tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 21

Just the Six of Us Ch. 21


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Chapter 21

Mike shuffled beside the warm form laying next to him and turned, squinting at the sunlight pouring through the window. Groaning, he rolled over and wrapped his free arm around soft snoozing, feminine form, that then snuggled closer to him. Pushing his nose deeply into her hair, he inhaled deeply and smiled.

'Danni,' he thought, smiling.

Danni,' he thought, smiling. Of course it was her. He'd been sleeping next to her, and with her, for that matter, for weeks now. She twitched slightly next to him, causing him to smile. Whenever she was sleeping, Danni had this adorable quality. She would jump, ever-so-slightly, like her body was resisting trying to go to sleep, or waking up.

She inhaled deeply and moved again, slowly turning over, nuzzling her head forwards. Pushing his chin up, she brought her nose and lips to rest against his bare chest.

"Mmmm," she said, slowly awakening.

He reached his hand up and brushed her hair away from her beautiful face, her eyes slowly opening as she raised her head up and looked up at him. He leaned forward slightly and pressed his lips to hers. Pulling her head to his, he rolled over on top of her.

Still groggy, Danni returned his kiss, wrapping her arms around him and spreading her legs to wrap them around his waist. She ran her fingers along his back as she felt him slide the tip of his cock up her slit, causing her to bite her bottom lip in anticipation as he slowly slid it up and down, spreading the wetness.

Mike growled happily as he gently pushed in, the tip of his cock slick with her juices as she desperately clutched at him, her lips growing more and more ravenous and hungry as they pressed against his own. He pushed his hands underneath her body, and down to her buttocks as he gently forced himself into her, pulling out slightly as his shaft slid out, pulling slightly at her pussy, a groan issuing from her throat.

Pushing back inside her, he felt her head push back into the pillow as his cock forced its way back inside her, causing another moan of pleasure to issue from her throat.

"Good... (gasp)... morning," she moaned loudly, her voice shaking in pleasure as he slowly pulled his slick cock out of her pussy, the shaft shiny with her juices.

"Morning sexy," he said, thrusting deeply into her as he lifted her hips up, driving his cock almost directly downwards into her, her head coming back up to lock lips with him.

"Harder, lover," she whispered. "I was hoping you'd wake me up like this," she growled.

Smiling, he pushed back into her, the length of his shaft disappearing, electricity coursing through both of them as he felt his shaft slide all the way into her, her groans mixing with his own as he slowly pulled back out, still holding her hips off the bed, only to thrust back into her as the sheets slid off his back.

Mike groaned as the door opened behind him, Sarah peeking in.

"God, don't stop," Danni said, glancing over at Sarah, but honestly not caring that her older sister had in fact come to watch them.

Mike glanced back and smiled at Sarah as he pushed slowly back into Danni, her body beginning to shiver and shake as an orgasm ran through her. Sarah clicked the door closed behind her and slid onto the bed next to them as Mike smiled at her curiously.

"Just here to enjoy the show," she said smiling, brushing Danni's hair out of her face.

Danni moaned again, her pussy clamping down on Mike as he pushed back into her, the muscles rippling up and then down as she yelped in pleasure, Mike's cock sliding in and out, faster and faster, her hips still held slightly aloft as she came.

Mike kept looking at Sarah and even leaned over to kiss her as Danni continued to come, her pussy pulsing and slurping at him, her yelps of pleasure becoming moans again as he continued pounding her convulsing body, finally lowering her hips and moving his hands around to the back of her head.

Lifting it off the pillow and her off the bed, he lifted her up then onto himself, knowing she really loved to be able to gyrate herself around on his cock using her hips. He was rewarded with the sound of her moaning again, his sudden movement having reinvigorated her orgasm and driving it to new heights.

Sarah smiled, truly enjoying the sight as Mike lay back and let Danni swivel her hips around on his cock. She loved the sight of her siblings fucking, but wouldn't intrude, secretly hoping that Danni would let her join.

Danni groaned in pure ecstasy as she slid down her brother's cock again, every inch a crashing wave of pleasure. Eventually her pussy slowed its pulsing orgasm and finally grew still as she continued bouncing on him, eventually slowing and draping her sweat slicked body on his own, both breathing hard.

