tagSci-Fi & FantasyJust Maybe... Ch. 05

Just Maybe... Ch. 05


Authors Note: Oh my goodness it's been almost a year since I updated this story! I got so caught up in college that I just forgot. Every time I got an email I went and wrote a little more and tonight I sat myself down and finished this chapter! It's a little slow, but Aria needed to see where Makkail stayed. But there's more sex! I couldn't let you down. Next chapter will deal more with the main plot and Aria will start doing some more detective work. And hopefully, it won't take me a year to update this time!

For those that don't know, chapter four of this story was ranked #21 in this category for awhile. I cried when I saw that. It means so much to the authors when you actually take the time to vote or send feedback, it's what keeps us going. So remember, if you appreciate the story, vote! And I love feedback too. Thanks for reading!


I woke alone the next morning, but then, that was to be expected, right? I didn't have a normal boyfriend that could stay the night, and sneak out in the morning. But that was okay. My handsome, and very unusual man had held me until dawn came, and only then had he left, albeit reluctantly. My mind couldn't help wandering back to the events of the night before, and a foolish smile spread across my face. Adjectives couldn't begin to describe the pleasure that had overtaken my tiny and very unworthy body, and I got a dreamy look on my face as I recalled the look of pure rapture on Makkail's face. I'd always thought I'd regret my first time the next morning, and doubly so considering my first ever sexual partner had been a large blue demon with wings. However, no matter how much I searched my brain for any remorse, there wasn't any.

I lay in bed quite lazily for awhile, only reaching over to slap aimlessly at the controls of my boombox. After a few tries I managed to turn on the radio. It wasn't the CD function like I'd wanted, but hell, it'd do. Rock music blared out from the speakers and I hummed along, very off key for awhile, before finally rising. I was halfway to the closet, clad in absolutely nothing, when the door opened. I froze like a panicked deer, or more aptly, like a very naked girl in a room that probably reeked of sex.

"Aria, did you want- OH MY LORD!" My mother shrieked, seeing my state of attire. "WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!" She screeched, glaring at me angrily. I panicked, and my brain chose this particular moment to take a desert island vacation, leaving me with absolutely nothing.

"I... uh... I'm gonna go take a shower." I said desperately. My mother glared.

"And what's wrong with undressing in the bathroom like you always do? And what's that smell?"

She sniffed and I was about ready to start having a panic attack when I realized my ice queen of a mother wouldn't know what sex smelled like if a pussy was jammed in her face. She probably didn't even smell it the like, two times my parents had sex a year. Ew. That's not a mental image I want coming back again. Bad brain!

"You always get mad at me for leaving my clothes on the bathroom floor so I figured I'd undress in here!" I said brightly. Apparently the whole parental sex thing had jolted my brain back from it's Tijuana vacation. My mother's face fell, she'd been oh so happy at the prospect of catching me without a good explanation.

"Oh. Good idea. Well, there's scrambled eggs downstairs when you want them." She looked me over once more, shook her head, and closed the door, but not before my big mutt pushed his way into the room and jumped up on the bed.

I sighed a wheeze of relief and looked over at my dog.

"That was a close one, huh boy?" My dog looked appropriately relieved for me and I picked out some clean underwear and a set of clothes. I then headed downstairs, for yet another confrontation with my mother.

"I thought you were going to take a shower?" She asked, a stony look on her face. I simply stared at her for a moment.

"I was, before you freaked the hell out of me." I said cooly, grabbing the milk container from the fridge. I was just pouring it into a bowl of wheaties when my mother turned on the TV in the next room.

She loved to watch those talk shows. You know, where you change the channel and these two guys are sitting at this cheap brown wooden table and they're arguing about whether or not there's too many chemicals in the water supply or some shit like that. I half listened, busy trying to decide on my milk level and if I wanted soggy cereal or crispy cereal. However, a few moments later my head jerked towards the TV and I forgot all about my breakfast.

The fat, tubby man on the left shook his head.

