tagRomanceJust the Beginning

Just the Beginning


Yet again, the train ride had taken forever. Really, the trip out to the city doesn't take that long, but my mind was a million miles away, fantasizing about what would happen once Aaron picked me up from the station. I should have tried to clear my mind, we had only been on a couple dates so far and I didn't want to show up all hot and bothered.

I exited the turnstile and walked out into the station lobby; there was Aaron, looking dashing as ever. He was dressed nicely and hugged me in greeting, I tried not to think about the sexy body under his clothes. Why did he have to send me pictures of himself? Aaron's hands slowly made their way down to rest on my hips as he ended the hug.

With his arm around me, we left the station and headed for his house. Aaron's housemates were away for a few days and he had invited me over to have dinner with him. Together we cooked a lovely meal and talked as we ate. For a while I forgot how aroused I had been on the train. After dinner we decided to watch a movie and snuggle up on the couch. I leaned my head on his shoulder and his strong hand encircled my own as we watched.

Eventually I shifted and rested my head on his stomach. The movie became less and less interesting as Aaron ran his hand up and down my side, over my hips and butt. I could feel him trace the seam of my panty leg under my skirt. I rubbed my hand on the inside of his thigh, watching a slight movement occur inside his jeans. We were definitely not going finish the film. I sat up and Aaron brought his lips to mine. He moved his hands under my top and pulled my body closer. We stayed that way for quite some time, holding each other tightly, the passion building as we kissed.

I stood up next to the couch and Aaron followed. I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. Pulling them down I could see his cock straining beneath his boxers. Aaron removed his shirt and then turned his attention to me. He quickly pulled off my top and gave my skirt a push toward the floor. I started to pick up my clothes to get them out of the way.

"Leave it," he said with a smile. I wasn't about to argue. I gave him a nudge back toward the couch and he sat down. Now clad only in a bra and panties, I settled myself in his lap, straddling his legs. I kissed him hard, running my hands over his chest. Aaron wasted no time exploring my body with hands, rubbing my legs and back. With surprising expertise he undid my bra and pulled it away from my chest. He kissed and kneaded my breasts slowly. I began to move my hips ever so slightly, I could feel Aaron's cock pushing up against me. He reached down to rub my hips and squeeze my butt as I moved, getting wetter all the while.

"You know mister, I believe you owe me some riding lessons."

"I have a better idea, follow me." I reluctantly extricated myself from his lap and Aaron took my hand, pulling me away from the couch. He led me to his room, dominated by a large bed and cozy looking pillows.

"Lie down," he instructed. "No, on your stomach," he said as I had backed myself onto the bed. I did as he said, feeling the soft bedspread against my naked breasts. Aaron followed, kneeling beside me on the bed. He moved my hair onto my shoulder and began to rub my back. Slowly he massaged my shoulders, working his way down to my legs. He spread my legs apart and repositioned himself between them, now massaging my butt. Every once in a while he slipped a finger under my panties and ran it down my slit, soaking wet with anticipation. He stopped and moved himself over me, pressing me down into the bed as his kissed the back of my neck. How did he know it was my weakness? I moaned as he continued to kiss my neck and shoulders while his poor cock, still trapped behind boxers, throbbed against me. I could hear his breathing, quick and shallow, next to my ear.

"You have no idea how turned on I am"

"I think I can guess," Aaron replied. He propped himself up and moved a hand between my legs, cupping my pussy in his palm. I gasped as he pressed his fingers against the fabric, the only thing separating him from my clit. He stopped to take off his underwear and I got a look his naked body. I could see his massive cock standing out from his body before he resumed his position next to me on the bed. He continued to rub my clit through my panties and I moved my hips against his hand in response.

"I want you Aaron."

"Not just yet." It seemed he was determined to torture my wet slit. Though, it didn't take long before I felt him pulling my panties down my legs. He placed his hands on my hips, pulling me up and pushing my legs apart. I could feel him behind me, rubbing his hands over my butt. He squeezed and moved his hands lower, his thumbs gently rubbing my exposed pussy.

"Do you want me?" Aaron asked.

"Yes, I do." He placed the head of his cock against my lips, the wetness rubbing into his skin. He pushed forward slightly, the large head parting my pussy lips. I could hear him moan softly, i know he wanted me too.

"I'm not sure I should give in just yet, we have all night," he said, the tip of his cock still enveloped inside me.

"Do you want me to beg?" I replied. I'd never been so horny.

"Try it, see what happens."

To be continued...

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