Just a Prank


"No, I was just doing my job. I was happy to help."

"Still, I appreciate it. So, will Mike get in a lot of trouble?"

"Well, he'll be charged but, to tell you the truth, he doesn't have much of a history and he'll most likely get it pled down to a misdemeanor with probation. At least he'll be leaving you alone now. I made sure he got the message that you're not to be fucked with. You may have to testify if he fights the charges but I don't think he will."

"Huh, I don't think this could get any more embarrassing," I deadpanned.

"You've got nothing to be ashamed of, Bill."

"Yeah, right," I laughed. "Except the fact that pictures of me naked were all over the internet?"

"Well, I'll grant you the pictures aren't anywhere near as good as the real thing," he said under his breath. I'd been staring down into my coffee when he started speaking. When he finished I looked up to meet his eyes. The heat from him was practically scorching. "And your cock," he continued in his deep, quiet voice. "You'll get no complaints there. Certainly not from me."

"Yeah?" I asked. And when had my voice gotten so husky. I hardly dared to believe that what was happening was actually happening. Joe Marquez was coming on to me? I almost wanted to get up and dance.

"Yeah." He took my hand and stood, pulling me up with him. Then I was in his arms and mine were going around his waist. I took in the fresh scent of him just before our lips met. For a man I didn't know all that well he kissed like a lover, like we'd done it a thousand times. I met his lips with an open mouth and our tongues tangled together. He tasted good and his lips were a little scratchy, as if he'd been chewing on them.

His hands moved over my shoulders and one held my head at the base of my skull, the other coming forward to palm my jaw so his thumb could brush over my cheek. My own hands traveled over the soft cotton of his t-shirt, intent to map out every inch of his beefy body. I bumped my hips into his and felt the responding hardness grind against mine. It felt like I hadn't been so turned on in forever, since I was sixteen and sucking my first cock.

"Mmm," he groaned into my mouth, the rumble from his chest vibrating against mine. Joe pulled back and took my bottom lip between his, sucking on it. I felt the pull all the way down into my balls. It was my first sign that Joe was more than just a casual hook-up because a little kissing shouldn't have me on the edge of creaming my underwear.

I attacked his mouth with mine, nipping and sucking, I pushed my tongue into his mouth as far as it would go. Needing to breathe I pushed him off me, hard enough to make him stumble back. I felt drunk with lust, following right behind him. I grabbed his shirt to steady him and pulled him into my body again. His hand came up to my face and his thumb traced over my lips. I opened and took it in, suckling on it.

"Dios," he muttered. His eyes were dark with lust, almost scary in their intensity. "I knew you'd be like this. Like an animal," he said like he was talking to himself. His eyes focused on my lips where they were wrapped around his thumb and he sucked in a deep breath.

He pulled his thumb away and met my lips in a frantic kiss. His hands dropped to my shorts and he began unbuttoning, unzipping until the cargos were pooled at my feet in seconds. Then his hands went under my t-shirt, running up my sides until the fabric was bunched beneath my arms. I lifted them up and he tugged the shirt off, breaking contact just enough to get it past my mouth.

The need to feel his skin against mine provoked me to do the same and seconds later we were pressed bare chest to bare chest. The tickle of hair prickling against my smooth body, I was dying to see him. When I pushed him away this time he didn't go far but fell to his knees. He pressed his face into my belly and kissed his way down until he could mouth my hard cock through my boxers.

Grabbing the waistband, Joe made short work of the underwear and they were soon pooled at my feet with my shorts. Taking each cheek of my ass in his big hands he enveloped my cock. I tried to muffle my cry of surprise as I slipped down his throat. The tight heat consumed me. He roughly dug his fingers into the cheeks of my ass, separating and lifting.

I stared down at the top of his dark head, watched it pull back before swallowing my length again. The suction he generated yanked against the roots of my nerve endings. He pulled back again and there was the slightest scratch of teeth against the hot-spot on the underside of my cock where the head flared from the shaft. Every muscle in my legs went rigid and my hands dug into his hair.

"Fuck, Joe." I wanted to scream or cry. Instead I pushed my hips forward and fucked my swollen cock down into his throat. He took it without protest, encouraged me with his hands on my ass. And just the thought that he wanted me to fuck his face, knew with confidence that he could take it, tripped my trigger.

"Joe...," I'm going to come, I wanted to say. It was already too late. The shots of semen ripped out of my cock and I bent forward slightly as I gripped his head and fired straight into his throat. It felt like my balls were turning inside-out. I'd have toppled forward if he wasn't there to support me. It was so intense my body trembled. Joe forced himself out of my death grip to take the last spurts on his tongue and swallowing around my cock.

He lapped and cleaned my cock with his tongue until it was too much for my sensitive dick to take. I stumbled a step back, pulling free of his mouth but still holding his head. He looked up at me with a wide smile. I couldn't help the goofy grin that I sent back in return. His hands ran down the back of my thighs and over my calves. He helped me step out of my sneakers and the clothing around my ankles, even my socks. Completely naked he got to his feet and kissed me.

