tagIncest/TabooJust My Mouth, Daddy

Just My Mouth, Daddy


** All Characters are over 18 **

"You're pretty quiet," I said to my teenaged daughter, sitting in the passenger seat of my camaro, "what's on your mind?"

Sasha looked at me, smiled and said "Nothing, really. Just spaced out." Her eyes had that special sparkle they always had when she was lying to me.

I could read my daughter as easily as you're reading this right now. She and I had always been very close, and that hadn't changed as she'd begun to grow into a beautiful young woman.

She was beautiful indeed. Her mom was Russian born, and unbelievably gorgeous, but very slender in the way that most Eastern European women are. Sasha (short for Alexandra in the Russian tradition) had her mother's golden locks and light brown eyes, but she was a little shorter, and bigger in the hips and chest. She looked better in a bikini than most of the girls you see on magazine covers.

Sasha looked back out the passenger window despite my raising a skeptical eyebrow at her. It wasn't that she lied a lot, she was a fairly honest girl. I could just tell when she did, and I knew very well what she was thinking about. Sasha was a lot like me, personality wise, and I knew at her age I could pretty much just think about one thing.

I didn't push it though, as I didn't want to make our drive awkward. We'd been visiting my mother down in Palm Springs, and we were back on our way to our home in Ashland, Oregon. We usually brought my wife with us, but she was visiting her own family in Saint Petersburg and would be gone another few weeks. Sasha had stayed with me to be closer to her friends during summer vacation.


"Yes, angel?"

"Can we stop at a motel early today? It's so hot. I want to swim."

I mulled the idea over in my head for a minute. We could get another three or four hours on the road today, making the trip tomorrow shorter, but I didn't really have any place to be and I didn't have to work until Wednesday that week, still three days away. It wasn't a tough sell.

"Sure. Why don't you find us a hotel with a good pool and we'll drop anchor for the day."

Sasha shot me one of her thousand watt smiles and hit her smart phone with intensity. In a few minutes she announced that she'd found the place - a Comfort Inn ten miles up the road. She borrowed my credit card and booked our rooms.

Or rather, room. When we arrived I found out she'd only reserved a single room for us, though it had two beds.

"It saves money!" She said proudly. "So we can go out to a nice dinner."

"Sounds good, baby." I said, and went to get our bags.

The room was pretty big for what we'd paid for it, and I was impressed by my little girl's bargain sense. The pool in back was big and clean. Sasha wasted no time running into the bathroom and changing into a black bikini that would have set any boy her age to drooling. Even I couldn't help but admire how good she looked in it. I think every father wants a beautiful daughter, and I was very proud of her.

"Aren't you coming?" She asked me.

"Sure, I'll go in for a while, that sounds good. Just give me a minute."

I went into the bathroom and changed into my suit. I didn't look too bad in mine either, if I do say so myself. Sasha had been a surprise pregnancy and was born when I was only twenty two. I worked out regularly, both at a Thai Boxing school and at a Crossfit gym, and prided myself on staying in excellent shape.

I came out of the bathroom shirtless, and found Sasha on the bed, laying face down in just her skimpy bikini bottoms. Her top lay next to her. Instantly, I felt my cock begin to thicken in my shorts. I was embarrassed, but it was an instinctive reaction that I couldn't help. She was just so damn sexy. I didn't harden all the way though, and I didn't think my daughter noticed my predicament.

"Can you put lotion on me, Daddy?"

"Sure, baby. Then you can do me."


I took my time rubbing my little girl down, and enjoyed the feel of her warm, flawless skin. I massaged her a little as a rubbed the lotion in, and she treated me to some "mmm's" and "aaaah's" from deep down in her throat. I had to shift around to keep my dick from tenting my shorts out.

Before I go on with this story, let me just say that any father with a hot daughter who tells you he's never thought of fucking her is a lying bastard. He may not of seriously thought of it, he might not ever do it, but the thought has crossed his mind. It's a natural thing. The way I see things, there are two ways you can deal with it: One, you can freak out and put yourself in counseling just for being a healthy male; or two, you can accept it as a normal thing and relax. I was definitely of the latter school of thought. Yes, my daughter was turning me on. But she wasn't really aware of it and I figured what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

Anyway, after I finished rubbing her down it was my turn, and I lay on my stomach while Sasha first got her top back on and then massaged lotion onto my back. She did me just like I'd done her, and it felt fantastic feeling her petite hands kneading the muscles in my back.

"You're so strong!" Sasha said. "I wish the boys at my school had your muscles."

"They wouldn't know what to do with them. It's better for them to keep working on learning to read."

Sasha giggled. "Daddy! They know how to read. Most of them, anyway. Even the football guys."

"Must be a different kind of team than I played on." I said, smiling.

Sasha surprised me by swatting me on the ass. "Okay, stud muffin, let's go get wet."

Sasha rose up on her knees and waited for me to roll over. I realized, though, that if I did that she would see the hard on raging in my shorts. I hesitated while I tried to figure something out.

"Come on!" Sasha said, pushing me on the back and bouncing me on the bed. "I want to go in the pool!"

