Just One Night


"Wild? Wild?" Kat looked ready to explode.

"She talked dirty. When we were doing it ... it was like a porn movie or something." Smoke was coming out of sis's ears. "She kept saying, 'fuck me baby ... fuck me with your big teenage cock. Give Sarah's mommy your big cock. Make mommy cum'. Things like that. What could I do?"

For the next five minutes Katrina bombarded me with questions and observations. I happily described my encounter in excruciatingly graphic detail. Sis was clearly pissed off but at the same time couldn't keep the prurient interest she was feeling out of her voice. She finally asked: "Did she try anything more when you got home?"

"I was up north. I didn't see either of them all summer. Sarah and I just texted, phoned... but I was embarrassed. And worried Emily might tell her."

"What about when you got home in the fall? Did she start again?" I nodded. "You let her?"

"By then the other thing had happened. When I was up north. At work. The Jewish girl," I said quietly. Time to take it up a level!

"The Jewish girl? What Jewish girl?"

"Miriam. It was her birthday. She was twenty-three."

"You went out with a twenty-three year old?" Kat asked in a mystified tone.

"She was the barmaid. At Luigi's. Where I was bussing in July and August," I told Katrina. After my June vacation with the Thompsons I'd almost immediately started the summer job one of my uncles had gotten for me up north at a resort/bar in the summer resort town of Sturgeon Bay.

"Did you sleep with her?" Katrina certainly wanted to get to the gist of the story right away! But I wasn't going to go at her speed, instead I was going to lead her by the nose through every single, sexy detail.

"She's studying for her M.A. at Northwestern. In psychology. Dad's school."

"I know where dad went to school," Kat said impatiently.

"She was different. Strange. She had long, curly hair. Reddish brown," I added as I remembered the way Miriam's mass of curly hair had bounced on her shoulders as she'd walked. And I couldn't help remembering the matching triangle of thick, curly hair between her legs. Miriam hadn't been a shaver!

"She was always laughing. And her breasts were--" I left the sentence hanging.

"Her breasts were what?" Kat demanded. I answered by cupping my palms in front of me and then I slid them through the air in an imaginary tracing. A tracing that suggested very large breasts.

"She was fat?"

"Unh uh. Rubenesque," I denied with a smile.

"What, you're an art expert now? And why was this Rubenesque model sleeping with a boy anyway?" I could see that Katrina, though still curious, was clearly also getting impatient.

"We were all staying in the staff cabins behind the resort. She'd been living all summer with some guy from California. But then he left a couple of weeks before the end of the summer. They caught him screwing one of the guest's wives. That's why Miriam was alone on her birthday."

"So she decided to seduce some innocent boy? To cradle rob?"

"We just went for a drink. After our shift. We weren't planning anything. In a little bar in the town. We talked. Danced."

"You're not even supposed to be served ... you're too young," Katrina said huffily.

"Then she asked me if I was a virgin?"

"She asked you if you were a virgin?"

"Yeah, when we were dancing. I told her I was."

"You lied to her?"

"She said I was cute. That if she was sixteen again she she'd have been first in line."


"That's how old she said she thought I was. Which was bull. She knew I was eighteen. Anyway we danced a bit and then, when we'd finished our beers she suggested we go back to her place. She said that she had a birthday cake we could share. That maybe we could round up some of the others and have a party. She didn't want to be alone on her birthday."

"And of course my eighteen year old supposed virgin brother who's sleeping with his girlfriend's mother went," Katrina said sarcastically.

"It was her birthday!"

"And then what happened."

"Well when we got there Miriam opened a couple of beers and put the cake on the table. Then she went for a pee."

"And..." Kat encouraged when I didn't immediately continue. I was lost in the memory of what came next. An absolute total fucking surprise!

"She came out of the bathroom naked ... with nothing on."

"No way. You're lying, I do not believe it."

"It's true! I couldn't believe it either. I'd just thought we were going to hang out. Talk ... you know, listen to music. Maybe have a beer. And there she was. In her birthday suit!"

"You shoulda left. As soon as she came out with nothing on," sis pontificated.

"But it was her birthday! I couldn't just leave her there alone. Besides, you should have seen her."

"So you slept with her?"

Sleep with her! Jesus, that was putting it mildly. I'd been overwhelmed. Stunned as she'd engulfed me in her nudity.

