tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 23

Just the Six of Us Ch. 23


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Chapter 23

Beth was down in the kitchen cooking breakfast when her brother and sisters began coming downstairs with bleary eyes and tired faces. Silverware and plates clanked as the siblings began to grab some food and sat down to eat.

Mike wouldn't look at anyone. He kept thinking about his awful dream last night. He ran a hand across his face and sighed, idly twirling a fork in his breakfast.

Sarah glanced over at Danni, who could only shrug as they both turned back to Mike.

"Everything okay, sweetie?"€ Sarah asked, after a few moments.

Mike glanced up and nodded, forcing a smile. "€Just... dreams," he said, hoping they'd assume he meant nightmares again.

Sarah rubbed his shoulders for a few seconds and then lowered her head down, kissing him on the cheek and squeezing him in a hug.

After breakfast, Mike and his sisters quickly got dressed for class and headed out. Mike rode with Emma again, but there was a heavy tension in the air between them.

"Em?" he said suddenly, "Have we ever... talked about my dreams?"

Emma turned and glanced at him curiously. She was wearing a pair of shorts that she knew would show off her goddess-like legs, and a tight, low cut blue shirt. Unusually, her hair hung softly around her shoulders, rather than tied in its usual ponytail.

"Yeah, sometimes. You've not had any for a while though," she said. "At least before the accident, as far as I know. Why do you ask?"

Mike shrugged, wondering how to broach the subject. If he could tell anyone about his disturbing dream, it would be his twin. There wasn't a soul anywhere that he was be closer to.

"I had a different type of nightmare last night. I'm not even sure it can be classified as a bad dream. I just don't want you to think I'm a freak."

"Mike, I love you, no matter what you dream. I won't think you are a freak. We're twins remember, chances are that I've had the same type of dreams."

That made him feel a little better, at least. "It was... dirty," he said, lowering his head.

Emma glanced back over at him, her eyebrows raised. "Nice," she said, grinning. "Those are my favorite kind."

Mike tried to force a smile, but still felt like a freak. "No," he said. "It was... different."

They turned into a parking lot at the university and quickly found a space. Emma put her car in park and turned to face him.

"Okay, how was it different? Did the clown molest you this time?"

Mike chuckled at her, but the action caused pains to shoot through his ribs and chest, and he winced.

"Ouch, no."

He checked his watch. They had to get to class. He reached for his bag and popped open the car door, gingerly lifting the bag to his shoulder. "I'll tell you later."

Emma shrugged, pretending that she wasn't dying to know what his 'dirty' dream had been about. A thought struck her then, and she tried not to panic, quickly grabbing her backpack and jogged after her slow moving brother.

"Hey Mike, lemme see your phone a second," she called.

"Huh? Why?" he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his black cell phone.

"Just lemme see it," she said, yanking it from his hands. She quickly thumbed through his contact list, to Dirty Fuck Slave and changed the name back to Emma before tossing it back to him. "Thanks."

"What was that about?" he asked, but stopped, distracted, when he spotted someone he knew. "No way..." he said, his jaw dropping. "Look," he said, gesturing towards a petite blonde girl walking by herself.

Emma turned, glad that the conversation had turned from his cellphone. She followed his gaze and saw Emily, his ex-girlfriend. "Oh yeah, Emily came to see you in the hospital. I thought we told you that," she said.

Mike called out Emily's name and began to shuffle towards her. "Emily!"

She turned, seeing Mike and smiled immediately. "Michael! Emma!"

She jogged over quickly and gently hugged him, and then Emma. "How are you feeling?" she asked, stepping back and looking him over.

A flood of emotions threatened to bowl him over. High School came back to him, how much time he'd spent with her. She looked a little older, but mostly she was the same old girl he'd known in high school.

"I'm okay, still sore like a motherf..." he said, remembering suddenly how much she would get on to him for swearing in highschool.

She chuckled and smiled at him, "Same old Michael."

"What happened to California?" Mike asked, and was suddenly sorry that he'd done so.

Emily's pretty face fell when the words left his lips. It was clear that she'd been through a lot in her semester out in California.

"Well, it was fine for the first couple of weeks, but a lot happened out there, and back here. I'll tell you all about it sometime. I'm here to stay, though. California didn't work out."

