tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job (Her Version)

Julie's New Job (Her Version)


The next morning I watched through half-closed eyes and Jon got out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower. I couldn't decide how I was going to tell him what had led to last night. I knew that Joan had complete control over me but I don't think she really understood what Jon was really like. Last night had been so shocking and surprising to him that I knew he had acted in a very abnormal way. It had been way too much for him to handle like it hit him. I knew that in the light of the day today would be the telling of his reaction. I was very sure that his love for me had not wavered, but that didn't mean he wouldn't dump me like old garbage! I was afraid that I had lost him forever. I felt somewhat reassured that even if he left me, Joan and her evil "friends" wouldn't follow through on their threats to kill Jon. I knew that as much as I loved him, if he left me because of all of this, that I could probably go on.

I was also sure that if he left me he would eventually be ok. The thought of him leaving me was tearing me apart though! I loved him with my whole being! I had loved him like this for all of our married lives. At least I knew that is he left me he would be safe and alive. I would always cherish my memories of our time together. I thought back over the last weeks of my life and knew nothing would ever be the same. Why had I gone to work for that bitch? She had me under her thumb!

You see her friends would kill Jon for any reason to have me. I had bargained my body for keeping Jon alive! Joan had seen to it that Jon would be spared if he played along, or if he just dumped me and went away. That was the only reason he was alive now. If he left me, like I was pretty sure he was going to, my only consolation would know he was alive and ok.

Jon got out of his shower, dressed in his running clothes, and left for a late morning run. He didn't say anything to me, nor did he look at me again. I knew at this point, he was going to leave me! After he had left I got up and took a hot shower. I couldn't seem to wash myself clean anymore. As I toweled off I realized that I still felt dirty and used.

I went to the kitchen and made up a pot of coffee, and started on throwing together some breakfast. I didn't know if Jon would let me stay to finish it or not, but I was going to try to save my marriage if I could at this point! I was going to tell him everything, no secrets, the whole sordid story. I had been trapped into this new job, this new life, but I was sure Jon wouldn't stay, or rather, let me stay here now. All I could do is play all of the cards I had, even though he knew what I was holding.

Breakfast was ready when Jon got back from his run. I noticed he wasn't sweaty, so I guess he had been walking instead. He sat down across the table from me and just stared at me. He didn't smile, frown, swear, spit or anything. This was making me squirm! I wanted him to yell, scream, cuss, and anything but just stare at me!

Finally, after just picking at his food, he started. "Julie, I need to know several things. First of all...do you still...love...me?" I was stunned almost to tears! "Yes! Yes Jon I still love you!" I was almost shouting it! "Then I guess the next thing I need to know is... do you still need me?"

"NEED YOU?" I was surprised to say the least! "Yes Jon, I still need you, I still love you, and I still want you baby!"

He was quiet for a time, not looking at anything really, just staring off into space. Finally he said, "Julie, I need you to tell me everything, and I mean everything that has happened to you since you have started this job!" Here I was, crying, sitting in my kitchen, in front of my husband, and now I had to tell him about the hell I had been through! How do you tell your husband how much of a whore, a slut you have been? How do you explain away the types of sex, the men, the awfulness of not knowing if he will survive, if you will survive anything happening to you? The threats, the leers, the forced plaything of very evil men!

I started from the first day at work. Joan had me show up at nine o'clock that Monday morning. I had on a "power" business suit. I thought it made me look professional, and knowledgeable, even if I wasn't quite sure how Joan would put my skills to work. When I went into her office she was sitting at her desk. She looked at me and frowned slightly. Disapprovingly looking at me from head to toe. "Julie, I don't like your attire at all!"

"You need to look like a woman, not a suit!" I didn't understand quite what she was getting at. Then it dawned on me! "Joan, you want me to dress in skirts?" Joan looked startled for a minute then started to laugh! "Julie, my people have to look, well, enticing!"

"I need people who can look like they are accessible, if-you-know-what-I-mean!"

I was taken aback! "You want me to dress how?" Joan looked at me and said, "Julie, I need a great looking woman like yourself to look sexy!"

