tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 6

Julie's New Job Ch. 6


Chapter 6: Joan's story

Well, thing have gone great for me since I got Julie's sister Mary to go to work for me! I was still in college, with Julie, Mary, and some other girl friends. I always thought that Mary was going to be a frat slut, and when I was able to introduce her at two different fraternities, she became their 'little sister'! Of BOTH frats! I knew that her older sister Julie would make a first class slut also, but she was more resistant to that type of lifestyle. I tried all of the way through college to get Julie to loosen up and let go, but she was caught up in school and her boyfriend. Sometimes I felt that she was a little stuck on herself! She wouldn't drink or run around with me when there was anyone else that might disapprove of my behavior. I really started to think she was thinking that she was better then any of us, even her sister.

I had seen her boyfriend, and didn't think he was much different. Mary, on the other hand was a party animal! One night at a frat party she ended up upstairs doing everyone! Male, female, it didn't matter to her! She loved to fuck and suck! I didn't have to do much to push her into fucking more than one guy at a time. She also took on a couple of girls one night and ended up coming to my dorm room and we had a little fun!

It was during my junior year at college that I discovered that I could make money off of supplying 'entertainment' at parties. Once I found out the best way to operate this as a business, I dove right in! I was doing real well with my classes, and was even an honors student! I had about seven girls working for me. (Though they didn't know they were making me a lot of money, they were just having a real great time having sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll!) I tried to get Julie involved but she was a tough nut to crack! I used everything I had learned in psychology classes and then some but it was no go.

I had discovered also that I enjoyed the power and control that I had over other people! One of my professors had noticed that I was doing something different at school and kept me after class one day. We talked for a bit then he got to the point of having me stay after. "Joan, I feel that you are taking psychology for all of the wrong reasons, and I fear that you are going to hurt somebody!"

"You need to understand that the science of psychology is not an exact science, and while we have come a long ways to finding out how to treat conditions of people, we shouldn't be trying to control them!" I played dumb and finally convinced him that what he saw and heard about me was probably not a true vision of what I was trying to accomplish in my studies. I also mentioned that there were some students who were very jealous of me because I was an honors student and also seemed to be having fun in school while they had to work hard all of the time to get mediocre grades! After some serious thought, he finally agreed that I was perhaps a little persecuted and apologized to me! After that I covered my intent more carefully and never let it be open as it had been.

Julie and I were pretty good 'friends', and I hadn't tried to pressure her into partying anymore. When we graduated, I never saw her again for quite some time. We did stay in contact by mail, and some phone calls once in a while. I still couldn't get her out of my mind though. I really wanted to 'break' her into my business because she was about the most stunning beauty I had ever seen! She had a rare and unusual type of beauty that was innocent yet an underlying sexual 'tigress' look about her. Even if she was as prudish as my old Aunt Martha! I knew that someday my chance would come, but I would have to trap her into it then carefully 'guide' her into the right choices! My choices of course!

Mary, on the other hand, kept in close contact with me. I believe that she considered me her closest friend in the world, she said it often enough! She was still in school, being behind Julie and myself by two years. She one day confided in me that she was changing schools to go to a school nearer to her hometown. When I asked her why, she said that she had a boyfriend that was going there and she wanted to close-up the distance between them. She said that she thought that he had been cheating on her and that is she was there he would straighten out and then eventually marry her!

I didn't have the heart to tell her that if he was cheating on her in their relationship now, he probably would in the future, married or not! Men like him were a dime a dozen. They wanted pussy and nothing else! I knew that if they got married, they wouldn't stay that way very long and he would be fucking every skirt that would give him the time of day! I was also a little pissed because she had been making me quite a bit of money and I didn't want to lose her 'talents'! I couldn't say anything against her choice of schools, but I made sure we kept in close contact. She turned into quite the little 'virgin' when she started at the new school! If only her boyfriend knew!

