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Just Friends


Greetings all; the characters in my stories exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows?

In this story I take a relationship that actually existed and flip it upside down, turn it inside out, then I reverse engineer it.

My characters Roz and Eddie are friends that share a very special benefit. Their friendship spans two husbands for her, and three long term girlfriends for him.

When they first met, Roz had just begun to experiment with having an open marriage. Eddie was the first and only man she tried to give some pussy, but he told her he had a girlfriend and he also wasn't into poontang all that much. She soothed the pain of being rejected by telling herself that he was probably on the down-low. But when he asked her if they could be friends she decided to roll with it. Over time they grew to like each other, and eventually became genuinely close.

Since she couldn't get him to fuck her she would tell him the most intimate details of her life, in place of having sex with him.

He was a good listener, so much so that when Roz was having trouble in her first marriage she confided in him. When her marriage finally ended, he was there for her. He was sensitive and kind, and most importantly he would occasionally send her flowers and cards to make her feel special.

It was purely a coincidence that Eddie's 2nd long term girlfriend moved on to the next phase of her life as well.

The demise of their separate relationships was completely unrelated, but as a result the two of them found a bond that cemented their friendship in a very unique way.


This is how it happened.

One day Roz was surfing the internet when she just happened to discover that a fetish club had recently opened near her home. Being that she'd always had a kinky side even beyond her willingness to experiment with having an open marriage with her first husband, she was now single and free to do anything she wanted, so naturally she wanted to check it out. There was just one little problem, there was no way she was going to a place like that alone.

After thinking about it for a moment or two, she decided that Eddie was the only guy she could go to the club with who she was sure wouldn't try to get her to do something kinky. She got him on the phone and invited herself to his place for a cup of coffee. They were sitting at his dining room table chatting about world events when she suddenly changed the subject. "Eddie, do you know what a fetish club is?" she asked

When he told her that he had no idea what she was talking about, she explained it based on what she had read. He then responded saying, "That some freaky shit."

Roz tilted her head to the side with a charming look on her face and said, "Well, there's one near where I live and I wanna go see what people do in there. And guess what, you're going with me."

The website says Saturday evening is their busiest night. That's when were going."

Eddie laughed as he said, "You didn't even ask me if I was interested. You just took charge and planned everything. Shoot, you're already acting like a dominatrix and treating me as your submissive."

Ironically those were the roles they'd soon be playing for years to come.


They spent a couple of hours at the club mostly with their eyes bugging out when the saw the things some people were into. However there was one sex act they saw a couple engaging in that interested both of them. It was a girl buggering a guy who was wearing a ball-gag. They didn't discuss it that night, but the seed was planted.

The next day Roz called Eddie to chat about some of the unique stuff they'd seen people doing in order to get a nut. It didn't matter how open minded they were, some of the kinks they saw made them shake their head. However Roz's tone of voice changed from joking to sensual when she mentioned the couple who were butt-fuckng. She told him she thought it was hella hot seeing roles reversed like that.

Eddie pretty-much felt the same as she did. "I have to admit that I liked watching that couple doing anal," he said. "That girl really knew how to fuck like a man."

His statement got Roz's attention and sent her thoughts racing. She'd been corn-holed many times by her ex-husband, and she'd always wanted to fuck him in the ass with a strapon in return. The thing was, he was ultra straight so she hadn't felt comfortable to ask him, but Eddie might be the man she'd been waiting for all along. Perhaps he'd turned her down all those years ago because she'd offered him the wrong kind of sex.

One thing was for sure, after watching the couple ass-fucking, the thought of ramming a dick up a man's ass had her hella turned on. So much so, she had to take a couple of breaths to calm herself down before she said, "They did look like they were into it didn't they?"

She then cleared her throat before saying, "You know, its not for everyone, but having a dick inserted into your bottom feels good if the person does it right."

"Hm," responded Eddie. "I thought you'd told me about everything you did in the sack, but you never mentioned that you liked getting fucked in your booty-hole."

"I have told you everything, sort of," she said matter of factly.

"I just didn't tell you every detail is all."A lady always has her secrets," she pointed out.

"You're a lady huh," he said, teasing her. "That didn't stop you from telling me in vivid detail about everybody you've ever given some pussy, or how good you sucked their dick, did it?"

"Shut your smart mouth," she said, laughing. "Letting somebody fuck me in the ass was more intimate than regular sex. Besides I did tell you about it, you just didn't realize it. Every time I told you my ex got it from behind, those were the times he put his dick in my back door." And then she laughed before adding, "For the record, he's the only one who ever fucked me in my ass."

