tagErotic HorrorJust a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer


I think it's nearly dawn. I can detect light in the room, but my eyelids aren't really open. My breathing is normal and not too deep, although my heart rate has gone up a little, but that's just excitement, I think.

Beside me, Mark stirs briefly, and I feel a surge of excitement rush through me. Maybe this is it. Maybe he'll awaken and we can try out our plan. I can feel the moisture begin to seep out of me. He has to notice my scent of arousal; I can smell myself, why can't he smell my musk? I concentrate my entire focus on attempting to make a sound as I exhale, and thrill to the little growl-like sound I finally produce. It seems loud to me, but I don't think he heard it. Please wake up, Mark! It's time!

It's been almost a year since I started to experience minor episodes of sleep paralysis, and about a month since they became more pronounced and began to last for longer periods of time. It's hard to measure time when you are in a state of total waking paralysis. Monkey mind takes over and it's difficult to concentrate. The first few times were a little scary, but after that, it became kind of like forced meditation, and I began to look forward to it.

I have to admit that I've had a thing about amputees and paraplegics all of my adult life. I would classify myself as a devotee, for sure, but I'd never go to the point of injuring myself to become the object of my desire; I have tied up the odd leg or arm for a while, and Mark has indulged me. He actually has begun to look forward to my flights of fancy, partly to make me happy, but also because I get so incredibly randy that I fuck him senseless afterward. I approached Mark with the subject of my SP carefully, and my instincts were right. At first, he thought the whole thing was kind of creepy (actually, I think the term 'Necrophilia' was mentioned at least once), but after my carefully crafted plea, he agreed to try it.

"Imagine," I explained, "awakening to the fact that your senses are acutely active; you can feel smell and hear everything around you in exquisite detail. You can feel the sheets upon your skin, smell the shampoo on the hair of the person next to you. You hear their breathing and feel your heart beating in your chest, but you cannot move a muscle anywhere. If your eyes are partially open, you can see what they are pointed at, but you can't move them. If they are closed, you are blind. Your chest rises and falls in a peaceful rhythm; a rhythm you cannot interrupt or hasten in order to speak. Type "A" personality be damned, you are absolutely helpless in the truest form of the word. Now imagine the person next to you awakening with the knowledge that you are totally in their care. They can do anything in the world their hearts desire to you and with you, and you have neither the power to complain nor compliment, acquiesce nor assist. It is absolutely the ultimate in submission; bondage with no strings attached, literally."

"And you have no problem with that, is that what I hear you saying, Kate?" he asked.

"I trust you with my life and my heart, Mark. As long as it is done in love and pleasure for you, I will place absolutely no boundaries upon this experience. None. And there will be no guilt or recrimination later, OK?" I made eye contact with him as I said the last word, and then I took his hands and kissed them. "I absolutely can't wait for this. I just don't have any idea when it will happen, or how I'll let you know."

"How long will I have with you?" he asked.

"As far as I can tell, they've been lasting about 45 minutes and getting longer. I don't know if I will come out of it as you begin to push your big dick into me or not. I hope not with all my heart," I smiled.

Mark stirred again, then turned toward me, put his arm over my shoulder and drew me to him. My head tipped back and my face turned up to the top of the bed. I could feel my mouth sag open slightly. Mark picked up my head and turned it to face him, and then he pushed my eyelids closed. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me. The feeling of his lips on mine was electric. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and bit softly. The little flash of pain surged to my pussy, and I felt it clench in passion.

Shit! He's leaving! He left the bed, my ears straining to hear as he went to the side of the bedroom, where I heard him call his boss and take a sick day, and then he turned up the gas stove and lit some candles. A trip to the bathroom was next, and he brushed his teeth and returned to me.

Mark pulled the covers back and moved me onto my back. He sucked my fingers into his mouth one by one, and then placed my hands on my breasts, an index finger on each nipple. "I want you to feel your nipples as they stiffen and get big, Kate. Don't you wish you could take them in your fingers and pinch them, just a little bit? Oh, that's right. You can't do anything, can you? You're my little Barbie Doll today, Kate. Here, let me."

