tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 09

Just the Six of Us Ch. 09


The response to this story has been unbelievable. I'm grateful that everyone has been so enamored with it. I've got several more chapters written and a few more started, so worry not, it's not ending any time soon. This chapter was extremely fun to write, as you'll soon see. I'm excited about the next couple of chapters, and the direction I'm taking Mike, the voice, and his sisters. I'm pretty sure you folks are gonna love it.

Thanks yet again to ZexWizzard, my editor and idea man.

One more thing before I let you guys get to reading. I've gotten several emails from some military stationed in Iraq and in Afghanistan. I'm very glad that I can give you guys something to take your mind off of the situation that you are in. Stay safe, keep your head down, and keep reading, and I'll keep writing. This chapter is for you.


Chapter 9

Mike woke up the next morning and glanced around. Danni was snoozing beside him, so he gently extricated himself and stepped around Emma's sleeping form and moved to the bathroom. Turning on the water and shutting the door, he stepped into the shower and reached for a bar of soap, playing through last night's events in his head.

"You are the fuckin' man"

Mike laughed. 'Thanks,' he replied to the voice. 'Couldn't have done it without you,' he quickly added.

"Remember that next time you don't listen to me"

There was a soft knock on the door. "Yeah," he called. The door slid open, and Emma poked her head in. She quietly pulled herself in the small bathroom and shut the door behind her.

He glanced out and saw her standing there, figuring she needed a shower. "I'm almost done. You can have it in a second."

The shower curtain pulled aside and she stood there, naked. "I uh..." he stammered, at a loss for words.

"Last night was, amazing," she said. "I hope I can find someone to make me feel like that one day."

"I uh, you know what happened?"

She nodded, stepping into the shower with him, water hitting her body and beginning to caress its way downwards. "I happen to know a lot about you, Mike, we're twins remember." She leaned forward and kissed him on the neck. She took the bar of soap in her hands and ran it over her body a few times. The rubbed it across her small breasts and let the soap slip and slide all the way down her body, her twin watching the entire time.

"I know that you've been fooling around with Sarah as well." She gently pinched her nipples, running a hand down her lithe and muscular torso down to her thin pussy lips, gently parting them and inserting a finger.

"I watched you and Danni last night, and I just had to masturbate. Thankfully, I didn't disturb you guys. It was... beautiful." She pulled her finger out of her pussy and ran it up to her brother's mouth. "I found myself wishing I was Danni," she said, running her finger along his mouth and letting him taste her pussy. "I had a dream that you finished making love to her and came over and made love to me as well. I dreamt that I could taste her on your cock."

Mike continued to stare like an idiot, open mouthed as his sister played with herself and proceeded to make his dick rock hard. "Yesterday, I was hoping that you would lean me forward and slide that beautiful cock of yours in. My pussy was begging for it. It made me wish I wasn't a virgin. Hopefully you can take care of that sometime?" She glanced down at him, "Looks like someone finds me sexy. She bent her knees and knelt in front of him, pulling him slowly into her mouth.

She broke her mouth hold on the head of his dick. "Did you know that this is the first cock I've ever sucked? I sure hope I'm doing it right." She closed her eyes and gently pulled him into her mouth, bobbing up and down on him. She reached over and grabbed his hand, putting it on the back of her head as she picked up speed, her tongue washing over the tip of his cock and down the shaft. She let go of his hand as he began to gently guide her head onto his cock and slowly increasing in speed, and then began to pump his dick back and forth in her mouth. She ran the other hand down her body and began to finger her pussy again.

Mike quickly began to feel himself ready to cum again and looked down at his twin. She smiled as she saw the look in his eyes and stared at his face, opening her mouth and pulling the dick out. She pulled him back a few inches and began to pump his cock with both hands. "I want to taste it, I want to taste my twin brother's cum," she said naughtily, still looking up at him.

"Spray it all over her!" Her dirty talk pushed him over the precipice and he gently called out, "Coming."

She pulled his pulsing shaft back into her mouth and whimpered in excitement as he began to empty into her mouth. "Oh... fuck... Emma...," he stuttered as the orgasm wracked his body and shot his warm seed into her mouth. She continued looking up at him as her mouth filled up, letting it fall out and down her body. She stood up, spitting cum out of her mouth and rubbing it over her body, spreading it across her tits.

"So," she said finally, turning into the water stream and washing cum off of her. "Are you gonna make any of my fantasies come true?"