My business grew and I was soon working it all over the country! Most of my customers (clients) were connected to different mafia's and drug rings. I soon had the reputation of being close-mouthed and reliable! I was a bridesmaid at Mary's wedding, and saw that Julie had married Jon. I found Jon to be an extremely good-looking specimen of manhood! He reminded me of my late father, even to the point of looking just like him! I really wanted him to like me, but our first time talking showed me that he only thought of Julie! I was instantly jealous of Julie and started to plan how I could break the little bitch! I knew that it would take years probably, but I was willing to wait for the right moment! One day Jon would be mine, and Julie would be a whore working for me!

One year after Mary's wedding I talked her into going to work for me. She was a good worker, and very professional. I had her doing marketing analysis for the legitimate part of my business. She never had an idea or even a glimpse of my 'real' business! One night I put the first part of my "Julie' plan into action. I invited Mary for drinks at a local dance club, as part of a celebration for a new contract! What she didn't know was that she was going to be the person fulfilling that work!

At the club after work, I had two of my 'associates' come in and pretend to be the new clients. I had made up a cocktail addition for Mary's drinks. After she had several drinks, she started to loosen up and let the guys take her out on the dance floor on fast numbers! Later, they were able to get her out on slow numbers, and that is where my plan really started to cook! I talked her into calling her husband and telling him she was going to stay at my place in the city for the night. He was ok with that and told her to be careful, use cabs, don't drive, and all of the usual husband/wife things. As soon as she got off the phone we took her and went to another club. It was a strip club that one of my real clients owned. I had arranged for the strippers to not be around for an hour or so, and for the dance floor to be made to look like a normal dance club! It cost me a quite a few favors, but to get Mary and later Julie under my control, I felt that it was the right business decision to make.

We had been at the club for a little bit and the guy's had been dancing with Mary when she finally started to act like my 'cocktail helper' was kicking in! Finally! She was dancing with a third man (who wasn't part of any of my planning) when he started to fondle her ass as they danced! She moved right up close to him and let him continue grabbing her ass for the rest of the dance! One of my men jumped up when the dance was over and intercepted her before she got off the dance floor and took her right back out! I signaled to the D J and he started a slow-grinding song. As they danced you could see that Mary was real turned-on! He started by grabbing her ass like her prior partner, then one of his hands moved to the front of her dress. He cupped one of her tits and she half-heartedly tried to get him to stop, but she was so turned on that soon wasn't an issue! By the end of that dance he had the front of her dress undone all of the way down to her belly button! She wasn't wearing a bra, so you could see quite a bit of her tits! She sat down at the table and my men sat on either side of her, close in. As we were talking and joking around they would brush and lightly touch her in several prearranged spots that I had instructed them on. After several more drinks she was back out on the dance floor, where strangely, the music became that slow grinding stuff again!

By her third dance here, she was allowing my men to fondle her openly on the dance floor! They were fingering her pussy and pinching her nipples! They would spin her around and her tits would be visible to everyone in the club! She sat down after her fifth dance, and the boys had their hands in her pussy, fingering her. Her panties showed up on the table! Her dress was undone all of the way down her front now! It had buttons that went from hemline to neckline, so for all practical purposes she was displaying everything she had!

Soon a couple of other men came up and talked her into dancing! By her eighth dance she was totally naked on the floor and shaking herself all over! All of the men in the club were now watching her display and whistling and encouraging her for more! The guy she was dancing with at that time pulled out his rather large cock, and put her hand on it! She went right to her knees and started to suck and lick it like a lollipop! There were about twenty men in the club at that point and the bouncers locked down the place. Mary was the center of a world-class gangbang from about nine o'clock till dawn! I had managed to get almost all of it filmed! Preparation is everything in my business!

The next morning, Mary found out what her new duties were going to be! She at first cried and shouted at me, but when I showed her the first part of her film, she quieted down. She looked like she really was enjoying all of the sex she was having and giving in that film! She looked like she loved it! She became mine at that point! About three months later, I 'visited' her at her house! Her husband was given a fast learning experience on Mary's new job and how well she had been performing! He was devastated! By the next morning, Mary was headed to divorce court and living with me!

