tagLoving WivesJulie Loosens Up

Julie Loosens Up


This is entirely a work of fiction

Julie and I had been married for almost 5 years. We had met in college, and had been at each other's side for the past 10 years. Julie works as a receptionist at the local elementary school, while I run an electronics part store. Due to Julie's job, she dresses quite conservatively and proper, her dress style carries over to her bedroom behavior. While she has a body to die for (5' 7", 140 lbx, 36-25-37), she is very shy, and doesn't like to show her figure. When we have sex, while Julie is great in bed, it is always missionary with the lights out. She has given me the occasional hand job, and has let me finger her from time to time, our sex life is pretty bland.

Three weeks prior to our 5th anniversary, Julie let me know that she would like to go on a weeklong trip, "Somewhere exotic might be fun" she had said. I happily agreed, and told her "Since you had an anniversary request, I would like to a request as well. Since we are going to be far from home, and no one there will know us, I want you to let your hair down and let loose for the week. I would like you to do as I ask, regardless what it is. In exchange for this, I will book us a trip to Tahiti for the week."

Julie thought about it for a minute, then her eyes lit up and she smiled broadly. "I guess Tahiti it is!"

The next day I started making our plans, I got our plane tickets booked, and reserved a beachfront cottage for the week.

One week prior to our trip, I went shopping for clothes for Julie to wear in Tahiti, since we have been together for so long, I knew all her sizes. I also knew her likes and dislikes in clothing style, however since she was to do as I say, her style choices didn't really matter, only my choices mattered! I bought her two swim suits, one very skimpy bikini, and a one piece suit, cut low in the back with a plunge to the waist in the front. I bought her several items of lingerie, some thongs and g-strings, a couple of short summer dresses, some short skirts and even shorter shorts. I also got her a couple of tops that would fit her like second skin. The one thing I omitted from her vacation wardrobe was bras, she would go the week with out one single bra. Her beautiful 36 inchers were to go free and loose for the week Needless to say, none of these clothing styles was what Julie felt comfortable with, but that was the whole purpose of wanting her to loosen up.

The day before our departure, I packed our bags and told her to get ready for a great week.

The day we left for Tahiti, Julie dressed to go in her usual style, a knee length skirt with a loose cotton blouse over it. I didn't mind, because I planned on throwing away everything she had on that day, starting tomorrow, hopefully, the fun would begin.

Once we arrived at the resort, we were pretty tired after the long flight. Granted, we slept a lot on the plane, but your internal clock still goes through the ringer on those flights. So, we got checked in and decided to take a nap, so we stripped down and crashed.

A couple hours later, I awoke first. Julie was still out of it, sound asleep lying on her back. While she was asleep, she must have really been tossing and turning. Her long hair was really tousled around, and her panties had crept down her hips a ways, showing the top of her dark hairy mound.

I decide it was time to start this vacation off right, so I opened the curtains to our bedroom and grabbed my camera. With the curtains to our room open, anyone walking along the beach would be able to look into our room and get a glimpse of my gorgeous, half naked wife. I used the camera to take a few quick photos of Julie, in her semi-nude state. I zoomed in for a shot of her angelic sleeping face, and then I panned out far enough for a shot showing her face and her great exposed tits. Then I panned out some more, in order to show her partially exposed bush in the shot as well.

Once that was done, I set the camera on the dresser, focused it on the bed so I had a good side long angle of Julie asleep, set it to video mode and pressed the record button.

I went to the foot of the bed, smiled at the camera, and carefully and slowly started to slide Julie's panties down. I didn't want to wake her yet, so I took my time to keep from disturbing her. It took about a minute to get the panties down, I worked them off of one leg and left them dangling off of her right ankle.

At this point Julie was still sleeping soundly, but just as I was preparing to act, she shifted her position in the bed. I jumped back anxiously waiting to see what was about to happen. Luckily for me, her movement would work out great for my plans. She was still asleep on her back, but had spread her legs a bit farther apart.

I decided that it was time to pick up the pace a bit. So again I smiled at the camera, and slowly worked my way up between her legs so that I was face to face with Julie's beautiful pussy. I started gently kissing her puffy pussy lips. When I started this, some soft moans started to escape from Julie's mouth. Next I started slowly licking the length of her pussy, this started her moaning a bit louder. After about a minute of licking, I felt her hand move down to my head, and she slowly started running her fingers through my hair.

