tagIncest/TabooJust This Once

Just This Once


9 p.m. --- "Honey, aren't you going out with your friends tonight?"

"No mom, I just don't feel like it"

"Sweetheart, you worked all week and you should get out. I know it's been tough – your first job and all..."

"Its not tough mom it's just a bore. They gave me the job because I work out and I'm strong enough to lug cartons."

"Oh baby I know you'll get a better job soon and I really appreciate it that you're helping me make ends meet. I hate putting this burden on you but it's just you and me. In a couple of months your grandma's pension will kick in and I won't have to send her money. And if I get a raise maybe you can go back to school."

"Mom, I don't care about school it's not for me. Working and being here with you is fine so lets not keep going over the same thing."

"Ok no fighting tonight. Let me just give my baby a kiss for all he does for me. Mmmm. David that's quite a kiss."

"Well mom you deserve a kiss for all you do too."

"Thank you love but from the way you locked lips with your old mom I think its time you called on Gloria."

"Well mom that's not going to happen. I broke up with her last week."

"Last week? Why didn't you tell me? We could have talked about it. I thought you liked her after all these months. I'm sorry baby I thought you finally found one that would last more than a few dates."

"She was all right but I guess my standards are too high and I don't want to go out with someone just for the sake of going out. I have my needs but I want to satisfy them with someone I love."

"That's wonderful honey but that takes time. You have to share lots experiences with someone to get loving and intimate with them. I'm interested; tell me about your ideal woman."

"She's beautiful, she's smart she your age and she has soft big breasts like these."

"David what are you doing? I'm your mother you shouldn't touch me that way. Please take your hand off my breast. Thank you. Now why are you talking crazy?"

"It's not crazy, its how I feel. You're the one I've shared experiences with since dad died and you're the one I love and you're the one I want to be intimate with. Was it so terrible to have my hands on your breast?"

"Of course not; I'm a woman and your a handsome young man but just because it feels good doesn't mean I can let you do it. Look, were both a little lonely: lets just listen to some music together and forget this happened. Come lay in mommas lap and I'll stroke your hair. That always calmed you when you were a boy."

"All right ma."

10p.m. --- "David, I was just wondering. What brought all this on all of a sudden?"

"All of a sudden? You must be joking. I've been feeling this way for a long, long time. It hurts me too look at you. I think of nothing but you and I've wanted to talk to you about it forever. Can I tell you about it without you getting upset?"

"You can tell me anything. And maybe it's best if you get it out and we can get past this thing together. Tell me everything in the way you want to tell it, I'm here baby."

"When I was twelve, I was watching you ironing one day. It was hot and you opened your blouse a couple of extra buttons. I'll never forget the sight of your breasts. They were spilling over your white lace bra. Watched those beautiful tits moving back and forth as you ironed, I was turned on to your body and stayed turned on."

"That night, I walked out in the woods and rubbed myself thinking what you would look like without clothes. It was the fist time I ever came. I thought about holding your tit and sucking it, as this strange milky stuff came out of my dick. I was saying, Mom, mom, mom, out loud."

"My legs were rubbery and I was afraid I'd done something wrong. When I came back into the house I knew I would never look at you in the same way again."

"After that I never missed an opportunity to watch when you got dressed or took a bath. I've seen every part of your body, and I loved everything I saw."

"Oh David I'm sorry. I should have realized and been more careful. This is my fault."

"It's only your fault for being beautiful. Looking at you was the best part of growing up. Now I need more, mom. I need your help."

"I would do anything to help you. Just tell me."

"Mom I need to touch you: I need to know that you want me to."

"Oh baby, baby, I hate to see you so distressed: just let me think for a few minutes."

11p.m. --- "All right David. I want you to get it out of your system and see that it's not worth being all upset about; so I'm going to let you touch me, but just this once. Just touching, just this once, ok?"

"Yes mom: but first I have to give you a kiss that's been waiting eight years... Oh your lips are so soft... mmmm... and your tongue sliding over and under mine. Mom you taste so good. I've wanted to smell your neck and face for so long. Ohh... let me kiss your eyes and put my face in your sweet smelling hair. Mother, give me your mouth again... tell me how it feels."

"It feels wonderful David. I can feel your kisses all through me. It's been so long since I've been kissed. You make your mother feel loved. David, your hands feel so good on me.Yes... take my dress off sweetie but no more. I'llstay in my bra and panties and you keep your briefs on. Remember your promise... Now come to the den: we can hold each other and watch TV."

12 a.m. --- "Mom, your legs are so smooth and your thighs are like silk."

