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Just A Thought


Jasmine ran weeping into her room, slamming the door behind her. She stopped in front of her mirror and gazed at her reflection while wiping the blinding tears away. She had been utterly embarrassed at her school, and she blamed it entirely on Jade Delaway!

Sighing heavily as her tears subsided, she took note of her appearance and felt the familiar sadness creep up on her. Despite being a senior in high school, she looked only twelve. The plaid school uniform skirt made her look like she had no hips and the pale white of her shirt did nothing against her pale skin. Turning away in disgust, she threw herself on her bed and thought about Jade and all her perfection. Jade had the tan, the long wavy blonde hair, the hour-glass figure, the legs that looked like they went on forever, and worst of all, the perfect face. Jasmine thought cattily, Jade was also a super-bitch!

And all I did was talk to her boyfriend, Jasmine thought disgustedly. Allen had asked her a question about the math homework and Jasmine was more than happy to help. Little did she know that jealous Jade would actually walk behind her and pull down Jasmine's skirt in front of everyone in the hallway! Everyone laughed as they saw beet-red Jasmine in her cotton underwear! Then Jade actually said, "Why would MY boyfriend ever talk to a disgustingly little girl like you?" before walking away dragging Allen behind her.

Jasmine sighed and rolled onto her back. Even though she looked like she was only twelve, she had the thoughts that any normal eighteen year-old would have about sex. In fact, she actually thought about it more since she never had guys hit on her. Yet, she knew that she would never be able to live out her fantasies.

Despite this, she realized that she still had to do her report on her family and decided work was better than feeling sorry for herself. Climbing the stairs to attic, she started to go through her great-grandmother's books despite warnings by her mother not to. Jasmine reasoned that there would be nothing wrong in it since it was for school!

Dust flew up as she uncovered book after boring book. Coughing, she accidentally dropped a book and a piece of folded paper slipped out.

Picking up the paper, she picked it up and read the title: Body Transfer

Jasmine gasped as she read on that her great-grandmother was able to transfer out of her body and into another. It was a talent that ran in her family that few members knew about and could do. Furthermore, it only worked on someone that was considered by the soul to be an enemy and world work for only twenty-four hours. Jasmine smiled devilishly when she thought of how Jade had tortured her growing up. Jade was certainly an enemy!

Jasmine awoke and realized it was 11am. Groaning, she realized that she had overslept. She had stayed up late trying to learn how to get her power to work. OK, she decided, it was time. Lying back on her bed, she concentrated on having her mind transfer into Jade's body while Jade's mind would lose consciousness. She felt as if she was floating freely before abruptly feeling as if she was slamming into a mental wall. In reality, she HAD just run into a wall.

"It worked!" Jasmine gasped as she held her now tan hands in front of her face.

"What's your problem?" Cassie, Jade's best friend, asked in reference to her dropping her books and running into the wall. Memories of the harassing that Cassie gave her over the years filled her mind.

"Nothing, I'm just seeing things clearly, you bitch," she said as she backhanded the open-mouthed girl. Jasmine quickly walked away into the girl's bathroom. Entering the stall, she removed her clothes to look at her new body. Jasmine smiled as she looked down. She was now well fit with an hourglass figure. If she had to guess, she was say she was 34-24-34. Picking up the bra, she looked and saw 36C, and adjusted the measurements to 36-24-34. Looking further down, she saw that Jade had apparently shaved all her pubic hair. Oh, this will be fun!

Putting the school uniform on, she noticed that the skirt was quite short, most likely from an alteration. Picking up the wisp of underwear, she laughed. No need for these! Then, she left the bathroom, ready for a day of fun.

She knew Allen would be in lunch so she looked for him in the cafeteria. She found him with a bunch of his friends in a table in the corner of the room.

"Hi, sweetie!" she said as she sat in his lap.

Surprised, he opened his mouth in greeting but was interrupted by her sudden kiss.

"Mind if I sit here?" she asked sweetly.

"Sure!" he said, surprised at his girlfriend's attitude. Repositioning herself, she sat with her back to his front so she could look at his friends, too, while they ate. Scooting a little forward, she moved her hand behind her and over the denim, lightly stroked Allen's quickly growing cock. Trying to get her to stop, he pulled her tightly against him. In response, Jasmine spread her legs so her feet were on the sides of the chair.

"What are you doing?" he asked, as he began heavily breathing.

"I'm not wearing any underwear," she said innocently. She laughed inwardly as his friends all "dropped" something on the floor and bent to pick it up simultaneously.

Allen decided to play her game and brought his hand to touch her dripping pussy. His eyes widen and he whispered, "Wow, you want it bad!"

