tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJunior Takes a Bride

Junior Takes a Bride


"Ain't she a purdy little thing Ma?" the old man with the long white beard said as he stood and looked upon the young red-haired girl.

"She sure is Pa. I think Junior will like her lots!"

"He darn tootin' better Ma or I may have to keep her myself," he said as he wiped the dribble of tobacco juice from his chin and then onto his stained overalls. Ma Carlson elbowed Pa squarely in the rib cage. The old man laughed a hearty laugh and rubbed his rib cage. He loved it when he got a rise out of Ma. "Hells bells Ma, you know I was jest pullin' yer leg!" he said as he laughed one more time.

"Wal, I don't think it's very funny Pa. Not after what I caught you and that young Sally Thompson doin' up in the hayloft a few years ago!"

"Aww hell Ma! That were years ago and everbody knows that young Sally's the town whore and I ain't the only man what's had her."

"Well that don't make it right Pa," Ma said her face losing some of it's redness.

"I'm supposin' yer right Ma. Except it was a fun time I have to readily admit!" He smiled when he thought about Ma chasing the young blonde with a broom as she scampered across the barnyard with her bloomers around her knees. "She looks like a purdy angel Pa. I wonder when she'll wake up?"

"Aw, hell, she'll wake up soon. That moonshine that she had ain't fatal, not even to one of them city slickers. I recon' she'll have one splittin' headache when she's done though!"

"Yep! I suppose you're right Pa!" Ma walked over to the young girl that was passed out on the bed and touched her face. "She'll make a fine bride for Junior. I jest hope she don't run off like that last one we brought home. It's hard to find a woman who will take a cotton to our Junior. He has become such a little sissy boy since we sent him off to that there college in the big city." Pa nodded when he thought about the fact that his son was almost 30 and he'd been slow to take a bride.

"What's sissy boy to us is attractive to them city girls I've heard Ma. I seen it in them magazines down at Parson's General store. All the city girls like that sissified look!"

"Wal, it makes me plum sick," Ma said. "I like my men rugged and handsome like you Pa!"

"An' I like my women fat and sassy like you Ma," he said roaring with laughter. "Now get in there and fix me some vittles before I starve plum to death woman!" The sound of Pa's hand smacking Ma on the ass seemed to roust the young girl.

"Owwwww!" Ma screamed as she rubbed her overweight ass. "That hurt Pa!"

"If you git and start on them vittles right now, I won't do it again. Now Git!"

Ma kissed the old man on the cheek, rubbed her tender bottom and then walked through the door. Pausing, she turned to Pa, "You know that time don't cause the sand to run UP the hourglass," she said as she wiggled her plump backside.

"Yep," Pa said to himself as he pushed the door shut and put the stick through the hasp that served as the lock on the room, "She might be purdy, but there ain't nothin' like a fat woman an' a glass of shine to keep a man warm on a cold winter night."

The attractive woman on the bed started to move around and groan a little. "You sure are a looker girlie," he said as he sat down beside her. His eyes moved down to the front of her slender young body. The top button on her sundress was unbuttoned and he knew that it was just him and her, so he lifted the opening and took a quick peek. The material cast a shadow on her flesh but he could make out her firm tits and her small nipple. "Time to wake up girl," he said shaking her gently. When she didn't move he shook her once again. Seeing no reaction, he took his fingers and began to unbutton the length of her sundress until it fell open. He stood breathlessly for a second or two then he looked at the cleft of her breasts. Her beauty teased his eyes as well as his manly feelings. The dress we open all the way down and he could see her creamy white thighs and crotch of her panties.

The old man felt heart beat a little harder and the circulation in the lower part of his body increased. Pulling her dress open and laying it to each side of her body he licked his lips as her bare tits and her thin bikini cut panties came into full view. Although he could not see her pussy through her cotton crotch, he could see the indentation in between her lips. "Yer tits aren't hardly biggern' large apples" he said as reached forward and took one of her breasts into his hand cupping it gently in the palm. "Yep, don't see how you could ever git enough milk in those little things to suckle a child, but mother nature has a way of taking care of that kind of thing." Gently he fumbled with her breast for a moment and then leaned forward and took it between his callused lips. The tender skin felt good against his tongue and he gently nibbled it and then let it fall from his mouth. "Fresh 'n young," he said as he pulled his head away from her sweet flesh. "A mighty fine little thing," he said as he brushed against her pink nipple one more time. The little pink jewel was standing at attention. Moving his hand to the other, he played with the little bud until it was hard. "Little but nice," he said as he moved his hand from it and put it under her bottom. The nicely muscled flesh felt good against his hand and rolled her over. His male hormones were starting to bubble deep inside him as he looked at her ass in her white panties. He stared at her firm cheeks. "And yer ass ain't even the size of a watermelon. Oh well, I suppose that Junior can fatten you up," he said to himself and the girl that was sleeping.