I used all of my abilities and was able to get her more than half of everything in the divorce, which she brought into 'our' household. After a couple of months, she just let me make all of her decisions for her and let me lead her however I wanted! My plan was well under way now! I had found out most of the right buttons to push and what not to do in most circumstances. I was really using my degree at this point! Oh would my professor be proud of me! NOT!

I used Mary as my primary client service agent and she was very good and willing to do what I wanted. She loved all of the sex she was getting and liked all of the strange cock she had at her disposal! I never tired of watching her getting gangbanged! She would always go for three or more cocks at a time in her! She even showed me how to take two in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time! I would have never thought of doing that but she sure did!

I treated her right though. I paid her well and kept her in good health. I never overworked her, and let her vacation in Europe or Australia two or more times a year! She really did like what she was doing and all of the money she was making! I set her up in a 401k, and health insurance plan. She had a real nice sports car (a Ferrari) and real nice clothes, in addition to her "slut whore outfits"! She worked out at the gym everyday and I didn't have to keep a close watch on her like I feared I might have to! It turned out even better than I had hoped it would! Of course, her attitude in college had lead her half of the way to this lifestyle! What's more, she still considered me to be a close friend! That surprised me more than anything since I was sure she would hate me for pulling her into this trap of my making!

Mary was very enthusiastic about my plan to get Julie to work for me, although she thought that I only wanted Julie to do marketing analysis for me! Little did she know! I knew though that Mary loved her sister very much so I still had to be cautious and plan everything very carefully! I didn't want to lose my chance to have Julie under my control, and taking Jon away from her would be the sweetest victory that I could imagine!

When I finally talked Julie into working for me I never let her know that Mary was working for me also. She assumed that Mary was still with Mr. Potato Brains, so I never let on I knew anything about Mary's life. I had taken the precaution of having Mary call Julie regularly (parents too!), and not telling them what she did or who she worked for! I trapped Julie the same way, at the same clubs, as Mary. The only difference was that I had severely underestimated Jon's love for Julie and Julie's love for Jon! I learned soon enough though, so I started to modify my plans and make new ones to deal with the situations as they arose!

When Julie 'performed' at the club that first time I knew that I had been right about her being a real closet slut! She may have been drugged up quite a bit, but she really let loose and actually wore out several men that night! I was jealous of her good looks and great personality! The men my clients would bring to parties and 'events' would always gravitate towards Julie, sometimes just totally ignoring me! I really didn't care too much because I knew that eventually I would break Julie and have her husband for my own!

The first big surprise was how Jon reacted when given the 'break-in'! I would have thought he would've tried to kill me or Julie or something! True, he did start to put up a fuss, but by the end of the night, he was well in hand! MY hands! I discovered that he was a fantastic lover! His cock wasn't that big, but he knew how to caress and lick, and kiss a woman in all of the right ways and places! When he went down on me after having fucked me, I was surprised! I had never in my life had a man willing to do that for me! It was something that I had fantasized about at one time or another, but the way he did it! GOD! I wanted him forever!

When I watched him as he watched his wife being the center of all of the cock that night, I saw a look of hunger on his face! A look of 'I wish that were me fucking her like that'! I noticed also that while he didn't like my men having their way with his wife, it turned him on! I had heard of that before, and in my classes at college that type of personality trait had been covered. I had never seen it up close and personal before though!

When Joe had called me telling me about Jon's little plan to escape from me, I put a portion of my plan into 'go mode'. I had Mary contact the surgeon that I kept on my 'payroll'. They arranged an operation for her 'husband', and Mary saw to it that all of the papers were in order. When we brought in a very drugged up Jon to the hospital, the doctor was reluctant to do the operation as agreed. I had to use one of several films I had of the good doctor having his brand of kinky fun with a couple of my girls, and all of the sudden he changed his mind! As I have said in the past, preparation, always be prepared!

