Just a Game Ch. 01


Holy fuck. That was definitely not the kind of thoughts a guy would be having about his little sister. As he attempted to will his sudden painful erection to deflate, he tuned back into the conversation.

"I'd get you off myself if I thought you'd let me, but you don't appear to be drunk enough for that," Jill said in a matter of fact tone.

And there went his dick again.

"There's got to be a guy around here we can recruit for such a worthy cause. One that's not related to you, of course."

"Avery, don't even start."

"What? I'm just saying. The Dick isn't getting any less attractive and the way he was looking at you-"

"Shut up Aves. First off, I have a boyfriend so there will be no recruiting of anyone. Second, it doesn't matter how attractive he is, he's still The Dick. And third, you're full of shit; he wasn't looking at me any way."

There was a long pause during which Gabe ran through the possibilities of who The Dick might be and came up blank.

"God, he is hot though."

There was just enough frustrated desire in Cassie's husky voice that Gabe gave up entirely on getting his dick under control. Who the fuck was she talking about?

"Seriously, seriously hot," Jill chimed in. "I mean, a lot of guys from high school you look at now and wonder what you ever saw in them, but he just keeps getting better."

"He and Aaron both," Avery muttered.

Oh shit.

"Yeah, but we're talking about getting Cass off, not you, Aves. And I noticed him looking too, Cass. I'm pretty sure it wasn't your new socks he was drooling over."

His jaw dropped when he realized they were talking about him. And that they caught him checking out Cassie's legs. And that they were calling him a dick.

"I think we should stop talking about getting Cass off and put a cork in this bottle of wine. I'm officially too drunk when I start fantasizing about The Dick."

Gabe was having a very hard time keeping himself from walking in there and demanding...well, he wasn't sure if he wanted to demand they continue talking about getting Cassie off or if he wanted to demand to know why they were calling him a dick.

"Oh please, like you ever stopped fantasizing about him."

Wait, what?

"Shut up, Jill," Avery and Cassie said at the same time.

"Why? It's true. We all know you act like you hate him when what you really hate is that you can't stop wanting him."

There was another long pause and then a jingling sound close enough to make Gabe panic and jump into the guest bathroom to get out of sight. He hadn't thought his heart could beat any harder than it had been after what Jill said, but now it was pounding so loud in his ears he was afraid Cassie might hear.

Through the crack in door he watched her walk down the hall toward the kitchen, socks jingling, the empty bottle of wine clutched in her hand. Her shoulders were pulled tightly up to her neck in a posture he recognized as indicating a state of being royally-fucking-pissed-off when Aaron was doing it.

"You shouldn't say things like that to her," Avery gently admonished.

"Why the fuck not? She's been holding that grudge for way too long; she needs to get over it. Gabe's a nice guy, he doesn't deserve her attitude. Even if he doesn't notice it."

"I know, but making her feel stupid about it is just going to make it worse."

"You're the one who brought him up. I was just trying to give her a push."

"I think you might have pushed too hard."

Jill heaved a sigh that was audible even from where Gabe hid. "Fine, I'll apologize. But I should probably go soon. I'm still pretty drunk and can't promise I won't say more stupid shit."

"Alright. Hey, what were you saying earlier about your roommate teaching you some tricks?"

The laugh that came from Jill was full of lusty promise. "At least one of you is drunk enough to go for it. Walk home with me and I'll show you exactly what I was talking about. You can spend the night."

They went on to discuss trying out some of Jill's toys in a conversation that would normally have brought Gabe to his knees, but he hardly heard a word. His mind was occupied with trying to figure out why it felt like his world had been rocked off balance. Cassie hated him? Cassie wanted him?

He'd known she had a crush on him when she was younger. It had been the source of a few moments of embarrassment for him in high school when she was still a scrawny freshman following him around like a puppy, but he thought she'd gotten over it when he went off to college. In fact, she'd hardly acknowledged him since then except the occasional snarky comment in passing.

Of course in retrospect it was obvious. What he'd taken for sullen teen behavior and good-natured teasing must have been her understated way of brushing him off and being rude, but he'd never paid enough attention to really pick up on it.

