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Just Checking You Out


This story is the Conclusion of the story Just Checking and based on a fantasy of mine. Thank you for taking the time to check it out and for Literotica for publishing my stories.


It had been 10 days since the incident with my sister, Andrea, at a Family Party. To touch my sister's body, even through her clothes, to feel her tits, her pussy, mmm. I shiver every time I relive the memory of watching her cum, rubbing her cheek against mine, moaning my name, her brother's name. Pushing her cloth covered pussy into my hand only feet away from where my parents sat eating dinner. This encounter followed my sister watching me fuck her best friend while lying in bed only feet away playing with her pussy. Then touching my cock later during the night.

Lust. I was consumed with lust. I was so close to fulfilling my desire to fuck my sister I could almost taste her pussy. At times I felt like a despicable creep for lusting for my sister, Andrea. At other times while thinking about her body, her stare, her touch, the expression on her face when she came, I craved to be inside her. My lust consumed even my dreams, I rarely remember my dreams but now I was waking with a hard cock to fading dreams of pulling off my sister's panties as I entered her from behind. I was so close to making it happen but now the opportunity seemed to be fading away as the distance between my sister and myself grew.

I knew I should just let it go, my sister was way to moral to let me fuck her. Unfortunately she was a good girl, rather a good woman. After making her cum at the party, she had avoided me like the plague for the rest of the day. I could tell she was pissed at me and herself for letting that happen.

I hadn't talked to her since the party 10 days ago. I couldn't let the idea of me fucking her go without trying. After all this wasn't a total one way attraction. She had masturbated watching Erin and I fuck at the hotel, she grabbed my cock when I was walking back from the bathroom, the next morning she was the one who had gotten out of bed bottomless before pulling on her panties, and she'd cum from me touching her pussy. So I decided to call her and subtly push the issue.

I knew she had caller ID so I wasn't sure if she would even answer the phone but she did.


Slightly speechless I blurted out, "Hi Andrea, I haven't heard from you in a while so I figured I would just check in and see how you were doing." Then I continued trying to sound innocent, "How's Anthony, keeping out of trouble."

Her voice sounded flat and emotionless as she replied, "He's fine. Talkative as always. I've been busy with work. Not much to say. The usual." I'm sure. She sounded cold not herself at all. This is going to go badly I thought.

"Their dead beat dad has him this weekend, right."


I asked quietly, "Any plans this weekend. Are you ready to go out and party without the little one."

"No, I'm staying in. I have work to do around the house. Very exciting. What about you?" she questioned. I took this as an opening, maybe she had been thinking about me. Well, I'm sure she had been thinking about me, about what a jerk I was but maybe not.

"I'm hoping to have some wild sex this weekend," subtle, very subtle, I am truly an idiot I thought.

She breathed in deeply, exasperated she said, "That's what your girlfriend is for. I think you need to call Erin. From what I've seen she's more than willing to help you out.." Deflated, I was silent. The silence extended, neither one of us said anything for almost a minute. She knew what I wanted. I wanted to fuck her. She knew that was wrong. And I knew it was wrong.

Finally she stated, emphatically but whispering almost so no one else could possible hear, "That can't happen between us. I'm your sister for God sake. You're my brother. It's unnatural. It's wrong. What's happened already is bad enough. I'm talking jail, ruin our lives type wrong. I have way too much to lose and so do you. We should not be talking about this on phone, or ever again. Call Erin. She's your girlfriend." Click she hung up.

It was over. The dream is dead. I still couldn't accept being so close to getting her but failing. I had to do something. I had to make my feelings known to her. I had to make the argument for incest. For her to let me fuck her. Ridiculous. How can you convince your sister to let you fuck her. She wasn't even talking to me. Not about that.

I decide to do what all spurned lovers do when their object of desire won't talk to them. Write a letter. The letter would probably be ripped up on receipt but it was worth a try. But I had to be honest for it to have any kind of chance. What happens if someone else finds it. I would mail it to her with no return address and no signature at the end. That would at least limit the proof I sent it. But Andrea, my sister would know who it was from, her bad little brother.

