tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 13

Julie's Mistake Ch. 13


Julie's perceived triumph over Horace gave the young, blonde lawyer a feeling of exhilaration and helped her to believe that there might yet be a light at the end of the tunnel.

She knew that she would have to return to her law firm very soon or suffer the consequences of her absence. Julie resolved to go back to the firm and not let the past few weeks continue to intimidate her. The beautiful blonde knew this would be difficult but she tried to summon all of her courage to do so. Her entire future depended on it. She picked up the telephone and called work, letting them know she would return the next day.


Pamela Jackson was in a totally different mindset. The abject humiliation that she felt because of her submission to Hall had not subsided. For over a decade and a half, the only cock which had found a home in her tight pussy was that of her husband, Gene Jackson. Now the beautiful, voluptuous brunette had not only taken Hall's stiff male flesh into her vagina, but she had collapsed to the floor in front of him and had washed away her love juices from his flaccid cock with her mouth.

Somehow, Pamela could not shake the feeling that she had when she felt his deflating cock in her mouth. It was a feeling of total subjugation to Hall. It was a feeling that only this powerful man had the ability to keep her from sinking into abject poverty and humiliation. No matter how much time passed, the beautiful mature woman still remembered her nose buried in Hall's pubic hair, his spent penis entirely within her mouth, and the strong odor and taste of her own pussy that she experienced when she cleaned his cock with her soft, wet tongue. The memory of Hall staring down triumphantly into her big, brown eyes as she pitifully looked up at him and mouthed his penis clean served only to remind her of his powerful hold over her.

The recollection of the pathetic way she begged him to help her also caused the proud woman a great deal of shame. Her feeble voice begging him with "Will you help me, please," resounded in her brain over and over again. Pamela remembered only too well how she pled with him just as he was about to stick his hard cock into her tight cunt. Why did she spread her lush thighs for this man? She should have fought him with all of her strength. What would her teenaged daughter, just about to leave for college, have said if she knew her mom was opening her legs to another man and letting that man shoot his cum into her pussy? Pamela thought of how shameful she would have appeared to her daughter, laying on her back on Hall's desk being deflowered by this big man. How could she have submitted herself, she wondered?

Hall had been very clear to Pamela. She was to call him within 48 hours and be ready to travel for a couple of nights. If she did not, then he would not consider helping her in any way.

Pamela was loath to call him. However, on the second day, she began to nervously wonder what would happen to her and her family if she chose not to call. Certainly, her husband, Gene Jackson, would be fired from his law firm for cause. Then he would get no severance pay or partnership equity. They would lose the house and the lifestyle and her daughter would not be able to go to the private university that she had been accepted into. Divorce would inevitably follow, although Pamela was well on her way to seeking that even if she could save the family. But a divorce with Gene while he was unemployed would be disastrous for Pamela's future. She had never been in the workforce and certainly didn't have the skills necessary to get a good paying job.

As she sat at her kitchen table and contemplated her horrible position, Pamela looked out the French doors into the back yard. Her beautiful eighteen year old daughter was gleefully playing in the pool with several friends, all of whom had just graduated from high school. Pamela's heart swelled with pride as she looked at Laura, who reminded her so much of herself at that age: tall, tanned, long-legged, and slender, yet having full breasts that nearly burst from the bikini that she wore. She looked at her daughter's beautiful face and innocent smile. How could she break her daughter's heart by doing something that she knew would result in Laura not being able to go to college like she wanted? Pamela shook her head in disbelief at what was happening to her.

The beautiful brunette got furious every time she thought of her husband's lewd behavior. How and why had he put them in this position, she wondered? She recognized the fact that she no longer found him to be an alluring man, but she still was faithful to him. She worked hard to keep up the domestic side of his life so that he could concentrate on providing the financial security that they relied on. She also worked doubly hard to stay in good physical shape (in contrast to him, she thought), and when he was in a horny mood, she played the good wife and wrapped her long legs around his fat ass and let him fuck her hard until he came.

Now, he had gone too far, she realized.