"You know, like you love men to look or gawk at you!"

"The whole reason I wanted you to work for me in the first place is that you are extremely good-looking, and I need women in my employ that can put their good looks to work for me!"

"Joan, I don't understand, I thought you had a job for me that was, well, office or professional type work!" I was a little put out that it seemed she had hired me for my looks rather than my college degree! "Julie, I have men from all over the country doing business with me!"

"We have contracts signed all of the time for millions of dollars in value!"

"I have found that I get more contracts signed when a sexy, worldly woman is working on the negotiations than a uptight school marm!"

"You use sex to sell your business?" I was stunned, but looking back on it I shouldn't have been, seeing that she always dressed what I considered to be racy! "Julie, I guess you won't be working out after all, I am sorry for taking up your time!" She was dismissing me! Now I felt like she felt that I wasn't good enough for her business! I didn't really need this job, but I had built a picture in my mind of what I would or could do with the earnings from it! I foolishly decided to ask Joan what she would recommend for dress. "Julie, if you want to still try to work here I guess I can go ahead and give you a trial work period."

"It is against my better judgment, but I might be able to use you, if you can keep your cool when you're with clients!"

Joan then took me downtown on a shopping spree! We ended up in a Fredrick's of Hollywood. I was looking and blushing at some of the displays. Joan pulled me through the store looking things over and making selections left and right. Most of what she was picking out screamed sex! Dresses that had plunging necklines, backless, slits up the sides, or in one case up the front! I would never have bought or worn anything like she was picking out! Then she took me into the lingerie sections and proceeded to make choices in undergarments! "Joan!"

"I could never wear anything like what you are picking out!" I was mortified! Joan looked at me and simply said; "I didn't think you would be such a prude now that you have been married for a while! I guess you just don't have it in you to be a contract service person for my company!"

I should have walked out! I didn't, instead I told myself that she just wanted me to look attractive as possible for the clients! We ended up buying quite a bit of stuff, which Joan put on her business credit card! "I believe in investing in my employees Julie, and I hope you become a worthwhile investment!" By now I wanted to be a model employee! She had been complimenting and guiding me to like her choices all day so far. I hadn't really realized I was being lead around like a cow to slaughter. She made me feel beautiful and sexy, and like it was a natural thing to dress sexily for a job! What I failed to remember is her major in college, other than men, was psychology! She knew what she needed to say and how to act to get me where she wanted me! We finished the morning by having lunch at a club near her offices. That afternoon she had me trying on everything! A couple of times she would have me model for whomever was in the front lobby! Usually there were men out front waiting or talking, so I got quite a few whistles, and a few offers for something other that business! I would be embarrassed until Joan would smooth everything over to me! She would say things like, "Oh Julie!"

"You look so-o-o good in that!" Or "You really have these guy's going now!"

"I bet they would sign their souls away for one night with you!"

I couldn't believe she was saying these things to me, but on the other hand I liked what she was saying! I was getting horny somehow during all of this! That night after work Joan took me to the club where we had had lunch earlier. "Just one drink honey!" Joan was very persuasive, and I went along with her request! As we were having our drinks, a band started up in the back of the club. We were besieged with requests to dance but Joan fended them all off. We ended up having several drinks, and I was feeling pretty good by the time I got home that night!

The next day Joan started training me on contracts and what was required. She had a pretty lucrative business going, doing what seemed to be middleman kind of stuff. I really thought she was a lot sharper than I had given her credit for in college! We ate lunch at the club again, and after work we stopped in for a couple of drinks again. Since I was wearing my new wardrobe I was getting a lot of come-ons, offers for drinks, and flat out leers, stares and even in one case a drool! I was liking the attention somewhat, and Joan made everything seem like it was a normal day, normal thing to do, and dressing sexy a normal event also!

On my third day things started to change. Radically! As we worked in the morning a couple of big men came in. One was white and the other was a big black man. Joan introduced me to them to me as Norm and JJ. They were staring at me with a look of, well like they were going to attack me and rape me! They made me a little nervous, until Joan got my attention drawn to their contracts.

