tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 19

Just the Six of Us Ch. 19


Here we are again, loyal readers. Thanks to Zex for his additions, and to anon for his grammar checking skills.

As I've mentioned on my profile, Chapter 20 will follow this one quickly, much quicker than the gap from 18 to 19.

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Chapter 19

As Mike, Paul, Emma, and Ashley filed out of the theater, Mike thought back over everything that had happened that had led them to 'the date.' He really didn't want to know, but couldn't help but wonder what other people would think if they knew what was going on between his sisters and him.

Here was a guy that was sleeping with his four female siblings and now he was out on a double date with a crazy redhead, her older brother, who was dating his own twin, and trying to get the two of them interested in each other, all the while trying not to become outwardly jealous. The last thing he wanted was to lash out at Ashley's brother, giving her any reason to turn him in to the police. Mike chuckled to himself and shook his head.

They finally exited the theater and walked down the small strip mall that the theater was attached to, looking at the windows and chatting idly amongst themselves.

They passed a few clothing stores and a sports card shop, walking and laughing. As they passed the card shop, Mike glanced in and for a moment, time seemed to stand still.

'It can't be,' he thought.

"It sure looks like him to me man."

The other three kept walking, not noticing that Mike had stopped and was staring into the card shop at a small group of guys inside. They were all crowded around the counter, looking into a display case at something Mike couldn't see. He didn't recognize any of the other guys, but the one on the end had one feature that brought Mike back to a very dark place.

Mike stood staring hard, as his group finally noticed that he wasn't with them anymore and turned to find where he had gone.

"Mike?" Emma called, "You coming?"

He didn't seem to hear her, and she could see by the expression on his face that something was wrong. Crossing back over the few steps that separated them, she took and shook his arm. Confused, she turned and peered at where he was staring.

Suddenly, a gasped escaped her lips and she covered her mouth to stifle it. She immediately began to pull at her brother, trying to get him moving away from the card shop, as the memories of that night came flooding back.

"Please Mike, now is not the time," she kept saying, but Mike was lost in a haze of anger and brutal, unforgiving memories.

The red-head that Mike was staring at turned, suddenly aware of someone staring at him. The guy standing next to Red noticed also, and Mike saw him speak. Without turning his head, Red appeared to answer, causing his buddy to also look in Mike's direction. His buddy spoke again, and with a nod of his head, both started their way over to Mike.

"Oh my God," said Emma. "Not here, not now."

"What?" asked Paul, as Red and his buddy came out of the shop and quickly closed the distance between them.

With no time to answer, or even think, Emma merely stepped in front of Mike. Paul, taking in the situation as best he could with no more time than he had been given, sized up the two guys as they approached, and asked, "Can I help ya'll?"

"None of your concern," said Red, "I just want to have a word with Tinkerbell here."

Mike put his hands on each of Emma's arms, moving her to one side.

His attention on her for that instant, in an attempt to remove her from harm's way, Red took the opportunity without warning to catch Mike with a left hook firmly across the jaw.

"Hey, ass," barked Paul, as Mike staggered, then moved forward to intervene, but was cut off by Red's buddy.

"Now, now sweetheart," said 'Buddy', holding a hand to Paul's chest. "The man said it was none of your concern."

"You alright Mike?" asked Paul, not taking his eyes off 'Buddy'.

"Yup," answered Mike, shaking his head and gathering his senses, preparing himself for whatever was next. "But they're right; this has nothing to do with you and yours. You don't need to get involved."

"I wouldn't," Paul said, "except for one thing."

"And what is that, 'missy'?" asked 'Buddy'.

"I don't care for ass-wipes putting their hands on me," said Paul, as he grabbed 'Buddy's' hand and turned it backwards against its own arm in what Mike recognized as a martial arts wrist lock. With it Paul sent 'Buddy' falling sideways to the cement floor.

Red had been ready for a move from his buddy, but took Paul's cue instead to throw his second punch at Mike.


Mike, having shaken off his surprise attack, slipped under the attempt and countered with three quick shots to Red's body, left-right-left, all three hard to his rib cage, followed by a round house right, which appeared to have come somewhere from the middle of Alaska, effectively placing Red horizontal, out before his head introduced itself to the walkway.