The minutes and hours ticked by on the second day. Pamela was unable to think of anything else and yet she was still unable to decide what she should do. In the back of her mind, she knew that she could not afford to let everything in her life slip from her grasp. So, as the day wore on and the final hour approached, she finally picked up the phone and dialed his number.

The statuesque brunette caught her breath when Hall answered the phone.


Pamela had just left the her Manhattan hotel to go to Hall's office. Her conversation with Hall the previous day had been entirely inadequate for her. He had been polite, but very curt and to the point. He very frankly told her that if she ever had hope of maintaining the lifestyle that she was accustomed to, that she should not question him in any way. The one sided conversation had eventually cornered Pamela into agreeing that she wanted to save herself and her children from financial ruin and understood her need to "help" Hall succeed in his objectives in Manhattan. The only concession that she had gained from Hall was that he would not let her be destroyed if she helped him.

Making excuses to leave town had been very, very awkward for Pamela, but she had done it. Now she was in New York City.

Pamela's mind was in a blur as the chauffer drove her to Hall's office tower. After she had checked into the hotel, she had received a call from Hall's assistant asking her for her clothing sizes. As confused as she was about the whole day, Pamela had quietly given her the sizes that she asked for. Hall then called her. He told her that arrangements had been made for her to spend several hours at the hotel spa before she came to his office. He made clear to her that she was to accept whatever treatment was offered to her by the staff.

Had the voluptuous brunette not been so nervous, she would have truly loved the pampering that she received at the spa. There was the manicure, pedicure and facial that she got. She received a very relaxing massage. She also had an appointment to have her hair and make-up done. Nearing the end of the treatment, however, the young woman with the hotel spa indicated to her that she was now ready for her waxing. Pamela was a bit surprised, but tried to pass it off without comment. However, after her long, tanned legs were waxed, the young woman shifted the cool cotton sheet covering Pamela's naked body and began trimming Pamela's full pubic bush. The mature woman's eyes flew open and she lifted her head to look at the innocent face of the young woman preparing her pussy for waxing.

"Wha . . . what are you doing," she asked, trying not to sound hysterical. She looked at her long, sexy legs, now naked to just above the juncture of her thighs.

The pretty woman continued clipping Pamela's pussy hair.

"Oh, have you never had your privates waxed before?" she asked Pamela. "You'll love it. Your husband specifically asked that you be completely waxed of all body hair," she chirped cheerfully.

"He's not my husb…" Pamela said before she caught herself. Jackson's wife saw the young woman's eyes glance at the prominent wedding band on Pamela's left hand and then force her eyes back to Pamela's face.

"Oh, my," was the only reply from the young woman. "I, uh, you'll find it quite appealing, anyway," she managed.

Pamela felt all of the blood in her body rush to her beautiful face. She lay back down completely humiliated and did nothing to hinder the young woman's work when she felt her long, naked legs being spread and manipulated for the waxing of her pussy.


When she returned to her room, she found her own clothing gone and her wardrobe replaced. There was a note on her bed telling her to wear what was on the bed.

Pamela held the suit jacket and skirt up and looked at them intently. The expensive suit was made of the finest silk, but Pamela was concerned at how short the skirt was. She held the skirt to her waist and saw that it didn't even come close to being mid-thigh. Instead, it would leave her legs exposed to nearly the top of her thighs. She wondered how she would even sit in a skirt like this. As she went through the rest of the clothes on the bed, Pamela realized that there were no panties with the outfit! A garter belt and thigh-highs had been left, as well as very, very high heeled shoes, still in their box. The bra was lacy and cut low, allowing an acre of cleavage to show from the equally low cut blouse. The suit coat was designed to be worn open. As she finally got the outfit on, Pamela looked in the mirror. What she saw was a stunning mature woman just in her sexual prime. Her big titties were pushed up proudly and she was all legs beneath the skirt. When she moved, a hint of the top of her thigh-highs was revealed, letting a person peek at the creamy whites of her super sexy upper thighs. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she tried to determine what she could and couldn't do in the outfit. She bent at the waist and the skirt rose to the flair of her rounded ass cheeks. When she bent further, her naked pussy slit peeked out from below the hem.