"Now on to more important things," he said as he released her ass and rolled her over onto her back. Moving to the foot of the bed, Pa took hold of the girl's feet and spread her legs wide. The cotton material was nestled in the slit between her legs. Smiling, he rubbed his now semi hard member as he looked down on the young girl. It had been so many years since he'd seen anything this lovely. Not since he and that little whore Sally Thompson had been interrupted by Ma. Even then, Sally's pussy lips looked like two pieces of chopped liver. Pa's cock was straining at the opening of his bib overalls and he unbuttoned his fly, releasing his large uncircumcised rod from its confines. His breathing became somewhat labored as he continued looking down at her and he began stroking his prick. "Mighty fine catch. Mighty fine," he said as he moved beside the girl. With his free hand he moved between her legs and felt the natural heat through her panties. Hooking his fingers into the leg, he pulled them to the side and smiled when he saw her freshly trimmed red bush. The hair looked so much softer than Ma's. He thought about his wife's unshaven muff and looked down on hers with a curiosity. "City girls!" he said as he stared at her cropped pubic mound.

"One more thing to check," he said as he moved his hand between her legs. With his thumb and ring finger he spread the girl's vaginal lips wide and his middle finger moved to the opening of her pussy. "Better make sure her breedin' equipment is ok," he said as he pushed his finger deep into her warm moist pussy. The girl began to moan a little as he pushed his finger as far as he could. The girl moved against his finger and clamped tightly around it. "Damn, she's tighter 'n a mouse's ear," he said almost too loudly. "Don't know if she'll be big enough to take Junior, but nature's got a way of taking care of that too." Pa left his finger inserted into her vagina as he stroked his prick. The girl’s pussy muscles milked at his finger as he stroked himself faster now. His finger moved in and out of her little pussy at the same rhythm as his hand was pumping his dick. He pulled his finger out and put another one beside it and pushed both of them into her sweet tender lips. "I might keep her myself," he just kept repeating as he finger fucked the young woman. Soon he could feel that familiar pressure build deep inside his groin and he knew within a few seconds that he was going to blow his wad. Slipping his fingers out of her pussy, he pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and stroked himself until his cock dumped his large load of semen into it.

"I bet you're hungry youngun'," he said as he walked up to the head of the bed. He pulled the foreskin back from his dick and rubbed the dripping head across her lips. Instinctively, like a baby, the girl sucked the head of his prick into her mouth and he let her suck till the head became too tender. He removed his cock from her mouth and stuffed the cum soaked rag back into his pocket and his dick back in his overalls. He quickly buttoned the girl's dress back and just when he was on the last button, a loud knock came on the door.

"Pa! Pa! Don't you have a few more chores to git done before vittles?" Ma yelled through the wooden barrier.

"Yes Ma. Gol-Dangit! I'll git them done. I'm jest trying to wake the city girl up! Now go on, leave me be!" Pa could hear Ma's footsteps as she made her way back to the kitchen. "Ohhhhhh shit," the girl moaned moving around on the bed. "W-w-where am I," she asked as she began to slowly open her bloodshot eyes. Pa didn't answer because he knew that when someone was coming out of a shine stupor they didn't even know where they were for a while. "Where am I?" the girl asked once again.

"Yer safe youngun'. Now don't you worry yer purdy little head 'bout it. Yer safe and we'll take care of you till yer well." Pa stroked the young girl's pretty red hair.

"I don't feel too safe," the girl said as she struggled to pull herself up in bed. "My head hurts so bad and I've got one awful taste in my mouth!" Pa did his best not to laugh at the girl.

"Of course yer head hurts girl. That shine'll get you ever time if'n you ain't used to it. What's yer name anyway little bit?"

"Glenda," the girl groaned. "Glenda Colbert," she said as she fought the pain in her head.

"Wal Glenda, Glenda Colbert," my name's Jessie but ever one around these here parts just calls me Pa."

"Pa?" the young girl asked. "Is there a Ma?" she asked eyeing the old coot.