"Ok alright, I believe you," said Eddie. "Um, so tell me, how do you like having a dick in your rump?"

"I love it," she admitted without hesitation. "It's just something that I've always been into. I don't know why."

"Wow, I had no idea you were into that," he said, enthusiastically.

Of course Roz jumped at the chance to finally ask a question even she'd thought was too personal to ask him up till that point. "Have you ever done it to anybody?" she asked first.

"Naw" he responded.

Then she got to the question she really wanted to ask. "Has anybody done it to you?" she asked with a giggle.

"Naw," he responded in a tone of voice that didn't sound very convincing, and she noticed it.

"Well," she said, a bit more confidently. "You did turn me down when I offered you some pussy when we first met.

"And um, I thought you might you know, be gay or on the down-low."

Eddie laughed and said, "Naw, I'm not any of that, but I don't see anything wrong with your partner stimulating your prostate while you're having sex."

"Uh Hm," responded Roz, as she tried reading between the lines of what he'd said. "Does that mean you'd do it to somebody, or let them do you?"

Eddie knew what she wanted him to say, but he still played it safe when he said, "I'd probably play around with a woman."

While he had answered truthfully when he said he'd play with a woman, his feelings were a bit more complicated than that. He'd had a girlfriend who was a stone cold freak. She coerced him into having a threesome with her and another guy. Somehow she got the guys to roll around and pretend they were fucking each other. When the guy playfully mounted him doggystyle, he found that he liked having someone pressing their groin against his behind like that. Every since then he'd wondered what it would be like if there was also a dick in his asshole along with hips being pressed against his bum.

Being the kinkster that she is, as soon as Eddie cracked the door to the room where he kept his sexual proclivities hidden, Roz kicked it in, metaphorically speaking of course.

"Exactly what do you mean by play with a woman? asked Roz. "You basically just said you like your prostate massaged, how would you like for her to do it?"

"Um, I don't know," he responded, realizing he'd shared more hints about his sexuality than he'd intended to.

"Bullshit," she said laughing. "Just admit you're curious about getting fucked in the ass."

She was joking, but he wasn't sure at that moment and he wondered if she'd figured out what he was really thinking. He decided that a good way to get the heat off of him was to make it about her. "Ha, just because you like to be butt-fucked doesn't mean I do." He counter punched.

"Yeah right. That was a nice try," she said, teasing him. "You can't bring yourself to deny it can you?".

At that point Eddie kept his mouth shut, because he didn't know what to say.

"Well then," she said, suddenly sounding as assertive as she'd been when she told him he was going to the fetish club with her. "You know what Eddie, me and you like the same thing. You want to be fucked in your ass, and I want to fuck you."

When she said that Eddie was thankful he was talking to her through his Bluetooth headset, because he was sure he would have dropped his cell phone. He honestly hadn't known how much he wanted to be pegged until that moment. But he still made one last feeble attempt to play it off. "Girl you so crazy," he said.

Considering his reply he may as well have just said yes. "Boy please," said Roz sarcastically. "Who do you think you're fooling." At this point she was in full Dom mode and she even surprised herself with how strongly she went at him. "I'll be at your house in a couple of hours. Come to the door buck naked and ready to be fucked," she demanded.


She rang his doorbell approximately two hours later carrying a black shopping bag in her hand. He stood behind the door as he pulled it open. When she walked inside and looked at him from head to toe, a big smile spread across her face. She'd told him to be as naked as the day he was born when she got there, and there he was in his birthday suit with his cock about three quarters chubby and drooling pre-cum. "Y hello sweetie," she greeted him cheerfully, before cupping his balls in her hand and fondling them. "Momma likey," she said, as she judged the size of his cock. "Looks like he's perfect for anal, in case I decide to let you in my backdoor."

She then licked her lips as she surveyed the rest of him. "I love your smooth chest too," she said, now holding his cock in her hand. "Let's go sit down and talk." She told him, while leading him toward the couch and using his cock as a leash.

She then patted the seat beside her. "Let's talk some," she said while smearing his pre-cum over his cock and balls. "Hm, you don't like pussy all that much huh?"

Eddie only shrugged his shoulders.

"Mmmmm, it sure looks like you're into ass-fucking though," she said while trying to control her own excitement over finally getting her hands on his cock. "The only question I have is whether you're more excited about getting into my ass, or me getting into yours."

She then reluctantly let go of his man-meat and emptied the shopping bag on the table. Eddie raised his eyebrows when he saw the harness and two realistic looking dildos. As she held the toys in her hand she said, "The three inch long dick goes inside my pussy, while I fuck you in the ass with the five and a half inch one."

