June 4, 2011


I'm going to be using this as a diary at the request of my new well basically she'll be my girlfriend soon enough right now we'll just call her my partner in crime. I'm never gonna write back dates but I have had an interesting life sexually up to now so sometimes I may flash back when a story is relevant.

If you end up reading this and know me, never ask me to identify someone or guess at someone. Even if you know someone by description I recommend not bringing this up. I'm keeping it as anonymous as possible. But some details will no doubt shine a light one someone.

So I live in the Chicago area but grew up in southern Indiana. I don't hear much from my friends back home often. I do occasionally hear from my friend Roger. I've been job hunting since January because I wanted out of retail and quit due to stress.

So Roger and his wife Rita were having a rockband/cookout party. I wanted to go down for it and scraped some money together for gas down. My mother was gonna give me money to come back. I hadn't seen her in about a year.

I have a bag of BDSM toys I usually have in my bedroom but something told me to bring them. I always bring some weird item I'd never need with me and always end up being glad I did. This time it would quite literally be life changing.

So I played drums most of the night nothing super sexy about that. I had a ton of beer but playing drums burned off the booze too quick and I never really got buzzed. My friend George was the only other person there that wasn't part of a couple. I figured no hookup. Oh well was having fun. So at one point my ex that I dumped in a really mean way about 4 years ago (I knew her through George) was texting with George. She didn't really know Roger and Rita. He finally asked if it was ok to tell her I was there.

I said yes.

So she texted him back that her feet were sore. Her name is Jackie.


4 years before I met her at George's house. I offered her a foot massage and we ended up fucking on George's couch after he went to bed, I made her squirt for the first time and we had to flip the cushion over. Never told him. Then we went back to her place and fucked til dawn, so about 4 hours of straight fucking. No clean towels left she squirted almost every time. We dated she came up here I came down here lots of great sex but I just couldn't keep it going. Sex was great but there is a lack of chemistry on my end. So I left her a letter. :( I'm such an ass, only time I've ever done that and only time I ever will. I was a coward. I couldn't look here in the eye when I broke her heart. My handwriting is bad so I even typed it and just signed my name.


So I was surprised she'd even talk to me let alone send a message that we both knew was code she was horny. I told him to text her my number. I had to go hang out at my moms the next day and was gonna stay the night. It occurred to me that my my goes to bed at like 7pm or so and I'd get bored anyway so I told her I'd meet her at George's after she was off work tomorrow, she works 2nd shift. She said I'm the only one that has ever treated her like she wants to be treated. I asked how was that and she said "Like a total slut."

So the night progresses and I know I'm gonna get some tomorrow and I'm content. Party continues and everyone's buzzing at least but me, George isn't drunk and Neither are Rita or her friend Penelope's husband Bob. I decide to see what would happen and I go out to my car and bring in a vicious sexual shocker I made and my new paddle I made, "The Decimator." Well those caused quite a stir but I didn't want people to know just how freaky beyond that I was.

A friend that I haven't seen in more than a decade(Tim) had is gf(Robin) there. She was all about what else I had. She was all over me and I found out they were into BDSM. Now Tim is a very soft guy and I could tell she was teaching him to be a Dom which made me laugh. They kept sneaking off to the tent outside to fuck. She wanted me to join. Problem is I don't Dom with another guy and she's fucked 2 other guys at that party in the past. I actually did consider it. She's not attractive but I'm a slut. So the night kept going and I noticed that Penelope(Pen) and Bob weren't in the same room together for long and he was almost following her. She kept trying to talk to me. I actually heard her refer to him as her hemorrhoid.

As the night wound down it was me and Rita and George and Pen chatting for a bit just shooting the shit. Rita and Roger had been having issues for a long time (he's an alcoholic and won't get help). I've talked to her before and made her think about staying together in the past. She wasn't bring that up in conversation, the reason I do is because we've had some intimate talks and I know she is at least mildly interested in BDSM. I had a feeling Pen was but was holding back. George isn't know to be a blabber mouth but secrets are best kept small.

Well eventually Bob came in to take Pen home and Roger started to hang with us. He's a funny drunk around friends but not so much when friends aren't around (more on that down the road). Eventually Rita got tired, she was getting up to make breakfast for everyone that stayed the night. Everyone pretty much went to bed or left except me George and Roger. We played a card game for a bit then I went to bed. I was thinking of jerking off because I was horny but since it was Rita and Rogers daughters bed I though best not to even if I could contain the mess. I was using my blankets. I laid there listening to Roger and George talk for about 20 min before I drifted off.

This wasn't all that sexy I know but it's necessary background for the next day. And the events of this night really did change my life.

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