tagLoving WivesJulie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 04

Julie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 04


It was mid afternoon when the conference came to a close, and Julie walked out with Courtney. Throughout the past three hours, Julie had not heard anything that was said by the presenters. Rather, she had been consumed by conflicting emotions of raging guilt about her infidelity fighting with the torrid memories swirling in her mind about her encounters with her new black lover. When she considered what she had done in terms of being unfaithful to her husband over the past twenty hours, she could not believe that she had actually gone ahead and had sex with another guy, something she had never done since she had been married.

But, whenever she thought about Alex and his remarkably handsome face complemented by his incredible body with his enormously thick, very long, and incredibly rigid, black cock, she was overwhelmed with lust and desire. She realized intellectually that, at least at the present moment, there was no way she could resist him or say no to his advances. But, she knew she had to. This frightened her, and she was terrified that Mike would somehow find out. Why had she allowed herself to get into this situation?

"Julie, are you okay?" Courtney asked. "You seem like you are preoccupied or something. Are you feeling okay?"

Shaken from her thoughts, Julie turned to Courtney and said: "Actually, I'm okay, just planning in my mind what I might do for the rest of the afternoon. But, I have to get back to see what Mike is up to. He may be golfing or just hanging out. If he is not golfing, we may take a swim. But, there won't be any rum drinks for him tonight." As she said this she noted that Alex was talking with a couple of the other men and a couple of partners. But, he was looking her way and their eyes met, and he melted her with a nod and a smile. She had not seen him come into the conference, but at the break she saw him talking with some of the guys in the back of the room. Seeing him now, and taking in his smile, she felt waves of lust wash over her body, and her abdomen in particular.

"Can I join you guys if you decide to swim? I haven't been in the water yet, and I think my head has returned to its normal state after last night's activities." Courtney asked.. "Besides, I would love to see Mike in a bathing suit. He is absolutely the cutest of the cute. You better keep a short leash on him. Most of the women in our office would give anything to spend some quality time with him if they could." Courtney continued, smiling.

Julie was surprised by Courtney's candor. "What do you mean by that? Has anyone said anything about Mike?" Julie asked suspiciously and a little jealously.

"You know, Julie, the usual stuff. They talk about him the same way they talk about getting Alex in bed. That's the price you have to pay for marrying a hottie. But, I promise, I will just look today if you decide to swim."

Julie smiled at Courtney, and relaxed. "I'll tell him to wear his skimpiest suit, just for you. Just remember to keep your word."

Julie and Courtney headed to their villas, where Julie read a note that Mike had left saying that he was playing golf all afternoon, and that he thought he would be back sometime around supper. He said in his note that they could grab something to eat at the lounge later.

Julie's first thought was that she would have some time to spend with Alex again, but she wasn't sure if he was planning to play golf with the guys for the afternoon. But then, Julie stopped herself from thinking any more about Alex. She knew that she could not be sneaking around for the rest of the week, trying to find time with him. What's more, she knew that such behavior would eventually end her up in divorce court, and that was something she dreaded. The embarrassment of being divorced by Mike because she had taken a black man, of all things, as a lover would be too much for her family and for her to bear. And, what would her friends think?

She had to get control of herself and stop this romance before it went any further. With that thought in mind, she called Courtney to make plans for the afternoon. They could spend some time at the beach, then at the lounge, and by the time that was done, Mike would be back from golf, and Julie would be safe for the night, she thought. Simultaneous with making these plans in her mind, Julie felt a mixture of intense shame at what she had done as well as tremendous excitement as she recalled her sexual escapades of the past twenty-four hours. Even though she was intensely drawn to Alex, she somehow had to avoid him or it would mean ruination for her marriage and for her life as she knew it. Sex with Alex was better than any she had ever had. But life with a black man was not something that she could ever see for herself.