"She near raped me," I told sis as the memories of that night continued to echo around my brain. "We did things that I'd never imagined ... I mean she took it and me to another level."

"What things?" Katrina wanted details.

Miriam Rosenberg had been a revelation for me. She loved sex. She hadn't been interested in any silly seduction games. And although I'd been chosen by her simply by chance, simply because I'd been handy on her birthday when she'd been alone and perhaps feeling sorry for herself, once she'd heard I was a virgin and then seen my penis, she set about enjoying herself.

While making sure that yours truly also enjoyed himself. Immensely!

"She said I had the most beautiful cock she'd ever seen."

"She said what?"

"She only said that the next morning. Then she put him in her mouth."

"But what did she do the night before?"

I tried to explain to Kat what we'd done but it was near impossible to describe the total passion Miriam and I had shared. The animal like couplings that had seemed to go on and on.

When I finally started to wind down my description of the night Katrina asked, "You had sex with her five times in one night?" I nodded. "You ejaculated five times?" I nodded again. "It's impossible," my sister proclaimed.

"She said I was better than the guy she'd been sleeping with all summer. That if she'd known--"

"Did you use a condom?" I shook my head no. "Are you crazy?"

"She said a virgin should always ride bareback his first time."

"Yeah right! Is that what they teach at Northwestern these days?" Sis wasn't happy.

"Anyway the next morning when I woke up she was talking to my penis. That's when she said he was the most beautiful penis she'd ever seen. Then she sucked me."

"And I suppose she was better at it than Mrs. Thompson?" sis asked sarcastically.

"Unh uh. Just different. That's part of my problem. They're both good in their own ways."

"Meanwhile your girlfriend, the girl you supposedly love, is sitting at home twiddling her thumbs."

"That's my problem! I like Sarah but I like the others too. That's why I came to see you tonight. To hear what you think... I mean you're the person I trust most in the world."

"Yeah right. After whatever woman you're sleeping with you mean. Somebody needs to cut it off."

"My penis?" I asked in a shocked tone.

"Shut up!" came back at me. "Now tell me what else happened with this Miriam slut."

Which was going to be tough to do if I followed her shut up order I thought even as I launched back into my tale. "We didn't leave her bed all that weekend. Neither of us wanted to stop. She kept saying she wanted her virgin's big cock inside herself. That she loved it when my hot cum burst inside her cunt."

"She talked like that?"

I nodded, then added, "You shoulda heard some of the things she said! She said I had biggest cock she'd ever seen. That no one had ever made her feel that way. She made me fuck her tits."

"She did what?" sis asked. And I knew what her next question was going to be. "How big is your penis anyway? You can't be that big..."

I wasn't quite ready to answer that question just yet. "Miriam taught me a lot that week."

"That week?"

"Every night I went back to her place. As soon as our work finished. We did everything. She taught me--"

"Taught you what?"

"Oral sex, things like that."

"You'd already done that ... with Mrs. Thompson," Kat interjected in a petulant tone.

"She taught me how to do it to a woman. To go down on her. What women like. And anal stuff."

For just a second I could see that Katrina was thrown by the anal reference but then I saw comprehension dawn. "In her ass?" Almost horror on Kat's face.

"I'm oversexed."

"No you are not!"

"She told me I'm the most oversexed man she'd ever slept with. That no man had ever been able to satisfy her like I had. That I'd given her more orgasms in a week than her boyfriend had in a year. And she said her boyfriend was pretty good."

"She's a slut."

"She laughed when I finally admitted I hadn't been a virgin. I told her about Sarah. About her mother. She told me I should just keep fucking both of them. That I should try to get them both in bed together."

"That's the stupidest advice I've ever heard anyone give. Do you want to break Sarah's heart? Ruin her life." Kat demanded.

"I told her about the other girls. About you."

"What other girls? MEEEE!!!! What could you have possibly have told her about me?"

"I blamed you."

"Blamed meeee! How can I be blamed? What did I do?"

"Miriam agreed with me. She told me that it's normal for young boys to be led astray if their older sister acts like you did." Katrina was ready to explode! "That's probably why I've slept with so many girls. Why my libido's so high. She says she's studied it, that it's pretty regularly encountered in her field."