Dear Andrea,

I know you are mad at me for what has happened between us and I accept the blame. For some reason unknown to me I can't help but lust for you. Well that is not completely true. I do know at least partially why. Andrea, you are smart, kind, a great mother and beautiful beyond words.

Growing up I never had these feeling for you. I loved you but never thought of you as a sexual object. Even you or anyone mentioning sex in any context pertaining to you, only produced squirm inducing discomfort. I didn't want to think about you in that context. You having sex was not possible.

Then three years ago, I completely accidentally walked in on you changing. You were bottomless and I was hypnotized by your awe inspiring beauty. You became a woman, not just my sister. I can't get you out of my mind since then. You became an object of sexual desire. I know part of you is disgusted by me saying that, part of me is as well. I hate myself at times for thinking of you in sexual terms. But after what happened at the hotel and the party, I know at least a small part of you is attracted to me. If your honest with yourself, Andrea, you know that is true. I could feel your desire when you touched me at the hotel When I touched you at the party.

Why shouldn't we be together physically, at least once. We both love each other deeply. I think we are attracted to each other. And I know I can't get the idea of being with you, inside of you, out of my head. You can't help but be curious of what it would be like to make love to each other. Not after what has already happened between us. The law says we shouldn't, who cares.

Number 1 No one would ever find out. Number 2 I'm not crazy I don't expect us to get married and live happily ever after. Given our family situation that would be virtually impossible. I accept that. What I don't accept is the idea it is okay to have sex with some stranger who you barely know, rather than me. Andrea, you know I love you unconditionally, forever. I think expressing this love sexually would be unbelievably sensual and exciting. I'll be honest the taboo of it is a complete turn on. The "wrongness" of it would only make it better.

Number 3 We are both consenting adults. Can you believe were both in our thirties? I hate getting old. As long as we both realize our lives will go on unchanged afterwards I see no harm done. It will be something secret and special between just the two of us. No else would ever know. I ask only that you think about. Consider it. I will love you either way. I want to fuck you so bad, but with time I will probably get over it. If that is what you want me to do. Please think about it. Please forgive me for asking this of you. Don't hate me for lusting for you, after all you know how beautiful and sexy you are, even I have finally succumbed to your womanly charms.

Your lustful b,

p.s. it would probably be best if you destroyed this letter. Secrets can be very sexy. Love always and unconditionally.

I didn't know if she would read the letter. She would probably destroy it unread. But I was counting on her curiosity forcing her to finish reading it. My case for incest was weak. My sister could have anyone, why risk fucking your own brother. I could only hope a part of her desired me. I mailed the letter after wiping it down, trying to destroy my finger prints on it and erasing the file from my computer. Just in case.

Three days later I still hadn't heard from my sister. I assumed she had received the letter in the mail by now but I had no idea if she had read it or just tossed it into the garbage. It was Saturday night and I was walking into a bar/restaurant to meet my girlfriend and my sister's best friend Erin.

The place was very dark and it took my eyes several seconds to adjust to the light. I looked around for Erin and spotted her over at the other end of L-shaped bar near the far wall. Erin was talking to a hot blond woman in a tan short skirt and white shirt. Erin was looking her usual stunning self in a black leather skirt and form fitting black blouse. Erin at 5'10 looked like a model with her thin wispy figure. My girlfriend greeted me with a kiss on the cheek as she said to the other woman "Oh, here's your brother."

I turned the other way and gazed at my sister Andrea for the first time since the party. My sister is blond, 5'6, great body and d cup breast. Beautiful. "Hi,' I said and quickly moved to give her a quick peck on the cheek knowing she wouldn't be able stop me without acting weird in front of Erin. As my lips touched Andrea's cheek my upper body could feel my sister's breast press against me than she slightly leaned back away from me. A second and it was over. I looked into Andrea's eyes but I couldn't read her expression. But she was there. And she must have know I was coming to meet Erin. Interesting.

Andrea smiled, "Erin was worried you forgot about her."

"Me. Never," I replied as I gave Erin a quick rub of her back.

"Don't pick on your brother. I didn't say that. Gary is great boyfriend. I have to use the ladies room. I was waiting for you to come so Andrea would not be left all alone." Be back in a minute."

"I always thought woman go together," I responded but Erin was already headed away from my sister and I.