Courtney agreed to meet Julie beachside for a few hours of sun and relaxation. And, twenty minutes later the two young women took up their positions by the water on comfortable white chaises supplied by the resort. Alex watched both of them from the window in his villa. And, Mike, who was tending his computer in a room he had rented earlier in the day at the resort, was experiencing a mixture of anxiety and disappointment that the trap he had set for Alex and Julie had as yet yielded nothing, but Alex changing from his conference clothes to a skimpy bathing suit which nicely showcased his ripped body. In his heart of hearts, Mike was hoping that Alex would lead some Julie look alike into his villa, blowing up Mike's theory about an unfaithful wife.

For his part, Alex was surprised, as well as a little bit irritated, that Julie had not found some reason to seek him out and find out what his plans were for the afternoon. Clearly from what he was watching out on the beach, Mike was golfing, and Julie was free. Alex was not sure about what was going on in Julie's mind, but he noticed that she had avoided him all afternoon. After the sex they had had the night before and that very morning, Alex thought for sure that the two of them would keep connecting whenever they could. But now it seemed as though Julie was acting like a princess who thought she was too good for him. She hadn't given him more than a passing glance. "What's up with that?", he thought. "How can we fuck our brains out last night and again this morning, and now she doesn't even look at me? What the fuck?", he thought again. Now he was angry, and he decided to give Julie a dose of her own medicine. So, he left his villa and headed right by Courtney and Julie, dropping his beach towel on a chaise next to Courtney. "Can you watch that for me Court? Thanks." He asked and said quickly as he walked straight for the water, ignoring Julie completely.

"Oh my god, Julie. Can you believe that body? He is so incredibly hot, I cannot believe it. What's more, I'm sure he knows it, but he doesn't really flaunt it. Except maybe today, I think that little speedo is meant to catch a few looks from the girls, don't you?"

Watching Alex's chocolate brown frame with his broad shoulders tapering down to a thin and tightly muscled waist, with his incredible ass barely covered by his speedo had set Julie's juices flowing again. His thighs and calves were also perfectly muscled and slender. And even though she was watching his back as he moved toward the ocean, twenty yards in front of them, Julie's mind played for her what his front side, with which she had become so familiar, was like. She knew exactly what the thick bulge behind the thin fabric of his speedo was like. In fact, she knew that the beautifully shaped mushroom of his cock was outlined through the fabric. As she watched him, she wanted to feel his deep brown love shaft pulsing inside of her yet again.

Julie tried to respond to Courtney casually, but was not sure how it sounded when she did get the words out. "Yeah, he thinks he's hot, and he knows how to show himself off. I wonder why he has never had a steady that we know about. Must be something about his attitude." When she said this, Julie realized that it sounded somewhat cutting. But she wanted to make Courtney think that she had no interest whatever in Alex. All the while, Julie was thinking about how good it had felt earlier with him in the sand dunes as he kissed her passionately and slowly slid his thick shaft in and out of her. Now she watched as his athletic form glided through the Caribbean waters.

"Julie, what are you talking about? His attitude is fine. He was really nice last night when he helped you with Mike. You know that if you were single you'd have an interest. I do, but I don't think he really likes me that way. But he's always been really nice to me. However, I have seen him give you the once over more than a couple of times when you have not been watching. Look at him Julie, he's got an incredible body, a great personality.

"He was nice last night, very nice. And, you're right about his personality. But I just think he has a little attitude goin, that's all. Besides, he's black."

"Black? So what!, Courtney almost shouted. He is so fucking hot looking, he has the cutest face and the hottest body. And, from what is obviously showing through the crotch of that swimsuit, he's clearly mega-gifted. Who cares about whether he's black or not? People don't pay attention to that today, especially if you're talking about someone like Alex who has a great job, makes a ton of money, and is extremely intelligent. In fact, Julie, I think more and more, we're going to see black studs like Alex stealing white beauties like you and me from white guys who always got us in the past. I just wish Alex would try to steal me." Courtney finished with a smile as she licked her lips.

As Alex finished his swim, he emerged dripping from the ocean. He shook his head to get the salt water out of his mini dreads, and he walked back toward Courtney and Julie. He spied Julie's suit and noticed again how absolutely gorgeous she was. Her full and firm breasts were beautifully showcased by the tiny top, and her wonderfully long and slender legs were nicely displayed on the chaise. Alex felt his cock stir as he shot a glance at her crotch and remembered how nice and wet and tight it had felt with his hard cock lodged inside it. He longed to fuck her right then. He wished they could take another walk to the nude beach and revisit the torrid sex of only a few hours earlier. He was increasingly pissed that she was now apparently ignoring him.

