tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 14

Julie's Mistake Ch. 14


Pamela managed to hold her emotions inside until she got back to her hotel room. As she walked through the five-star hotel lobby and got into the elevator, she felt the eyes of every man on her body. If they only knew what she had done, she shamefully thought to herself. If they only knew!

When she opened the door to her room and entered the sanctuary, she put her hands to her face and began to sob. Her trembling knees barely supported her as she walked to the bed and removed the five inch heels that she had been wearing. Now barefoot, Pamela curled up on the bed and continued crying. Why had she done this, the innocent housewife wondered? Crying into a pillow, the beautiful, mature woman grabbed the bedspread with her fist and squeezed it tightly. "Damn you, Gene," her mind screamed at her unfaithful husband. He was the reason for all of this. "Damn you!"

Pamela didn't know what to do. Her body ached from the sexual workout she had been put through. She could still smell the cologne on her skin of the various men who had fucked her and she smelled strongly of sex. Her nipples were sore from the sucking and tugging that the men had done, and her tight pussy felt the ravages of their intercourse. In the limo drive to the hotel, she had managed to get the taste of their semen out of her mouth by pouring herself a strong glass of whiskey and downing it after swishing it in her mouth. The whiskey had the added benefit of calming the statuesque brunette. Now that calm had vanished and she was torn between sleep and a bath.

She decided to force herself up and change out of the clothes she was wearing. Pamela padded to the bath and began to shed her clothes. She looked into the mirror for signs that she had somehow been changed by the sexual experience, but other than the unfamiliar clothing, she was the same woman as before. This startled her as she had expected that the couplings that she had endured would have somehow changed her looks. An intense feeling of loneliness came over her, but she continued what she was doing. When she finished taking her clothes off, she stood in front of the large mirror and examined her fabulous body.

She was still not used to having a shaved pussy and she stared at her narrow, hairless slit momentarily. It seemed so incongruous to the womanly flared hips that she had. Slowly, her big eyes moved to other parts of her body. About the only two changes that she noticed was a small bruise on her flawless skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She tried to remember back as to how she got it. It was humiliating to her that she had only a vague recollection of getting the small purple mark.

She hadn't had a hickey since she had gotten a little intoxicated and had ended up getting banged after a party in the back seat of a car by a high school football star when she was a high school sophomore! Up until today, Pamela had viewed that night as the single wildest day in her life! Although she had lost her virginity earlier that year to a boy she had been dating for quite some time, she had been racked with guilt and shame after she fucked the high school senior, who she never dated before and did not date after, and was mortified to find out later that several people had seen her naked legs up in the air as he lay between her young thighs, stretching her wet pussy with his every thrust. Now her mind reflected back on that night, years before, remembering the large hickeys the young stud left of her shoulders and neck.

She seemed to remember one of the men biting her lightly as the man lay atop her and pounded her pussy relentlessly towards orgasm. She vaguely recalled him latching on to her skin with his mouth as she exploded in orgasm. That would explain her hazy memory, she thought. Her long, toned legs were wrapped firmly around the man's hips as she met him thrust for thrust. She remembered his long cock banging her over and over. She had looked between their bodies as they fucked and seen his stiff, dark tool working it's way in and out of her pussy, glistening with her juices. She remembered looking into his lust filled eyes as he fucked her.

The man had worked the American housewife hard, enjoying every second that his long, stiff penis was driving in and out of her snug, soaked passage. The man could tell from the way Pamela squeezed her soft thighs around his hips and pumped her ass up to meet his thrusts that she was not just servicing him. The tell-tale signs of her arousal were too clear. And, when they began to climax together, she felt him begin to bite . . .

Pamela was appalled at her memory! This man was a complete stranger, she thought. She forced her thoughts back to the present, but immediately noticed that her large nipples were blood-engorged and erect at her thoughts! As ashamed as she was of her body's reaction, she found some solace in the knowledge that the smoldering sexual feelings that she thought she no longer had in the marriage in which she was trapped were still there. Pamela knew that she was a very desirable woman.