"Dang sure is youngun'," he said smiling proudly. "She's in the kitchen fixin' us a mess of vittles!"

"Oh that's just swell! I don't suppose your last name is Kettle?" she asked teasing the old man. Pa shook his head. "No it ain't little girl, but we seen them down at the piture show a few years back. As you can tell, I'm a might heftier than he is," he said as he rubbed his stomach through his bibs.

"That's for sure mister," she said. "Oh damn my head hurts so bad and I've got such a nasty taste in my mouth. Do you have anything for it?" The old man smiled as he thought about her unconsciously sucking the semen from the end of his dick. "Happens that I do young missy!" The old man picked up a jug and poured a little clear mixture into a cup. "Drink this and it will help you clear your head. What brings you to these parts anyway girlie?"

Glenda took a sip of the strong liquid in the cup. "Damn that burns," she said as she sat the cup down. That tastes like the stuff I drank when I found that big copper kettle out in the woods."

"Yer right girlie. It's shine. It's a might strong for city folks. So answer me girlie. What brings you out in this neck of the woods anyway?"

"Census," she said matter of factly.

"Hmmph!" Pa said. "Damn gov'ment always sticking their noses into honest folks business."

Glenda took another sip of the strong drink. "You say this stuff is called shine?" she asked.

"Yep!" Pa said proudly. "It's the best shine in these here hills. That is 'cept my special stuff that I keep locked away. So now tell me why were you drinking my shine anyway? Yer not a rev'noor are you"

"Census I told you. I was taking my forms to the people in these mountains and I got lost in the woods. I was tired and so thirsty. I saw some jugs sitting there and I thought I'd have a sip. It burned like hell when it went down, but it was liquid I figured, so decided to drink till I wasn't thirsty any more. Unfortunately, I passed out before I was finished. If I'd known how potent that stuff was, I'd have kept on walking!"

Pa took the cup from her hand. "Yer head a little better now girlie?" he asked as he stood up.

"A little," she said as she tried to set up. Pa reached forward and took her by the arm and positioned her on the edge of the bed.

"Good. Now git yerself up 'n around and git ready fer dinner missy." Pa turned, unbolted the door and walked out. Glenda was feeling a bit hungry so she made her way onto her wobbly legs. The food smelled good as she walked into the kitchen.

"That smells so good," she said as she took a deep breath. The kitchen was simple but clean. "Wal, don't jest stand there girl! Get some plates out of the cupboard an' help me git them vittles on the table!" Glenda nodded to Ma and opened the cupboard and took some metal plates out and set them on the table. Ma smiled at her and then she took some silverware out of the drainer and sat them down.

"That's right purdy girl," Ma said as she saw the way she had set the table. "You'll make a fine wife when you find the right man! You can cook cain't you girl?"

"I can cook a little ma'am," she said.

"Jus' call me Ma like ever body else 'round these here parts do.

"Ok Ma," she said. "My cooking's getting better. I can't cook anything that looks this good though!" Ma smiled as she sat the turkey down.

"Wal, this is a special occasion you know!" Ma said beaming with pride.

"Special occasion?" Glenda asked.

"Yep! First we have company and then we are going to celebrate Junior getting married!"

"Well congratulations Ma!" Glenda exclaimed. "Junior's your son I suppose?"

"Yep. He'll make a fine groom." The table was set and everything looked fine. Ma walked to the front door and opening it, the clang of the dinner bell could be heard for miles. "Sit missy. Junior 'n Pa will be here shortly." Glenda sat down at the place where Ma had motioned. This is so nice, she thought as she looked around the table. She'd heard of these people being hospitable but all she ever got while she was taking the census was doors being slammed in her face.

"Dang that smells good Ma!" she heard a man say. Glenda looked up and in through the door a mountain of a man walked in. Glenda could hear her heart thump in her chest when she saw him. He was well over 6' tall and his shoulders were broad and his hips were narrow. Sparkling blue eyes twinkled in the evening light that was peeking through the kitchen window. He pushed back his black wavy hair with his hand and stood by the table and smiled at Glenda.

"Hello pretty lady," he said as smiled a wide grin.

"Hello. You must be Junior," she said extending her hand to him.

"Pleased to meet you......." he trailed off.

"Glenda," she said a trickle of perspiration beginning to form on her forehead.

"Well pleased to meet you Glenda," he said.

