tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 12

Just the Six of Us Ch. 12


When I started writing this, I had 4 chapters done, as I posted more and more, I continued the writing pace and easily kept up. You asked for longer chapters, that means it takes longer to write, longer to edit, and don't forget the mandatory 3 days before literotica will post anything. This chapter is ready on Friday, but won't show until Monday, or maybe Tuesday. Please be patient. I said I wouldn't just abandon the story, and I won't.

Some have mentioned wanting Megan to be in the picture. I honestly hadn't considered that, she was just a device to get Danni out of the house. It's not out of the question, though, and I will consider it.

Thank again to ZexWizzard for editing.


After the unbelievable evening he had spent with Sarah and Emma, Mike left his two sisters kissing and caressing each other in Sarah's bed and headed upstairs to get some much needed sleep. He reached his bedroom with his eyes already half-closed and fell into his bed, naked and sweaty.

Hours passed. He slept. His dreams were pleasant enough, filled with the little walking breasts chanting his name. He awoke in the middle of the night with the feel of a familiar, shapely warmth once again sharing his bed. Dim moonlight streamed in from his window and he could barely make out the slumbering form beside him. He glanced over at the clock to find it was four-thirty three in the morning. Shuffling within his sheet, he readjusted his position and tried to get comfortable again.

Danni was curled up, facing away from him, her knees tucked up against her chest. She shifted in her sleep as Mike wiggled around briefly. He quit moving as he saw her beginning to stir. Holding still for a moment, he allowed her to fall back into a deep sleep.

Enjoying a rather long look, he reaffirmed her angelic appearance under the light of the moon coming through the window. The faint glow illuminated her tanned skin and even darker hair. He reached a hand up to her face and brushed a stray hair back from it and placed it over her ear.

Slowly leaning forward, he gently kissed her neck and ear, causing her to stir softly. He continued his kisses, moving from her ear, to her neck, then to the skin between her neck and shoulder. Moving slowly downwards, he pulled the sheet off her body. He saw that she was naked, and continued kissing her shoulder, heading down her beautiful body. She moaned and shifted in her sleep and rolled onto her back.

He went from kissing her shoulder to the top of her arm, moving slowly down her torso to her to breasts and began gently sucking a nipple briefly, then continued downwards. Her belly tensed and relaxed as he began pressing his lips to the soft skin of her stomach. He moved lower still, kissing her belly button and regions beyond, planting hundreds of soft embraces on her sleeping form. He slid silently off and moved to the foot of the bed, pulling the sheet off of her and quietly admiring her in the pale light. She had an exquisite body, thin and muscular, but with curves in all the right places.

He quietly pulled a leg to one side and resumed his position on her stomach with his mouth and tongue, kissing and licking downwards to her thighs. She stirred again in her sleep, moaning softly so he paused, letting her sleeping mind turn back to her dreams. When he was satisfied she had returned, he resumed his kissing, moving from her thigh to the lips of her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked gently along her slit, eliciting a moan and bringing her a little farther out of her slumber.

He pushed both of his hands underneath her body, wrapping them around her thighs and back around, near to where his mouth was still gently licking and sucking on her vagina. He gently pulled her lips apart and upwards with one hand, exposing her clitoris and widening her cunt. Flattening his tongue out, he tenderly pressed it against her clitoris and licked slowly, but evenly upwards. Beneath him, Danni moaned and finally began to wake up.

He pulled his tongue back down to her slit and flattened it out again, running it up and over her clitoris slowly again. Danni finally awoke, raising her head slightly with a gasp.

"You were right. This is definitely a great way to wake up," she said softly, as Mike continued the assault on her with his tongue. She moaned and arched her back as she felt his broad, flat tongue pushing gently up her pussy lips and across her clit. "Wow, that feels wonderful." she said.

"Glad you approve," Mike said, briefly lifting his head from her lap.

She giggled and pushed his head back down, "I didn't say you could stop."

He chuckled and tightened his arms around her thighs, pulling her tightly into his face, his tongue pushed deeply into her. Pulling his tongue out, he flattened it again and stroked upwards. He took her clitoris in his mouth and sucked on it gently before licking upwards again.