He brought around his other hand while the other one began to play with her engorged clit. Jasmine gasped, so this was what it felt like. Having never had been touched by a guy, she had never wanted anything more at that moment. While gently massaging her bud, he slightly traced her lips with the other finger, every once in while breaking through and then leaving. Loving the feeling, she brought her own hands up and much to the watching guys' delight, she began to need her breasts through the fabric, having discarded the bra as well. Suddenly without warning, Allen pushed his hand through the lips into her vagina, causing her to moan with delight. Unfortunately, from the way they were sitting, he couldn't get much of his fingers in. So, she turned around using her elbows to prop herself, she leaned back on the table so her breasts were upright against the now stretched white fabric.

Leaning back with her legs wide open, she mentally urged him to continue. Once again, he outlined her pussy lips with one hand teasingly while the other hand gently squeezed her throbbing clit. Then, positioning three of his fingers above her hole, he suddenly rammed all three inside her, assisted by the flowing juices. Jasmine rolled back her head and moaned at the sudden deep invasion into her body. Allen continued to forcefully ram his fingers into her while twisting and pumping them while with the other hand, he rubbed her clit violently, stretching the meat to cause uncontrollable delight. He continued to fuck her, not caring of the pussy juices that were getting all over him from bringing his fingers in and out so many times. Jasmine felt as if her body was on fire when suddenly everything exploded into heaven. Gasping, she realized she had just had her first orgasm!

Sitting upright again, she stopped his hands, despite her body wanting more. She kissed him hard while her hands dropped and unzipped his pants, springing forward the erect penis. Without hesitation, she impaled herself in it and bounced up and down as if her life depended on it. She orgasmed twice before stopping. So this was what it was like!

Getting up, she walked out of the cafeteria without saying good-bye to Allen and without noticing the other students gaping at her. She was off to fulfill one of her greatest fantasies.

The football team had just entered the locker room. They had to practice for a bit before getting on the bus to an away game. Not only five minutes had passed since the last one entered when Jasmine strolled in nonchalantly.

The twenty guys just started in shock as the beautiful blonde began removing her clothes.

"Hi guys! Would you like to help me fulfill a fantasy?" she asked sexily. There was only a single dissent in the crowd from Jerry, the openly homosexual linebacker.

"Guys, we have a game we need to be getting ready for! I can't believe you'd sacrifice our record for some chick!" he yelled in frustration.

"Jerry dear," Jasmine purred, "you don't want to see nineteen erected cocks?"

Jerry quickly sat down on the bench, crossed his arms, and with a satisfied smile said, "Proceed."

Handing her shirt to the nearest guy, she asked him to tear a long strip. With that, she went to a bench and blindfolded herself. Then, she straddled the bench, moaning as the cold metal hit her dripping cunt.

"Do ANYTHING to me!" she commanded dramatically (it was the cheesiest thing she could think of) to the twenty men and their engorged cocks.

Immediately, all nineteen went towards her when the captain stopped them. "We'll each get a turn, so let's do this in order by jersey number."

Jasmine heard the guys bringing something heavy into the room, which she could only guess was the coach's desk. She felt herself being gently lifted onto it.

"Damn, she's dripping!" someone said.

"I can't wait to get a piece!" said another.

She felt hands pull her forward so her butt was nearly off the edge. Two calloused hands held her feet out so her legs were bent and wide apart for her audience. Two big hands rested on her inner hands. Her pussy lips were already spread open with her legs and she could only gasp as she felt a big finger slowly slide inside her. She moaned and moved her hips to tell them she wanted more. Instead, the finger left her and this time two finger entered her. Jasmine gasped at the wonderful feeling! Another hand rested on her belly before moving to play with the pulsing red clit.

"I wonder how many fingers she can take," said another person.

Jasmine was trying to wiggle to get friction, but hands were holding her down while massaging her breasts. The one with two fingers wasn't moving them at all to her frustration.

She then felt two more fingers try to squeeze in, which she assumed belonged to the other guy. She moaned at the wonderful feeling of being stretched.

Jasmine breathed heavily as she felt the two pairs of fingers move at different paces, stroking her delicate insides. Yelling, her hips rose as she climaxed, but the men wouldn't give her mercy and instead of stopping, they pumped faster, causing her to continuously bulk in orgasms.

Finally, they stopped, and Jasmine felt like heaven. Then she heard, "think she could take my whole hand?"