Well, he was paying attention now. She'd grown up quite a bit in the last few years. With a body like hers he couldn't exactly avoid noticing it, but she was still Aaron's little sister and he'd known her forever so he'd cut off those thoughts before they could take hold.

Okay, so maybe he indulged occasionally, but hell when she was wearing tiny little khaki shorts like she had on tonight with those long toned dancer's legs stretching out below them, he could hardly be blamed for taking notice.

Avery and Jill followed Cassie to the kitchen a few minutes later carrying the mostly empty snack bowls and Gabe took the opportunity to slip back up the stairs. As he approached Aaron's room he noticed the door was closed and realized that in his long absence they must have found something to occupy themselves with other than the playstation.

With a wicked grin Gabe rattled the doorknob loudly, confirming it was locked, then rapped on the door a few times. "Hey man, what's up? You accidentally locked the door."

"Fuck off!" Aaron's muffled voice was punctuated by a loud moan from Shelly and Gabe walked away chuckling to himself at the thought that her voice didn't sound nearly as obnoxious when it came out like that.

He stood at the top of the stairs leaning on the railing overlooking the front door and wondering what he should do. No, he knew what he should do. He should go home, kick his sandbag for a while to work off some of this excess energy, and then go to bed. Alone. That was what he should do, but damned if he could bring himself to do it.

What he wanted to do was go down there and show Cassie exactly what she was missing going out with losers who didn't know what to do with that luscious body of hers. He wanted to prove to her that there was nothing wrong with her except maybe bad judgment when it came to picking guys. He wanted to slide his hands up those long legs, spread them wide, tease her with his fingers, then his tongue, maybe his teeth. He wanted to push her right to the edge and keep her there until she was begging and then he'd give her something she'd never forget.

He caught himself running his tongue along his top lip in anticipation, his fingers tapping the railing impatiently, his dick pressing uncomfortably against the inside of his pants. Apparently his body considered itself fully recruited to the cause. But really, what was wrong with that? They may have grown up together, but she wasn't his sister. And yeah, she was younger than him, but only by four years. If it were any other twenty-year-old he wouldn't hesitate. Well...yeah he probably would, but the point was they were both adults. She could always just say no if she wasn't interested.

Goddamn, what the fuck was wrong with him? This was Aaron's little sister. This was Cassie. No, he couldn't do it. For a lot of reasons, not the least of which being that Aaron would tear him apart, he was going to have to just go down there, say goodbye, and go home to take a cold shower.

He'd just made it to the bottom of the stairs when Avery and Jill passed him on their way out, still giggling. Jill was twirling her little red thong around on one finger and turned to him with a huge grin as she brushed past.

"If you're looking for something to eat, there's something sweet in the kitchen."

Avery's jaw dropped and she hit Jill on the arm and dragged her out the door telling her to shut her drunk ass up. Had Gabe not heard their conversation earlier he might have been confused as hell, but as it was he felt the blood rush to his dick at the thought. Oh hell yes, he bet she was sweet and he was dying to find out for himself.

No. Decision made. Not gonna happen. She was Aaron's sister and he was...well he was The Dick apparently. Even if he had no idea why.


Cass was still fuming about what Jill had said as she cleaned up the kitchen. Not so much because it was untrue, but because it was obviously true and she hated that Jill threw it in her face like that. Her crush started right around the time she was beginning to notice boys and it just never let up. Still to this day she'd occasionally catch herself daydreaming about him, indulging in half-formed fantasies that would leave her breath short and her heart beating fast. The fact that she couldn't seem to stop was part of the reason she made such a show about hating him.

That and old habits die hard. They'd been calling Gabe The Dick for years, but it didn't really mean anything anymore. Throughout their adolescence he'd borne the brunt of all their anger and frustration with males; or at least all of Cass's and her best friends went along with her. Not that he noticed; he seemed to see it all as a game. He teased and insulted her back, but there was never any heat in it. He treated her like an annoying little sister.

Which just pissed her off even more.

At any rate, she knew she'd been clinging to her grudge for far too long, but he'd hurt her at such a fragile point in her life that it was hard to let go of being mad at him. Especially since letting go of being mad would mean she was left feeling like a sad loser who never got over her unrequited childhood crush.