I was wearing the dress with a split up the middle; the split went up to my belt line. There were two buttons that kept it below my crotch level, but not by much. When I sat down it was opening up and exposing my legs up to where the garters attached to my stocking. (Joan's penchant was no panties, stockings and garters only!) The top was silky material and plunged down to just about where the slit coming up stopped! The back plunged down until you could see the start of my bottom!

As our discussions went on Joan would have be fetching papers, once even getting them coffee and rolls! I didn't mind so much since I had seen Joan doing the same thing. Once when I was handing JJ (the black man) his coffee his hand brushed my dress back so that the slit opened up and exposed my legs for a second. He looked up at me and quickly apologized, but I got the feeling he had done that intentionally!

Lunchtime came, and Norm invited us out for lunch. Joan accepted for both of us. We went to a different club than we usually went to this time; it was in a tougher part of town. I mentioned this to Joan who said, "Julie, these guy's have part ownership in the club we are going to so don't worry about anything!"

"We will be safe and sound with them along, and they won't let anything happen to us!" I wasn't so sure, but they had been nice, even if they had leered at me every chance they got!

When we went into the club I realized that it was a strip club! I had never in my life been in a strip club! Joan took my hand as we walked in and said, "If you have never been in a club like this, you are in for a treat!" I wasn't so sure a "treat" was what I would have called it! We went to the back, where there was a large crescent shaped booth. Joan had me slide in first, then JJ got in next to me on one side, and Norm got in on the other side of me! Joan sat down next to Norm and Norm ordered for all of us.

I watched as a girl danced up on the stage using a pole as support. She only had a g-string on and was in the process of removing it an inch at a time. I was embarrassed for her until I realized it was more for me than her! JJ was watching me and then looking up at her he said, "fine looking lady up there huh Julie?" I didn't know what to say so I just agreed with him. "I wonder how you would look dancing up there?" I slid down in my seat and looked over a Joan who was laughing at my discomfort! "Julie is married, and would never do something like that!" Joan was still smiling as she said that.

Our drinks arrived right then so I gulped mine down, trying to calm my shaken nerves! Joan smiled at me, with a kind of look, I really didn't get. "Julie, let's get you another drink okay?" I nodded my consent and in a minute my second drink was in front of me. Norm turned to me and started asking me about Jon. I told him where he worked and his schedule, and we chatted for a bit. JJ broke in mentioning Jon's schedule. "It must be hard for you not having hubby there when you need him!" I replied, "Jon knows I am capable of handling myself!" JJ replied, "I mean him not being there when you need him to take the edge off!" I wasn't sure what he was getting at until Norm said, "Woman like you must need it quite often I would guess!" I was stunned! How dare they! I told Joan that I needed to go to the restroom! She came with me. I was fuming. "What are they doing, trying to get laid?" Joan laughed and said, "Julie, they just find you very, very attractive, and are doing what any red-blooded American man would be doing!"

"I don't think that I should stay here any longer Joan!" I was worried about where things were headed. Joan stopped me and stepped in front of me holding my arms firmly. "Julie, you must stay!"

"If we are going to get this contract, you are going to be the selling point!"

"I won't let them do anything you don't want them to do Julie, but I need you to hang in there for me ok?"

I agreed to stay and be cool and calm so that Joan could get the business done. I wasn't so sure that the choice was a good one, but I also knew it would be difficult to get back to the office. I didn't want to stand outside in the street dressed like I was, waiting for a cab!

Getting back to the booth, Joan ordered me another drink. I was feeling them a little, and didn't understand why since I had only had two drinks so far. When the third drink came I downed it quickly. I liked the way it tasted, and ordered another. The waiter looked at Joan, who also ordered a drink. There was a little dance floor near our booth, and when someone put some music on JJ grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I hesitated for a minute, helplessly looking a Joan who just nodded at me. JJ said, "You not prejudice are you Julie?"

"I wouldn't want to do business with a company that had prejudicial people working in it!"