Mark took my fingers and thumbs and pinched my nips with them, just a little. The feelings of pleasure burned through my limp body and would normally have resulted in my arching into his hands, but my breathing didn't even change as I reveled in the tactile rush. He spread my legs wide, my knees straight, and lay between them. I felt his breath on my pussy, and it began to blossom open as he ran his fingers lightly around the outer edges of my sex. A sudden heat bloomed there as he placed a warm washcloth on me. He was going to shave me! I heard the buzz of electric clippers, and felt the coolness of the steel as they trimmed my bush down short. The hiss of the shaving cream can was followed by the smell of the lather as he rubbed it in. the shaving was slow and very sensuous, Mark's fingers dipping into me a little way as he worked.

"Hold the razor for me, OK? I have to get more water to rinse. Oh, that's right. You can't," he said. "Wait. I found a place to put it." The next thing I felt was the razor handle sliding into my anus. It was warm, and even though I knew what it was, it felt enormous inside me.

Soon, the lather was rinsed away, and the razor was replaced by Mark's probing finger as he lapped at my entrance. My fingers felt like lead as my nipples struggled to rise underneath them, and my mouth sagged as I began to drool onto my pillow. Mark sucked my clit into his mouth and pulled on it. It felt as big as a finger as he flicked at it. His index finger stroked my G-spot as his middle finger rolled inside my ass.

My orgasm struck like a white-hot cobra. I heard my pussy gaping and clenching at Mark's finger as I came. The pleasure was off the scale as my uterus tried to climb onto Mark's hand, and I could visualize the pleasure as it traveled around my body in great looping swirls, leaping from nipples to clit to ass to pussy. I felt my abdomen pulsing as my come crashed around inside it. My breathing had increased in depth, and my mouth pursed and blew as I expelled my breath.

Mark got up on his knees and bent over my face. He turned my head to look at him, and placed his mouth on mine. He dipped his tongue inside my mouth and licked the roof of my mouth, then tilted both of our heads over and literally sucked the saliva from my mouth into his. He rose to his knees and let the spit fall out onto my pussy.

"It's a shame to waste all that good lubrication," He said, and then his cock was in me to the hilt. His knees went under mine and he leaned back, bringing my limp body up off the bed, my arms dangling, my head lolling back. It felt as if I was suspended in space by his prick, and I felt a little dizzy as my head rolled. Mark's hands slid up my back and he brought my face to his. I felt his tongue on my lips, and then he found my limp tongue and sucked it deeply into his mouth. The feeling was incredible. He pulled back, leaving my tongue hanging out of my mouth. A quick twist, and I was on him, my arms draped on the bed, fingers slightly curled. He turned my head to the right and slid my eyes open so that I could observe myself in the big mirror near the bed.

The vision was surreal. Mark was looking at us too, and our eyes met; mine half closed and unfocused, partially hidden by my mouse-brown, sleep tousled hair, his laser-like with intensity. My tongue hung from my mouth, leaving a string of saliva oozing down Mark's shoulder. His hips pistoned up and down, my ass jiggling limply as he smacked into me. I watched, fascinated, as my right breast, formerly a cupcake-like small 'B' cup, but now an empty sack from nursing three children, slapped back and forth between the back of my arm and Mark's elbow. My dark brown nipple, swollen and pebbled with lust, vibrated as it swung. My cunt started to contract around Mark's cock as I approached another orgasm, and as I crested, he pumped his hot seed deep into my body. I could plainly feel the mouth of my cunt kissing the base of his cock as I moaned and blinked slowly.

Mark's eyes looked deeply into mine as I felt the very beginnings of control return to my body. A sad smile appeared on his face as he said, "It's not time for you to wake up yet, Kate. I'm very sorry." Blocking my nostrils with his cheek, he placed his mouth on mine. As he took the breath from my lungs, he patted my back softly and stroked his newly rigid cock slowly in and out of my body.

I heard a roar like a train coming out of a tunnel and into my brain as my vision dimmed for the last time, and as I left my body and drifted toward the ceiling of our home, I heard Mark say, "Just a little longer, Kate. Just a little longer."

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