"Oh god," she moaned again, "Oh yes, Mike. Please don't stop. Don't ever stop."

As she began to orgasm, her hips bucked upwards and her hands clenched on the back of his head. She pulled him tightly against her tunnel as it convulsed and desperately tried to pull his tongue inside. Her orgasm finally ran its course and she lay still for a few minutes as her remaining twinges subsided. Then she lay still, spent.

Mike, smiling, reached for a towel on his desk and wiped himself clean before climbing back into bed with her and spooning up close.

"So, do I get to return the favor?" she asked him a few seconds later.

"Maybe," he said, running his hands down her sides to her hips and pulling her closer. She was so small and tender in his grasp, he loved the way he could pull or push her wherever he wanted. It made him feel so strong and in control.

She smiled as he turned her over, facing away from him. He reached down and gently rubbed the tip of his shaft across the lips of her pussy, drawing a sigh of anticipation from her.

"Oh, yes," she whimpered.

Pulling her towards him, he entered her quickly and began to slowly slide himself in and out of her. She moaned as he began to glide effortlessly in and out of her.

She was still groggy, 'This was definitely a wonderful way to wake up,' she was still thinking. He was being so gentle with her, yet there was a different feeling. It was a feeling of command. It felt so good to have him take charge, moving her wherever he wanted.

He lay behind her on his side, spooning up behind her, as he thrust in and out of her. Pulling backwards on her hips slightly, he thrust deeply back into her, drawing a moan and a little yelp of pleasure from her. He began to feel the familiar feelings rush over him. He instinctively began to thrust faster, pulling harder back on her hips.

She gasped as her second orgasm worked its tendrils of pleasure up her body. She felt him convulse slightly and then smiled as she felt his warm seed began to deposit itself into her. He was gasping loudly as he thrust into her, her body shaking as an orgasm sparked a fire within her depths. Her vagina muscles contracted and squeezing on his cock as she moaned and pushed her hips back against him. Spent, he collapsed back onto the sheets, closing his eyes as he breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath.

"That was amazing, Mike," she said, turning over and allowing him to wrap her in his grasp.

"Thanks," he said. "It was easy, since you feel so good," he said, as he nuzzled up against her, burying his nose in the top of her head and inhaling deeply. "And you smell so good," he said, with a happy sigh.

She giggled and scooted closer into him, as if that were possible. She relished the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms, feeling so protected.

"I just can't get enough of you," he said, drawing a smile from her again. "I mean, you are just so soft and warm and inviting. You make me not want to get up in the morning. All I want to do is lie next to you and make love."

"You make me feel so safe," she replied. "You're so strong and warm, so good," she said as he nuzzled his chest.

He smiled, and squeezed her tightly. He felt so contented next to her, and he knew he loved her, beyond them being siblings. He was having these feelings toward all of his sisters. It was strange, to say the least.

He pulled back a bit and lifted her chin, looking into her eyes. "I love you," he said, staring at her, not blinking and waiting for her reaction. He knew that she understood exactly what he was saying. He loved her, and not just as a sister anymore.

She smiled and kissed him briefly, then pulled back and looked up at him. "I love you too, Mike, with all of my heart, forever."

"There's something else that I've wanted to tell you," he said.

She looked at him curiously, but then smiled when she realized what was bothering him. Nuzzling close again, she kissed his chest.

"Mike, I know about the others. I've known since the first, when you and Sarah fooled around together." She giggled as she lay next to him, thinking back to the sexual encounters she'd heard and witnessed.

Mike didn't have a clue as to how to even begin an explanation for his recent behavior.

"You finished cleaning the pool and I watched you and Sarah at the door, and I saw you run upstairs. I went inside after a bit for a drink and couldn't find Sarah anywhere. I was headed back up to my room when I passed by your door and heard you two. I actually pressed my ear up against the door and listened, though I didn't really need to. You guys were making enough noise for anyone in the hall to hear easily."

Mike felt his embarrassment rise.

"I was going to use it to torment you, but I never got the chance. Our relationship changed so quickly after that, that I didn't really have an opportunity to cause you any grief. On the trip, we all saw how erect you were with Emma sitting on your lap. The look of conflict and desire on your face was very apparent. Then of course, there was the morning shower after our wonderful night together. She woke me up when she closed the door and I heard you guys fooling around in the shower."

