tagAnalJust a Poker Chip

Just a Poker Chip

bySean Renaud©

"Where are we going?" Karen asked staring out the window. She'd been sitting quietly in the passenger seat of her Toyota RAV4 for the last hour. She hated the outfit she was wearing, it made her feel. . .dirty. The fishnet skirt came down to the middle of her thighs but it was meant to be worn over another skirt, not alone. Alone it didn't conceal her flesh it just gave her normally honey colored flesh a bronzed hue. The top was a black corset that squeezed her tits up and together almost to her chin. The star shaped nipple shields she wore were easily visible through the thin lace fabric covering her breasts. It had taken her nearly an hour to get her hair up into the French bun and apply her make up, dark blue eye shadow and ruby red lipstick.

Janet didn't take her eyes off the dusty road for a second. She didn't need to see Karen to backhand her across the cheek. " If I was going to tell you what the fuck you'd be up to darkie I would have told you by now." Karen's head snapped to the side colliding with the head rest when she was slapped but otherwise she didn't move, not a whimper at all. She'd gotten used to her mother-in-law using slapping her around. "What you need to understand is that you're on your best behavior. If you embarrass me at my game I'll be showing your husband what a fucking slut you are." Karen didn't need to be reminded of the axe hovering over her head threatening to put her out on the streets at a moment's notice. "When you get there just do as you're told, I know you know how to be a good house slave. I've seen you do it for my boys a thousand times." A few months ago that word would have thrown Karen into a fit that likely would have given Janet an impressive black eye. Now she barely flinched at the slur, choosing instead to remain silent and staring at the barren fields on either side of the two lane street. She knew that Janet was in control, as long as she had those pictures of her masturbating she owned Karen.

It took another half and hour for them to arrive at a trailer park called Green Hills parking in a grass field loosely designated as a parking lot. At least that's what Karen assumed the concrete bumpers designated. It was hard to tell by any other way. Even the cars were only loosely parked in patterns. Janet hopped out of the car and handed Karen several grocery bags, finally grabbing a bottle of wine that she carried. "Follow me. You stay behind me where you belong." Karen was straining to carry all of the bags she'd been saddled with so she couldn't have sped up enough to pass Janet if she'd wanted to it was hard enough keeping up. The black heels she wore keep getting stuck in the soft grassy soil.

She could hear the people whispering as she walked by and feel their eyes leering at her exposed flesh. Most of them were old whites but even the minorities sitting on their lawns didn't have kind words for the nearly nude woman walking through the park. She's married. Not even enough respect to take it off. Suddenly it felt like her wedding ring was red hot and searing into her skin as she realized just how nasty a slut she was. She didn't even respect her husband enough to take the ring off before she went whoring around like this. A wave of relief passed over Karen as she stepped into the double wide trailer and started setting the groceries out onto the counter where they belonged.

"When you're finished with that you can set out a bowl of chips and dip, make margaritas and then get started on dinner." Karen responded with a polite yes ma'am and started at her tasks. "Hurry the fuck up with the chips and salsa!" Janet shouted from the other room. Karen rummaged quickly through the cabinets finding a several bowls, one for salsa, another for the sour cream dip and finally couple of big mixing bowls for the tortillas and potato chips. "I swear Karen you're such a lazy fucking whore." Janet commented as Karen delivered the trey of the snacks to the table. Karen quietly apologized and continued bringing the food out to the table.

"I can't believe he married that girl." That was Uncle Kyle, he hadn't even shown up to the wedding. Claimed he couldn't make the trip in his condition. He had bad knees, a legacy he'd earned in Vietnam, or so he claimed. It wasn't bad enough to stop him from enjoying paintball once a month, or golfing most Sundays. It was only bad enough to keep him away from his eldest nephew's wedding. He was a slender grizzled man, a white beard that never seemed to grow past gruff was always partially covering his face. Kyle never seemed to remove the Vietnam Veteran cap from his head, not even in doors so Karen had no idea if he was balding or not beneath. His dark brown eyes glanced up at her over his cards. "Not even a skinny bitch." He spat. "Well girl you ain't here to gawk, go get me my drink.

"She's actually quite the good housewife." Janet replied casually placing two cards on the table and sliding them towards a Nicholas, Kyle's son. His blonde hair was cut to a low military regulation fade and his blue eyes were locked entirely on the cards. He was handsome, and strong, his right arm sporting a nude woman erupting from a pit of flames and his right a red skinned dog that seemed to be tearing clear of his flesh. "She's almost a natural born servant." From Janet that was really meant as a compliment.

"She's got a nice ass too." Karen felt her muscles clench slightly as she continued serving the party. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Are you in or out?" Nick asked the man to his right.

"What the fuck does whiskey tang. . .o. . .never mind." Jason answered placing on card face down and sliding it over. He was the same age as Nick was, twenty two and like his best friend he'd had art done. His was on his shoulder where he could hide it in a normal outfit, instead of the grey wife beater he was wearing. His shoulder had a bright red Confederate flag and beneath was a score board set to half time with the Union ahead one to zero.

The fifth man sitting at the table scared Karen just by looking at her, he was well over six feet all, even sitting down he was slightly taller than the five foot four woman. He had dingy brown hair that hung down to his shoulders and a scruffy beard that made him seem more beast than man. A gaudy gold tooth sat where his right upper right canine should have been and another sat in his lower jaw and he always seemed to sneer as she passed. He tapped the table and then laid his hand flat on the table. Three of a kind. One after another the other sitting at the table sat their cards down upside down shaking their heads. "Damnit Drake always wins." Kyle cursed slamming his hand down.

