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Just Say 'Thank You' Ch. 4



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

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* * * * * * * * * *

I parked my car in the driveway and started towards my front door. Just before I made the turn onto my front sidewalk, Noni ran up, breathing heavily. She grabbed my arm.

"Oh, I'm glad I caught you. A friend of mine needs a favor real bad."

"Another one?"

I didn't want one of Noni's friends. I wanted Noni.

"Yeah, but this is just a date. She's going to a school dance and this is her first time out with a boy. I thought you could, just, you know, like take her somewhere to eat, someplace nice and give her some pointers about dating. That's all. Oh yeah, dinner is her treat, you know, as payment."

"Well, that sounds okay. You didn't tell her about how we, uh,..."

"No, do you think I'm like blabbing the fact that we made love all over the place?"

I was delighted that Noni called it making love instead of having sex or fucking. From my side, with Noni it had been love making. With Tracy, it had been pure unadulterated sex.

"Okay, so, do you have the details? Who and when?"

"I've got to get back home before I'm missed. I'll send you an email. Bye, Mr. Marcus."

Noni pulled me forward by the shoulder for a quick kiss. At least, I thought it was a quick kiss until she tickled my tonsils with her tongue. I watched her run off, wavy brunette hair tossing behind her firm young body with each stride.

Noni's email was waiting for me after dinner. The young lady was named Theresa, Teri for short. But she wasn't. Short, that is. Noni described her as a grammar school version of a supermodel, except that she was in high school. I guessed that to mean she was tall but flat chested. I was to meet her on the corner of Bramton Lane and Fillmore Boulevard, just down the block from her house. I knew and envied the neighborhood. Huge houses owned by people with bundles of money. Money they had nothing better to do than to buy or build oversized houses for their small families. So, Teri was a little rich girl. Now I understood why she was willing to buy dinner. I had my mind all made up about Teri.

Until she opened the door and sat down in my car. She was tall, all right. Her knees were almost touching the dashboard. She wore no makeup, or she was very good at applying makeup that looked like it wasn't there. Her hair was very short and blonde, probably shorter than many of her male classmates. Noni was right about her build. She could have almost been a boy in drag.

"Hello, Mr. Marcus. I'm Teri, uh, Theresa."

"Teri is fine. Noni told me that's what everybody calls you. How are you this evening?"

"Real nervous. Does it show? Noni told me you'd put me at ease. You see, Buddy, Buddy Bradford is taking me to the school dance. Me! But I've never been out before. I don't want to mess it up. I'd be the laughing stock of the school."

"I'm sure Buddy is a gentleman. If you made a social error, he wouldn't blab about it."

"Oh, you wouldn't call Buddy a gentleman if you heard what goes around in school. Did you pick someplace for dinner?"

I looked at her legs, covered to the knees by a modest dress. I thought about the possibility of eating at the 'y" but returned to reality. This was just a date.

"Yes, I have reservations at the Avenue Room of the Westin. Is that okay? I mean, Noni said to pick someplace nice but since dinner is your treat..."

"Oh, that place is just fine. And don't worry about the prices."

I let the uniformed doorman at the front of the hotel open my door. Teri started to open her door herself."

"Wait, Teri, I'll come around."

I circled the rear of the car and finished opening Teri's door. I extended a hand and helped her out. She stood just about as tall as me. I got my first good look at her face. Her eyes, wide set and large, were drinking in the whole experience.

"Take my arm, please."

Teri wound her arm around mine and we entered the hotel and walked to the restaurant as if we owned the place. It was unlikely that we'd run into anyone we knew here, on a weeknight. We were seated immediately, since the place was almost empty. I felt funny, having made an unnecessary reservation.

"So, Teri tell me about yourself. What do you like about school?"

"Well, I'm on the swim team. We're going to State this year. That's why I keep my hair so short."

She ran her fingers through the cropped locks. For some reason, I thought it was a sexy gesture.

We were done with our salads.

"So how are you doing at school? I mean, are you a good student?"

"Pretty good. I won't get an academic scholarship or anything like that. I'm hoping to get one in swimming, though. I set a new division record in the breast stroke."

I found it funny that someone so flat chested would specialize in the breaststroke. I stifled a smile. I didn't understand why Teri would need a scholarship, with her family's wealth. The main courses arrived.

"I took a book out from the library. You know, about manners and etiquette, stuff like that," said Teri.