She certainly had no idea what the specific intentions were of Hall, but there was no doubt he was going to use her physical beauty to his advantage at the meeting.

In her entire life, Pamela had never worn a skirt with no panties, so the cool air on her now hairless cunt made her feel almost as if she had no clothes on below the waist. As the conservative wife of a lawyer for a large, successful law firm, she had always had to maintain an image that was completely contrary to the clothing she now had on. As she walked through the hotel lobby and to the waiting Town Car, Pamela was distinctly aware of the looks that she received from everyone she walked past. And, when the back door was opened for and she sat in the car, she noticed how several passersby slowed to get a good look at the hot womanly flesh which was exposed to them.


Hall worked the deal as quickly as he could. He had known the man he was talking to for many years. Over the years he knew that the man, who was in his late sixties, had become more accustomed to Western practices, although he still wore the traditional Arab head dress with his western suit and tie.

Hall believed he was very close to signing a deal with the Arab.

"Omar," Hall said, "I know that you have to leave for London in a couple of hours. Surely we can finalize our deal before you go? All of the paperwork has been reviewed and it simply awaits your signature."

"I am still looking at other firms," was the reply from the Arab. "Perhaps waiting a few days would benefit us both."

Hall did not want to wait. He and Omar had been talking about this for weeks and he believed that both were ready for the deal. He looked at the other Middle Eastern men in the room and smiled. "I need some help here with your boss. He's becoming obstinate in his old age."

All the men laughed.

Hall pushed a button. "Pamela, would you bring in some drinks for my guests?"

Within seconds, Pamela Jackson entered the room with a tray of liquor bottles and glasses for the men. She tried to not look at the men, but she immediately heard the murmur and rustling as the men looked the scantily clad woman in the short skirt up and down.

Of course, she served Omar and Hall first.

"Hall, where do you find such beautiful help?" Omar asked. Pamela made sure to smile at the man when he said this. Her lovely brown eyes sparkled and her lips parted to show the perfect teeth when she smiled.

Pamela saw the Arab man stare intently at her cleavage as she bent to give him his drink. Her large melons were wonderfully encased in the silk bra and blouse that Hall had ordered her to wear. Omar stared openly at the tall brunette serving him. Her eyes met his for another brief moment before she blushingly looked away.

Then his eyes went to her long legs. She had long heard of the attraction that Arab men had for beautiful American women. The suit skirt that she wore was simply way too short. It barely covered her naked bottom and was so tight that it clung to her shapely hips and buttocks. She hoped that neither man noticed the slight shaking of her hands as she handled the bottles and glasses.

"Pamela is new here," Hall replied. "She is very intent on being a good hostess, though."

Pamela felt her face redden. She moved cautiously to the other men in the room, serving them drinks and enduring their stares.

"I only wish we could seal this deal right now," Hall said. "There really is no good reason to delay, and being able to celebrate it, even briefly, would be something I think you might enjoy before your trip to London."

Omar raised his eyebrow. He looked at the long legged brunette serving his employees. She looked spectacular. What would those soft thighs feel like around his hips, he wondered? Why not take this mature American woman? He felt his cock stir in his pants. He had done enough business with Hall to know what he suggested. Should he take up the offer of this beautiful woman?

Pamela finished serving the men. She looked at Hall and began to leave the room.

As Omar watched the shapely buttocks of the American woman walk to the door, he made his decision.

"Hall, we're old friends. Let's not delay any longer. I sign, right now!"

Hall clapped his hands. "Great, let's do it."

Pamela was relieved. She thought to herself that at least her part was done. She hoped that her sexy presence had helped Hall seal the deal. Maybe now he'd help her!

"Pamela," Hall said, "get the pen from the desk and bring the papers over to the table."

Hall and Omar rose from their chairs and approached a large table in the middle of the room. Pamela did as directed and brought the papers and pens.

Within seconds, the documents were signed.