Mike continued to lie quietly, wondering what, if anything, he could say.

"I'm not jealous, Mike. I'm not your only sister. Each one of them has as much claim to you as I do. But, I do love you now, as more than just a brother. You are the first thing I think of every morning, and the last thing I want to see and feel as I fall to sleep." She kissed him on his chest again.

"I know our love is more than what it once was, and it doesn't scare me in the least. I don't care that we are siblings. I don't want or need any other man. You are the manliest, strongest, most protective, most tender man that I've ever known. That being said, I wouldn't have any claim at all over you if I tried to keep you all to myself. If it were any other woman, I'd be jealous as hell, and I'd probably revert back to the old Danni."

"Please, anything but that." he said with a grin.

She giggled, kissing his chest again, "Hush you." then she inhaled deeply, enjoying his manly scent. "Just never stop loving me, and we'll always have each other no matter what."

They lay there and enjoyed the company of each other for the next couple of hours before Danni headed to the bathroom to shower.

Afterwards, Mike stood and followed her downstairs. As they reached the bottom step he grabbed her again and spun her around. She looked at him surprised as he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her into his arms, locking them around her and cupping both of her butt cheeks in his hands. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her on the neck, moving quickly up and sucking on her ear, moving to her cheek and then finally her mouth. Their tongues danced together as he pushed her up against the wall, feeling her breasts push up against his chest as she moaned and kissed him. Finally, after several long minutes of passionate embrace, he lowered her to the ground and released her from his grasp.

"Sorry," he explained, "You're just so damn irresistible."

She came forward suddenly, then leaping into his arms she started the embrace all over again, their tongues dancing and playing together. A few long moments later, she broke the kiss and he lowered her feet to the floor once again.

"I know exactly what you mean," she said, as she turned to head back to the bathroom.

As she disappeared, Mike glanced out the window. It was early, still dark out. Beth, Sarah, and Emma were all still asleep.

"Go make sure, stick your dick in them and see if they move. Then you'll know if they are really asleep or just faking it."

'You again', he thought, 'normally, your ideas have at least the hint of merit, but that was just dumb,'

"Pussy is never dumb, dude."

'You do have a point'. Mike had to concede.

Mike headed to the kitchen for a glass of milk, grabbing some chocolate chip cookies from the cabinet and headed to the den where he flipped through the sports channels.

"So go get some pussy, already."

'I had some not two hours ago,' he thought, glancing at the clock on the wall.

"And, YOUR point is?"

Mike sighed, shaking his head. 'I'm not Superman, I do need to rest.'

"Says who? You can rest when we're dead. Go back up there and get some damn you!"

'Why are you being so insistent?' he asked.

"Just go get some pussy already!"

'I'd like to know what the point of all this is,' Mike said, deciding to take a stand.

"The point?"

'Yeah,' Mike replied.

"The point is having your dick surrounded and enveloped by a sweet young wet pussy? Have you lost all of your marbles?"

'I'm just concerned with how persistent you're becoming. What do you get out of all of this?' asked Mike.


'So, the only thing you want for us is pussy?' asked Mike.

"No, but pussy is at the top of that list."

Mike grew suddenly concerned. 'You have a list?'

"Yep, it starts like this. Number one: Pussy! Now go get us some. You've got your choice of two, or do both like last night. By that time, Danni will be ready again, if she's not already. Remember, she loves it, us, uh you."

'We're talking about this list of yours.' Mike thought to the voice, then asked, 'What's number two?' fully expecting to hear pussy again. Without skipping a beat, it answered,

"Impregnate all of your sisters so they'll be ours forever. Well, that's not number two, but that is how we get number two."

Mike's brain stopped working for a few seconds. 'What!' he exclaimed in his head, desperately trying to digest what the voice had just proposed. 'Impregnate my sisters? Are you crazy?'

At that moment, he realized just how insane he had allowed his whole situation to become. Here he was, sitting by himself on the couch, having an argument with a voice in his head about impregnating his own sisters. There had to be a picture of him in the dictionary below the definition of wacko.