Someone must have anticipated what was about to happen and called security as two uniforms were on the scene before Mike could stand back up straight.

"Okay guys. Don't move. The police will be here in a few seconds. What's going on? Who saw what happened?"


Red was handcuffed and placed into the back of the police cruiser as Mike peered over at his sister and the other two that had come with them on the date. His jaw hurt, but him not caring made it not so bad, and the officer was standing, staring, and waiting for an answer.

"Sorry officer," replied Mike, "what was the question?"

"I've got a pretty good idea what happened from the witnesses, but now I need your side of the story to finish my report. What's all this about?"

Mike sighed and ran his hand across his jaw, massaging the soreness.

"A couple of months ago, just after school let out, my sister, Danni, was at a frat party. I got a call from Emma, my other sister, saying she couldn't find her. I went up to help look for her and found her passed out in a locked bedroom. That asshole you've got locked up in the back of your car had his pants down around his ankles and was just about to..." Mike stopped, his jaw tense and flexed.

The officer put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back a step. "I'm gonna need you to calm down son, alright? I just need the facts so I can see what we're going to do about this guy, okay?"

Mike took a deep breath and nodded, then glanced back at Emma and added. "I knocked down one of them when I kicked in the door, and then I decked Red there and grabbed my sister and tried to get her out of the frat house. I had handed her off to Emma and another sister of ours when I got jumped from behind. I don't remember much after that, but it involved that douche bag and most if not all of his frat brothers. My sisters said that the guy watching the door stepped in to keep them from killing me and pulled me out, stopping the fight."

"Did you file a police report?" asked the officer.

Mike shook his head, suddenly irritated with himself for forgetting such an obvious thing.

"No sir," he said, "I guess we just wanted to move on, put it behind us. My sister still hasn't completely recovered."

"Well, if you had, this would be regarded as a second incident. But not so, since you didn't," the officer said, then asked, "So the guy in the back there, did he actually do anything to your sister?"

"Someone slipped something in her drink, but no sir, nothing more than that. I got there just in time. She still had her panties on, but her dress was pulled up. He had his pants down though, and had his... well... thing in his hand when I got in there."

"Be thankful for that then. There's not much we can do about that, since you didn't call the police and file a police report. If he were to make a fuss about it all, I could technically arrest you for destruction of private property, since you admitted kicking in the door of the frat house. But seeing the reason for doing so, I can't say I blame you. And of course, he hasn't mentioned it, and probably won't."

"Okay," Mike said, "but what about tonight?"

"Well, I've got plenty of witnesses that corroborate your side of the story, that he did in fact throw the first punch. We would have him for assault, but you say you're not willing to press charges. That means all I can charge him with is disturbing the peace. He's got alcohol on his breath so my partner tested him and he blew over the legal limit, so we can add public intoxication to that. He'll be spending the night in jail, and there'll be a hefty fine for him to pay. Other than that, I'd advise you the next time something like this happens, just walk the other way before something worse comes of another incident."

Mike nodded. "You got it officer. Thanks for the help."

The officer turned and went over to talk to the other officer standing near a different group of people, getting more of the same story from them. As Mike approached the rest of his group who were standing near the ice cream shop, he turned and called to the officer. "Do you need anything else from any of us?"

The young policeman turned and shook his head. "I've got all the info I need from ya'll right now. We'll contact you if we need anything else. Ya'll be safe tonight, hear?"

Mike nodded, and turned back to the girls and Paul.

"You okay?" Ashley asked, moving close and peering up at him.

Mike smiled and nodded. "I'm okay, though my jaw'll be a little sore tomorrow. Sorry about all this man," he said, glancing over at Paul.

Paul raised his hand. "Don't worry about it man, I heard about what happened. I'm just glad I could be here to cover your six."

"Your six? What's a..."

'My back, or backside. My ass.'

"Oh, right."

Emma came over, and with tears streaming down both cheeks, hugged her brother tightly.

"You sure you're okay?" she asked.

Clearly she was reliving the previous encounter as well as tonight.

He smiled and squeezed her tightly. "I'm fine Em. I promise. Try not to think about the past, okay?"

