Just Trying To Help Pt. 02

byDG Hear©

The adoption of the twins went through in record time. I was now the proud dad of two little carrot tops. I was like a proud new papa when the papers were finalized.

Kim asked me if she could go to Aspen, skiing with her girlfriend and their family, over the Christmas Holiday. I wasn't sure what to do. I talked it over with Molly and she convinced me to let her go.

"She's a great girl with a level head. She told me she had been asked to go in previous years but always refused because she didn't want you to be alone for Christmas," said Molly.

It was something how much Molly and Kim talked to each other. They really had become best friends. When I told Kim she could go, you would have thought she won some sort of lottery. As Molly said, "We need to let her spread her wings."

Our first Christmas together was fantastic. Molly and Kim literally shopped till they dropped. I was happy because I'm not a great person to shop with. I did buy Molly a few things and I bought the twins a puppy and left it at my parents' house.

I picked it up a couple of days before Christmas Eve and after putting the kids to bed I went and brought it home. Too bad Santa got the credit. The kids loved the little fella. So did Molly. Kim went with me to pick it out before going to Aspen.

The day after Christmas we all headed to Molly's parents in Michigan. It was like another Christmas for the twins. Harry and Martha ( Molly's mom) were going to watch the kids a few days while Molly and I headed to the Upper Peninsula for our honeymoon. We had one fantastic time.

In closing I want to tell you about our wedding vows. We decided to each write our own. Of course I'm not good at this sort of thing but I did have Kim who was willing to help me.

My vows:

"I, Larry, do take thee, Molly, as my wife and lover to love, honor and cherish and most of all to communicate with you always, never taking you for granted, till death us do part."

Molly's vows:

I want to say that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have the greatest parents that anyone can ask for (she said as she looked over at them). I have the sweetest kids anyone could ever have. (The kids smiled as she looked at them) I now have a combination of daughter, sister and best friend. (As she turned to see tears in Kimmy's eyes) And most of all I have the most wonderful man that any woman can have. My Guardian Angel who I will love, honor and cherish through eternity. Oh, and to make sure I always communicate my feelings," she smiled as she turned back to look at Kim.

The last thing that Kim had told me was to make sure I always told Molly how I felt about her. Apparently she must have said the same thing to Molly about me.

Thank you for reading my story

Comments are always welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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by Anonymous

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by Schwanze102/06/18


Why you want to write a story that chokes me up. I'm a grizzled old man. We can't have this getting out and ruining my reputation!

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by myassisdragin01/13/18


One of the best stories I've read in a while. Deserves 10 stars...

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