"No, I believe the government is trying to cover up the facts. The people of this city are not crazy. They're not! If a normal, suburban mother of two walks up to me on the street and says 'I just saw a UFO,' do I believe her? Of course! What motive could she have for lying? So when numerous people in this city claim they've seen some kind of giant bird or something flying around, I believe them! There could even be photographs of this bird, or angel, or whatever it is, but the government is too busy repressing all the info to inform the people of any facts! I can guarantee that we'll stop seeing any kind of activity from this phenomenon within the next week, because the politicians will catch whatever it is and lock it up." The skinny, pale man that looked like he was about to asphyxiate, began arguing with the fat one, but I was done listening.

With a start I realized I'd poured too much milk in, and my Wheaties were trying desperately to stay afloat. Suddenly not hungry, I poured it all out in the sink and headed upstairs. I had to find Makkail. He'd told me the approximate place where he stayed in the city indirectly, he'd talked about the view of the river from his building and how they never turned on the air conditioner during the day. I grabbed my car keys from a rack near the door and headed outside.

My car had been a gift from my father when I turned 18. Nothing fancy, just a used car from a lot that he'd probably paid no more than three grand for. Still, I loved it. It was an older, 90 something model Mercedes, and it suited me fine. The car was ornery, had a bunch of quirks, and yet managed to be totally suited to what I needed. It had a powerful, albeit old engine, a double exhaust pipe that backfired more than a comedian with bad fart jokes. But I loved it. The car, old as it was, could still hit 0-60 in under 10 seconds, and the sound system absolutely rocked.

It took me forty five minutes to drive down to the financial district near the waterfront of the small body of water that the city grandly declared a river. I parked my car in front of a dismal little building that looked like it had once been an office building of some kind. Now, the only people that worked there were vagrants and the like, climbing in through the badly broken windows to wrap their drugs or worse. Most of the buildings surrounding it were newer and quite well kept. Their parking lots were all numbered and orderly though, so I figured my best bet was to park in front of the deserted building. I climbed out of the car and shivered, it was a cloudy day and I'd forgotten a jacket.

I eyed the two nearest buildings, figuring I had to start somewhere. "Gray and Assoc., Kain Industries Inc., GoldenWave Ent...There's more abbreviations here than in the dictionary." I muttered. "Okay, where to start. Well, he said the air conditioner never runs, and who's cheaper than a bunch of lawyers?" I headed towards the office building, then stopped. How the hell was I supposed to get up to the roof? Walk in and say 'Hey, I need to check and see if my blue skinned boyfriend is hiding on your roof under the air conditioner that you're too cheap to use?' I doubted I could pass as a repairman, what with the jeans and the David Bowie T shirt I was wearing, and the total lack of even a screwdriver on my person.

While I was thinking, I headed to the side of the building. Maybe there would be a ladder leading up to the roof or something. It couldn't be that simple though, could it? Fortunately, it was. I grinned at my luck, and grabbed the nearest rung on the ladder, hoisting myself up. It was quite a climb to the top of the two story building, but I made it. I stopped for breath once I reached the roof, leaning over and balancing my palms on my knees for a few moments as I wheezed. I needed to get in shape. Once I'd regained use of my limbs and my breath, I stood up straight and looked around. The air conditioner was there, but no Makkail in sight. I shrugged and headed down the ladder again, walking over to the next building.

Kain Industries. There was no lucky ladder on this building, in fact, it seemed impossible to get to the roof except from inside. I was standing outside by the trash area when a young man came out with a bunch of boxes in his arms. He smiled at me curiously.

"Hi." He said briefly, dumping the boxes into the trash without even flattening them. An idea occurred to me and I grinned suddenly.

"Hey, can I have those? I'm moving and I need boxes." The young man nodded with a smile.

"Sure." He looked about ready to give me a fresh line or a pickup or something, so I quickly grabbed one of the boxes and said a hurried thank you, turning. I pretended to go back to my car, but as soon as he went back inside I ran around to the front instead.

I popped a stick of gum in my mouth from my pocket and assumed a lazy demeanor. I pushed the front door open, headed for the front desk, and prayed to God that Mr. Kain wasn't on vacation in Hawaii.

"Yea hi, I'm from Deliveries R Us, and I've got a package for Mr. Kain." I snapped my gum and leaned against the counter, one hand on the box and a bored look on my face. The receptionist gave me a funny look, but nodded.

"Alright, leave it here and I'll take it to him later." I shook my head.