She nodded and wiped her face, pulling herself off her brother in light of where they were, and who they were with.

"So now that we've enjoyed a dinner... and a fight..." Emma said, trying to lighten the mood.

Paul checked his watch, it was 9:00. "Seems a shame to end the night now, wanna go rent a movie or something?"

Mike and Ashley shrugged, and Emma smiled saying, "We can head to our house. I'm sure there's something good on."

They headed to Mike's truck and piled in, but the trip to the sibling's house was uncomfortably quiet. Mike clicked on his radio and gently turned up the volume to a comfortable level, letting the music ease the tension until at last they pulled up to the house.

Emma hopped out quickly and headed inside to warn her sisters as Mike, Paul, and Ashley all headed up the walk. Sarah was disappearing into her room half dressed as the three entered the kitchen. Mike opened the fridge, offering the other two siblings a drink as Emma headed to the living room to flip through the channels to find a decent movie. The Big Lebowski was on, a favorite of the twins, and Emma grinned over at Mike who smiled and headed over.

"You guys ever seen this?" Mike asked. Ashley shook her head, but Paul was nodding.

"A classic," he said, heading into the living room and moving to sit next to Emma.

Ashley glanced over at her brother as he sat down, and he turned and smiled, winking at her, and then turned back to the movie. She giggled and grabbed Mike's hand, pulling him over to the loveseat and practically draped herself across him, stopping only to grab the blanket covering the edge and pulling it over her and Mike.

Almost immediately Mike could feel Ashley groping for his cock, and he groaned inwardly.

"What the fuck are you groaning for? Send that other ass-hat packing and let's get to fucking!"

'We've talked about this.'

"That's your problem, too much talky, not enough fucky."

'I can't fuck Ashley.'

"Sure you can. Just pull her ass over here and let her sink down on the beast. She'll love it, and you know it."

'That's not what I meant, and you know it. I can't fuck her because at least one of my sisters would get upset and stop fucking me. Us. Probably all of them. Is that what you want?'

"Hell no bro. But it was their idea in the first place, remember. But it's also all part of 'the plan.' You get Ashley all excited and do the old bait and switch with 'He-Man' over there, who's rubbing around on your fuckin home turf. That's your own personal property he's fixing to have in his hands, bro."

'First, Emma isn't my property, she's my sister. Second, he's just got his arm around her. Third, that's not how this is going to play out, at least not exactly. Fourth, shut the fuck up already.'

Mike tried to grab for Ashley's hand under the blanket, but she already had it down his pants, her cold fingers causing him to jump slightly. He glanced over at Emma, who bit her lip hiding a grin and gently shook her head at him and winked playfully. As he glanced at her, he noticed she was leaning into Paul, who had put his arm comfortably around her. There was a momentary twinge of jealousy, which he quickly pushed away.

Emma found herself leaning gently into Paul, almost forgetting it wasn't Mike she was leaning into. Her mind began playing tricks on her again and she found herself conflicted, wondering if she would be able to keep up the façade, and continue pretending to be interested in Paul. At least she kept telling herself that she wasn't interested. She felt his warmth against her shoulder, and his hand rubbing her other arm softly. She kept glancing over at Mike nervously, suddenly very aware that her lover was watching her.

Mike struggled under the cover with Ashley, trying not to let anyone else know where her hand was while trying to remove it at the same time. She kept rubbing her hand up and down his dick, not even pretending to watch the movie. The struggle beneath the covers continued for the length of the movie. After which, Mike stood quickly as Ashley yanked her hand out as the cover fell away.

"I guess we better take you guys home," he said suddenly, glancing over at Paul and Emma.

Emma jumped, startled by the sudden movement on the other couch, bringing her back to the reality of the moment, and what they were trying to accomplish. She nodded at her brother as he stood and waited for the others to join him. She held a hand out to Paul, who took it and rose and then followed her into the kitchen and out the door.

Mike turned to Ashley and smiled, holding a hand out to help her up and pulling her behind him towards the door and his truck.

A few minutes later, they pulled up to the house and Ashley leaned over in the seat and pulled Mike's face towards hers as she tried to kiss him. Mike relented and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. She leapt out of his truck a few seconds later, a goofy smile plastered across her face.

