tagIncest/TabooJust Another Day At The Beach

Just Another Day At The Beach


"Hey, Mom. Bob and I are gonna go for a swim."

"OK. Be back in time for supper."

We eat at 5, so that gave us 3 hours.

My sister, Emily, looked wonderful in her bathing suit. It was a black silk bikini.

I LOVED it when she wore this suit because when it was wet it clung to her bouncy ass and her nipples were pressed against the material. I tried desperately to conceal my hard-on, but I think she suspects something.

We got in the car and drove 15 minutes to the beach. Placing a blanket on the sand, my sis and I made our own picnic area.

"Well, I'm dreadfully hot. I'm taking a swim."

"Me too." I decided to stay behind my 20 year old sis so I can watch her ass giggle as she walked. People saw what I was doing and just huffed at me. Little did they know the young woman was my sibling.

Emily swam out until she was up to her stomach and dove right in. "SHIT! That's COLD." She proclaimed.

It was quite cold. But I was focusing on her lovely butt. I went underwater and got a better view of it. Thank goodness my sister wasn't paying attention. I boldly started swimming and "accidentally" brushed up against her soft flesh.


"Sorry about that." I lied, when I got up for air.

She just snorted. "Accidents do happen."

You see, my beautiful sister(with shoulder-length brunette hair)and I have been fucking for months now, so touching her was no biggie.

"Just for that," she said as Emily grabbed the elastic bands and pulled them off. "I'll keep these."

"That's not fair. Give them back."

"Come and get me." My sister was running towards the shore line as I was in hot pursuit.

"DAMN! Nowhere left to go but on the beach. Reluctantly, I got out of the water and continued chasing my sister, in FULL view of everyone. "Your gonna pay for this." I promised.

As Em got to her Jetta, she unlocked the door and got inside.

I jogged to her car and tried shotgun. LOCKED. "Son of a..." I trailed off.

My sister was sitting in the driver's seat laughing her pretty head off.

"Open the door. This isn't funny.

She only looked at me, innocently.

"COME ON." I yelled. "OPEN THE DOOR."

My sib got the hint that she better do as I say.

"About time," I scowled, as I opened the door and sat down.

"I think your missing something." Emily smiled.

"Fuck you." I bent over and kissed her hard on the lips. Popping my tongue in her mouth, she reciprocated. My hands caressed her hard nipples and slowly massaged her stomach. At her wet pussy, I clawed her suit and lowered it off her. At last, our kiss broke.

"EAT ME." Em ordered. "NOW, DAMN IT." she commanded, as my head got slammed into her pussy. "SUCK ME. she insisted.

I was violently licking her cunt.

"OH, YEESSS. I LOVVE IT. MAKE ME CUUMM. my sibling growled. "UM, YEAH." Just then, her huge orgasm erupted around my mouth. "AHHHHH. I want that cock up my sex."

I grabbed her waist and wheeled her on her hands and knees.


Positioning my cock at Emily's lips, I pushed every inch in.


Thumping Em with all my might, I noticed everyone was watching us with odd fascination. "She we be doing this?"

"Let em watch."


"YES. SPANK MY ASS." she screamed.


"I LOOVE IT." my sister howled. "I'M CUMMINGG." My gorgeous sis announced as I felt her massive filth around my hard-on.

I was also on the verge. "YEAH. CUM ON MY NASTY COCK. AHHHH." My sperm watered down her dark tunnel of love. Looking at my watch, I noticed it was getting late. "We better get home."

My ravishing sis whipped her suit around her legs and pulled them up.

I did the same and we drove for home. Just another day at the beach.

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