She continued examining her body. There was a second bruise on one of her large, firm breasts. She remembered crying out in a bit of pain when a man sucking on a nipple, moved to her other breast and bit on the soft skin of her breast. She didn't even remember which man had done it, but she did remember slapping his naked skin when he caused her the pain.

Her view of who had done it was obscured by the fact that she was giving one of the men head and all she could see was the hairy abdomen of that man, while the other men took advantage of her beautiful body. As she thought back she wondered at the wanton image in her mind. She seemed to remember that she was sitting on the couch with the naked man standing on it, his hairy, naked legs akimbo, straddling her, his long penis being sucked by her as he flexed his hips. As unreal as that seemed to her, she knew she remembered correctly.

The other men, who she could not see, knelt at her body, sucking her nipples, groping her large tits, and finger-fucking her as she mouthed the man's stiff tool. Shamefully, she remembered spreading her luscious legs and pulling her knees up somewhat to give one man's fingers better access to her soaked love hole. No wonder her pussy was sore!

Pamela had just put on a short robe when there was a knock at the door of her room. She peeked through the peep hole and saw the face of the young woman who had waxed her earlier in the day. Pamela opened the door and the young woman pushed a cart into the room. On it was a massage table.

The young lady looked at Pamela with bright eyes and smiled.

"I've got orders to pamper you silly," she said with a broad smile. "We start with a body scrub" she said as the table was set up. "Hop up!"

Pamela was reluctant to follow any more orders by anyone, but she decided not to fight it. She got onto the table and lay face down, her beautiful face looking away from the side that the attendant was on. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She knew this was the only way she could get through the days to come.

She felt the robe being lifted from her body. She could feel the attendant's eyes roaming over her beautiful, mature body. A feminine hand lightly stroked her from her ankle up the back of her long leg coming to rest momentarily, almost absentmindedly, on her rounded, well-formed buttock.

***** Pamela and Hall spent that evening at the theater and dining at a fabulous restaurant. Their conversation had been riveting and intimate and often amusing. She found herself laughing at his engaging sense of humor. Despite everything, Pamela found herself drawn to the powerful man. He treated her as an intelligent equal. As the night progressed and the food kept coming and the wine flowed freely, Pamela felt very sexy in the revealing, low-cut evening gown with the long slit way up the side that she wore and was proud to be with the handsome man in black tie. She felt a way that she hadn't felt in years. Deep in the recesses of her mind, however, she knew that he still held all of the cards and had expectations of her that she feared.


When they arrived back at Pamela's room, she noticed that a bottle of champagne was sitting on ice on the table.

Hall went over to it and began to open it.

"Why don't you change into something more comfortable," he said to Pamela.

The woman knew better than to challenge Hall. She turned and made her way to the bathroom, where she was not surprised to find a silky, see-through black negligee. Her nervous hands went to the straps on her evening gown and pulled them gently down her shoulders. Pamela tried to tell herself that she was only doing this because of her family, but her mind wondered if that was true. She knew that she was going to be fucked nonetheless.

Hall was already unclothed and sat sipping the champagne in a robe which he had had placed in the closet. The lights were dim and the drapes were wide open. Manhattan's skyline was on display. When Hall heard the bathroom door open and shut, he turned to the sounds. What he saw astounded him.

Pamela stood stock still in the lingerie, her eyes downcast, looking every bit like a virginal bride. Hall stared at the form of the tall, beautiful brunette. His eyes started at her bare feet and moved slowly up her nude legs. He loved how the ivory skin of her toned, muscular legs contrasted against the black lingerie. Hall could see the womanly flair of her hips and the flat tummy beneath the sheer material, and he let his eyes roam higher until he came to Pamela's large, firm tits. While he wasn't certain, there was a slight hint of her nipples being partially erect. He reflected on how the wining and dining had made this worth the wait.