Giving Julie to Joe for an entire weekend was also a stroke of good fortune, since Joe had a 'party' at his house and a couple of the men invited to it were people that I wanted to do business with in the future! After the all afternoon and night gangbang of the married whore Julie, the filming wrapped up, and I had my introduction to new business prospects! I gave Joe a commission for his good taste in party friends, and he was very, very grateful to me for the 'use' of his neighbor, Julie!

By the time Jon was up and around from his 'additions', his wife was fast becoming my best whore ever! I had to start keeping a close watch on her because she was starting to try to fuck any man who was around her for more that a few minutes! I had been right about her, she turned out to be a very good slut! I had her scheduled for some special work, mostly her tits, and she had been taking supplements that included certain hormones. This new diet had caused her breasts to grow a little bit more, and the doctor, after having fucked her six ways to Sunday, wanted to do a little work on them to keep them up and out! He did his work while Jon was recuperating, and since it involved only slight knife work, she was working full out for me by the time Jon saw her again.

When she discovered that her sister was working for me and had been working for me she was furious with me! I told her how Mary had always been working for me, even when she had told her that she was free from me! I had needed Mary to appear to be a possible helper to them to escape me! I always look ahead!

The biggest problem that I had was destroying Julie and Jon's love for each other. To break them down and separate them so that I could use Julie in business, and Jon in private as my lover! I had been working on this part of the plan, but so far I knew that I had not been successful!

Then, one day it appeared that Jon was starting to accept Mary as his surrogate wife! She had been fucking him constantly and was always there for him, like I had planned, and soon he started to respond in the way I wanted! One day Julie came with me to see him. He was at a house that I set up for him and Mary. He pretty much ignored Julie! She was positively crushed! She went out to the car after not being able to get him to kiss or hug her! She had tried everything, but he wouldn't respond! Mary, on the other hand got kisses and hugs, and even a few gropes! He was acting like he really loved Mary, and Mary was eating it up! Julie was in the car when I went out and as we drove away she was crying hard!

I was well on the way of one of my greatest achievements since graduating from college! I was so-o-o happy! It would only be a matter of a few months now and Jon would be mine forever! Julie would always see Jon and I together and not be able to have him like I did! He would be around my finger and Julie; well Julie wouldn't be such a nice, prim, and proper little lady anymore! (Not that she was by this point!)

Jon's cock, by the way now measured a nice eleven inches long and about four inches around! I couldn't wait to have him back in between my legs again now! Mary had commented about how he was starting to really learn how to use his new cock, and she was a grateful recipient of my handiwork! One day, while Mary and I were talking, she mentioned how he had taken her anally the night before! She had loved it because he had been so-o-o gentle, and sweet with her! She thought that he was in love with her! He had been doting on her hand and foot. He was always including her in everything he could! I had him right where I wanted him now! I backed off on the surveillance and Mary reported that he seemed content with her! He hadn't mentioned his job or anything so I made arrangements for him to give notice. He wasn't aware of this, of course! They shipped his stuff from work to his house and I had it put away, since I was now using Julie and Jon's house as another operations base! They were still the owners of course, and I had no intentions of changing that. When they finally got divorced, that problem would change itself!

I stopped by one night and Mary and I joined in on having Jon put his new cock to use on both of us! Mary gave him to me just like Julie had, (Part of my plan!) and Jon went for me like a tiger pouncing on prey! I had my hands and mouth full of cock for a while! I loved sucking on his huge cock, and the way he would grab my hair and pull me onto it, causing a deep-throat, was making me so wet! Mary was stroking his ass and licking his balls while I gave him his blowjob and he didn't last too long the first time! I soon had him going down on me and then, before I came for the second time, his tongue found my asshole and he started to ream my ass out! When he moved up on top of me to stick that cock into me I was more than ready for a fucking!

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