"I uh..." he stammered, still unable to comprehend or even jumble a few meaningless words together.

"Don't ask me, man. I got nothin'. I'm just as surprised as you."

"I'm guessing that I've piqued your interest. We can talk more about this when he get home." She kissed him, long and deep, holding him to her naked front. Then she turned and exited the shower, stopping for a moment to look back, with the most innocent looking smile on her face and said, "You know how I get when you don't let me win, besides," she said, turning around and running a hand provocatively over her exquisite ass, "I really need someone to spank me."

She turned and left the bathroom, leaving her twin brother still standing like an idiot in the shower. It was a few minutes before he realized that he was still in the shower. He got out and toweled himself off, heading back to his side of the room to get dressed.

He told the girls to have a day of fun for themselves, as they were leaving for home in the morning. He'd planned to let them pick all the activities that day and vowed that he wouldn't complain at all. They decided to explore the rest of the island and shop, much to his chagrin. He'd been hoping for a relaxing day at the beach, but the adventures of last night and this morning in the shower were more than enough reason for him to bend to the whims of his sisters.

They headed to one end of the island, to a small tourist attraction called Hell. It was a field of limestone formations, called spires that resembled what some might picture hell as. They took a few pictures and moved around the island, enjoying a nice lunch and then dinner, and then headed to their bungalows. Mike was sitting on the beach, enjoying the last sunset they'd see that trip. Danni had gone inside and was laying on the bed, snoozing lightly but waiting for him to come so she could properly fall asleep.

Emma had given him a kiss goodnight and then made sure he noticed her ass as it bounced away enticingly. Sarah had went to bed earlier, having drank a little too much wine at supper and feeling tipsy. Beth came out and sat down beside him.

"Hey Beth, are you ready for home?"

"Hey baby," she smiled, calling him by 'her' nickname for him. She'd always called him baby, as opposed to sweetie like Sarah did, or bro or Big M like Emma did. He was the baby of the family to her, and he figured he always would be. "No," she laughed. "This place is too wonderful."

"Oh My God, Lookatherboobs, Lookatherboobs Lookatherboobs."

"Thanks for the coral reef and stingrays. That's the most fun I've ever had." She smiled and leaned over, laying her head on his shoulders.

"Just grab one, PLEASE!!!!"

She chatted away with her brother for an hour or so, mostly about the stingrays, the coral reef dive, embarrassing the trio that had hit on them. "Sorry if I got a little carried away then. I just get so tired of guys just staring at these embarrassing things all the time. I wish there was a way for them to stare at my brain. I hate not being listened to."

Mike sat quietly next to her, letting her vent, knowing that she just needed someone to lay her troubles out to.

Finally, she took a break from her verbal rampage. Mike looked over and smiled. "I don't know how much this means, since I'm your brother and all, but I like you just the way you are."

She laughed at the corniness of his statement. "I think you have been in the sun too long," she said, laughing.

"I know it sounds like a speech from a guidance counselor, but I think you are perfect. I think you are more beautiful than any of our sisters. I think that if you let yourself, you could feel more beautiful than you do. I think you just need someone to listen to you and that can stay on the same wavelength that you are on and you'll be happy."

"You think I'm beautiful? Perfect?" she asked, genuinely inquisitive.

"Haven't we had this conversation before? Oh wait, that was the other one, nevermind, continue."

"Yes," he said, suddenly wondering why he was going down this same path.

"How am I perfect?"

"Come on, Beth, you know you are gorgeous."

"Just because I have these things doesn't mean I'm gorgeous, Mike," she said, suddenly serious. He realized that she'd misunderstood him.

"That's not what I mean Beth. I mean sure, those are just about the nicest pair I've ever seen, and when you are cutting something, or running, or just moving in general, I swear to god it's like..."

"Focus Mike," she said, chuckling lightly.

"Do you remember that National Honor's Society dinner that I attended with you your senior year?"

"Vaguely," she said, squinting and trying to recall.

"I remember it vividly."

"Come on Mike, that was two years ago, you can't possibly..."

"It was early spring. You were wearing a dress that Danni had bought you, and you had let her do your hair and makeup. She even convinced you to leave your glasses at home. Your hair was a little a little shorter then, I think, but the blonde curls cascaded around you and sort of... framed your face. You had that low-cut dress on that Danni had picked out, and it just accentuated your curves so nicely. I remember trying to pry my eyes off your cleavage even then, only to have them look up at your face, and I felt lost. You looked like you had no business being there, that you were lost from a beauty pageant, or some princess that got separated from her prince. I remember thinking that if I ever forgot what beautiful was, all I had to do was look at you and I'd remember how you looked that night."