"Libido my ass. And what fucking field?" Not happy at all!

"That's what she's doing her M.A. thesis on. Teenage sexuality and the influence of family members on it. In determining how you turn out."

"What a load of crap! How many girls have you slept with anyway?"

"Up until the end of last summer?" I asked back.

"How many!"



"Well how many have you?" I challenged back. We'd finally gotten to the next stage. And I knew I had my sister where I wanted her. I knew she'd lie. And I knew it would really get exciting when she found out how I knew she was lying.

"It's none of your business. We're talking about you now."

"Well Philip must be one," I said ignoring her. "And then you must have slept with Kenny Bridges when you were in high school." Kenny had gone to the prom with Katrina.

"I did not," Kat denied even as the blush spread on her lips.

"And probably Graham Sinclair," I added. He'd gone out with Katrina when they'd both been juniors. In fact I knew for a fact that he'd been her first. That he was the boy who'd popped her proverbial cherry. I'd never liked the prick!

"Are you crazy?"

"And everyone wondered about you and that English teacher."

"What English teacher?" But Katrina knew exactly who I was talking about. She'd had a crush on one of her teachers her senior year.

"So that's four," I answered as I held up four fingers, still ignoring her outbursts. "And you must have slept with someone your first year and a half at Carleton. Mind you, up there, who knows?"

"And what does that mean?"

"Everyone knows about that school," I said disdainfully.

"It's one of the highest rated Liberal Arts Colleges in the country."

"Yeah," I scoffed, "for male homosexual studies."

"I'll kill you."

"Anna looked it up. After you'd brought Philip home last summer."

"Anna? Our sister Anna? You involved her? She's only fifteen. What did you tell her?"

"I didn't involve anyone! She just spat it out at dinner one night. Said that she'd looked up Carleton on the Internet and found that the GBLT Alliance of America had named it the most gay friendly college in America."

"They did not!"

"That's what she said anyway. Dad asked her where she'd heard that."

"Dad and mom were there?"

"Apparently the male student body at Carleton is thirty-seven percent gay and another forty-one percent bisexual or transsexual. That's what the GBLTers say anyway."

"You are soooo, soooo wrong."

"Anyway, stop trying to change the subject. We were talking about your lovers. We were up to four if I remember correctly."

"We were not up to four! And you're the one changing the subject."

"So there had to be at least two or three at Carleton. The prettiest girl at the College had to have been able to locate some of the few straight guys there. And then you probably slept with one of your professors too. So that's at least six. Probably seven. You're definitely ahead of me," I finished smugly.

"Two! Just two! I have only slept with two boys in my whole life," Katrina denied. But she had caught the compliment about the prettiest girl I'd thrown her.

"Liar," I accused. I was moving in for the kill. Then I gave her a knowing smile. Just when she was about to say something else I turned my head slowly towards her dresser. Towards the third drawer of her dresser. The drawer that holds her underwear. Her panties.

It finally clicked! I saw it in her face when the truth finally registered. There was no way I could have known unless ... "If you ... I swear if you--" she sputtered.

I interrupted. "Hah! It's your fault. Just like Miriam told me."

"Myyyy FAULT! How could it possibly be myyyy fault?" Katrina screeched. She was near cationic.

"You knew I'd look there. You wanted me to read it."

"I knew you'd look there?" Total incredibility in her voice. "I knew that my brother would skulk around in my underwear and find my personal diary?"

"Every teenage boy in the world checks out his sister's panties. You knew that."

"No Robert, every boy in the world does not check out his sister's panties."

"Maybe not the weirdoes that go to your school but every normal boy does. How do you think boys learn about those things," I added nonchalantly.

For seconds Katrina was incapable of speech.

"You've slept with seven guys."

"I have not!"

"If you don't want to talk about it that's okay,"

"I hate you."

"And reading about it when I was young had a profound effect on me. Miriam says that young boys who are exposed to a big sister's wild sexual proclivities invariably become highly sexed themselves. Especially when the sister is blond."

Katrina seemed to count to ten to herself before she responded. And when she did she started slowly, calmly. "Robert, first of all I'd just like to say that Miriam is full of shit." Sis was smiling as she talked but it was a pained, unwelcoming smile. "Second, I don't care what Anna found on the Internet, Carleton College is one of the finest schools in the land. A school that, unhappily for you, you'd never be accepted into." I could have responded to that last line but I figured I'd let sis run with the ball for a while.