They were on their fourth or fifth hand by the time Karen brought out the watermelon margaritas sitting them beside each player. "Bitch makes good margaritas can't take that from her." Nick said tipping his glass up and looking at the new hand he was dealt. "Anything else you're good for?" Karen sheepishly told him she was an acceptable cook. Janet was quick to correct her house slave. Karen was an outstanding cook. "The fuck are you doing standing around here gawking then? I'm sitting here eating fucking chips n'shit!" A slap on the ass sent Karen scampering to the kitchen.

Karen spent the rest of the afternoon enduring their various taunts and preparing meals and drinks and watching the pile of chips in front Janet shrink each time she came out. When Karen finally brought out the main dish, chicken quarters, squash and homemade rolls, Janet was down to just five chips. Karen announced that dinner was served and set the plates on the table.

Jason was dealing the hand at the moment and everyone threw in a pair of chips then lifted their hand. Kyle raised the bet by five, Nike and Jason folded. Janet and Drake called costing Janet the last of her chips. Kyle again raised the bet by another five and Drake called the bet. "I call." When Kyle asked with what Janet looked to Karen. "She'll give you a blow job." Karen's eyes widen at the idea that Janet thought that lowly of her. There was a pile of plastic chips on the table and Karen was being treated like one of them. Kyle accepted the bet. Drake slid the rest of his chips into the pile. "I call again, you can do whatever you want to her. You can fuck her up the ass if you want I don't care." Janet laid her hand flat, two pair, jacks over eights. Kyle smirked and dropped his hand as well, three of a kind, twos. "Fuck." Janet hissed. "Oh well, its no big loss just some pussy you could have asked for an hour ago." Drake dropped his hand after that.

Karen gasped as she looked Drakes cards. Three fives and a pair of aces. A full fucking house. Drake looked over at Karen and got to his feet started to walk go the bathroom. Karen turned to Janet hoping there was some sympathy there but there was none. The only look on Janet's face was a warning if she disappointed her.

Drake threw Karen down on the bed and unfastened his belt sliding his pants off. "Ass up." Karen did what he told her, crawling onto the bed and pushing her ripe ass into the air. Karen gripped the sheets tight, pulling them away from the mattress and biting down on a pillow to quiet the screams she knew she'd be giving in a moment. The pain didn't come, he didn't spank her or try to dry fuck her ass. He just admired her for a moment. Karen had to suppress a smile as she realized he found her attractive. He was just looking at her ass which she was proud of.

After what felt like forever Drake walked around the bed and thumped her on the forehead with his still limp cock. Karen didn't need to be told what to do, she opened her mouth and started feeding his cock into it. If she wasn't terrified by he nearly seven foot tall behemoth before, the sight of his very nearly foot long manhood was intimidating. Even half flaccid she could barely get his cock between her lips. Drake wasn't patient either, he used her hair like a handle bar literally cramming so much cock into her throat that she sputtered and gagged. Tears filled her eyes as she felt the already huge cock swell in her throat stretching her jaw painfully wide. Spittle ran down her chin in foamy rivulets dripping down onto her chest each time he forced his cock into face again. Karen's eyes were red with tears when Drake stopped face fucking her. "Ass up."

Karen obeyed again, clenching her teeth down and gripping the sheets tight. Drake didn't spare her this time, he put the fat purple tip of his cock against her puckered anus and started to push. She screwed her eyes shut, her entire body tightening in dreaded anticipation of what was to come. The only sound she made when spit slicked cock penetrated the tight ring of flesh was a hiss. Here eyes shot open as Drake continued to sodomize her determined to get twelve rock solid inches, a full foot of flesh, into her bowels. To Karen's discomfort he accomplished his goal, fully impaling her like a pig on a spit. Even all the way in her ass Drake pushed a few more times, sliding Karen around on the bed.

A solid foot of cock was dragged out of Karen's rectum, she felt every ridge, wrinkle and vein as it pulled back out of her then punched back into her ass. Drake was like an animal rutting her. It stopped hurting after the first few minutes, it was just a dull ache. Then the dull ache gave way to pleasure. That perfect combination of pleasure and pain that had her stifling moans. That didn't last long either, there was no point in hiding her pleasure.

She was so tight that Drake had to slow down just to keep from cumming after the first few strokes. Every thrust drove him a little farther, each slap of her thick rump against his hips, each smack of his balls against her cunt. He didn't mind the slight whimpers she was drowning out with a pillow clenched between her teeth. Drake gripped Karen at the waist his fingers gouging into her flesh dragging her back towards him.

Karen closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip stifling a scream as a small orgasm sent spasms through her body. She grinned and looked back at the man using her. She wanted him to cum. She wanted to know she'd made him cum. "Cum." She whispered. Karen started pushing her hips back, meeting his thrusts. "Cum!" She squealed. Drake leaned over Karen cupping her tits and leaning her back so she was sitting on his cock, driving it extra deep into her body. His cum erupted into her ass, flooding her bowels with his hot cum.

"You almost done? I just got a phone call and I need to get home and that means taking my house bitch with me." Drake pulled his cock out of Karen's ass with an audible popping sound then pushed her of the bed and out of the door. "Karen get your worthless black ass in the car we're going home. Drake's cum was oozing out of her still stretched open anus sticking to her thighs. Just like when they'd arrived Janet loaded Karen down like a mule on the way out. She had to endure the same jeers leaving that she had on the way in only this time it felt even worse because she was sore and it was making her walk funny. "You know I just figured out how you're gonna help pay the rent." Karen's listened in silent shock as her mother-in-law explained how she was going to be whored out.

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