Pamela nervously stood by as the men put their signatures to paper. She nervously clasped her manicured hands in front of her short skirt. She wished she had panties on. She wished she was dressed conservatively. Her mind swirled with nervous thoughts. Somehow, serving these foreigners made her feel very much like a sex object. Please, please, please, she thought, please Mr. Hall, tell me it's time for me to go.

In the back of her mind she knew that wouldn't happen. She heard Hall's voice.

"Omar, you have made me very happy. Is there any gift that I can give you to show you my appreciation?"

Omar looked Pamela in the eyes. The beautiful brunette mother lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes resting softly on her perfect skin.

"Yes, perhaps your hostess would be so kind as to make herself available to me, briefly, before I must go to London."

Hall answered for Pamela. "Of course she would. Pamela is new here. She is what we in America call a housewife, and has never served as a hostess before, but has assured me she wishes to assist my business in any way necessary. She is indebted to me for some assistance she has requested. I'm certain she would be pleased to service you."

Pamela's mind raced. As she stood there, she felt her long, shapely legs begin to shake very subtly. Her large melons rose and fell with her increased breathing. "Please, Mr. Hall," was all she said when her voice dropped off.

"Take off your suit jacket, my dear," Hall said. "Omar, I assure you that her reluctance is entirely due to her inexperience, not her willingness to please."

"Hall," Omar replied, "there is never any reason to apologize for innocence and inexperience in a beautiful woman."

Pamela felt her hands rise reluctantly to her suit lapels and gently open the coat and slide it down her arms. She folded it and placed it on the desk. Now she felt naked from the waist up, the blouse and bra were so thin. Without the coat, her breasts showed clearly now.

What should she do, she wondered? Should she run? Should she fight? Instead, she stood frozen before the man whose hands her fate was in.

"Now remove the blouse and bra, Pamela." Hall turned to Omar. "Again, if she appears frightened, it's because she has not done this before. I assure you, however, that her body is made for a man's pleasure."

Pamela's eyes watered and she felt herself blinking back tears, but her hands went slowly to the blouse and began unbuttoning it. She tried to tell herself that she was doing this for her family. If she had to spread her magnificent long legs, it was for her family and only her family. Soon the front of the blouse was open, revealing her large, firm tits and flat stomach.

Hall spoke again, very gently. "Pamela, Omar doesn't have much time. It's time for him to celebrate."

Pamela's fingers began to work more quickly. The blouse fell to the floor. Pamela was very hesitant to end up completely nude in this room full of foreigners. But her shaking hands went to her back and she unhooked the lacy bra that held her wonderfully large tits in place. After she unhooked it and the straps fell loosely on her beautiful shoulders, Pamela crossed her arms in front of her exposed breasts, covering the large nipples. She let the bra slip to the floor.

As she stood there nude except for her skirt, she looked pleadingly at Hall.

"Where should we go?" she asked. By now she recognized that she was to be taken by Omar as a prize. Reconciled to that horrid thought, she only wished to be taken by him privately.

"He should have you wherever he wishes," was Hall's reply. He looked to Omar.

Omar was not concerned with the American woman's feelings. To the contrary, he wished to impress upon his employees the power that he had. "I wish to be served here," was his only reply.

Hall hard eyes looked at Pamela.

Immediately, she recognized his thoughts. She could ill afford to go this far and then stop. She recognized that his good will was everything to her future.

Pamela released her breasts and they dangled, fleshy and full, high on her chest, the large nipples capping the melons. She heard the audible murmur of approval of the men in the room.

Then she began to unzip the skirt. As her long, silk encased legs stepped out of the skirt, she looked at her hairless pussy with shame. The only clothing she wore was the sexy thigh high stockings with the garter belt and the five inch high heel shoes. Her shapely ass, large breasts and hairless pussy now seemed even more naked, if that was possible.

Omar had already begun to undress as well. Within seconds, all of his clothing was off except his underwear and head dress.

Pamela looked at his hairy body with disgust, but she knew what she was expected to do. She walked over to him. The men watched her tight buttocks sway sensuously as she moved to him. Gene Jackson's wife knelt before the Arab man.

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