Emma hugged her. "It's good to see you again."

Mike smacked her in the arm. "Why didn't you tell me she came to see me in the hospital?"

Emma began to punch him back but thought better of it. "As soon as you're better, I'm gonna beat the piss outta you again. We kind of had a lot to deal with, Mom and Dad's anniversary, you almost dying."

"It's okay, Michael," Emily said. "I didn't stay long."

Mike thought back then, to the dreams he had in the hospital. He'd smelled her perfume in his dream.

"Do you still wear Obsession Nights?"

Emily smiled and nodded. "It always did weird things to you," she said, giggling.

"Yeah, it was hard to concentrate when you wore that stuff. It smells so damn good, I'd just go stupid and forget what was going on."

Emma giggled and chided, "When is that different from any other day."€・

Mike scowled at her playfully.

"We've gotta get to class," she said.

"Give me your number so we can talk," he said, causing Emma's protective instincts to almost overwhelm her. She had to calm down. She was just a sister now, not a lover, and definitely not a girlfriend.

Emily smiled and took the phone from his hand. Emily was still in the contact list, but the number needed to be updated. As she finished, she handed the phone back to him and straightened the backpack on her shoulders.

"Text me sometime," she said, turning and heading for her building.

"It was good to see you," he called as he watched her walk away.

Emma fought to contain her jealousy. "Try and keep your eyes in your head and your tongue in your mouth," she said, venomously.

Mike ignored her, turning and starting towards class, his steamed sister following behind. He could feel the energy of her stare penetrating his back. "What's the matter?" he asked, turning and looking at her. That snapped her out of her haze, and the scowl disappeared instantly.

"Nothing," she lied. "I just don't wanna see you get hurt, that's all."

Mike turned and headed to his class.

The day passed uneventfully. After school Mike texted Emily to ask if she wanted to hang out sometime and catch up.

"Of course," came the reply. "How about I come there?"

"Sure," he said. "We can swim if you want."

"Sounds fun," she texted back. "See you in an hour?"

"Okay, see you then."

* * * * *

Back at home, Emma called a girl meeting and quickly updated them on Emily. They'd been hoping that Mike wouldn't see her until his memory had returned. This had definitely complicated things.

Mike walked from his room downstairs through the kitchen and out through the patio door in the living room to clean up the backyard.

"Emily's coming over to visit," he said as he passed through the kitchen.

"Okay," Sarah said, masking the concern in her voice.

Danni plopped her head down on the table with a thunk. "We're never getting him back now," she said.

Beth laid an arm across her. The room was quiet for a few minutes. "Who would have thought..." Beth said, cryptically, typical for her.

"Thought what?" Sarah asked, after they had stared at her for a few seconds, waiting for a reaction.

Beth smiled and glanced at Danni. "Who would have pictured Danni a year ago being broken up over Mike not paying attention to her. The old Danni would have paid money to get him to quit bothering her."

Danni raised her head and smiled weakly. "Maybe I need to bring her back and kick the shit out of him again."

The sisters laughed lightly together for a few moments. As the laughter subsided, Sarah spoke up.

"So what are we gonna do about this one. She doesn't have any brothers that we can get to seduce her, and she's about as pure as girl can get." The girls were silent for awhile.

"Maybe we can just tell Mike what's going on," Emma said. "He admitted that his dream last night was dirty. It was probably about someone he was sleeping next to," she said, leaning over and brushing Danni's hair away.

She smiled and raised her head, "You really think so?"

Emma smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. "He might be ready to hear what is going on," she said, but knew it to be false. The tone of her voice said as much.

"He was pretty broken up about whatever he dreamed about last night," Beth said.

Emma nodded. "Wishful thinking," she said.

"We can't just up and spill the beans," Danni said. "If he's upset because he dreamed about one of us, how do you think he'll react to the knowledge that he's been fucking all four of us."

"Emily's been through a lot in the past few months," Emma said. "I doubt she's going to want to be in any kind of serious relationship."

That seemed to reassure the other three sisters.

"We can always torture him," Beth said, smiling and winking at the other three. "It sure is a hot day; if we were to go out in our skimpiest bikinis when Emily gets here, we would need to rub sunscreen on each other."