I ordered a beer from the bartender and then I checked out the room. The bar area was crowded but where we were standing no one was behind us. Only the wall. I moved next to my sister as I took a sip from the glass. I stared at her for a second, wondering whether I should bring up the subject of my letter. Being the idiot I am I couldn't help myself.

"Did you get my letter" I asked my sister hesitantly.

"What letter, oh that letter," she answered then took a gulp of her drink.

"Did you read it," I questioned her.

"Yes," Andrea was revealing nothing.

"What did you think," I pleaded.

"I think it might have had some punctuation errors," my sister stopped and locked eyes with me "I really don't want to talk to you about this right now, Erin might be back any second."

In order to hear my sister over the music and conversations I had moved closer to her. Our shoulders were now practically bumping against each other. I reached out my hand and placed it on the small of her back I rubbed her back softly as I lowered my mouth to her ear, "I'm glad that you read the letter and you're at least still talking to me."

Andrea smiled laughing she said, "It's not easy."

I lowered my hand from the small of her back to her skirt slowly sliding my fingers and palm down to the curve of her ass. My heart was hammering in my chest as each second I waited for my sister to stop me. But she didn't. My sister stood there accepting my touch. Andrea took a swallow of her drink and then looked at me. My hand cupped her right cheek. Running back and forth over her ass, squeezing her butt cheek. I slowly brought my hand, stretching my arm over to her left ass cheek. I massaged that part of her butt for a second more than brought my hand back to the right side of my sister's ass. All this taking place during the course of a minute or less.

My sister turned her head looking around the bar. Andrea seemed to be checking to see if anyone was noticing the impropriety. Her brother fondling her ass. I knew I should stop and not press my luck but I couldn't stop. I needed to touch her. I slid my hand over my sister's skirt finding the space between her cheeks and guided my hand down lower. I started pressing my hand and her skirt between her legs. Wanting to feel her pussy and hole. I tried to push my hand further between her legs. Her skirt began to rid up on her, from her lower thighs to a much more revealing upper thighs. She immediately stepped away from me and lightly slapped at her brother's naughty hand.

"Your awful. You can't be doing this Gary," my sister grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it down. That's so sexy I thought. "Erin's going to see. Cut it out. No more, you had your fun. It's over."

I took a long sip of my beer and Erin was back a few seconds later.

Andrea excused herself and went to use the Ladies room. I wondered if I made her wet.

"Did Andrea tell you," Erin asked.

"Tell me what"

"We're double dating tonight. I set her up with a friend of mine from work," my girlfriend revealed.

"Really," this news did not make me happy but I tried to hide it best I could. I wanted to get into my sister's panties. I didn't want to watch some other guy try to do it. "Do you think Andrea is ready to be dating again. So soon after her divorce."

"It's been 6 months, she told me she's so horny she's playing with herself all the time," Erin answered.

"Oh my God, I don't want to hear that. She's my sister," my cock was a steel rod instantly.

"Women need to get laid just as much as guys. I don't think her ex was giving it to her much the last couple of years. She needs cock."

I coughed in shock. "I like to think of my sister, not in those terms" secretly I was so turned on by the my girlfriend talking about my sister's need for cock. Hopefully my cock. "Do you talk to my sister about our sex life."

"Not normally, but she asked me the other day after our trip," Erin looked at me implying after my sister watched us fuck. "I told Andrea that her little brother was a great fuck."

"She's seen that for herself," I announced. Erin hit my arm.

"Don't remind me. It's too, weird, creepy." If she only knew.

Erin's friend came a few minutes later. He was a decent guy, Rob, a little short and stocky at 5'9. Italian looking. Rob was a teacher, a gym teacher. I didn't think he was my sister's type but you never know. My sister is little more intellectual but before she got married she went out with some real idiots. We all vacated the bar and found a table in the restaurant.

The seating in the restaurant was a wrap around booth. As we approached the table Erin sat down and I sat next to her. We slid down and Andrea followed by her new boyfriend. Erin and Rob were at opposite ends almost facing each other while Andrea and I were in the middle. As the woman discussed the menu I noticed that restaurant was even darker than the bar. Most restaurants have low lighting trying to convey an ambiance but this place was like being in a movie theater.