It was now time to go for the payoff. Although I was Julie's first sexual experience, I had been around the block a few times with other girls in high school and college. So I had eaten my fair share of pussy. I had tried to eat Julie before, but she refused saying "It was dirty" and she wouldn't address it again. So after the kissing and licking of her pussy, I could see she was starting to get aroused. Her clit was starting to poke its head out, and I went for it. I started vigorously lapping at her clit with the tip of my tongue.

After a couple of licks, Julie was twitching each time my tongue flicked her nub. After about the sixth lick, I heard her gasp and could feel her head come up off of the bed. When she realized what was happening she tried to close her legs, but was unable to since my head was wedged in her snatch. She shouted: "What the HELL are you doing? Stop that right now, it's disgusting!"

I looked up at her, and told her: "What, I'm just having a quick snack", and dove back into her pussy.

Julie grabbed my hair, and pulled my face out of her pussy, and said: "I've told you before, don't do that, it's dirty. So stop it this instant!"

So, I stood up and looked down at her and said: "Now just wait one minute, do you remember the deal we made a few weeks ago about our trip?"

"What deal was that?" Julie asked.

"You wanted to go somewhere exotic for our anniversary, and I told you we could, as long as you did whatever I asked you to do. Do you remember now?"

Julie quietly answered: "Well yes, but.."

"No buts, you got your trip as your present, now I want my present. It's time for you to do as you're told."

"So, just sit back against the headboard, that way you can better see what's going on, and spread your legs as far apart as you comfortably can."

Julie slowly did as I told her, and then asked: "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to EAT YOUR PUSSY UNTIL YOU CUM! Now you say it, what am I going to do to you?"

"I don't want to say that, it's dirty and sick!" Julie claimed.

"You have to do as I say, remember, so SAY IT"

Quietly Julie whispered: "You're going to eat my pussy until I cum".


In a normal voice she said it again.

"LOUDER Julie!!"


"Much better. Now if when I'm done you still don't like it, we'll never do that again," I said as I dove back into her cunt.

Now I attacked her pussy vigorously, alternating between kissing and nibbling her lips, fucking her with my tongue, and nibbling on her cute little clit. After a few minutes Julie started moaning and quivering again. Next I took two fingers and started to finger fuck Julie while continuing to lick and nibble her clit. This started to really have an effect on her.

She started saying: "Oh my god, oh my god. That feels so good. Oh my god."

While continuing to finger her sopping pussy, I asked her: "Do you like that?"

Julie groaned as she replied "Oh god yes, I love it."

"What do you love?"

"I love you eating my pussy!"

Now I stopped eating her, and Julie looked at me asking: "Why are you stopping?"

"Because, if want me to keep eating you, you need to shout your answers to my questions! You have great lungs, use them. Shout out your feelings while we are having sex, I want the world to know that you're enjoying yourself!"

Julie smiled at me, and started shouting: "GOD, I LOVE YOU EATING MY PUSSY!! IT FEELS SO GOOD, EAT ME, EAT MY HOT PUSSY!!"

So I did, I dove back in and got to work. Eating, licking nibbling and fingering.

Julie was going crazy, she kept screaming " OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, EAT ME, EAT ME UNTIL I CUM!!"

This lasted about 5 more minutes, then Julie stared to shake and screamed: "GOD, GOD, YES, YES, YES GOD,....FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!", and she exploded, flooding my face with her juices.

When she had finished shaking, I crawled up next to her. She turned to me, smiled and gave me a big passionate kiss, shoving her tongue half way down my throat. She licked her lips, and said: "Is that me, is that what I taste like?"

"Yes, those are your sweet juices all over my face."

With that Julie said: "Mmmm" and sexily licked her juices off of me.

I kissed her again, and told her she should thank her fans for their support.

She looked at me with a confused look on her face, so I pointed to the window.

When Julie looked at our bedroom window, she realized that the curtains were open and a crowd had gathered. There were three topless women, and two men with obvious erections applauding the show that we had put on.