"You two are so damn good at that," Sarah said. "I'm sorry for coming in, but I had to watch. I couldn't take it."

Danni, her breath coming in gasps lifted her head and smiled. "Don't worry hun. I don't mind you watching us. It was actually kind of a turn on," she said, smiling.

Mike just laid there with two of his sisters for a minute, his cock still raging hard inside Danni as she caught her breath.

"I just figured you could use that before we head off to class," he said, smiling up at her as she slowly caught her breath, her nipples erect and sticking out, pushing into the air as if they demanded to be noticed.

She smiled down at him as he ogled her, and after a few long seconds of him staring, said, "Here you are inside of me, and still you are fascinated by my tits. Men are so predictable."

Looking into her angelic face, he shrugged, smiled and then sat up. Laying her back on the bed, he slowly began the process of pulling out.

She looked up at him from her pillow with Sarah laying on the one next to her, and pouted at him as he slowly slid out of her.

Grinning, Mike grabbed both of her hips and thrust suddenly back into her, his cock shoving into her, his pelvis slapping against her bare ass as he quickly pulled out and thrust back in again. Repeating the move quickly, he began picking up speed.

"Oh god!" she moaned, both hands gripping the sheets.

Giggling, Sarah peered down and watched her brother's cock disappearing and reappearing repeatedly into and out of her sister. "God that's so fucking hot," she said.

After a few minutes of pure thrusting pleasure, she began to come again, her moans becoming yelps as she lost all control, her voice issuing forth in sounds of pure ecstasy as he took her again, and again.

Finally he slowed as she fought for breath, her entire body slick with sweat and sex, her breasts heaving with breath and pleasure, nipples erect and pussy convulsing around his cock.

"God..." she moaned as a final wave of pleasure hit her, her pussy convulsing a few more times, grasping at him.

"Damn, you guys are good," Sarah said, smiling.

"He's good," Danni corrected. "Very, very good," she said, her breath ragged.

Sarah smiled a final time and slowly began to pull herself from the bed as her siblings fought to control their breathing. Mike glanced over at Sarah and then back down at Danni, who smiled and nodded, completely understanding his meaning.

She had reached the door and was turning the knob to leave when he reached her.

"I'm gonna go make..." she started.

Mike came up quickly behind her, his cock still a raging hard-on. She was wearing an old shirt of his and some sexy panties. Of course, any panties she wore were sexy.

"Not so fast," he said, grabbing both of her arms and turning her around and pushing her to the bed, stopping only to push her panties to the floor as she grinned excitedly at Danni, who was now moving against the wall to give her room.

Mike pushed her forwards onto the bed as she turned to lie back, pausing to lift her torso up as he pulled her shirt over her head.

Grinning she glanced down at his angry red cock and licked her lips as he lifted her hips, his hands underneath her ass as Danni smiled at them, her own face still flushed in pleasure.

Slowly pushing his cock into her, she closed her eyes, her pussy practically sucking at his cock, eagerly awaiting its prize as the tip pushed in. He noticed how wet she was and slid in further, not worried about hurting her.

"Oh God yes," she moaned as she felt his thick cock slide into her, feeling his pubic hair tickling the back of her legs as the heavy rod slid into her depths, a moan issuing from her throat and her legs automatically wrapping around him as he began to pull out, only to push back in, deeper and deeper.

"Oh God, sweetie," she groaned, her pussy slick with wetness as it hungrily embraced his cock. He pulled her to himself, her hands on his hips and lifted her small form from the bed, as she wrapped her legs around him as he turned and pushed her up against the wall. "Fuck yes," she moaned, thoroughly enjoying the way her brother took charge in the realm of fucking.

He pushed his cock deeply into her as he pushed her softly up against the wall, using it to brace her as he slid his cock back out and then deep into her, the soft flesh of her pussy quivering as his iron hard member slid past. She yelped in pleasure once and then again as he thrust all the way in and all the way out, great strokes pushing her close to the precipice of pleasure.