"Oh, and did you learn anything?"

"Well, they talked about letting a gentleman open doors for you, and pull out your chair, stuff like that. And I already know all of the table manners stuff. You know, like which fork to use for what. My folks make me attend some of their fancy dinner parties."

"It sounds like you're pretty well prepared for your big first date with, Buddy was it? I don't think you need me to teach you anything."

"Oh no, Mr. Marcus, I'm not prepared at all. You see, I've never done anything with a boy."

I choked on my steak

"Are you okay?" asked Teri.

After swallowing the chunk of medium rare beef whole, I took a sip of water.

"I'm fine. What do you mean nothing?"

"Not even a kiss."

"So, why did you ask Noni if I would take you out on a date? And what exactly did she tell you?"

"Oh, it wasn't what Noni said. It was Tracy."

Ah ha! Now things were becoming clearer. And a specific thing was becoming firmer.

"So, Tracy told you something, huh?"

"Yeah, she told me you gave her lessons on how to be intimate with a date. From what I've heard about Buddy, I thought maybe that was exactly the kind of stuff I needed to learn. You're not mad at me, are you Mr. Marcus?"

"No Teri, I'm not angry. Just surprised. Noni told me we were going on a date, to reinforce your social skills. I had no idea you heard from Tracy about our intimacy lesson."

My ice cream was melting from the increased heat of our conversation.

"Teri, this is going to be difficult. Going back to either of our homes is out of the question. Do you expect me to take a room at the hotel?"

"Oh no Mr. Marcus. I live in an apartment above our garage. We'll have all of the privacy we need. Are you about through?"

I hadn't even started.

"Yes, we can go now."

Despite my strong feelings for Noni, there was something drawing me to Teri. I couldn't figure it out. I only knew that I couldn't wait for the valet to bring my car around. I almost forgot to open, hold and close the door for Teri. What kind of a gentleman was I? A horny one! It must have showed.

"Are you okay, Mr. Marcus? Do you get nervous when you, uh, give lessons?"

I slowed down to the speed limit.

"Yes, Teri, I get very nervous. Nervous that I might do something my student doesn't want. Nervous that someone will find out about my lessons. Very nervous indeed."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I won't tell anyone. Do you know how embarrassing it would be if kids found out I had to get lessons from an old man."

Teri immediately identified her mistake by the look on my face.

"I mean older, not old. Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Marcus. I really am. I don't think you look old at all. In fact, you're quite handsome."

"Thank you, Teri. I think you are very attractive, too."

I thought I saw her blush in the glow of the passing street lamps. I pulled up to her driveway.

"Just park a little further down the block, so your car isn't visible from the living room. Yeah, this is far enough."

I walked around and got Teri's door, our new ritual. We walked back up the street.

"Let me take a look," said Teri. She took a few steps up the driveway. There were no lights on."

"Good, my folks aren't home yet. Let's go."

We walked quickly up the circular driveway, towards the garage. There was a second story on top of the garage with an exterior staircase. I ascended behind Teri, watching her ass sway back and forth. She unlocked the door and we went inside.

"Nice place," I said.

"Yeah. The former owner built it, as a room for his college age son. His folks were tired of the loud music and parade of girls."

"So, should your folks worry about a parade of boys coming up here?"

"Oh, no. It's just that, well, someone my age gets curious, you know? And I'm not exactly anyone's idea of sexy."

"You're wrong, Teri. You are a very sexy young lady."

"You're saying that because you're the teacher and I'm the student, and you have to."

The direct approach seemed to be best. I walked over to Teri, took her hand and put it on my crotch so she could feel my erection. I was tired of all the arguing and convincing.

"Oh, Mr. Marcus, you're hard. Is this part of the lesson, holding a man's penis? Did I do this to you?"

"Yes, Teri, the idea of teaching you how to be intimate has had me excited ever since desert."

I took my hand away but Teri left her hand in place, holding my penis for dear life. I stroked Teri's arms from wrist to shoulder, gently.

"So, you started to tell me about Buddy earlier."

"Yeah, Buddy. He's made it a goal to date all of the pretty girls in my class. He worked his way through the cheerleaders and pompom squad. He even dated those stuck-up jazz dancers. He likes them with big breasts."

Teri was now subconsciously massaging my erection as we spoke. I didn't mind, but I was having trouble concentrating.

"So were you surprised when he asked you out?"