Jasmine gasped audibly, there was no way one of the men's hands would fit! But she wanted to know how stretched it would make her feel so she didn't stop them when she felt fingers touch her hole. She felt the fingertips as they slowly pushed into her. She felt the four fingers and then the thumb's tip as he stretched into her. Then, she felt extreme stretching as she realized he had his whole hand inside her. She could hardly breath in more than short pants and every slight move nearly sent her over the edge. Then he twisted his hand, and she screamed in shear ecstasy. Twisting back and forth, he suddenly pulled out, causing her back to bend off the desk and liquid began squirting out of her in the violent cum.

The football players were more than ready to dip their cocks into her body.

"Hey guys," Jerry's voice interrupted, "you guys might need this."

She heard him throw what sounded to be a bottle to one of the guys near her.

"Hey, thanks man!" the catcher said as she heard the lid being taken off. She felt herself being lifted from the desk and her bare feet touched the ground. They turned her around until she faced the desk and gently pushed her so she was bent at the waist across the desk. Then they pulled her legs a shoulder-width apart. She wondered what they had next for her and she felt her fluids drip down her leg in excitement.

She held her breath as she felt two hands pull her butt cheeks further apart and a finger coated in some kind of lubricant gently circled her anal ring. Then, the finger slowly poked through, coating her insides with the gel. While she continued to relearn how to breathe, the finger eased out.

"Well, she must have done this before!" the owner of the hand happily reported.

"How do you tell?" asked another guy.

"She would have been tighter. Check this out!" he said as she felt two coated fingers slip in easily, giving her a strange feeling of pleasure. She had not realized it would feel so good!

While two fingers worked her anus, someone began playing with her swollen clit while another two fingers began to pump into her cunt. All the wonderful feelings began to merge into one ecstasy and she felt her self reaching another orgasm when two more fingers joined the two in her pussy. She once again shouted in pure joy right before the hands pulled away.

Still breathing hard, she felt two hands once again pulling her cheeks apart. Something bigger than a finger began to poke at the ring and Jasmine realized they were finally going to be dipping their cocks! She had hardly finished the thought when she felt all eight inches of the thick rod broke through and entered her anus. She shouted at the wonderful feeling. She tried to move back and forth to get friction but he his weight held her in place so she couldn't move. Then two arms brought her up so her back was against his hard chest and hands touched her firm breasts. Her captor didn't let go of his grip of her but he stood up so her feet were off the ground and gravity was pushing him deeper into her body.

She felt him walk somewhere and each step pounded him more into her ass. Finally, he stopped when he could lean against the lockers. She felt two arms lift her legs up while her lover held her up with his own arms and his rod. They spread her legs so they could all see her swollen and aching cunt. She felt something push against her pussy hole. Slowly, it entered its entire length in her. When it was finally to the hilt, Jasmine let out a little moan. She had two penises inside her body, separated only by a thin membrane. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of the two wide intruders when they both starting moving.

Jasmine had no other option but to hold on to the man in front while they alternately dipped in and out at different paces. She came within moments. Seconds later, she felt the warm gush as her two new friends released their load into her. Without hardly giving her a second to recover, they put her back in her bent position across the desk. She felt a hand forcefully spread her cunt lips apart just before a thick cock mercilessly rammed itself into her sex-starved pussy. She opened her mouth in a scream of pleasure when she a penis was thrust into her mouth.

She had no choice but suck the present while another rammed her from behind. When one entered her body, the other left, so she was being pushed in a rocking manner. Grabbing the penis in front of her, she sucked as if she wouldn't let it go this time and was rewarded with a rush of cum down her throat, while the one behind her cried in his own pleasure.

They then pulled their soft cocks away when two more hard ones quickly filled their places. And it kept on going until she lost count of how many cocks she had sucked and fucked.

"Damn, the bus will be here in a couple of minutes, and couch will be wondering where we are," sadly said one of the players.

They quickly left the well-satiated young woman on still bent over the desk with cum dripping in heavy amounts from both her pussy and ass. She was smiling broadly as she stood up and removed the blindfold. The players had all but forgotten about her standing there as they boasted to each other how many times they had fucked her.

Grabbing her skirt and torn blouse, she quickly hopped in the shower and began to turn on the shower. She stopped herself before a single drop touched her body. An idea had popped into her mind. Instead, she lowered her head and concentrated, feeling as if she was floating in the air.

Suddenly, she became aware of the bed that she was lying on and stood up. She smiled at the thought of what Jade must be thinking right now. She would being feeling sore in her cunt and ass and covered with semen. Swinging her legs off the bed, she stood up and got ready to go to the football game tonight.

Jasmine picked up the phone when she heard it ring. It was her best friend Cally.

"Jassy! I can't believe you missed class today! You missed the gossip! You'll never guess! It has to do with Jade and the football team!"

Jasmine smiled and sat in a chair, "So what happened?"

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