I jumped up, scared that Joan was in danger of losing this contract and said, "Oh no!" I'm not prejudice at all JJ!" I was feeling warm and tingly inside and I felt that I had to please JJ and Norm. JJ pulled me close to him on the dance floor and firmly led me around. I was tense for a minute then started to relax. JJ held me out there when the song ended and we waited for another song to start. It was one with a real good beat and JJ started a bump and grind dance with me. I was starting to get revved up, having not been out dancing for quite a while, and liked the attention I was getting from people sitting around near us. I forgot that I was in a strip club, and just concentrated on dancing this sexy bump and grind with JJ. At one point a straddled JJ's leg and was doing a humping motion, when he stepped in closer. I came down in my humping motion and contacted his leg with my pussy! Man that felt great! I continued doing that for a minute, and then JJ moved back. I moved forward to stay close with him! I was getting so-o-o hot! I knew I shouldn't be dancing with this man, any man really, like this, but I couldn't help myself. It was like I had lost inhibitions or something!

When that dance was over, Norm came out and cut in and we danced two more dances. Both were done bump and grind and I was really, really getting revved up! I swear that I had left wet spots on Norms pants on the last one! We sat down, and there was another drink waiting for me. It tasted a little different, and when I mentioned it Joan passed it off as different bartender, different mix. I didn't mind, and drank it down. Norm ordered another round.

I was flying now! I was having a great time, and felt sexy! I got up with JJ when he asked me to dance again. On the floor he held me tightly to him and I could feel his erection rubbing my tummy. I started to pull away, but he held me firmly and began to move around quickly. I gave up and laid my head on his shoulder. I felt his hands moving on my back and realized that he was slipping them down the back of my dress! It felt good, and I didn't feel that I should cause a scene out here on the dance floor. He was gripping my ass cheeks and then I felt a finger exploring the crack of my ass! I liked the feeling, although I knew logically I should be putting a stop to it, I just couldn't bring myself to say or do anything to prevent it! His finger was massaging around and up and down until it reached my bud! It felt so-o-o good! JJ slipped back and started to bump and grind with me again. I was spinning around and his hand was guiding me close in. As I would come around I could feel a hand on my lower tummy, almost in my crotch. His other hand was rubbing across my breasts!

As the next song started I realized that my top had pulled away from both of my breasts, exposing me to everyone in the vicinity! I maneuvered them back into my dress and kept dancing with JJ. That dance was a repeat of the last one and at the end of it I just walked across the floor to our booth with both breasts hanging out. As I slid into my seat, Norm ran a hand over them and acted like he was trying to put them back. I let him "fumble" around for a minute, then pushed his hands away and did it myself. My nipples were so hard, and sticking out way more than they ever had before!

Joan had another drink waiting for me and being so thirsty from dancing I downed it quickly. As we were sitting there I remember JJ and Norm making comments on my dress, my dancing, and my breasts. They called them tits! Right in front of me, "Julie, you have a nice set of tits!" I was glowing, and oh so horny! I knew that something wasn't right with me, but I didn't really care! I had a feeling in my crotch that was indescribably delicious!

Suddenly I noticed that JJ and Norm had their hands on my thighs! They were rubbing, lightly up and down between my knees and about half way up. It felt good and I didn't stop them! JJ moved his hand up smoothly towards my pussy. The feeling was electric! I just about exploded when it brushed over my mound! I felt Norms hand doing something to my dress and looked down. He was undoing the buttons at the top of the slit on my dress! I just watched him as the sides parted and exposed my pussy for all to see! I closed my eyes and leaned back in my seat.

Joan meanwhile had gotten up and gone up to one of the dancers, talking to her for a minute. When she came back, the dancer followed. She started to dance in front of our table and two bouncers came over and pulled the table away from in front of us. The dancer stayed out where she was and was putting on quite a show. JJ leaned in to me and asked me, "Julie, why don't you dance for us like she is?" I shook my head no. "I can't dance like that JJ!" God knows I wanted to though! Norm leaned in and slipped a finger into my pussy! He was rubbing it so that it brushed my clit on the inward stroke.

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