"Third, mucking around in your sister's underwear is about the lowest of the lows." Again I shut up. "Perhaps the only thing lower would be to read your sisters private diary. A diary that was hidden and locked." The lock on her diary had been a piece of cake! "And what does being a blond have to do with anything?"

"Finally betraying your girlfriend like you've done indicates a depravity and level of sexual perversion that is almost unheard of. I'm ashamed to have you--"

Enough is enough I thought to myself, then cut into Katrina's speech, "So you won't help me?"


"Well that's why I came tonight. To get some advice. I mean I knew you had lots of experience so I thought that maybe you, my favorite sister, someone who's always been kind to me even if your behavior did lead me astray, would be able to help me with my little problem."

"LITTLE PROBLEM! Little bloody problem? Your problem sounds to me that it's quite a big problem and one that should be kept in your pants."

Just then we heard a knock on the door. A second later mom's head peeked in.

"Robert, you're not bothering your sister are you?"

"She's been helping me," I answered as I flashed mom my best boyish, innocent smile. "I'm lucky she's home this weekend."

"She has?" Mom couldn't keep the surprise out of her voice. She'd clearly imagined something much worse when she'd heard Katrina's raised voice.

"I just had some questions about girl things. Sarah and I..." I left the sentence hanging.

"You're having problems with Sarah?" Mom asked.

"I'm lucky Kat came home."

"You can always talk to me Robert," mom said.

"Teenage girls are weird these days mom. That's why I needed to talk to someone like Katrina."

"Yeah right ... girls are the weird ones," sis said sarcastically as she raised her eyes to the ceiling. But she didn't give me away.

Mom, after checking her daughter's reaction to my words, flashed a small grin. She could tell by our tones that her children were in a teasing mode.

"Don't stay up too late," mom advised as she backed towards the door. "Your dad and I are turning in."

"We're probably going to watch a flick. A good one comes on at eleven-thirty," I told mom.

"I could make you some popcorn," mom offered back. "Before I go to bed."

"Would you?" I said with a smile and then popped up off of sis's bed. "I'll come with you. I gotta pee and then I'll help you," I told my mother as I grabbed her hand and started to lead her out the door.

"I think I'm too tired for a movie," Katrina yelled at my departing back.

"Oh no you're not," I said as I danced back to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You promised to help."

"You should change into your jammies dear. The popcorn will be ready in no time," mom advised sis. Then mom walked over to Kat, gave her a big hug and said, "It's so nice to have you home honey. Seeing you two together brings back such good memories. And helping your brother even though you're hurting -- you make me so proud honey."

What could sis say to that? "I'm going to have a shower first," she finally said when she realized she wasn't going to escape. She tried to sound a bit reluctant but I knew with one hundred percent certainty that she wanted to continue our little talk.


"You know you can always talk to me Robert." Mom and I were standing side by side in the kitchen. The popcorn was in the microwave. I was pouring the cokes. Mom clearly had been hurt that I'd felt I couldn't discuss my problems with her.

"I made it up mom."


"I just wanted to get Katrina talking. You know how she loves helping others."

"So you made up a problem with Sarah?"

"You don't mind? You don't think it was too underhanded?" Mom was elated at my subterfuge!

"Did she say anything about Philip?" she wanted to know.

"A bit. I'm leading her to it slowly. But from what she's hinted so far I think she's starting to realize that losing Philip might have been the best thing that could have happened to her. And she hasn't admitted it yet but I think maybe Philip didn't leave her for another girl."

"He didn't?"

"I think Anna may have been right about him after all."

Mom didn't say anything for seconds. "He's gay?" she finally whispered.

"I think so. I think that's what really got Kat. Apparently the College is rife with them."

"Anna is definitely not going up there for college," mom promised.

"I'll talk some more with her tonight. I think all she needs is a shoulder to cry on."

Mom immediately hugged me. "You're a good son," she whispered as she held me, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheeks.

"I love you too mom," I answered.

Five minutes later she went to bed happy. I knew dad would soon be getting the good news. Meanwhile, I, a tray carrying a large bowl of popcorn and a couple of drinks in hand, climbed the stairs up to Katrina's room.

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