Emma stepped out of the backseat as Paul walked around and gave her a hug.

"Thanks for a great evening," she said as he wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace.

"I hope we can do it again sometime," he said, smiling at her.

Emma nodded and he leaned in close, moving his lips to her cheek, he kissing it lightly before turning and walking up the steps.

"Sounds great," she said, climbing back into her brother's truck.

As the truck roared to life and Mike began to pull away, Emma glanced over at her brother, trying to gauge his mood.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

Mike nodded quickly, then added, "It's just the oddness of the situation is all," turning and flashing a smile at her.

"Well, that goes without saying, stud," she said, grinning at him.

An awkward silence followed for a several seconds.

Then Mike finally ended it by asking, "So, what do you think?"

Emma shrugged. "He's okay, I guess."

"Are you gonna be able to get him to somehow seduce Ashely?" he asked.

Emma giggled at the oddity of the statement, but shrugged as she turned back to look out her window. "Honestly, I don't know. It was far too weird sitting half the night right next to the guy that I'm fucking and letting someone else touch his property."

Mike shook his head immediately. "I've already had this discussion," he said. "You aren't my property."

"Aw hell. Now you've done it."

"You've discussed this?" she asked, confused. "With who?"

Mike suddenly realized that he was confusing conversations. One with the Voice, and one with someone that wasn't a voice in his head.

"I...uh...myself, actually," he said finally.

"You talk to yourself?" she asked.

Mike scrunched up his face for a second, trying to think of how best to word it without making his sister think he was losing it.

"You're losing it. Should've fucked while you had the chance."

Mike ignored it. "Kinda," he said, trying to appear disinterested with the question.

Emma shrugged and popped her seatbelt off, scooted over and cuddled up close to her lover. Her hands reached up and entwined themselves around his strong arm, her head leaning lightly against his shoulder.

"Yes I am, by the way," she said.

Mike glanced down at her as she put her chin on his shoulder, looking up at him innocently.

"You are what?" he asked.

She nodded. "Your property. I can't help it, you own me."

Mike began to shake his head, but she brought a finger up to his lips. "I don't mean like you're thinking, you big goofball. I mean that I like being yours, and only yours. I had fun tonight with Paul, but I kept wishing that it was just us on the date. I wish that you could have taken me to dinner, to a movie and then we came home and watched the movie on the couch, minus the fight in between. Then you take me to your room and ravish me. I want you to make me yours. Do anything you want to me."

Mike glanced down at her.

"Emma, I can't say that I like the idea, but if you want to... be with Paul I mean, you can."

"Dumb Ass, would you shut the fuck up and listen to her?"

She was quiet for a few seconds. "Mike, my thick-headed twin, what I'm saying is, I like being only yours. I like the thought of being controlled by you, only doing what you say."

"What do you mean, doing what I say?" he asked.

She thought for a moment, then placed her hand gently in his lap, massaging his crotch.

"Well, like if you told me that you wanted a blowjob," she said, "I'd give it to you. Or you wanted me to crawl on all fours pretending... anything. Or you wanted me to fuck you in a public place. It's the thought of you telling me what to do, and me doing it or you'll punish me. That is what really turns me on."

"I knew I liked her."

Mike looked down at her, genuinely surprised. "You mean..."

"I mean, if you wanted me to start walking around all day without a bra or even panties, I'd do it. Or if you wanted me to expose myself completely, I'd do it. If you told me to stay ready for you whenever, for whatever, I'd do it, but only because you told me to. You, Mike. You can have me whenever or however you want me, or deny me for weeks until I'm so crazy with desire that you can take me and punish me like you did before. I hope it's the former by the way. Fucking you is way more fun than waiting for you to fuck me, though getting punished by you is very exciting too. Very erotic."

"Yup, she's my favorite."

Mike considered what she was saying for a few quiet moments. He had to admit that it turned him on to think that she had to do whatever he wanted, and that she would like doing it, that it turned her on. It was erotic. Still, he didn't want to hurt her, or to overstep his bounds, and his love for her as her brother began to step in, telling him that he hadn't the right to order his sister around.

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