I ordered drinks for everyone, then as if inspired "How about a shot of tequila or whiskey for everyone, like when we were 21. Something different." I knew I could handle my alcohol but my sister was a lightweight. Surprisingly, Andrea and Erin agreed on a shot of whiskey on top of their other drink. Rob was as anxious to get my sister drunk as me. He immediately said great idea. Everyone downed their drinks and ordered food, the awkwardness of the blind date and a brother's lust diminished with the lubricant of liquor. Erin refused another drink when the waiter returned but my sister ordered another drink.

Conversation was flowing easily as Erin brought out information about Rob and Andrea trying to emphasis what they had in common. The alcohol and darkness was giving me courage. I slowly took my hand and placed it on my sister's knee and began rubbing her leg. I turned to look at my sister who did not even seem to acknowledge my touch. Everything was normal. I began slowly stroking the outside of her leg up to her skirt. I wished she hadn't been wearing pantyhose. I wanted to feel her naked flesh. I began moving my hand slowly up her leg then back down to knee. I repeated this over and over

Alternating between softly massaging her leg and ever so lightly with my fingertips stroking the outside my sister's leg.

My sister's date, Rob, left the table to use the Men's room. Erin immediately asked my sister if "Do like him." Erin forwardly asked my sister "Are you going to making out with him tonight. All the while I continued to massage my sister's leg under the table.

My sister said, "Rob was cute. I'm not sure if he's my type. Kissing to me is more personal, intimate than sex. So no I won't be making out with him." I thought to myself my sister has seen Pretty Woman one to many times. Sex is sex, kissing is not in the same league. But good news my sister didn't like Rob.

My girlfriend reacted, "So just fuck him. No kissing."

"Enough Erin," I said. I'm trying to fuck my sister. Enough with Rob who was now coming back to the table.

I squeezed my sister's thigh. I tried to keep the movement of my arm invisible to rest of the table. My shoulder never moved noticeably and I hoped the table, the tablecloth and darkness hid the rest. My sister continued talking to Erin and Rob as if nothing was happening. When we ate dinner my hand would leave her leg but return after a few bits of food. After what must have been a half hour of rubbing, caressing my sister's leg the next time I reached her the beginning of her skirt I tried to slide my fingers underneath.

Her skirt was pulled too tight against her legs and I was only able to maneuver my fingers about an inch underneath before my sister grabbed my hand. Andrea wrapped her hand around the back of mine pulling my fingers out from underneath her skirt and resting my hand on her knee.

I looked into my sister's face and she smiled back at me as her fingers squeezed my hand. She resumed her conversation with Erin about how we used to fight, brother and sister, when we were kids. My sister said, "Gary was always touching my things doing and going places he shouldn't." I moved my hand along her knee cupping it. I moved my hand slightly below her knee rubbing her skin covered by the sheer fabric then back up to knee and then above. My sister let go of my hand. My hand roamed back down to her knee and then to the inside of her knee. Massaging the inside of my sister's leg slowly rising up her thighs. I slowly stroked her leg stopping to massage different parts of her leg on each stroke. My hand would hit the bottom of her skirt and then go down.

Finally on the next stroke I slowly slid my hand underneath her skirt. I could feel her try to shift herself to close her legs down on my hand. But she didn't quite close them. I was still able to raise my hand further up leg to her inner thigh. My hand suddenly touched naked flesh. Her panty hose ending at her inner thigh. I pressed my hand down rubbing in circles feeling her hairless skin gliding through my fingertips. It felt exquisite.

Soft and warm. I squeezed her skin in my hand pressing into her flesh. So much better clothes and pantyhose. With no thought of consequences, only desire, I moved my hand further up her thigh. At last my hand reached the area where her leg connected in towards her pussy. My hand finding the edges of her silk panties. I ran my fingers along the edges her panties for several strokes. Then my fingers glided onto her panties finding her center, between her legs.

My heart was pounding like a freight train. My fingers wandered up feeling her mound and her pubic hair hidden beneath the silk. I lowered my hand over the silk cupping her pussy. My sister's pussy wrapped in my hand. I began stroking, rubbing pressing into her. I could feel her wetness seeping through her panties. At first her entire pussy than looking for her clit.

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