"Sorry sister, I gotta take this up there and get him to sign for it." She sighed.

"Oh, probably more of those legal documents from that shark of an ex wife. What, she needs a box instead of an envelope now?" I laughed nasally.

"Hey, that's how lawyers make their money, right?" She nodded.

"Alright, fourth floor, second door on the left. That's his secretary's office, she'll get him to sign for it." I nodded and gave her a grin before heading for the elevator.

Fourth floor, that was the top floor. There'd surely be an entrance to the roof there somewhere. Several men and women in suits and skirts respectively entered the elevator with me, and when I exited on the fourth floor they were everywhere. You'd think one of them would have noticed a small young woman in jeans and a t shirt, or hear my heart hammering in my chest like a jackhammer, but it's amazing what one small prop like a box will do. It's mundane, it's everyday, and I wasn't stopped once. I was getting a kick out of the adrenaline rush too.

I moseyed around, trying to look like I knew where I was going, checking the address on the box every few moments as if I was looking for a specific room number. I saw a door marked Maintenance, and checking to make sure no one was looking, I quickly ducked inside. Sure enough, a ladder leading to a trapdoor sat in the middle of the room and within a few moments I was back out in the sunlight on the roof. The air conditioner wasn't running here either, but there was a small, worn out blanket lying under it. The large footprints in the dust around me from bare feet couldn't be from anyone but Makkail, but... where was he?


It had taken a great amount of Aria's gentle persuasion to get him to leave her side, daylight and danger or not. He'd stayed as long as he could, holding her tightly against his chest, marveling at how tiny she felt in his arms. She was so small compared to him, he practically engulfed her. They were both exhausted and they'd slept until the dawn, where she'd sleepily shooed him out of bed and to the window, where they'd shared a last, fervent kiss before he took off for his bed up underneath the air conditioner. He'd fallen asleep there rather quickly, still being tired out, and he didn't wake up until sometime in the afternoon the following day.

It was still quite light outside and he wondered what had woken him, until his sharp hearing picked up another strangled sob from the next rooftop over. His eyes widened and he peered out from under the pipe. On the roof of the other four story building next to him, a transit company of some sort, a woman was standing on the edge. She looked distraught, and was standing precariously close to the edge. Makkail, an alarmed look on his face, slid out from under the air conditioner as quietly as he could. It was the middle of the day and he couldn't risk being seen, but the woman looked just about ready to jump. He couldn't stand by while a woman killled herself.

He watched her for a moment, and wondered what had driven her to this. She began to speak softly, and he strained to hear her, her words floating to him on the wind. "I can't take this anymore... I can't take it..." She said softly, taking another step forward. She was right on the edge now and Makkail surged forward, flying the short distance to land on the roof a few feet away from her. She looked up and screamed, trying to back away from him. In doing so, she took that final step off the roof and began to fall. Makkail darted forward and grabbed her hand, pulling her back onto the roof to safety. "Please, I'm not going to hurt you, he said quickly, looking around. "Please don't jump, alright?" He said quickly. Someone would be coming to look for the source of the scream soon, he had to get out of there.

He took a chance and leaped into the air, flying away from the woman. Once he was out of her sight, he landed in a tree. He waited there for a good long while until he was sure she was gone, then headed back towards his rooftop. Sure enough, she was gone from the neighboring building, but another figure stood on his rooftop. He was about to wheel and turn away when he recognized the small figure. He quickened his pace and within a moment he landed beside Aria, sweeping her into his arms.

She squeaked in surprise and then hugged him back. "Makkail! You were out during the day!" She sounded upset and he winced slightly.

"There was a woman in trouble..." He began desperately, but Aria cut him off.

"I came over here to tell you you need to be more careful, even at night and you were out during the day?" She was obviously worried, and a bit miffed, so he took the opportunity to plant a rather large kiss on her lovely lips. By the time he finished, she was smiling, a dreamy look on her face, and she'd completely forgotten she was even slightly upset with him. He smirked and she sighed.

"Okay, fine, I'm not mad. Just be careful, okay?" She hugged him tightly again and he inhaled that intoxicating scent of her hair.