"Okay. Can you get my sandals out of my bag? They're right on top."


Sasha turned to get the flip flops, and I tried to adjust myself quickly to hide my condition.

Only Sasha turned before I could finish. I jerked my hand out of my shorts, but my cock was standing erect, trapped against my left leg. Sasha's eyes went wide as she saw the outline of it under my trunks.

"Oh! Um... here you go, Daddy. I found them."

"Thanks baby." I said, the awkwardness of the moment finally deflating my engorged member.

The awkwardness didn't last long. We went down to the pool and splashed around, and Sasha didn't seem uncomfortable at all. In fact, she was very affectionate, play wrestling with me and giving me plenty of hugs in the water. It was a good afternoon.

But after an hour or so in the water, and another hour of laying out in the sun to tan and dry off, we were ready to head back in.

Back in the room I tossed my towel onto the floor in the corner and flopped down on the bed. Between the days drive and the sun outside I was pretty beat, but in a pleasant, lazy way.

Sasha flopped her bikini clad body down on top on my chest and hugged me tight. I wasn't wearing a shirt and the closeness felt wonderful. My cock, which had been cooperative while we were in the water, started to come to life again.

I was about to move Sasha off me and go get dressed for dinner when she leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. A soft kiss that lingered for a couple of seconds. She looked into my eyes after and smiled.

"Thanks for stopping early, Daddy. That was a lot of fun."

"No problem, baby."

We held each other's gaze for a moment, then I pulled her back down to me so we could kiss again. The kiss lasted even longer this time, and was at the absolute edge of anything that could be called father - daughter appropriate. My cock was thick now, and trapped against my leg again. Sasha shifted her own leg around and brushed up against it.

I was hoping she wouldn't feel it, but she did. Her eyes flicked down to my dick and then back up to mine.

"It does that a lot." She said in a quiet voice.

"Today I guess it does." I said. "Sorry." I added a few seconds later.

"No, it's okay. It's normal right?"

"Sort of."

"Is it hard because of me?"

"Sasha, I... yeah I guess it is." Sasha was staring at my dick now, and her hand reached down and brushed it through my shorts. It was a light touch, and pretty quick, but my cock turned to steel.

"Really?" She said, looking back up at me, her eyes wide and dark. She kissed my lips again, taking my bottom lip in between hers for just a second.

I thought about stopping the whole thing. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt my daughter. But then, she wasn't exactly resisting what was going on. I told myself we were near the edge but not over it, and that the strange mood both of us seemed to be in would probably keep us where we were for a few pleasant minutes, and then we'd separate before it went too far and things would go on as normal. I think I even told myself the experience would probably be good for us and bring us closer. It's amazing sometimes how well my dick can talk me into shit.

"You're just really sexy, angel." I said, placing my palm against my daughter's face. She pressed her cheek into my hand, and I let my hand slide along it, and then down her neck and over the slope of her left breast, squeezing it gently before sliding my hand over to her arm and down to her elbow.

Sasha kissed me again, harder this time. Our mouths parted as our lips met, though our tongues stayed hidden. Still, it was nothing like a father's kiss, and we made out like that for around half a minute.

Sasha sat up, straddling one of my legs. Her left hand came down to rub my hard cock through my shorts.

"You really think I'm sexy? I never thought you did. I mean, I always thought you were, but I guess I just thought I'd seem like a little girl to you."

"You're my little girl. Maybe... maybe we shouldn't do this."

Sasha gripped my cock again, and then released it so she could kiss me some more. This time our tongues tangled together and I held her to me by the back of her neck.

She sat back up, cupping her own breasts. "Do... do you want to see them, Daddy?"

"Yes." I said.

Sasha reached behind her and undid her top, and then slowly let it drop to the side. Her breasts were a perfectly rounded C cup, her nipples small and hard. She took hold of my right hand and pressed it to her tit.

"Does it feel okay, Daddy? I always think they're too hard."

"No, baby. They're firm. Just the way they're supposed to be."

"I like the way your hand feels on them. When we're in the car for a long time like today, all I can think about is sex."

"I know. I'm the same way. It started when I was about your age."

"Really? Here, touch the other one, too. Mmm... that feels so nice."

"Baby we really shouldn't be doing this."

"Mmm... It's okay, Daddy, we won't let it go too far."

"Okay." I said, knowing we already had.

"Who do you think about?" Sasha asked.

"I don't know. No one in particular I guess. I just imagine the feeling of it, and I picture a naked woman. Not her face but her tits and..."

"Her pussy?"

"Yeah. Her pussy. I imagine it sliding down onto my cock."

"God, that's so hot. That's exactly the kind of thing I think about."

"Have you... had sex before?"

"No, but I have a dildo I got from a place online. I... fuck myself with it a lot. So I'm not a virgin. Not really."

"You're still a virgin, honey. But I know what you mean."

Sasha ground her crotch against my bare leg. She was soaked. I could feel her juices right through her bottoms.

"God, can you feel how wet you've made me?"

"Yes, baby. It's hot as hell."

"Can I show you my pussy, daddy?"

"Yes. Please, yes."