Bringing his face close to hers, he stared directly into her eyes as she fought to hold his gaze against the onslaught of pleasure, finally succumbing as she fell over the edge, pleasure washing over her as she closed her eyes, collapsing onto him as he fell back, turning and sitting on the bed as she draped herself across him, her pussy tightly contracting and releasing on him, a massive orgasm rocking her small form. Finally, her orgasms slowed, and then subsided.

"I see what you mean," Danni said, smiling at the two. "Watching you two fuck was almost as exciting as being fucked."

"God, we need to do this more," Sarah said, smiling over at her.

Smiling, Danni shrugged and turned back to her pillow, sleep threatening to claim her again at any second.

Mike turned and lay Sarah down in his spot as she looked up at him sleepily. Danni reached over and pulled her older sister close, the two feminine forms entwining as sleep quickly took them both.

Mike grinned and finally turned, heading out of his room. He turned towards his twin's room, hoping she was still asleep so he could surprise her too.

Tiptoeing towards her room, he glanced down, surprised that his cock was still so erect. Shrugging, he listened intently at her door before pushing it open as quietly as he could. He smiled as he saw her. She was still asleep, her brown hair in a pony tail, the sheets covering her sleeping form. She was covered only in the top sheet, lying on her stomach, her perfect ass perfectly framed against the sheet as Mike took in the sight before reaching quietly forward to slowly pull the sheet off, smiling as it slid off her perfectly toned and tan form, muscular yet so very feminine, her breasts pressing into the mattress.

Leaning quietly forwards, Mike leaned over the bed and planted a tender, very soft kiss onto her naked buttock. Glancing upwards, he saw that she wasn't stirring, and moved over slightly, kissing her naked flesh again, lowering himself to the bed as he slowly kissed and licked at her naked ass.

Finally she began to stir, but only rolled completely onto her stomach, straightening her legs out as he continued to kiss around the supple yet muscular flesh of her ass. She began to move again, quickly shifting back to her original position, one leg slightly bent, the other straight.

Mike moved around the curve of her ass and maneuvered his tongue down her crack, probing gently at her anus as she moaned softly in her sleep. Marveling at how she was still deep in her slumber, he pushed his tongue gently into her ass, pulling it out and running it down as she arched her hips, her body knowing what to do even inside its state of rest.

His tongue slid down her slit and he reached up with both hands, turning himself over to his back as he raised his chin and gently pushed his tongue deep into the crevice of her pussy, his hands lifting her hips up, and then pulling them back down to rest on his head as she finally stirred. Groaning in pleasure she glanced down at him and pushed herself to her knees as his tongue probed her pussy.

"Damn it, what a way to wake up," she groaned, grabbing a handful of his hair as he greedily licked at her clitoris, his hands snaking their way up her body to find her perky breasts, pushing her up easily to sit on his face. Biting her lip, she pulled at his hair, pulling his tongue deep into her pussy.

"Damn it," she repeated, her hips swiveling and rocking back and forth on his face and he hungrily slurped at her snatch.

She released his hair and put her arms back behind her, propping herself up as she leaned back, her perky breasts and rock hard nipples pointing towards the sky. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, his tongue still deep inside her, traveling between her snatch and her clitoris, causing her to fall deeper and deeper into the crevasse of pleasure.

Mike stared up at her as she glanced down at him, her twin brother slurping at her pussy. Finally, he released her and she took over, practically leaping atop him, trying to shove his cock inside her cunt.

"Damn it, I want you so fucking bad, Mike."

But he stopped her, determined to fuck her his way. Rising up on his hands, he moved his arms to wrap around her waist. "Slowly," he said. "We've got time."

Curious as to what he meant, she glanced up at him as he laid her back on the bed. Spreading her legs, he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. 'Finally,' she thought. "Fuck me."

Mike smiled and marveled at how feminine she looked, but at the same time, how aggressive she was in the sack. He slid his cock up her slit, teasingly a few times as she fought to maintain eye contact.

"Wait," he ordered, seeing her start to grow evermore impatient, but smiling back at him when she heard his command of her and relaxed a bit, her hips still wiggling against the tip of his cock, desperately wanting to devour the relentless beast.

"Please, please fuck me," she said, practically begging him, pleadingly looking up at him as he slid his cock up her slit again.