She then held the five and a half inch dildo next to Eddie's cock. "Yep, they are about the same size. Sweet," she said as she stood up, pulling her shirt over her head in the same motion before dropping her jeans off of her hips. She was going commando and braless, revealing a thick bush and a pair of a-cup breasts on her tall frame. She then turned all the way around to give him a good look at her. All in all she had a pretty, feminine face, and a tall and thick body that was curvy, even with practically no tits. When she secured the strapon dong to her, she looked as much like a man as Eddie did.

After admiring Eddie's hard dick again for a moment, she stepped to him and wrapped one hand around it. "Look at all that pre-cum coming out of you. You're liable to blow your load any second," she said, before using her thumb and forefinger from her other hand to make a circle around the top of his nutsack. "Here, let me give your nuts a good firm tug away from your body, otherwise you're gonna shoot-off any second and I'll have to wait for you to recover. Momma don't want that to happen yet."

Having his nuts tugged was one of Eddie's favorite things, and he couldn't believe he hadn't allowed her to lay hands on him before. Looking at her biting her bottom lip with her head tilted to one side while she expertly manipulated his manhood made him weak in the knees.

When she stepped away from him to take the tube of lube from the kitchen table, he was surprised by how sexy she looked with her feminine body and a cock hanging between her legs. And then when she turned around where he could see her entire body with her black cock poking out in front of her he broke out laughing.

"God damn Roz, you look sexy as fuck. You should wear that strapon dick all the time," he said joyfully.

Roz laughed too as she held both of her hands in the air about head high and moved her hips to make her cock swing from side to side. When she stopped gyrating she said, "I don't think that's a good idea for obvious reasons, but I wouldn't mind wearing it with you if you want to hookup like this from time to time."

His expression said it all. He looked like I look when I see the hot donuts now sign lit up. "Do you mean we can fuck each other in the ass and not do anything else with no strings attached?" he asked.

"Yep," she said while also nodding her head in agreement. She was finally about to get something she'd wanted for a long time, only it wasn't what she'd initially wanted from him.

They then stood there looking at each other for a moment before Roz said, "I want to fuck you right here on the couch. Put your knees on the seat and prop yourself on the back of it.

"Yep, like that."

She lubed up her dong before greasing his asshole real good. As she was rubbing and poking around down there she couldn't resist kneading his nuts a little bit, and giving his hard dick a few good strokes. She'd agreed that he wouldn't be fucking her in the pussy, but they hadn't said anything about her sucking his dick. So she got down on her knees and pulled his peter backwards between his legs. It was just long enough for her to get a mouthful of dick.

She sucked him while fingering his asshole for a couple of minutes, but then she saw that he was having a hard time holding back his nut. So she reluctantly took him out of her mouth, but her disappointment was soon replaced with joy when she lined up the head of her fake cock with his pucker.

When it came to anal intercourse they were both virgins, but they took to it like a duck takes to water. Eddie knew to push with his sphincter muscles as Roz worked her faux phallus into his rectum. There was probably some discomfort but he wanted her girl-cock in him so bad, he didn't even notice it. She took her time getting it in there, using slow even strokes. Within a minute or two she was in to the hilt.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God," said Eddie breathlessly as he felt her replica penis penetrate his inner sphincter the first time. It was better than he had dreamed it would be, and he'd had some damn good dreams.

When she looked down at them joined together she smiled big, then said, "My dick feels good to you baby, doesn't it?

Since being a top was new to her, she figured the best thing to do would be to imitate the way men fucked her when it felt good. She also remembered that Eddie said he liked feeling the person behind him. With that in mind she gripped his hips tight, pressed her own hips against the cheeks of his ass and grinded her realistic dildo into his alternate sex.

Every time she hunched her hips to impale Eddie with her imitation manhood, her pussy tightened around the dick shaped dildo that was also inside her. The ingenious design of the toy gave her the feeling of being fucked while she fucked him.

Her consistent style of fucking was perfect for him, and he soon figured out how to arch his back so that every time she pumped her replica cock into him it massaged his prostate. As she laid pipe to him he was in pure ecstasy as the stream of pre-cum flowing from his peter was replaced by cum. He'd nutted from anal penetration alone.

When Roz felt Eddie's body begin to collapse onto the couch she released her grip on him and stood there with her hands on her hips. She had a self-satisfied smirk on her face as she looked at him sprawled on the couch beside his pool of cum.


That was the beginning of a, friends with benefits relationship that still endures.

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I need this

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