Just Looking


"There, this is a lot better," Janice declared as she fell onto the sheets and patted the space next to her. "You look tired, Mr Sanders. Lay down here next to me and relax."

"With pleasure girlie, but you really got to stop calling me Mr. Sanders, especially after what we did before. I'm Carl."

"Okay Carl," Janice said. "But only if you stop calling me girlie."

"That's a deal Janice," Carl said, easing himself down onto the bed and looking up at the ceiling.

Janice looked at the man who had just taken her virginity and rolled onto her side to face him. She ran her hands over his massive biceps and let her hand slide down across the kinky hairs under his upraised arm and chest before going lower.

"Janice, what are you up to?"

"Nothing," Janice said as she lifted the weighty tube of flesh that had been resting on Carl's thigh. "Just trying to figure out how you fit this big thing inside of me."

"Wasn't easy," Carl laughed. "It sure was worth it though. But unless you can handle another round of what you got before, you better let that boy alone."

"You mean you can get your dick hard again that fast?" Janice said while she pulled down the foreskin to expose the glans, which was plum-like in both size and pigmentation.

"I can't, but you can," Carl suggested. "Let me guess. You never sucked a guy's cock before either, right?"

"I put the head of one in my mouth once," Janice admitted.

"You want to learn how? You can practice on me," Carl offered. "Now keep it skinned back and put your mouth over the crown of it. That's it. Work the shaft with your hand, and let your tongue work over the tip of that thing."

"Like this?" Janice said after sucking on the knob for a few seconds.

"That's right, Janice," Carl said encouragingly. "Oh my, you're going to be a great cocksucker in no time. Let your lips go all the way down the head of it. The more you can take in the better it is."

"It's so big that I can't get much more than the bulb of it in my mouth," Janice exclaimed after pulling it out of her mouth and looking at the wet plum.

"That's okay baby," Carl said, reaching over onto the girl's night stand and grabbing a bottle of hand lotion. "Why don't you work some of this stuff onto the shaft. It'll make it easier for you to stroke me while you suck on the rest of it."

Janice squirted some of the lotion into her palm and rubbed it all over the coal black tube before resuming her oral lesson on the crown. Almost immediately Janice could feel his dick start to get longer and harder in her fist, and the harder she moved her fist up and down, the stiffer it got.

"Sweet!" Carl hissed as he watched the chubby girl work so diligently to get it up for him again. "After you get me hard, I think I'd like to watch you ride it for a while."


Chapter Ten: A job well done.

After pulling into the driveway, Alicia Zwink walked around the house and checked out the shrubs that the gardener had planted. She had taken off from work early to see how the job had been going, and from the looks of it the man was all done. The landscaping really looked fine, and Alicia went around back to compliment Mr. Sanders, but he was nowhere in sight.

Since the truck was outside, Mrs. Zwink knew he had to be still here, so she went inside, assuming her daughter Janice had maybe made him lunch or something like that. No one was in the kitchen, but Alicia heard the deep voice of Mr. Sanders coming from down the hall so she walked in that direction.

When she got within sight of the partially open door of her daughter's room, her initial reaction was of shock. Alicia fell back against the wall when she saw the pile of horribly stained sheets on the floor, her mind racing as she feared the worst.

Then she saw the big black feet hanging over the end of the bed, toes curling as the man spoke to Janice. Leaning forward so that she could see more while trying to stay out of their sight, she saw that Janice was certainly not being hurt.

Alicia gasped as she saw her daughter kneeling next to the gardener, her mouth going up and down the man's penis, and what a penis is was, thought Alicia. The man was exceptionally well-endowed, and her daughter didn't seem able to take very much of the enormous organ in her mouth, but the way she was pumping the rest of it seemed to be pleasing the gardener quite a lot.

Some words were exchanged that Alicia could not make out, and then Janice started to climb on top of the man. Such a pretty thing, her mother noted, and to think how much better she would look if she lost a little weight. Her breasts were certainly large enough to attract attention, and judging by the way Mr. Sanders was kneading them as Janice straddled him, he seemed to enjoy them.

Then Alicia watched as Janice lifted her thigh as she held the huge organ in her fist while slowly lowering herself onto it. Janice's moans filled the room as she impaled herself on the glistening ebony shaft, slowly moving downward until the entire organ disappeared from sight.

Janice began rocking on top of the gardener, her fleshy butt jiggling in the massive black hands that were cupping them, and as they continued to make love, Alicia slowly went back down to hall and out of the house.

Driving back to her office, Alicia felt a sense of satisfaction in her daughter becoming a woman today. She had never had much luck with boys before, but that had certainly changed today, Alicia had to admit.

Then again, that was no boy Janice was with. Alicia's mind kept going back to the sight of that gigantic penis, the size of which still amazed Alicia, and as she recalled seeing her daughter going down on that she suddenly noticed that her nipples were throbbing and she was getting noticeably wet between her legs.

Been a long time, Alicia thought to herself as she pulled into the company parking lot. A really long time, and when she tried to picture herself doing what her little girl did, she shuddered. He would split me in two, Alicia concluded. No way that a dried up old lady like me could handle something like that, even if he found me attractive enough to want to be with in the first place, she reasoned.

Or could she? Or would he? Those thoughts kept Alicia Zwink's mind occupied for the rest of the work day, along with wondering what Janice and Mr. Sanders were doing.


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