Which is exactly what she was, but that didn't mean she wanted to acknowledge it.

And if she stopped avoiding him, or when that failed being rude to him, he was bound to notice that she could hardly look at him without blushing; could barely speak when he was around without stumbling over her words.

It was ridiculous. She was a grown woman...well a mostly grown woman, and she knew she was attractive. Dancing kept her body lean and in shape, even if her breasts were on the small side, and she was blessed with pretty features and gorgeous hair. She never had trouble meeting guys or talking to them, but despite all that, somehow just being around Gabe made her feel like a stupid little kid again.

"You trying to scrub the Santas off that bowl?"

Cass jumped and dropped the bowl in the sink with a loud clatter. She didn't turn and look at Gabe, hiding her blush and afraid he'd notice she wasn't wearing a bra. Instead she picked the bowl up and rinsed it while she attempted to get her pounding heart under control.

"Aren't there virtual people you should be shooting with a virtual gun in a virtual war of some kind?"

"War's on pause. Shelly got a hold of Aaron's joystick."

"Ew, I really didn't want to know that."

"All's fair in love and war."

"Love? Is that what that is?"

"Well, it sounded like she was loving it from outside the door."

"Oh my god, stop. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

"Why? There's nothing wrong with having a little fun is there?"

Cass froze. His voice suddenly came from right behind her, so close she'd have sworn she could feel the heat from his body against her back, but he wasn't touching her. Her heart pounded loud in her ears and a wave of dizziness washed over her. Was she still drunk?

As she stared down at the sink wondering what she should do she saw his hands come down on the counter on either side of her and then he was touching her. His chest leaned lightly against her back, not quite pressing her into the counter. Cass slowly lowered the bowl into the sink and braced her hands against the counter to hide their shaking.

"I mean, we're all adults here, right? If adults want to spend some...free time with each other...enjoy a little...physical recreation...there's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

Cass's head shook side to side, almost of its own accord. She couldn't speak even if she wanted to, her breath was coming so shallow and her brain seemed to have turned into mush. If she could have enunciated her thoughts they would have been something like, "ohmygodohmygodohmygod."

When he brushed her hair back off her neck and laid it over her shoulder she shuddered and then his hot breath hit her neck and she felt the warmth bloom throughout her body.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you look in this sweater?" He murmured the question against her skin, his hand sliding around her waist, fingering the soft fuzz. "With no bra on."

Her eyes tracked the progress of his hand as it slid higher and rested just below her breast. She could clearly see both nipples straining against the fabric, aching to be touched. The soft knit suddenly felt prickly against her skin and she realized she had goose bumps.

One thumb flicked over her tight nipple and she jerked back against him. His arm tightened around her waist to steady her and his knee came up between hers, pushing her legs slightly apart to support some of her weight. If she arched back against him just a little she'd be able to feel...yep, there it was. Oh god, The Dick's dick was pressing against her ass. She suppressed a hysterical giggle and leaned back harder.

There was a low moan from behind her and somehow knowing she was affecting him at least a little bit gave her her voice back, though it came out as a whisper and shakier than she'd have liked. "What...what are you doing?" His fingers had found the bare skin between her sweater and shorts and was inching along it toward the button in front.

"Do you want me to stop?" His voice was a whisper in her ear, more felt than heard, and the only response she could come up with was a weak whimper. She didn't know if she wanted him to stop. Or, more accurately, hell no she didn't want him to stop, but she was afraid if she thought too hard about it she'd panic. He smelled so nice, like sandalwood, and when she leaned back against him he felt warm and solid and just so damn good. And his hands...no she definitely did not want him to stop.

"Cassie?" His fingers closed on her aching nipple, pinching at it through her sweater. A rush of heat hit her between her legs and in her face as her breath caught in her throat. His hand drifted lower, cupping her over her shorts. She could feel the warmth if it seeping through the fabric, searing her skin. "What do you want, baby?"

"Don't stop," she whispered, her hips lifting against his hand.