Sarah giggled. "You're so bad, Bethy!" she said.

A little over forty-five minutes later, Emily rang the doorbell. Danni opened the door and smiled, offering the younger girl a big hug as she stepped inside. "Hey, how are you?" she said.

"I'm okay," Emily replied and moved to hug Sarah, who had just come around the corner.

"Hey Emily," Sarah said, smiling. "Mike's out back, probably bench pressing the lawn mower trying to get all buff and sweaty for you."

Emily rolled eyes. "Same old Michael."

Images of Mike's first date with Emily came back to Sarah then. She'd always thought it was curious how she always called him Michael, and not Mike, like everyone else. Mike had been 15 at the time and Sarah had dropped them off at the movie theatre.

Beth came around the corner and Sarah did a double take, covering her mouth for a second. Her perfect breasts were barely covered, blue fabric triangles straining to cover as much of her breasts as possible. Barely a third was covered however, and Sarah was glad that she had put on shorts over the undoubtedly skimpy bikini bottoms.

Emily did a slight double take and giggled, hugging Beth.

"Good lord, Bethy, you've really come out of your shell!"

Beth smiled and nodded. "College will do that to a girl," she said. "I've got another suit upstairs if you wanna try it on."

Emily smiled and glanced down at her smaller breasts. "I don't think I could pull it off, thank you though."

Beth laughed and led her to the backyard.

"Mikey," Beth yelled. "Emily is here!"

Mike turned and gasped as he saw what Beth was wearing. His eyes tried to roll out of his head.

Beth noticed and smiled, as the other sisters came out behind her.

He put the bag of trash the he'd been picking up in the backyard, windblown from outside their fence, over the fence to the trash cans and turned. His torso was still black and blue in spots but the work outside was loosening his muscles up a bit, and he actually began to feel better. He smiled and reached for his shirt, draped over a chair on the deck, and turned as he pulled it over his head towards Emily.

"Hey," he said simply and wrapped her in a hug.

She seemed to melt into him for a few seconds and he could feel the memories coming back to him. He'd known it wasn't love back then, when they dated in high school, but that didn't mean that he didn't really care about her. After a few long quiet moments, broken only by the sounds of his sisters getting settled on the deck and divesting themselves of what little remained of their clothing, Mike and Emily pulled apart and headed towards the deck.

Mike nearly tripped as he finally spotted his four sisters lounging in their respective chairs. Danni reached over to the small cabinet they kept on the deck to keep necessities, and pulled out a fresh tube of sunscreen. She fought to maintain her grin as Emma took the tube from her hand and moved towards Beth, who lowered the back portion of the chair and laid down on it. Popping the top, Emma squirted some into her hand and began to slowly rub Beth's leg, moving upwards as slowly as possible, deliberately taking her time. She massaged slowly up one leg and across Beth's lower back and down the other leg.

Mike fought to focus on Emily as they both sat down in chairs next to an umbrella table. He groaned as he noticed that the chair he'd chosen faced his four sisters. He briefly wondered if something in his head had nudged him towards that particular chair. He had a flash of a picture in his head, a miniature version of himself, locked in a room and banging his fists on a window. Emma distracted him at that point, however, and the image was gone in a split second. He watched as his twin took Beth's foot and began to rub it, moving from it to her ankle up to her calf, and finally her thigh, her fingers moving to the insides of Beth's leg.

Sarah had taken the sunscreen bottle from Emma and was gently rubbing Danni down, starting in much the same way Emma had.

"So how are you really doing?" Emily asked him, her back to the other girls.

Mike cleared his throat and looked back at her. He was momentarily lost as memories came back to him then. High School, dances, parties. She'd always worn her silky blonde hair in two braids, and he loved it when she would let it down. It was up in her customary twin braids, again, however. Her crystal blue eyes were wide, and clear, her skin soft and creamy pale.

"I'm okay," he said, his eyes glancing back to his sisters as Emma's fingers moved. They seemed to be straying very close to Beth's very small bikini bottoms.

"Sore, of course, but not really much the worse for wear. How about you? What classes are you taking?"