Julie shrieked with embarrassment, and ran into the bathroom. I got up, bowed to the crowd, closed the drapes' and turned off the camera.

I went to the bathroom and opened the door, Julie looked at me embarrassed and asked: "Are they gone?"

"Yes they're gone, now come out here and let's talk. I know that you're embarrassed, but there is no need to be. You are a beautiful woman, and I want the world to know it. Sex is natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. Now, are you OK?"

"Yes, I guess so. I just wasn't prepared for the shock of people standing there watching us do that. I was both startled, and excited at the same time." Julie admitted.

"Great, then I guess your ready for phase two. I have a few ground rules to go over for the rest of our stay. You are to do whatever I ask you to, as we previously agreed to, rest assured that I will never ask you to do anything that could get you hurt, and remember that I love you more that anything in the world. Remember about shouting your answers and feelings while you are having sex, that will happen every time. Now, about your vocabulary, I don't want to be here with a prim and proper school worker, so " I grabbed my cock and said: "This is my COCK", I grabbed her boobs and said: "These are your TITS", I grabbed her butt and said: "This is your ASS", I stuck a finger in her still wet snatch and said: "and this is you PUSSY or CUNT. Any questions?"

Julie looked at me and said: " Let me get this straight, this is your COCK, these are my TITS, This is my ASS, and this is my PUSSY or CUNT? I think I can handle that. What other rules do we have?"

"These rules are pretty much just the basics, we'll probably develop some more along the way. There's really just one more that I want to establish right now. For this trip, you will no longer make love, you will FUCK! No matter what happens, you will not ask me to make love to you, you will beg me to FUCK YOU, got it?"

"I got it, sounds interesting. So what's next?" she asked.

"Well your morning got of to an explosive start, so now it's my turn. I want you to peek out the window to see if any of our audience is still there."

Julie went to the window and peeked out, she turned to me and said: "The topless women are still out there talking."

As I lied back against the headboard, in roughly the same position Julie had been in earlier. I told her "Great, open the drapes, get their attention and give them a little wink. Then get over here and suck my cock."

"I've never done that before, what do I do?"

"Don't worry, I'll coach you the entire time. Now lets go." I said.

Julie went back to the window, opened the drapes and tapped on the glass. When the two girls saw her she smiled, gave them a little wink and came to the bed. She crawled between my legs on her hands and knees.

When Julie looked up at me, I started telling her what to do. She was a quick learner. She started out by licking from my balls to the tip of my cock. Then she started kissing along the same path. She then started sucking on the head, while she was doing this I told her to use her tongue at the same time. She didn't need to told how, she naturally started swirling her tongue around my cock as she sucked.

Next she slowly started working her way further down my 8 inch cock. I told her to keep going deeper, so she did. She would go deeper, gag a bit then rest. Then deeper again and again. She was about half way down when I told her: "I want you to deep throat me, take my cock all the way down until your chin is resting against my balls. Go as slow as you need to."

It wasn't long until my entire cock was in her mouth and throat. Once she had me all the way down I looked over at the window. It was still just out two topless friends watching us, but they were starting to get into it. I don't know how long they had been at it but they were kissing each other, and fingering their pussies.

"Julie, go ahead and come up for air for a second, and check out our guests."

She slid my cock out of her mouth, and looked at the girls outside our window. Julie said: "That is so hot, I've never seen two women act like that before."

"Stand up for a second, I want to give them the grand finale of their show." Once Julie got up, I stood up grabbed a chair and set it directly in front of the window. I moved Julie to the chair and had her sit down. I told her: "Now I'm going to FUCK that pretty face of yours. I'm going to take my cock, and shove it all the way into you mouth and pump till I'm ready to cum. I know you've never had cum in your mouth, so we wont do that, yet. When I'm about to cum, I'll pull out and spray all over your face and tits. You ready?'

Julie looked up at me, and shouted: "YES, PLEASE PRETEND IT'S MY PUSSY, AND FUCK MY FACE!!!" Julie was learning, and getting into her new slut role.

I pulled her hair back from her face on the side that was facing the window, and slowly started feeding Julie my cock. Once my balls were on her chin, I pulled back and started pumping in and out of her mouth. Julie surprised me by reaching up, and grabbing my ass checks, pulling me into her mouth.