"Oh, he didn't ask me, Mr. Marcus. I asked him."

"So I shouldn't ask what his motives are. I should ask what your motives are."

"I guess. The girls I talk to, they say Buddy likes to feel them up. You know, get their bras off and stuff. With some of them, he gets his hands in their pants. I don't know what he'll want to do with me, but I want to be prepared. That's where you and your lessons come in."

"Okay, I understand a little better now. My most important rule is, we won't do anything you don't want to do. You should have the same rule with Buddy, okay?"

"Sure. So, where do we start? I mean, with the lessons."

"I think you already have."

We both looked down at her hand, still rubbing my erection. She pulled her hand back. This time the blush was obvious.

"Maybe we should role play. You be you and I'll be Buddy."

"Oh, I can't pretend you're Buddy. You're too nice and polite."

"You mean Buddy is more aggressive?"

"That's what his conquests tell me."

"Maybe you should cancel this date with Buddy. I'm wouldn't like it if my daughter was going out with some hot pants stud looking for a quick feel."

"No, Mr. Marcus. I really want to go to the dance."

I felt like her father. That didn't turn me off at all.

"Teri, let's make a deal. If I can make you feel intimate, fully aroused, completely satisfied, then you'll cancel your date with Buddy. Instead, you'll find some cute, shy boy to ask, and you'll give him some lessons."

"And I get to decide if I'm completely satisfied?"

"Yep. So, is it a deal?"

"Okay, you're on. Let's shake on it."

"I have a better idea."

I pulled Teri close to me and planted my lips firmly on hers, letting them tremble a bit. She pressed her face to mine. I had trouble breathing.

"Oh, wow, that was great. You're a good kisser."

Not that she had anyone to compare me to.

"Thank you, Teri."

We resumed kissing, as I slid my hands from her waist to her buttocks. I pulled her close so the erection in my pants pressed against her crotch.

"Ooh, Mr. Marcus, I'm getting warm."

"Why don't we get comfortable?"

I followed Teri from her sitting room to her bedroom. Posters of boy bands adorned the walls. I didn't like the idea of N*SYNC as an audience.

"I'm so embarrassed."

"Why, Teri?"

"Because I'm so flat."

"If it doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?"

"If you say so. Unzip me, please."

I pulled the zipper down the back of Teri's dress. Okay, no bra. Well, she didn't need one for support.

Teri turned back to face me and dropped her shoulders. The dress fell straight down her slender body to the floor. Teri's chest was flat except for two bumpy nipples. Below her waist, the most shapely, muscular legs I'd ever seen. There was a noticeable gap between her thighs, still covered in paisley cotton.

"You're lovely, Teri."

"Even with these?"

She shook her chest but nothing moved.

I bent over and took one nipple in my mouth, sucking it to life. My hands continued to caress Teri's back, butt and stomach. I pulled back and saw an erect nubbin, standing out from Teri's otherwise flat torso.

"See, you have great nipples."

Teri felt the erect one with her fingers."

"Ooh, it's so sensitive. That's never happened before, even when I -"

Teri stopped.

"When you what?"

"When I played with myself," she said.

I repeated the procedure with her other nipple. Now she had two erect bumps, each three quarters of an inch long. I removed my mouth, rolling her nipples with my thumb and index finger.

"Ooh, they're so sensitive."

I squeezed them to confirm Teri's observation. One of my hands slipped down to her panties. They were wet.

"Tracy didn't tell me exactly what you did in your lesson. Did you do this, take your clothes off and play with each other?"

"So far, it's been only one way."

"Oh, sorry, I was being selfish. You should take off your clothes too."

Her wish was my command. I threw my shirt and pants onto a desk chair.

"Wow, you're still hard. How do you keep it hard for so long?"

"It's easy when I'm with someone as attractive as you."

I put my hand down her panties and she followed suit. Her hand was clumsy, squeezing me too hard in all the wrong places.

"Come here and lay down with me," I said.

Teri lay next to me. I pulled my jockeys down and showed her how to hold and move my penis. As Teri practiced, I worked my fingers around her pussy, spreading her natural moisture all around. Teri's hips began to buck, trying to put my finger inside her. I didn't let her get off that easy.

"Ooh, oh, it feels so good, I want it, uh, inside. Please put it inside, oh, please."

"Will you take my erection in your mouth?"