"Why is that so hard to wrap your brain around after all we've done. You do know that getting pregnant is what happens when you have sex with someone."

"NOT ALL THE TIME!" Mike yelled flabbergasted, realizing only after the fact he had done so out loud. Instantly, he desperately hoped there was no one within ear shot.

"Here's how it works. If you get them pregnant, they'll be bound to you, always. Forever! We'll never have to give them up to a bunch of jerks who would never appreciate them anyway. They'll love you more than ever, and never stop fucking us. Pussy for life, right here at our fingertips. Hell, it's climbing into bed with you of its own free will in fuckin' pairs dude."

Still concerned about the list, Mike thought, 'I asked you what number two was on this list'.

"That is number two. Four pussies, ready, willing and able, and one of them available at anytime of the day or night without even having to leave the fucking house and go chase it or look for it. HELL, it's a fucking paradise, literally. Wake up and smell the coffee, idiot."

'That's what this is all about'? Mike asked the voice.

"Oh Yeah. Pussy whenever we want it. Hell, waking up with pussy riding our cock without even asking for it. Damn, how slow are you anyway? Really, dude."

'I should have never listened to you,' Mike thought, cursing himself.

"Well, you don't really have a choice, we're kinda inseparable."

Mike scrunched up his face in irritation. He knew he could beat the voice. He didn't have to play its game. 'Wanna bet?' he thought, a grin flashing to his face.

"Bet? Bet what?"

'That I can resist all of your little urges and suggestions,' he replied.


'I'm serious,' Mike thought, drawing another laugh from the voice.

"I know you are. That's what makes it so damn funny. Do you need a refresher course on the 'Oh Danni' incident?"

'What I mean is, I can resist you,' Mike said again.

"Then we have a bet. How long are you gonna try to resist? You realize that this means you'll have to stop fucking your sisters, right?"

'Yeah,' he thought, unconvincingly. But until that moment, he actually hadn't considered that, but he had to prove this to himself. Fucking his sisters was inherently wrong, no matter how happy it made all of them. At least he thought it was. Wasn't it?

He shook the thoughts from his head and steeled his resolve. 'The deal is on, pervert. I'll resist your impulses and suggestions for as long as, two weeks. If the girls misunderstand or somehow get offended and it turns into forever, then so be it.'

"What do I get when you lose?"

Mike scrunched up his face in thought. He was making a bet with a voice in his damn head. What could it possibly want inside a bet with himself? This was getting nuts.

So, Mike responded with the only option he was familiar with between he and the voice, 'I'll do whatever you say for one whole day, no matter how insane your suggestions. "IF," I lose.'

"WHEN you lose, you mean."

Mike let that comment pass. Could he do this? He didn't know for sure. All he did know was he had to try, to prove something to himself if nothing else.

"Oh, now, the girls are gonna be really happy about this," the voice said, sarcastically.

'Oh, hell,' Mike thought, having not considered that either. Suddenly he had that old familiar sinking feeling in his stomach from a few weeks ago. Would they be pissed? That was doubtful, but they wouldn't know why he was resisting them unless he confessed he'd had a stupid argument with an imaginary voice in his head. Then it was possible they wouldn't wanna fuck him anymore.

"I don't know, I've always heard that some girls go crazy over bad boys."

'Bad boys, not psychopaths.' he corrected.

"You aren't crazy."

'I just had an argument with a fuckin voice in my own head, and now I've gone and made a bet with the damn thing,' Mike said to the voice.

"Well, when you put it that way..."

Mike shook the thoughts away and wondered how the hell he was going to tell his sisters he wasn't gonna fuck them for a while, especially Danni. He wondered how she was going to take it. Emma was downright scary when she got possessed by her sex driven demonic other self, and Sarah wouldn't be any easier to deal with, being nearly as aggressive as Emma, as well as persuasive.

The more he thought about it, the more he began to regret ever having made this bet. The voice was going to have a field day telling him what to do if he lost. Besides spending the time fucking his sisters, he was probably going to end up running around naked, grabbing random girls and ending up arrested.

He had to get out of the house. That much was certain. Maybe he could meet a nice girl that wasn't related to him.

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