I tasted my come in his mouth, groaned out my renewing lust. We held each other tighter and I felt his cock straining against my hip through his jeans. "Fuck, Joe," I said against his lips. I stepped back to get on my knees before him but he stopped me. My eyes met his while his hands held firmly onto my biceps.

"How do you feel about fucking?" he asked with a smile and a dark gleam in his eyes.

"Yeah," I sighed, getting harder even while a nervous chill raced through my stomach. It'd been awhile but Joe Marquez was just the man to put an end to that.

"Yeah," he replied and took my hand to pull me from the kitchen. He led me upstairs and seemed to know exactly which room was my bedroom. I followed his perfect ass, watching it move under the layer of blue jeans, the top of his white briefs peeking out.

"Condoms?" he asked after he'd pushed me down on the bed.

"Top drawer," I told him from my sprawled position and nodded towards the bedside table. He opened it as he unbuttoned his jeans with the other hand. I couldn't take my eyes of his body. The heavy chest with the coating of swirling dark hair, the trim stomach and lean hips drew my eyes. His arms bulged as he pulled out the bottle of lube with one hand and unzipped with the other, his lats popping as he bent forward. The lube was followed by a handful of condoms spread out on the tabletop.

He faced me again and dug his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear. He pushed them and the jeans down and off. His cock bounced up into view and I sucked in a gasp. Big wasn't the right word to describe it, though it was. Meaty or grisly would be better, something visceral and alive. One corner of my lips curled up in a feral grin at the challenge it presented.

Naked he climbed up onto the bed and settled himself over me. Like it was natural I spread my legs and welcomed him to cradle his hips between. Our cocks brushed and I hadn't realized I was hard again until the zing of contact raced through me. He kissed me possessively before getting onto his knees and retrieving the lube. I watched him while he poured some into his palm and over his fingers, caught the jerk of his cock from the corner of my eye.

He didn't need to say anything and I pulled my legs back, spreading them and exposing my hole. He looked at it long enough to make me nervous before his slick fingers moved into the crease. He rubbed over it experimentally and I tightened for him. With a flick he pushed the pad of one finger into me and I tried to relax.

"You feel like a virgin," he said. His eyes remained fixed on where his finger barely penetrated me.

"I'm not but it's been a long time," I told him. His eyes flew to mine and he seemed to understand, caught the meaning behind my words. Without breaking eye contact he slid the finger in further.

"You sure you want this?" I bit into my bottom lip and nodded. He pushed into the last knuckle and twisted it. He found my prostate and pressed against it, making me hiss.

"I really want this," I told him as I fisted my hands in the sheets.

"I've wanted this since the moment I met you." He pulled back on his finger to add another. He fucked me with them for a few minutes then spread them, stretching me. I dug my head back into the pillow and groaned. I looked down and saw him angle his palm up so the lube there would run down into me. I relaxed into the invasion and felt my hole loosen further. "You do want this," he said as a third finger slipped inside.

I ignored the pinch of pain and pushed up into his hand. As he pushed the tightly bunched fingers into my chute he would twist them. Slowly he spread them and let me feel more of a stretch. I grinded down on them with my ass muscles and opened even wider when I released the clench.

"Now, Joe. I'm ready..." Ready for anything and everything. I needed him inside me like I need my next breath.

He leaned over me to grab a condom and I couldn't help reaching up to lick over one of his tiny nipples. He moaned and shoved his fingers into me hard. He straightened up and used his teeth to open the package. Expertly he rolled the rubber on one-handed.

Withdrawing his fingers from my ass he dropped forward onto his other hand over me. I watched him slick the remaining lube over his cock. He pushed it down and aimed it for my vulnerable opening. I reached down to spread my cheeks for him. He moved into position and his cock pressed hard against the ring guarding my chute.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and used them to pull him forward. As he slowly breached me I grabbed onto his shoulders with my hands and pushed out with my internal muscles. In a rush his cock slid home and I gasped for air.

Joe let his weight down onto both his forearms and watched my face from inches away. With incredible patience he flexed his hips and twisted them in a small circle that made his cock rub over every part of my tight passage. It felt so good that I was compelled to pull him down onto me. He still supported most of his weight on his arms but our skin was in thrilling contact from our chests down to where his cock lay sheathed inside me. I bit at his shoulder and squirmed to give some friction to my hard cock where it was trapped between our stomachs.

His head fell forward and pressed against mine. A deep groan welled up out of his chest and sighed out against my ear. When he didn't start moving I milked at his cock with my internal muscles and earned another moan. "Fuck me, Joe." I'd never felt so wanton or less embarrassed to ask for what I needed. He eased the big meat out of me with a motion of his hips and shoved it back home.

"That's what you want, Billy?" More than anything, I wanted to say. Talking was proving hard to do so I answered by working my hips. Joe dragged my right leg up and over his shoulder. It left me wide open to his thrusts. He took the opportunity to start really moving.