But, Alex was not so sure her eyes were really ignoring him. He noticed that Julie seemed to have looked him over a couple of times as he walked the distance from the water toward the women. Alex knew that his thick cock was somewhat swelled under the tight fitting speedo, and so he knew the women would look, but would say nothing. He felt himself swell even more as he looked Julie over yet again.

Julie tried not to look. She tried to appear like she was reading. But, she couldn't resist watching as her medium brown lover made his way toward them with the ocean water shimmering in the sunlight and highlighting the muscled ripples of his abdomen, the thick and sharply defined pectoral muscles, and the jet black circles that were his nipples. But what was most captivating was the extremely prominent bulge that was pushing hard against the skimpy suit he had chosen to wear to flaunt himself. Julie felt her vagina flood with love juices, as she took in the vision in front of her.

For his part, Alex decided to remain cool toward Julie, but to tempt, and taunt, and entice her by letting her watch him stand in front of the two of them as he slowly toweled himself dry and then did a couple of body stretches which displayed his entire physique while his cock continued to push against the speedo, seeking its freedom. He knew he was semi hard, and he was glad both women could clearly see it.

"That was perfect. You guys should really go in, the water is totally refreshing. Anyway, I think I will head to the lounge, get a few points with the partners, see what kind of action is out there for a single guy, and then maybe get trashed. I'd stay here and sun myself, but not a good idea for a black guy. Besides, Courtney, that suit is just way too extreme for me to stay here. I'm afraid I might lose all my self control." He concluded with a smile. He had not said a single word directly to Julie, and she definitely noticed. But he knew she also was watching his body display and when he had said he was going to see what was out there for a single guy, he saw a look of panic wash across her face. He smiled to himself, knowing that she definitely wanted him. He could tell by her look as their eyes locked a couple of times.

"Alex, be serious. Stay here and get trashed. If the sun is your worry, I will be happy to rub sunblock all over that beautiful black body of yours. In fact, I might even take that swim with you that I missed last night. This could be a much more fun place for you than the lounge with stuffy old partners hanging around." Courtney offered, smiling coyly at the tall muscle god in front of them. Julie felt the need to say something, almost embarrassed by how forward Courtney was in front of her.

"Courtney, you're awful. Let Alex go. He needs to get points with the partners. After all, he has stiff competition from the women in the company." She said, trying to be funny, but Alex noticed that she did not say anything about him checking out what was out there. Alex smiled, but said nothing.

"Courtney, I'm flattered, but I never get involved in the office. It's too risky. But tell me when you're going to quit and I'll be all over getting trashed with you." He teased back. "Hope Mike is doing better, Julie." He said, looking her straight in the eyes as he began to turn. "See you guys later." And he left.

Julie's stomach was churning. She watched as her black Adonis walked back to his villa, and she hated the thought of someone else sleeping with him. She knew the thought made no sense, but she also knew he said what he did just to get to her because she had been cool toward him. His words had worked their magic. She was torn between wanting to pick up and go to the beach side lounge, or to stay where she was and keep her marriage safe.

Having changed into cargo shorts and a snug-fitting polo shirt, Alex had joined some of the company's managers at the bar. He nursed a beer and mingled comfortably, enjoying the beautiful setting of the open air, beachside lounge. He wasn't sure when she took her seat at the table near the edge of the deck, but Alex noted an absolutely beautiful young woman sitting by herself, reading a book and sipping on one of the bar's signature rum concoctions. Alex caught her eye as she glanced his way a couple of times and smiled. He excused himself from his group and made his way toward the beauty who would possibly be just the remedy for Julie's cold shoulder treatment toward him.