Sasha rolled onto her back and looked into my eyes as she lifted her hips and slid her bottoms off, showing me her gloriously naked body. Her pussy was perfectly shaped, and shaved bare. Her labia were swollen and glistening with her fluids. I reached down and rubbed her clit, making her twist and moan on the bed.

"Yes. Yes, Daddy. Put your fingers in me."

I was still in shock this was happening. My daughter was such a wiling and eager lover. I wondered how many times she'd fantasized about this moment. I wondered what I'd been missing out on.

Images of my wife flashed through my head for an instant, but nothing more. I'd never cheated on her before now, but somehow this was different. Something too special to be shared with anyone else. A moment of incredible intimacy that superseded any type of socially approved relationship.

I slid my index finger into my baby's pussy, and she moaned and arched her back, driving my finger all the way into her. I pulled it out, and then pushed two fingers back in.

We were like that for some minutes. Me on my knees, watching in amazement as my fingers slid in and out of my little girl. I could have finger fucked her like that forever, but she had other ideas.


"Yes, baby."

"We can't fuck, okay? I don't think its a good idea."

"Yeah. Yeah, okay. You're right, it wouldn't be."

"I need to cum though, and I know you do, too. Would it be okay if maybe you licked my pussy and then I let you have my mouth? I'll swallow for you and all that. I just need you to make me cum, okay?"

I reached down and undid my shorts, letting my cock spring free from captivity. I moved over my daughter, separating her legs with mine.

"Oh God..." she moaned, "Oh God... just my mouth Daddy, okay? Just my mouth."

I kissed my way down my daughter's body, licking and sucking at her perfect breasts, taking my time on her tight little belly, and then finally reaching her pussy. I licked all around it while she turned and moaned, and then I took her clit into my mouth, sucking it and licking it, eating her tight little pussy for all I was worth.

"Daddy! Oh God, Daddy! I'm cuuuummmming.... DADDY! YES! YES!"

Sahsa grabbed two handfuls of my hair and crushed her wet pussy against my mouth. I tasted a new flood of her juices as she spasmmed and came over and over again. I lapped it all up and swallowed her fluids, savoring every taste and sent. My baby was so fresh and clean. It was as perfect a pussy as I'd ever tasted.

When her body relaxed I moved up and lay next to her, and she took my face into her hands and kissed me deeply.

"God, Daddy that was so great. I loved you eating me like that. It was so sexy."

"I'm glad you're so comfortable with this, angel. You don't think it's weird at all?"

"No. I think a lot of daughters probably do stuff like this with their daddies. If both of them are okay with it, who would ever know?"

"I guess I never thought about it like that."

"I know my friend Amanda sucks her dad off sometimes. She told me about it. He won't do anything for her though, but she said she likes to suck him."

I imagined Sasha's hot little raven haired friend sucking her father Ted's cock. It was a hot image, added to by the fact that my own daughter was stroking my dick again.

Sasha straddled me, pinning my cock between her pussy and my belly. "My pussy wants your cock so bad, Daddy. But we can't fuck. I'm not even on the pill."

"Then you should stop doing that angel. You're.... you're driving me crazy right now. I want to fuck your pussy so bad."

"Oh yeah... oh it would feel so good, Daddy."

"Please stop, baby. I can't get you pregnant."

"Okay. Okay, Daddy. I'll take care of you though. I can't wait to feel you cumming in my mouth."

"Oh fuck baby, do it, please."

Sasha snaked her way down my body and after one lick up the shaft of my steel hard dick, took the entire thing into her mouth on the first try. She sucked slowly up the shaft, and then plunged her head down again, quickly building up a rhythm. As she continued, and I did my best not to moan so loud that the neighbors called the cops, she added in a hand below her mouth, twisting it around and rubbing her saliva into my skin.

I watched my daughter fellating me, feeling my cum churning in my balls and my orgasm building in my gut. I ran my fingers through her long blond hair and locked eyes with her when she looked up at me, her mouth stretched obscenely wide by my cock.

"I'm going to cum for you, baby."

"Mmmm... mmm-hmmm."

"Here it comes baby, get ready.... oh God, Daddy's going to cum a lot... oh God angel here it comes!"

With that my daughter stopped fucking my cock with her face and held still while I spewed load after load onto her tongue and against the back of her throat. I just kept cumming and cumming, semen pouring out of me like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Sasha swallowed as fast as she could, but some leaked out of her mouth and ran back down my shaft. She raised her head up, her mouth still full of my last blast of cum, and I saw her throat work while she swallowed it all.

"God, Daddy, were you trying to drown me? You came so much!"

"That was so incredible, baby. You made Daddy feel so good."

"Mmmm... I love the way your cum tastes Daddy. I want to suck your cock again soon."

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too."

Sasha reached down and caught some of the cum dripping from my cock with her fingers. She rubbed it on one of her nipples, watching it get hard beneath her fingers.

"God, this is so hot. I've wanted to do this with you forever."

"The night's still young, angel."

Sasha kissed my neck and lay next to me, her hand going to my still hard dick.

"You sure know how to talk to a girl." She said.


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