The friction along the opening of my ass with the constant movement and pressure against my prostate had me reeling. I'd forgotten how good it could feel. I began actively meeting each lunge as Joe slammed his hips into mine. Digging into the muscles of his back I sought leverage to move and connect with him. I was rapidly rising to a second orgasm. I pressed my mouth against my right knee, Joe had my right leg pressed tight against my body, and squeezed my eyes shut to concentrate. I fought to keep the tide of my pleasure at bay.

Joe continued to power that meaty cock into my hungry ass, like a machine he fucked me hard and deep. I could feel myself coming apart; a constant stream of sounds pouring out of me in a way I would have never normally allowed. Whining, whimpering and begging like a puppy. The detective was breaking through barriers I didn't even know I had. Later I'd wonder if it was because of Mike's prank or if I'd developed some kind of white-knight thing for Joe. In the moment I was sunk completely into the feelings that were swamping my body in sensation.

With a cry into Joe's neck I felt myself plummet over the edge. It pumped out of my cock in a rush pushed from his cock pistoning into my ass. I clutched onto him even tighter and let the come wash out of me and seep into the space between us. Joe wasn't unaffected. As my ass tightened around his cock he lost his steady pacing and his rampaging cock stuttered inside me. I felt the swell of his dick and the throbbing heat of it as he shot off. With a ragged moan he planted himself deep and his head shot up until the tendons in his neck stood out. He managed a few more thrusts before stilling completely.

When he was spent he reached down and held the condom as he eased out of me. I felt downright fucked and laid back as he settled beside me, matching sloppy grins on our faces. He settled on his side, facing me, and rested a hand on my heaving chest. "Yeah," was all I could think to say.

"Yeah," he chuckled. We relaxed and caught our breath.

"You have any plans for the rest of today?" I finally asked, cutting my eyes over to him. I caught him studying my face.

"Besides trying that doggie-style?" He laughed at the roll of my eyes. "My only plans are watching out for your personal safety, Mr. Reynolds." He let his hand roam south of my chest.

"I appreciate that, Detective Marquez. Maybe you'll let me buy you some lunch? You know, in gratitude." I let my hand wander away from my side and groped his sticky cock.

"Are you asking me on a date?" he asked. The gentle bantering was keeping me from my usual head-trip.

"Yeah, is that okay?" Really, I realized, I didn't know the man at all.

"More than okay, Billy, but I don't know if we'll be making it out of this bed today. I get off duty around seven on Wednesday you wanna do dinner?" The whole time we talked his cock was getting firmer under my palm.

"I'm working second shift, I get off around eleven. Can you do later?" Now he was hard enough so I could actually stroke him, encourage more blood into his cock.

"Yeah, I'm off on Thursday so we could do a late dinner... And breakfast in bed?"

"That sounds great, I love getting served breakfast in bed." I let my thumb rub through the pre-come on his head.

"Whoa, who said you're getting breakfast in bed?" he asked with an exaggeratedly aggrieved expression. "It's my day off," he whined.

"But I have to work Thursday afternoon so..."

"Well... ugh, shit." I'd reached further down and squeezed his balls. "We'll work it out later," he said as he spread his legs open enough for me to really feel his jewels. "Now, back to that doggie-style thing," he said with his eyes closed.

Six Months Later

I stared down at my lover, Joe, stretched out across our bed. The covers were pushed down to his waist in the light of an early autumn morning. He always took up all the space on the bed and I'd been half buried under him less than hour ago. Now I was showered and dressed in the dark blue pants and light blue polo of my uniform.

He was on his belly, his sides gently expanding with each deep breath, and his face buried in one of the pillows. I studied the breadth of his back and the rounded caps of his shoulders all relaxed in sleep. He had a year round golden tan and I was tempted to lean down and taste his skin.

"Wake up, babe, it's time," I called out. I ghosted a finger down the line of his spine and saw the twitch in his muscles. He groaned into the pillow but didn't move. I smacked his blanket covered ass. "Come on, get up."

"You wore me out last night," he grumbled from the pillows.

"Are you kidding? I'm the one walking funny," I told him with a laugh.

"Hey, you were beggin' for it," he said as he turned over and eyed me with a sleepy gaze. I laughed and held out the mug of coffee I'd made for him. He sat up a little and took the mug. He sniffed at it with an appreciative moan before taking a sip. "Oh man, you're a keeper," he told me with a wink.

"Lucky for you," I replied, turning away. I went to the dresser and started putting my keys and wallet in my pockets.

"I saw an interesting ad on craigslist," he said.

"Oh yeah? What did it say?" I asked without turning around.

"Well, I saw the title 'Horny Cop' so I clicked on it. The ad said, 'Horny and hung cop looking for sexy paramedic for morning blowjob.'" I turned around to find that Joe had flipped back the covers so I could see his big cock was hard and laying over his belly.

"You're a cocky bastard," I told him with a chuckle.

"And that's why you love me... Yeah?"

"Yeah." I stepped closer to the bed. Before I could get on the mattress I looked up at him with his sexy grin, wide awake now. "I have to be out the door in ten minutes."

"I can work with that," Joe said.

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