sexual ingredients that made it impossible for Julie to sit patiently and wait for Greg. In another life, weeks ago, Julie would have called herself pathetic for the way she paced, nervous and excited. She would have scolded herself: she was not a woman to sit around waiting for a man. She would have been stunned to find that all of this excitement revolved around giving a man pleasure—not receiving any of her own.

None of that really mattered now though. What mattered was that he was going to be here very soon. And when he was, he would say those words that would make Julie's panties dripping wet. God, where was he? Julie could hardly contain herself any longer!

When Greg finally did show up though, Julie found herself more reserved, less enthusiastic. Outwardly, at least. There was still the tingling of sexual tension of Greg's presence, but she felt less like she wanted to run right to him now that he was actually in the room with her.

"I only have a few minutes before I have to meet Tony in the lobby," Greg said, looking Julie up and down in a way that made her feel naked. "That's why I said don't get undressed."

"That's not what you said," Julie countered. "You said don't change, not don't get undressed." There was a game being played here, she knew. She just wasn't sure what it was. Or why he'd be playing around anyway. If they only had a short time, why wasn't he getting right to it?

"Well, your ass does look great in those slacks," he said with a shrug.

"But that's not why, is it?" Julie replied. Her tone conveyed that it wasn't really a question. The smirk immediately surfaced on Greg's face. He shook his head.

"No, it's not."

"Then why?" she persisted. They both already knew the answer, but she was curious how he would explain it. If he would explain it at all, that was.

"Maybe I've been seeing you in that outfit all day," he said easily. Julie shook her head.

"Is that really why?" Again, it wasn't phrased to be a question.

"Maybe," he said, crossing the room to her, opening her blazer and taking note of the bumps of her erect nipples, "I wanted to have the new account manager service her account." He reached down and squeezed Julie's nipple hard. The words and the pinch affected her simultaneously.

The pinch sent an electric arc through her body, lighting up all of her in a flash. The words though were more complicated. As turned on as Julie had been waiting for Greg, she now felt something in her pushing back.

There was definitely something hot, erotic about him taking her in her work clothes. She wasn't denying that she had been quite turned on by the thought. But now that she was actually confronted with it, she felt protective of her professional persona.

The feeling came over her in an unexpected fashion. One moment she was getting wet thinking about Greg walking into the room, the next she was thinking that this would be crossing a dangerous line. Not professionally. Or even with Greg. It was a line inside of her.

Maybe it would be like saying she should be subservient in the workplace? Or whatever her professional accomplishments, she was still being measured by her tits and ass? Those things were part of it, perhaps, but not the real danger.

Julie couldn't put her finger on it, but something about the situation made her backpedal. The funny thing was, if Greg hadn't made a point of mentioning her clothes, Julie probably never would have made this connection. She probably would have still been wearing this outfit when Greg arrived and would have been perfectly content to do.... well... whatever.

It was because Greg had said it. Specifically. He was intentionally trying to make her cross whatever line it was. That's what made her resist.

She backed out of his reach.

"This has nothing to do with work," she asserted. Greg shrugged. He didn't seem to care one way or the other. Or he assumed that the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Did that rankle her? Maybe a little, but not as much as it should have.

"Not really," Greg agreed, stepping forward, closing the gap between them. Julie stepped backward again. "It's just that this," he indicated her attire, "is how everyone sees you, right?" She nodded as he took another step toward her. She backed away again. "This is the sexy business woman that everyone knows." He stepped forward again.

"So?" she asked, backing away still. This time her ass hit the edge of the table and he stepped up close.

"So... I want that sexy business woman to suck my cock."

"But why, uh...." Julie had no way to articulate her feelings. It did seem ridiculous, didn't it? That she would tell him no, simply because she was wearing the clothes he wanted to see her in? And he just said that he wanted her to suck his cock. Those words still had a strange power over her. Her knees wanted to bend when he said them.

"'Cause it's hot," Greg answered her unfinished question. "You're a very competent, capable woman. You're good at what you do. You deserve to be managing this account on your own merits. And," he added, pinching her other nipple, "you're going to look fucking awesome on your knees in this." His other hand touched the lapel of her blazer.

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