I fucked my gorgeous wife's face for about three more minutes before I new I was about to blow my load. While still holding her hair back with my left hand, I pulled out of her mouth and started stroking my cock with my right. I told Julie: "It's about time, open your eyes and watch this!"

Julie stared, mesmerized by the sight of my cock in front of her face, and I started cumming. I shot three long solid spurts onto her nose and closed mouth, then I aimed at her tits and shot 4 or five more shots onto those beautiful globes. When I had finished, I smiled at the girls outside the window, rubbed the excess cum off of my cock, onto Julie's cheek, and closed the curtains again.

Julie started to get up, but I stopped her and said: "Just a minute" and I grabbed the camera. I set it to photo mode and took a couple shots of her cum covered face and tits.

Once she had cleaned the cum from her face, she asked: "What's the deal with the camera?"

I told her: "Just wait, I'll explain all tat to you later."

She wasn't too sure about my answer, but said: "What ever, I'm all sticky. I think I need a shower."

While Julie was showering, I scooped up the bra, panties, blouse and skirt that she had worn on the flight her, went out side and found a trash dumpster to throw them out in.

When I got back into the room, Julie was just finishing up her shower and getting ready to get dressed. When she came back into the bedroom, she wanted to know what the plan was for this afternoon, so I told her I thought we should go for a walk on the beach.

She opened her suitcase, and checked out the clothes that I had brought for her to wear. She thought the dresses and skirts we pretty, a bit shorter than she was used to, but we were on vacation after all.

Julie briefly checked out the swimsuits I had packed, and said: "I'm not quite ready for a bikini, so I guess the one piece will have to do." After putting it on, she looked at me and asked: "Are you sure about this? You want to see me in public like this?"

"Oh, HELL YEAH! After all, we just FUCKED in front of strangers, this is nothing. Let me get the camera, I need a couple shots of this for posterity." I had to get a couple shots of Julie like this, since half of her big tits were exposed, as well as about an inch of ass crack and a good patch of her hairy bush. She looked great. I took a few shots, and off we went on our walk.

This resort was fantastic; it was all-inclusive, meals and drinks. We walked down the beach for about a mile. Stopping at each beach bar and having a drink. Julie doesn't drink much, but on vacation she figured why not.

As we got farther and farther down the beach, we saw fewer and fewer people. What people we saw were wearing less and less clothes. We noticed that none of the women had tops on, and more than half were nude. All of the men were naked, and Julie kept staring, she had never seen a cock other than mine before. I'm not huge, but I'm not tiny either. Some of the guys out here were MONSTERS.

I found us a couple of loungers and decided we had better relax after all the walking and drinking we had been doing. Julie faced her lounger so she could watch some men playing beach volleyball, still fascinated by all the different cocks around. I excused my self and went back to the nearest bar to get us a couple more drinks.

When I got back to Julie, she had pulled the straps of her swimsuit down, and was tanning on her stomach, licking her lips and staring at one particular man playing volleyball. He had dark skin (either Spanish or incredibly tanned), and the biggest cock I had ever seen. Even limp, it had to be 10 inches.

"Well Julie, do like something you see out there?" I asked. She just blushed.

After finishing this last drink, I asked Julie: "Compared to everyone else here, don't you think you're a little over-dressed?"

She looked around and realized she was the only one not nude, so she turned her lounger away from the others, peeled her suit off and again lay on her stomach. "Is this better?" she asked.

The drinks finally hit her, and she nodded of to sleep.

When she awoke, I knelt next to her head and told her: "No matter what, keep your eyes closed", then I kissed her.

Julie felt herself being rolled over onto her back, then her legs were being spread apart. She started to open her eyes, but heard me say: " Uh-Uh, keep them closed remember, no matter what."

So she kept them closed. Next she felt her legs being raised into the air, and shoulders pressing up under them. Julie loudly gasped as she felt the cock drive into her hot pussy. She had never experienced this before, and it was driving her mad. She started yelling: " GOD YES JIM, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD. MAKE ME YOUR SLUT, I WANT TO BE YOUR SLUT, FUCK ME!!!"

I kissed her again and told her to open her eyes.

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