It seemed like everything happened at once after that; she couldn't keep track even though she was trying to record it all in her memory as it happened. One hand slid under her sweater, his firm touch soothing and torturing her at the same time, while the other hand pulled open the button on her shorts and slipped inside.

They moaned together as his fingers found their way into her panties, brushing her outer lips with soft strokes, one finger sliding along the crease where they met, teasing them apart.

"Oh Cassie, babe you're soaked."

He was kissing her now, licking along her jaw and sucking the soft skin under her ear into his mouth. Cass had just a moment to register how good it felt before one finger slipped inside her and drew all her attention. He played with her for a while, teasing and touching, before settling into a pattern of slow circles around her clit.

His other hand continued to toy with her nipples, rolling first one then the other between his fingers, plucking and tugging them mercilessly. It wasn't long before her hips were moving in time with him, riding his thigh where it was pressed against her ass, mentally willing him to touch her where she needed it most. Without thinking about it she stepped her legs a little further apart to give him more access.

"Does that feel good?" His finger continued to tease, moving in tantalizing circles faster and with more pressure, but still not quite touching her clit except the occasional accidental brush. She could hear his ragged breath in her ear and tried to bite back her own urge to groan with each exhale.

"Yes, please don't stop." She didn't recognize her own voice, it was so low and husky. And she didn't know when she moved her hands but they were clutching his biceps, the taut muscles rolling under her fingers as she held him tight.

His deep chuckle vibrated through her body. "No, babe, I'm not gonna stop until you come so hard I have to cover your mouth to keep the neighbors from hearing."

Anxiety crept in, displacing the heat of desire. He was expecting...oh god what if she couldn't do it? Her back stiffened and her fingers dug into his arms, not quite pulling them away.

"Stop thinking so hard. Relax. Don't think...about anything...but my finger." His voice had dropped to a deep husky whisper and his finger stopped moving at the very tip of her crease, pressing into the little hollow just above her clit. She held her breath, half afraid he wouldn't start again and half afraid he would.

One more slow circle down and around and he stopped again. Just when she thought he'd never move...he did. Using his finger like an insistent pendulum he flicked her clit back and forth, pressing hard, steady and relentless, stimulating her nerves so intensely they sent crazy messages up her spine making her legs tremble uncontrollably. Her knees buckled, but he held onto her, never letting up, never slowing, whispering unnecessary words of encouragement in her ear.

She didn't need to let go; her control was wrenched from her grip and she couldn't have held onto it even if she'd wanted to.

The orgasm hit her within seconds, hard and sudden, with no time to think about what her face looked like or worry about what kinds of sounds she was making. At some point he'd pulled her bottom lip from between her teeth and pressed the meaty pad at the base of his thumb against her lips with the command to bite down and she had, sinking her teeth in and sucking his salty skin hard as she let loose a moan approaching a scream into his hand.

Her head was spinning and her breath was coming in desperate gasps as she started to come down. Far beyond any little climax she'd ever given herself alone in the quiet of the night; that had been an incredibly intense, body wracking experience. But it left her with an empty ache deep inside that she longed to fill. She wanted more. She needed more. She needed him inside her. The thought had barely formed when his finger slipped inside her, pressing deep.

"Jesus that was beautiful, Cassie. Do it for me again."

A deep moan of approval escaped her as another finger joined the first one and they began to move in and out at a slow steady pace. But he wasn't just pistoning into her, it felt like he was caressing her inside, slow deliberate strokes designed to stoke the fire deep within her. His free hand found its way back under her sweater to cup her breast, his thumb sweeping around and around her erect nipple, occasionally flicking or pinching it.

Just as she felt the slow build of pleasure begin again, he stopped. With a soft curse he slipped his hand from between her legs and moved his knee, holding her hips until she was somewhat steady on her feet. With a deft flick he buttoned her shorts and then quickly turned away, leaving her back feeling strangely cold in his absence.

Breathless, confused, and frustrated beyond belief at being cut off when she was so close, Cass clung to the counter like a lifeline, staring down into the sink, wondering what the hell had just happened. When she finally got the courage to look over her shoulder at Gabe he was closing the fridge with two beers in his hand. Setting one on the counter he opened the other and looked at her with a shit-eating grin.

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