There was a long minute of silence between them.

She smiled at him eventually, silently kissing him on the cheek and wiped a single tear away, and then turned and headed to bed.

He stood and dusted the sand off, then climbed in beside Danny, sleeping soundly the entire night.

He awoke the next morning and felt something wet. Groggily he opened his eyes and peered under the covers. He glanced over, Danni was gone. "Em, dear god," he said, laying his head back down. She lay under the covers at the foot of the bed, her mouth on his cock gently sucking on it.

"If you fuck this up I'll kill you."

"We could get caught," he said at length, as she pulled him into her mouth and ran her tongue along the head of his penis, licking the hole.

"Oh, I'd like to get caught," she purred, swiftly pulling his erection back into her hungry mouth.

She lowered her head and began to slide quickly up and down on his dick, the head tickling the back of her throat as she quickly slurped and slobbered over the head and shaft. She pulled the dick out and licked down his shaft, then took one of his balls in his mouth and rolled it around on her tongue. It rolled out of her mouth with a pop, and she grabbed his dick and ravenously pulled it back into her mouth. "I couldn't wait for home," she said, grabbing both hands and pumping his cock swiftly.

"Where is... oh shit...," he started to say.

"Breakfast," she said, quickly, pulling him back into her mouth with an audible moan. Her mouth felt like velvet as she wrapped her satin tongue around his cock, slurping his pre-cum and drooling down his shaft, a small puddle forming around the base of his cock.

Beth couldn't believe what she was watching. She'd finished breakfast and had walked back to her room. She'd decided to go look for shells on the beach and started walking down when she turned and looked into the other bungalow. She stood dumbfounded, as Emma kneeled at the edge of the bed, Mike's large erection in her mouth. Emma seemed to be attacking it, sucking and slurping vigorously. She quickly backed up, as Emma glanced over, then back at Mike.

She began to feel flushed, and wondered if she was getting too hot. She couldn't turn away as her younger sister eagerly slobbered all over the cock of her brother. This was supposed to be wrong wasn't it? Did Sarah know about this? What would she say? What would she do?

As if on cue, Sarah came up beside her, gasping and bringing a hand to her mouth. She turned an astonished look at Beth. "Oh my god," Sarah said.

"I know!" Beth said, a little too loudly.

Emma smiled in the bungalow, fully aware of the small audience they had gained. She wasn't going to stop though, not until she'd gotten her breakfast. She had a moment of clarity just then, briefly wondering how Mike had awakened this insatiable side of her, and wondering why it had latched on to her own brother to feed on. He started to twitch and she could feel another orgasm building.

She turned and looked at her two sisters as they stared open mouthed. Mike's orgasm chose that moment to blow, his hot semen shot upwards as she quickly placed her mouth over the head of his cock, take her brother's seed into her mouth. She quickly swallowed what she could, felt some of his sperm oozing out the sides of her mouth. She pulled him out and began to lick the rest of the sperm from his prick.

"Good morning, and thanks for breakfast," she said, rising to her feet. She cast another glance at the window, but her sisters had gone. She went to the bathroom to shower.

Outside, hiding behind a small bush, Beth and Sarah were still in shock.

"That was..." Sarah began.

"Different," Beth finished.

"I'll talk to them when we get home," Sarah said, "Don't say anything, okay?"

Beth stood, transfixed, the image of her younger sister with Mike's red, throbbing, oh god it was big and juicy looking...

"BETH!" Sarah said, shaking her.

"Okay, okay. What the hell would I say, hey I saw you sucking on your brother? I'm just, a little stunned is all."

In truth, Sarah was just as turned on as Beth was, though she didn't think that Beth actually knew she was turned on. To think that he'd seduced another sister. That was beyond her, it felt like too much to handle.

"Let's just get back home and we'll handle it then," Beth said, drawing a nod from Sarah.

The flight home was much quieter than the trip down. Mike was exhausted, and slept most of the way. Emma had an evil grin on her face for most of the trip. Beth and Sarah were whispering to each other excitedly, shaking and nodding heads. Danni sat next to Mike, her hand curled up in his, her fingers twirling the locket he'd given her.

"Holy Shit, what a trip." said the voice, even though Mike was out cold. They touched down, disembarked and drove home, collapsing into bed and sleeping, each dreaming different dreams.

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