Luckily for Pamela, his quiet demeanor did not reveal his thoughts, but he reflected meanly that this gorgeous, demure woman, who now was apparently hesitant to give up her virtue to him, had that early afternoon wantonly spread her lush thighs for any man that he had told her she needed to fuck, and had serviced and provided the receptacle between her long legs for the hot spunk from the stiff cocks of several men. There was no doubt that his power over these stunning women was a turn-on for Hall. Hall extended his hand to the beautiful woman. She slowly made her way to him and he spread his legs and guided her between them. His robe fell away from his thick thigh and Pamela saw the long, thick hose, which was his flaccid penis, lying on his stomach. While the size of the cock was intimidating even though it was not stiff, Pamela was shocked by the size of the testicles which hung in the large sac between his legs. Gently, she sat on his naked leg and leaned her torso against his chest. Her soft hand went to his chest and she rubbed his wide chest lightly. He handed the woman a glass of champagne and wrapped his arm around her, lightly caressing her back and buttocks and legs. Despite being a bit light headed already, Pamela drank deeply from the glass. She knew that she would need every drop of the alcohol to get through this night.

She offered no resistance when he pulled her close for a long, deep kiss and his hands began to work her negligee off of her body. The woman's large breasts jutted forward. Pamela looked down and was stung by the fact that her nipples were already becoming stiff and erect. As repulsed as she would have hoped to be in this situation, she could not lie to herself: her pussy was starting to get soaked. Her warm hip was pulled next to Hall's manhood and she had to keep from jumping when she felt it begin to jerk, in fits and starts, into a raging, blood-filled erection. As they kissed, Hall's big hand went to between her legs and began to search for her love opening. Her lush thighs spread as if they had a mind of their own.

"Oooooooo," she moaned as his finger slipped effortlessly into her wet pussy.

Pamela's hand went to his balls and began to gently stroke the large, fleshy sac and his long cock. His rhythmic fingering of her made her have to resist the urge to take his cock into her mouth and suck him.

***** Pamela was lying nude on her back, her big brown eyes nearly glazed over from the fuck Hall was throwing her. The intercourse had begun gently enough, but now it seemed that Hall was working himself into a lather. About the only part of the beautiful housewife that was touching the bed was her head and shoulders, arms and her feet. Hall knelt between her long legs, cupping her firm ass cheeks in his hands as he fucked her by raising her buttocks and thighs up from the bed to meet his cock. Pamela's slender arms lay at her side bracing her body in the air. The muscles in her thighs stood out from the strain. It took just about all of her strength to be in this position, but Hall was laying his long, thick cock on her without regard for her feelings.

The intense fucking was taking its toll on Pamela. Her mouth was ajar and deep throated moans and gasps escaped her ripe, red lips.

"Aaahhhhhh," she mewled.


"Aaahhhhhh, gawwwwddd, she moaned with each thrust of his cock.

Her very large titties jiggled each time the man drove his stiff tool into her pussy to the hilt. Despite his large sized penis, Pamela was so wet that she was having no problem taking the cock into her pussy. She felt a bit like a cloth doll the way he was fucking her in this position. She knew that she had not experienced a man's libido like Hall's before and she knew that it would be best for her if she satisfied his lust in every way. He held her like this and fucked her for what seemed to be an eternity when suddenly he decided to switch positions.

He quickly lowered her onto the bed and withdrew his cock. Hall gently slapped her thigh.

"Turn around, Pamela, and get on your hands and knees. I need to fuck you doggie."

Pamela's ears burned with shame. Nonetheless, she scrambled over onto her stomach and pulled herself up to her hands and knees. She could hear Hall breathing hard behind her. His hands rested on her naked hips and his knees were between her calves. She felt the wet, fleshy tip of his penis against the back of her thigh.

"Gawd-damn!" she heard Hall mutter. "That is a helluva nice ass, Pamela." Then, "Put me in you."

The innocent brunette reached her hand between her spread thighs and felt for his cock. "Why am I doing this?" her brain screamed. "Why?"

But as disgusted with herself as she was, her hand came into contact with the very slick, stiff cock of the man who had been fucking her. Pamela hated the feel of her own vaginal juices on the cock. It was dirty! It was disgusting! But, she moved the head of his cock to her pussy lips and he pushed it in effortlessly. The silky, smooth walls of her vaginal passage were a tight fit around his cock. The wanton woman squeezed Hall's cock with her pussy in an effort to please the powerful man, milking the cock with her pussy.

Pamela's mind was filled with the obscene thought that she had completely surrendered to this man and chills ran up her spine when he spoke again.