"Oh, just the normal entrance classes. College Algebra, English 1301, US History before1865 and a Psych class, along with an Astronomy course. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet."

Emma's fingers worked their way closer to Beth's intimate parts, and Mike breathed a sigh of relief when she moved her hand away. His relief was shortlived, however, she'd only paused to put more lotion on her hand. When she brought it back, she started directly on Beth's ass, which was barely covered by the t-back bikini bottoms she was wearing.

Mike tore his gaze away, looking at his other sisters in a bid to calm himself. To his dismay Sarah was gently rubbing the tops of Danni's legs. Mike's attention flicked back and forth between the two pairs of sisters. As if on cue, Emma's hand went back between Beth's thighs and Beth spread her legs just a bit to allow her hand to fit.

Mike cleared his throat uncomfortably, glad that his lap was obscured by the umbrella table.

"So why are you taking first year courses in your second year?" he asked.

"California. I left school to come back home. It's a long story," she said. "I'll tell you later."

Mike smiled and nodded. His attention was then forced back to his twin sister and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Emma massaged her fingers back and forth on Beth's inner thigh, moving her hand slowly north until they reached the edge of the fabric covering Beth's pussy. She began to rub where she shouldn't have been rubbing and suddenly pulled Beth's bikini aside slightly so a finger slid quickly in and out. Beth seemed not to notice, laying prone as Emma fondled her.

Pulling her hand back, she poured more lotion into it as Beth turned over, and Emma started over, working from Beth's feet up.

Mike and Emily continued to chat about school, and high school. Emma worked her way up Beth's legs towards her torso, pausing to rub a few fingers deliberately across Beth's pussy, before turning and heading directly for the large globes that had flattened a bit as Beth laid down on her back. Emma's hands moved quickly across, pushing and rubbing at the pale flesh, the triangle actually popping off and exposing Beth's nipple before Emma pulled it back and moved to the other side.

As she finished, Beth sat up and took the bottle of oil, Danni following suit and both girls beginning to rub down their respective sisters.

Mike groaned inwardly again and nodded towards the pool as he looked back at Emily. She nodded, still not aware of the show the sisters were putting on. Mike pulled his shirt off again, kicked off his sandals and slid quickly into the pool.

Emily pulled her tank top off, revealing a dark blue bikini, which seemed infinitely more modest than those that his sisters had chosen to wear. She jumped into the pool and swam towards him.

"So..." Mike said.

Emily pushed herself up and out of the pool. She sat on the edge, dangling her feet in the water. Mike came up and wrapped an arm around her ankles.

"Talk to me. You know you can tell me anything," he told her.

She nodded and lowered her eyes. "This isn't going to be easy for me to say, or for you to hear."

Mike nodded, trying to prepare for what Emily might have to say. Whatever it was, she obviously needed to get it off her chest.

"It all started out in California. Well, sort of. Part of it started back here, but that's a separate part of it. After we split up after graduation, I was lonely, and when I went out to California I met a guy in one of my classes."

Mike nodded, fully expecting that she had moved on. He still felt the dull knife of jealousy stabbing him in his gut.

"His name was Shawn. He seemed like a really nice guy, and he was. At least at first. Anyways, we dated for a few months, and I really thought I liked him. He was my first."

As she finished the matter-of-fact statement, she looked up and directly into his eyes, gauging his reaction.

"Did he treat you well?" Mike asked, concerned.

Emily nodded and smiled. "The first time at least. But he began to get weirder and weirder. He kept asking me to let his friends watch, or to bring other girls with me. He even asked if his friends could have sex with me. I thought he was kidding at first."

Mike didn't look pleased, but it was more pity instead of anger.

"I should have broken up with him, but he was the only person I'd met out there, and I didn't really feel like being alone in a strange state."

Mike nodded, his arm still around her legs, trying to comfort her.

"I began to... to give in to his requests, and every day we began to do different things. Some of it was nice, but some I didn't like. He'd bring girls with him from class, or from the gym, and we'd all have sex. Eventually I let him convince me to share me with his friends. She lowered her eyes again. I'm ashamed to say that I actually began to like it."

She lowered her head at this point and covered her face with her hands. "I'm so ashamed," she said.

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