She was pressed into his chest, and he could feel her nipples hardening underneath her shirt as her breasts pressed against his bare chest... obviously she'd forgotten a bra today. He certainly wasn't complaining. After a moment more, she reached up, pulling his lips down to hers for a completely different kiss. Her tongue swept into his mouth, hungrily darting along his teeth and along the roof of his mouth before she let go of him, staring hotly up into his eyes. Her chest was heaving slightly and her lips were swollen and red from the intensity of the kiss. He was already starting to get hard and he groaned slightly, pushing against her. She gasped as she felt his heat press against her leg through both their pants and she reluctantly pulled away.

"Makkail..." She began, intending to remind him of the fact that it was broad daylight and they were completely exposed on top of the building. Makkail grinned and didn't let her finish, pressing small butterfly kisses along her jawline and her throat.

"You're not the only one that gets to tease..." He whispered, nipping gently. Aria gasped and her eyelids fluttered. She attempted a weak protest, but her brain had stopped working again, dratted thing. Makkail made his way up to her ear, holding her gently.

"There's a lip on the roof, and the helicopters never fly over this way." He whispered, his breath hot against her ear as he suckled on her earlobe.

Finally catching her breath, Aria opened her mouth to protest, then she smirked and leaned down, tracing her tongue along one of his nipples on that glorious bare chest of his. A strangled gasp escaped his lips and he scooped her up instantly, carrying her over to the blanket that made up his bed underneath the air conditioner. He laid her down gently and although the ground beneath the blanket was hard, she made no protest, instead pulled him down to lie on top of her. His delicious body descended over hers, covering her completely. His warm lips hit the side of her neck and she groaned, leaning her head back as her eyes screwed shut. She reached up to run her hands over his chest, but with lightning speed, one of his hands shot up, grabbing both her wrists easily in his hand and planting them firmly above her head. Aria hissed and took in a breath. What was he doing?


I placed the box down on the roof beside me and studied the place where Makkail apparently lived with a worried look on my face. It was broad daylight, where was he? A thousand horrible possibilities crossed my mind. He could be hurt, captured, dead or something worse. I was about ready to call Marcus and get him to put out an APB on a large blue skinned man, when a rush of wings sounded. I whirled, in time to smack into a large chest as an equally large pair of arms wrapped around me. I squeaked delicately and then hugged him back.

"Makkail, what were you doing out during the day?" I attempted to look as fierce as my small size would allow, but it did no good. He simply grinned and gave me a rather large kiss. I melted into his arms. How the hell was I supposed to be mad when those delicious lips were pressed against mine? Drat, I'd been mad about something, what was it again? Oh fuck it. I kissed him back and sighed when he pulled away. I pressed into his chest and closed my eyes. It didn't take me long to realize I'd forgotten a bra and his warm chest was pressing against my breasts, only the thin material of my shirt seperating the two.

My nipples were getting hard, through no fault of my own and I bit my bottom lip for a moment before leaning up to kiss Makkail again. After I pulled away, I felt his hard length pressing against my leg and with a gasp I stepped back. I didn't get more than his name out before he was trailing little kissing along my neck. Oh Lord. There went rational thought again. What was my name? I tried to protest, but I wanted this, so much. I leaned down and flicked out my tongue along his nipple. He tasted wonderful, like... well, like a man. Before I could do anything more, he scooped me up and deposited me on his blanket. The ground was hard against my back and I knew I'd be sore tomorrow but it was worth it.

I reached up to run my hands along his chest but before my fingers reached him, his hand shot forward, grabbing mine. Holy fuck, he moved fast. I felt like I was lying underneath the Flash or something. He firmly pinned my arms above my head and left his hand there. I blinked, then gently tugged at my arms to test him. He didn't let go. Instead, his other hand reached down, tugging my shirt up and over my chest until it was laying around my neck . My pants quickly slid off my hips and down to puddle on the ground. Oh lookie, I'd forgotten underwear too. Whoops. He certainly didn't seem to mind, and his eyes gleamed. His own pants began to slide off and I grinned. Okay, so nix on the foreplay this time. I wasn't complaining. Within a few moments I could feel his silken heat pressing against my entrance and I moaned loudly, expecting any moment to feel him slamming into me. I didn't.

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