"Well it's about time vittles were done Ma," she heard Pa bellow as he stomped his feet and walked into the house. "I'm hungry enough to eat the butthole out of a bear!" Pa sat down and looked into the face of his wife.

"Pa!" Ma scolded. "We've got company tonight, lets you fergit!"

"Hell, she ain't company Ma. I think we're gonna keep her," Pa said as he laughed loudly.

Glenda blushed and smiled nervously when Pa said that. Junior sat down and then Ma took her place. "Let's bow our heads kin," he said. "Bless this food Lord. Bless this family. Bless this farm. Thank ye! Amen!" Pa looked up. "Alright folks, let's chow down!" Glenda sat back and a whir of bowls and forks and knives went moving around the table. It was amazing at the speed of which these people piled their plates. There wasn't a lot of conversation during dinner. It was obvious that the main thing on people's minds was to get their bellies full. Turkey, potatoes, carrots, salad, bread and the list went on and on of the food that was consumed by this family of three and their guest.

"You better git to eatin' honey, or Junior'll have it scarfed down and there won't be any left," Ma laughed.

"Hell Ma, you forgit, she's city folks and they eat slower than we do so if she would rather mind her manners than eat then it's her loss," said Pa.

Ma elbowed Pa and he laughed and then Ma laughed and they all joined in together. As soon as dinner had began, it was over and the men sat at the table while Ma and Glenda cleaned it off. They discussed the prices of crops and cattle while the women finished the dishes. When they were done, a large jug and glasses were placed on the table and everyone sat down and a glass was poured for them. "Drink up everone," Pa said. "It's a day of celebration you know," he said as he took a big swallow. They all lifted their glasses and joined in and although it stung on the way down, it gave Glenda a pleasant feeling.

"Mmmmm. This is good Pa Carlson," Glenda said. "What is it?"

"Wal, thank ye ma'am. It's the same thing you had a bit earlier excpet it's my special celebration shine! That stuff you had earlier in the morn is just my old ever day shine."

Glenda took another sip. "I like this a lot better," she said as she took a larger sip. "Oh by the way, what are we celebrating again?" she asked her head still in a funk from her shine hangover.

Junior looked at Pa and then over to Ma. "Haven't you told her yet Ma?" he asked.

"The time just weren't right Junior," Ma said trying to avert his glare.

"Well don't you think it's time to tell her?" he asked.

Ma fidgeted a little and then took a long drink from her glass. Looking at Glennda she said, "Our Junior's gittin' hitched!"

"Hitched?" asked Glenda?

"Yeah girl. You know, hitched! Married!" Ma said as she poured a little more into her and Glenda's glass.

"Oh yeah, now I remember. Well congratulations Junior," Glenda said as she lifted her glass to the young man. Taking a long draw from her glass, she felt her head begin to get woozy. "When is the happy day going to be?"

"It's today Glenda," Junior said a look of seriousness coming across his handsome face.

"Wow!" she said. "Too bad. I think I could go for a guy like you," she said as the moonshine began to take control of her tongue. "I'll bet there's a lot of disappointed girls around here."

"Not really," Ma chimed in, "Since we sent Junior down to that fancy college in the city the girls kinda' went their own way. Kinda' figured he'd have picked up someone like that Mary Jane over in the next mile section but he didn't."

"Ma!" Junior scolded. "She's barely 13!"

"In my day anyone over 14 was considered an old maid!" Ma said not appreciating her son's disrespectful tone.

"Well things are different now days. Isn't that right Glenda?" he asked.

"Uh, well yes most of the time. It's 16 some places, 18 most places now." Ma poured a little more into her glass. "This stuff is making me light headed again." Pa smiled at Junior and then winked at Ma. "So what's the lucky girl's name Junior?"

"Well, it's Glenda," Junior said his voice quieting a bit.

"Well that's great! That's odd to have the name of the girl you are going to marry. There aren't that many Glenda's around you know," she said, giggling from the effects of the alcohol.

A knock sounded at the door. Pa stood up and walked to it and pulled it open. "Well howdy Revernd! Glad you could come on such short notice!" he said. In through the door walked a tall bald headed man who was not very attractive at all.

"You're welcome brother Carlson," the man with a bible in his hand said. "Is the bride and groom ready?" he asked as he took his place at the table.

"I don't rightly know for sure. You read Junior?" he asked.

"Yeah. I think so Pa," he said as he nervously looked around the room.

"How about the bride," the preacher asked?

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