Kate smiled warmly as Alex asked if he could buy her another drink. And, as he took in the beauty before him, he couldn't believe his luck. Kate and her girlfriends had just arrived on a morning flight and would be on the island for the next four nights. Her friends were golfing, something Kate chose not to do. As Alex provided Kate with a brief summary of why he was there and what he did, he noted that Kate was even more beautiful up close than she appeared from a distance. She had thick black shoulder length hair that framed a remarkably beautiful creamy white face. She was wearing a very thin cotton cover up that allowed Alex to see the tiny floral bikini beneath it. Clearly, Kate's breasts were wonderfully round and full. Further, from what he could tell, she also had beautifully shaped slender legs. She would be the perfect tease to parade before an indecisive Julie. What delighted Alex was how quickly Kate had appeared, how perfect she was for the part he had in mind, and how easy it had been to chat her up.

For his part, Mike lingered in his newly rented hotel room and waited to catch his wife and her black lover on the hidden cameras in Alex's villa. He was resigned to the fact that somewhere along the line Julie had taken up with Alex, and before he washed his hands of his unfaithful wife, he was going to expose her and her lover to all of their co-workers via a special website that he had set up early that afternoon. Mike figured that graphic pictures of the two together would sufficiently embarrass both of them. He knew that the pictures of Julie getting fucked by her black lover would be enough to send her over the edge for some time to come. And, he figured Alex would not be too happy for his bosses to see him screwing an apparently happily married co-worker while her husband was out playing golf.

Alex soon realized that Kate and her friends were on the island for a good time, and today might be his one and only chance with her, and that suited him just fine. After she had consumed her second drink, Alex suggested that they take a walk in the direction of the nude beach, just to take in the sights. Kate was only too happy to agree. Although she had never had sex with a black guy before, Kate thought that Alex would be a perfect beginning. As she talked with him, she felt herself becoming incredibly aroused by the strikingly handsome, remarkably well built black stud sitting next to her.

Getting up, Alex led Kate in the direction of their walk, and right past where Courtney and Julie were sitting. As they walked toward the two sunbathing women, Alex removed his shirt, revealing his ripped upper body for Kate to see. He told her that it probably wasn't a good idea to head to the nude beach almost fully clothed. Taking the cue, Kate removed her cotton cover-up, opening to view her stunning body that had been covered while they were at the bar. As a rule, Alex did not like random hook ups. But, looking at Kate as they walked along, he knew he was going to love fucking her, even if it was only the one day.

"Hey guys!" Alex said to Courtney and Julie as he and Kate walked past them. Julie stared at Alex's beautiful shirtless body as he and Kate walked past. She was in utter disbelief that this black stallion was now heading down the same beach that she had walked with him only hours earlier. And, he was making his way toward the nude beach with an incredibly beautiful young woman. Julie knew why Alex was doing this, and she felt anger and jealousy at war within her mind. As she watched the beautiful couple move down the beach, her body recalled for her the memory of sex with Alex, his hard body, his aggressive love making, his thick and pulsing black shaft as it plunged deeper in her than any had ever before.

"Oh my God! That lucky girl! I would give anything to be walking toward the nude beach with that stud. Every time I see his body I feel myself getting wet" Courtney offered. "It didn't take him long to find the prettiest girl in the bar and talk her into a love walk. We should follow at a safe distance. Maybe he will shed his shorts, and we'll get to see his love wand. From the looks what was pressing against his speedo earlier, I bet he's at least nine inches of thick black pleasure." Courtney continued.

Julie was furious as she watched her one time lover apparently joking with his new girl. Alex must have said something funny, because Julie saw Kate slap him as she apparently laughed. Then she watched as Kate placed a hand over Alex's ass and pinch him through his shorts. Alex jumped exaggeratedly, and then pinched Kate back. Julie thought her head was going to explode. She was furious, but she couldn't let Courtney see that.

As calmly as she could, Julie responded to Courtney's comments. "Courtney, I don't know who's the lucky one. I mean, think of it. He just picked up someone at the bar in about twenty minutes. Is that really lucky? Actually, I think it's kind of sad, don't you think? I didn't think Alex was like that, but I guess you never know. And yeah, he's got a nice body and all. But, if he's not careful, it will be a nice diseased body." Julie could barely contain the anger she felt welling up within her head.

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