"Who am I?" he asked, pushing the tip in before pulling it out, causing her to groan in frustration and bite her bottom lip.

"Damn it to hell Mike." she groaned, "Fuck me with that beast," as she reached up and grabbing both of his hips.

Smiling he shook his head and grabbed both her hands, pinning them behind and above her head. He smiled down at her as she struggled to free herself, rubbing his cock over her clitoris causing her to stop for a second as she pleaded up at him with her eyes.

Still pinning her arms, he reached down with his other hand and brushed his cock up and down her slit, moving suddenly up and positioning himself atop her chest to press his cock against her lips and repeated, "Who am I?"

She tried wrapping her lips around it from where she lay, seemingly desperate to have it in her body somewhere, anywhere, and groaned in frustration as he pulled it out of reach. Arching her chest, she tried freeing herself in order to do it herself.

"Who am I?" he asked again, slowly bringing the underside of his shaft to rest against her full lips as she arched again.

"Goddamnit," she grumbled as he rubbed his thick member back and forth across her lips. She stuck her tongue out as he rubbed it across the satiny surface, reaching down with his free hand.

"Hmm, looks like someone needs a reminder." he said, grabbing a handful of hair and lifting her head from the pillow, her hands still pinned above her head.

With her gorgeous eyes locked on his, she opened her mouth as he forced the tip in, the head pushing passed her teeth and pushing her tongue out of the way as she continued to stare. Her gaze was finally broken as he pushed the knob of his prick against the back of her throat. Gagging slightly, she forced the urge back down and looked back up at him as he pulled his cock back out of her mouth, then returned its head to the back of her throat, her spittle coating the entire length of his rod.

"Ready to answer yet?" he asked as he slid back into her mouth, pushing at her throat.

She could tell that he'd fucked at least one of his other sisters that morning, tasting the remains of her on his cock. Determined not to give in, she growled around his cock and pushed against him harder than he had thrust himself, his cock finally pushing past her throat as his pubic hair brushed her nose. Grunting he glanced back down and smiled at the defiance she was deliberately giving him.

Pulling out, he moved away from her chest, positioning himself back between her legs as she arched and pushed against his arm while still holding her hands above her head. Reaching down, he grasped his cock and slid it up her slit again.

"Master," she croaked soon after. "You're my Master. Just please fuck me... Master." she groaned.

Mike immediately pushed it farther into her depths, releasing her hands and pulling her tightly against himself, his cock sliding deep into, then back out, the sides separating her pussy lips, his cock still slick with her saliva.

"Fuuuck yes." she crowed, arching her back as her twin's cock was shoved deeply into her own quivering pussy, the muscles desperately trying to accommodating him as he brought his lips to her nipples, his tongue darting out to flick at it before enveloping it with his lips.

He arched his own back and pushed as deeply into her as possible, her face red and her body covered with sweat as they clenched at one another, each of their muscles tightening as his cock swiftly thrust in and out of her again and again.

Finally, she began to come, great heaving convulsions rocking her body and rendering her unable to speak, her mouth moving, but with no actual utterances forthcoming. After long minutes, he finally stopped thrusting, desperately trying to keep from coming himself.

Grinning, he glanced down at her, then leaned down and tenderly kissed her on the lips. "I love you, Emma," he said.

In a rare moment of tenderness, she wrapped her arms around him and just enjoyed the feeling of his muscular body on top of her own, his musky scent coating her. She brought her own lips up and tenderly kissed him back.

"I love you too, Mike," she said finally.

After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling, Mike finally stood and left the room, his twin turning over and reaching for the covers.

Smiling, he retreated from her room as he heard a familiar sound. The shower was running, and Beth had her music playing in the bathroom. Grinning, another idea quickly formed in his head as he glanced down at his cock, still impressively erect.

Gently turning the knob on the door, he peered into the bathroom and grinned anew as he spied a figure with blonde hair covering herself with soap suds just out of reach of the spray. The door closed with a slight click and Mike immediately reached for the shower door.

Opening it quickly, he stopped just long enough to marvel at his sister Beth, her exquisite body wet with the spray of the shower and coated with soap, sexily running down her body as she soaped her hair, her eyes closed.

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