It was blackmail but I loved it. I moved above Teri, until I was in the right position for 69. Teri's face was on my penis in an instant. I slowly moved my middle finger up into Teri's wet pussy. Teri's cries were muffled as she licked and sucked my cock. Now it was my hips that were moving up and down, wanting to push my prick even further into her mouth and down her throat. I pushed too far and Teri gagged, backing off. Her focus turned to the finger fucking she was getting.

"Uh, uh, uh," Teri pounded her cunt up against my hand, rubbing her cunt around on my knuckles.

"Let's cum together. Finish me, Teri, with your hands."

Teri took my erection in both hands and stroked me with a vengeance. In turn, I rammed one, then two fingers up into her hot cunt. My mouth went down on her, licking at her clitoris.

"Uh, uh, uh, I'm almost, uh, keep going, don't stop," she pleaded.

Neither of us did.

"Watch out, I'm gonna cum," I warned.

"Oh, oh, it's, it's, oh, ooooh. Oh wow. That was so hot."

Teri had her first orgasm with a man. With a series of quick spasms, I shot my sperm all over Teri's face and chest.

"I don't believe it. Does it always feel so good?"

I turned around so we were lying next to each other.

"I don't know. You'll have to see, the next time. So, per our bet, are you completely satisfied?"

Teri looked over at my wilting erection.

"It looks like you're all done."

"I didn't ask about me. I asked if you were satisfied."

Teri ran a finger up her slit and licked the fluid she had generated.

"That was good, but I'm still horny. I guess I'm still going on that date with Buddy."

A phone ringing interrupted our conversation.

"It's the BatPhone," she giggled as she answered.

"Hi, Mom. No, just doing my lessons. Sure I'll come down, but first I need to shower. I'm all sweaty."

Teri hung up.

"My folks have an intercom, so they can call me. They never come up here. Mom is scared she'll find a mess and will feel obligated to clean up. I don't know why Dad doesn't come up."

I remembered the lesson Noni and I had, at her insistence. I thought I'd try the suggestion. I had nothing to lose except Teri to Buddy the letch.

"Maybe he's scared of what he might do, alone with you."

"That's disgusting. Where did you come up with that, Mr. Marcus?"

I wasn't going to tell her from Noni.

"Come on, Teri, be honest. You've never once thought of doing it with your dad?"

"Why, have you thought about doing it with your daughter?"

"Yes, to be truthful. But instead, I role-played with a young lady. It was quite erotic. Want to try it?"

"No thanks."

"What does your Dad call you, as a pet name?"

"It's private. I can't tell you that."

I noticed a decorated mirror on the side table. It had her Dad's nickname for her on it.

"Trinket, right?'

"Oh, you cheated. Anyway, I have to clean up. After I leave and go down to the main house, I'll flash the lights and then turn them off. You can sneak down then. The door will lock by itself."

Teri walked into the adjoining bathroom and entered the glass shower stall. I took off the rest of my stuff and walked to the bathroom door, watching her soap up. I wanted another shot, to prevent her from risking herself with Buddy. Okay, I'll admit it. I wanted to see how far I could get Teri, uh, Trinket to go. There was something about her that made me want her more than I should have. What was it? I shook off the thought, walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower stall.

"Let me help you with your back, Trinket," I said.

"Cut it out. You don't look anything like my dad."

I washed her back gently. The feeling of her smooth slippery skin got me excited all over again.

"Now the front," I said.

She cooperated, and I went back to those fabulous nipples, treating them to a soap slick rubbing. They stood at attention in puddles of lather.

"They're not tiny anymore, Trinket."

I stepped forward and clamped my mouth over hers, preventing a protest. My erection bobbed and weaved against the slick surface of her belly.

"I see something that needs washing," she said.

Her hands slid the bar of soap up and down my dick. I was hot. I wanted this young woman. But she had to ask for it. How frustrating. I moved forward, pinning Teri's back against the tile wall. I aimed my cock at the gap between her thighs. We kissed some more as I continued my assault on her nipples and buttocks. The soap made it difficult, as we slid all over each other. With my erection still between her legs, I grabbed Teri's ass and slid her up the wall. Her legs moved to the sides of my hips and soon were clamped around my back. Teri moved her hips forward and back, causing my dick to massage the length of her outer lips. There was only so long I was going to be able to keep this up. Finally, just as my legs were about to collapse from our combined weight, Teri moved one hand from behind my head and put my erection at the entrance to her pussy.

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