"Oh David, it feels like electricity going through me. Your hands gliding inside my thighs so close... so close... ohh...yes it feels good with your hand in my bra...can you feel how hard mother's nipple is love? Oh yes... I want you to suck on it...that's it; just pull my bra down baby...here, suck on mommy's tit like you used to."

"Oh mom, I'm so hard for you. Look at what you do to me. Please put your hand in and just hold my cock. Ohh that's it... yes mom, hold my balls in your warm hand. Yes... Mmmm... your nipples are so long and hard and I love the fine green veins I can see on your tits. Oh mom I have to feel my body on yours: please take off your panties."

'Yes sweet love but just to hold each other...just t hold...And touch...ohhh... David. I feel how hard your cock is for mommy... yes it feels good when you touch my cunt that way. Can you feel how wet your mother is for you? Mommy's cunt is so wet for her boy. Yes baby yes... Leave your finger there...ohhhh...mommy's so exhausted, come to momma's room so we can lie down."

1 a.m. --- "Its so nice being held and touched by my boy like this. I love having your strong arms around me. It makes me feel safe. I love what your hands and fingers do to me baby and I love your cock. I didn't know it was so big. I can hardly close my hand around it. I know I shouldn't but I want it. How can I want my own son's cock...but I do. I want to kiss it, and lick it, and taste it."

"Yes mom do it, do it for me, put your sons cock in your mouth. Ohh mom your tongue is so hot... yes mom, lick it like that."

"Oh David you taste and smell so good to me. I love all of you but maybe you should call me Carol for tonight."

"No mom I want you. I've been aching for my mother- not Carol. And tonight, I'm going to be in my mother. My mother's mouth, my mother's cunt. I'm proud to have a mother who loves her son enough to give him what he needs-no matter what others may think.

"Oh baby you're right. For tonight, I don't care. I'll be your lover, I'll be your cunt, I'll be anything you want. Yes baby, give mommy that huge cock. All I can think about is stuffing it into my mouth...Mmmmm..."

"Oh mom your sucking me so good... yes.blow me...suck me mom...ohh...I'm fucking my mother's mouth...oh mom I can't wait...ohh I'm gonna come... aaahhhhhh. Oh mom so good...so good... but I didn't mean to come in your mouth. I'm sorry mom."

"Don't be sorry love. I wanted you to come in my mouth. I wanted to taste my man's cum and swallow it. I would do anything to please you. Sweet cock... let me clean you off with my mouth...Mmmmm..."

2 a.m. --- "Mom I'm sorry I woke you. You were asleep for a few minutes and you looked so beautiful with your legs opened that way I had to taste your cunt. The sweet juice is on my tongue. Here taste it."

"What a nice way to wake up, with your son's mouth on your clit. I love it. I see you're hard for your mommy again. I want you in me but first make me come with your mouth. Yes lick around the folds like that... mmmm... Now use you tongue. That's my good boy; suck mommy's cunt baby... oohh yes... here yes... let me show you my clit. Yes honey it's almost like a little cock for you too suck on. Oh sweetheart...oh... oh...yes do that with your tongue all round it... both ways... Yes... on my clit... oh. I'm shaking. Mommy's coming oh...oh.. Press with your tongue... yes...yes... God yes... oh my God...yeeesssssss... oh love, love, love."

"Mom I'm so glad I could make you feel good. Having your tits in my hands and your cunt in my mouth made me want to fuck you so bad. I need to fuck you I need to be in you."

"I need you too son. Just be gentle. That big cock is a weapon. Yes baby that's it ohh.ohh...its... easy...yes ohh. You're in mommy's cunt... yes... slowly...yes baby fuck your mother... fuck your mother good...fuck my pussy... oh its so wet for David's cock...David's beautiful huge cock is in Carols pussy...David's cock is in his mothers cunt. Keep fucking me David don't stop...don't stop fucking me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder...I'm your cunt...your cunt...baby, baby...it's for you...David, David, David ohhhhhhhh..."

"I'm coming in you mom I'm coming in your cunt mom... mom..."

"Yes come with mommy... yes shoot all your cum up into mommy's cunt... yes it's so hot... I feel you...fill me with your cum...cum for mommy... fill me with your big cock all the way up into me...so far up in me. Yessss... Harder, harder, harder... make me come... only your cock...make me...ohhhh son... so good...so good"

3 a.m. --- "Mom that was so good. I can't believe this is going to have to last me a lifetime but I promised it would be for only one night. I'll keep my word: no matter how hard it will be not to touch you...not to make love to you...but I'll do it."

"Oh my good boy: you promised - but I didn't. This is your place now, tonight and every night- in my bed, in my mouth, in my cunt... in my heart."

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