"Pamela, you've got the pussy of a twenty year old, it's so damn tight," Hall groaned.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Pamela heard her own voice moan in reply.

"Damn!" she heard Hall say. "This is a fine, fine ass!"

Pamela hung her head in shame as she felt him stuff his cock into her tight cunt from behind. What was causing her the shame wasn't Hall fucking her, but the thoughts that were racing through her pretty head. As much as she hated to admit it, she was concerned about not looking as good as she should from behind. After having two children, she was self-conscious about the width of her hips. While not slender like a girl's hips, they were not too wide at all.

Hall would have assured her that her womanly hips were perfect, had he cared a whit about her feelings, but he was too intoxicated with the power he held over the gorgeous brunette.


He slapped her ass.


Hall spanked her rounded ass again. He watched his elongated tool disappear and then reappear from Pamela's trembling vagina. The tight, circle of her anus peeked out at him from between her rapidly reddening buttocks.

"Owww!" was Pamela's only response.


"Move your ass, baby. Don't go to sleep on me," Hall said.

Pamela immediately began to push back with her ass and take the deep thrusts further into her pussy. She only wanted to please this demanding man, why did he treat her so?

He began to fuck her in earnest now. The tawdry rhythm became more intense and Pamela could feel Hall's grip tightening on her hips. When he let loose of her hips, it was only to reach around her and grab the tit flesh which hung from her chest. He cupped her sensitive nipples and began to knead them in his hands as he fucked her harder and harder. Pamela's beautiful face now had a glow to it that could only be attributed to the sexual heights she was reaching. She didn't know if Hall's hands were holding her large breasts because he wanted to hang on to her while he fucked her, or if he realized just how sensitive her nipples were to the touch and how much this turned her on sexually.

One of his hands let go of a breast and it dangled heavily from her chest, jiggling and swaying every time his hips met the backs of her thighs and her buttocks. His free hand rested on her ass cheek at first, but then went around her hip and began to search for her clitoris. Now, Pamela was being penetrated by Hall's massive cock and having her pussy rubbed by his hand. He found the little love-bud and rubbed it vigorously as he continued pounding her cunt. She found it impossible to remain silent when he found the little organ.

"Ohhhhh," she cried in pleasure.

Pamela didn't know how much longer she would be able to withstand the onslaught. She didn't realize that Hall was now simply rocking mechanically into her pussy with his hard cock, plotting his next course of action.

Pamela's head and arms now collapsed to the bed from her kneeling position. Hall continued to fuck her, simply holding her ass up from the bed.

As her big breasts gradually moved to the bed, Hall began to tug on the front of her legs, just above her knees. Pamela's legs now straightened and her entire body was lying prone on the bed with Hall pounding her yielding flesh from above her without missing a stroke.

Hall was literally lying right on top of the mature woman as he fucked her with ever increasing speed and vigor. Pamela's beautiful long legs lay spread wantonly and Hall was between them focusing on fucking her sopping cunt. She was now so wet that there was a squishing sound every time Hall drove his stiff dong into her pussy that was humiliating to Pamela's ears.

Pamela thought her shame was utterly complete. Her mind rang with the thought that she was nothing but a wanton slut!

Hall enjoyed the feeling of lying completely on top of her torso, his entire body slamming up against this previously innocent woman. His mind meanly wondered how her kids would like to see their mom now!

And, the truth be known, the beautiful mother of two was reaching towards an orgasm herself.

His hands held her outstretched arms at the wrist and she could feel his torso heavily atop her back. As she moved her head and shook the long brown hair from her face, Hall kissed the back of her neck, her shoulder and her cheek. All that Pamela knew was that she was pinned beneath the man, feeling his long, stiff cock piston in and out of her vagina. Having her large, firm tits pressed against the cool sheets only enhanced her pleasure.

"Yeah, baby," she heard herself say.

"Do it to me, baby," she said, "just like that."

But Hall had something in mind other than her pleasure. Hall wanted to hear the gorgeous woman squeal for mercy and bend her completely to his will. As his large hands held her slender wrists tightly, he withdrew his massive, stiff cock slowly from her pussy. Pamela lay still beneath him, uncomprehendingly.

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