tagFetishJust What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered


My wife works for a group of doctors and makes good money. They pay her a six figure salary to rule with an iron hand and keep their practice in order and she does. I on the other hand work for her father's janitorial business making $7.00 an hour. Her father took pity on me when I couldn't find work anywhere and hired me. I hate the work, it's so demeaning cleaning other peoples houses and offices. The hours are long and the pay sucks. Since my wife is the major breadwinner, I'm also made to do all the work around our house.

One of the doctors is a guy named Frank. He's a good looking Italian guy very powerfully built. He and his wife just got divorced and she moved back west. All the while they were going through the divorce, my wife was 'there' for him. Going out to dinner and spending weekend afternnons talking on the phone about the divorce. Now the divorce is final, they still spend a large amount of time together. About a month ago, we were at her father's house and he mentioned that he had just landed a big contract out of town and needed some workers to go set up for 14 days.

"Harold will go Daddy." Stephanie said, beaming at the table. I sat there like I had no say in it, which I didn't.

The next morning, me and four other guys were crowded into the back of a van and on our way. We would sleep in a two bit motel and work 12 hours a day. The first night I returned to my room that I shared with the other four and called Stephanie. The phone rang and rang and finally Stephanie picked up.

"Hello. Oh hi Harold. Oh, yes, Frank and I worked late and then went out to get a bite to eat." We spoke for another few minutes and right before I was about to hang up, I heard a man's voice and ice clinking in a glass. "Who's that?" I said, the other four guys in the room all quiet now staring at me. "It's Frank, silly. He followed me home for a drink and to finish up some buisness. Oh well, gotta run. Bye dear." Click.

My heart was in my throat as I placed the phone in the receiver and went to bed. I lay there awake thinking of what Stephanie and Frank were doing. Although I had no proof she would ever be unfaithful, I have to admit we'd talked about it in great length one night. You see, my cock is rather small (2 inches soft, 4 inches rock hard) and I cum rather quickly. One night after inserting my cock into Stephanie, I immediately shot my load and she pushed me off her and told me to get her off with my tongue. It was the first time I would lick a man's cum from wife wife and the last time it would ever be mine. After that night she made no bones about the fact that she wanted a bigger cock and I couldn't please her. Our sex life evolved into me either fingering her or eating her out. My orgasms were inconsequential to her. She could care less how or when I came as long as I made her cum.

The next morning I called Stephanie at work. She told me she was very busy and didn't have time to talk. I asked her how long Frank had stayed the previous night. "I have to go we'll talk later," was all she said and hung up. The next seven nights were torture. I called every night and the phone rang and rang and rang. Since I was staying with four other guys, I couldn't call in the middle of the night and they already had a hint of what was going on. I tried her at work every day and received the same response, that she was busy and couldn't talk.

On the tenth night, we got off work early and all the guys I was staying with were going out to a strip club. I declined and stayed in the room to try and reach Stephanie again. I was shocked when she picked up the phone on the first ring. "Hello."

"Hi Steph."

"Oh, it's you. I thought it was Frank." She said, with disappointment in her voice. "How are you? I've missed you and missed not talking to you."

"Harold, we need to talk. I have been having a great time while you've been gone. Now I don't want you to be jealous. But, Frank and I have been seeing each other every night. It started out with just drinks and dinner, but he's alone and I'm alone and we've been spending quite a bit of time together. Oh Harold, he is such a great guy. I'm now realizing what a bitch his first wife was. He deserves so much more."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I hadn't talked to my wife in days, and all she could talk about was her boss. "But honey, I've missed you so." She laughed. And I've missed you to Harold. I've missed your tongue!! I shrank with embarassment. "Stepanie, I'm not happy about all the time you're spending with Frank." I was trying to sound stern. "Harold, I don't give a damn what you like and don't like. You need to understand something. I am the breadwinner in this family, I am the one who is responsible for you having a job at all! If it wasn't for me you'd be out on the street. And besides that, you can't even satisfy me. So tell me Harold, where do you get off telling me what you are happy about?

"I-I-I-..." The words wouldn't come out and I don't know what I'd have said if they did.

"Now you listen to me Harold. There will be some changes when you get home. First off I'm going to be spending more time with Frank. Secondly if you don't like that you can get out. Of course it means you won't have a job or a place to stay. Third, I've found a real man that satisfies me. Due to our business relationship, we can't make our relationship known right now, so you'll accept it and get used to Frank and I being at our house or his house quite often." "Are you telling me you want a divorce?" I asked increduously.

"A divorce? Don't be silly Harold. I won't divorce you, so long as you do as your told and are a good little boy."

I couldn't believe my ears. "Stephanie, I'm not exactly sure what you're telling me."

"Okay dumb dumb let me spell it out. I will see Frank whenever I want. He will fuck me raw. We will go out together to movies, concerts, dinner, and you my little pet, will stay home and do the cooking, cleaning, and any 'other' services we may need performed. You see Harold, life's too short to put up with not being happy and Frank makes me happy. I've taken the liberty of moving your stuff from the bedroom to the spare room. That's where you'll stay when Frank is here. I may let you sleep with me from time to time if you're extremely good and only if I decide." I heard a doorbell in the background. "Hang on Harold." I heard her giggling and laughing and then she came back on the line. I also heard another extension pick up.

"Harold, Frank just got here, we have plans for tonight and he's on the other line."

"H-h-hello," I stammered.

"Harold, you have a great little women here. We've been having some fun while you've been gone, hope you don't mind?"

"Oh he doesn't mind," Stephanie chimed in. "I was just explaining to Harold how things are going to be when he returns home."

Frank said, "Harold, look I know this is probably a little hard for you to accept right now. You being away from home and all. But you had to know this was coming. I mean Steph is a beautiful woman with a powerful job who makes great money, and you're a janitor who works for her father making seven bucks an hour and can't even satisfy her sexually. Now you had to know sooner or later this was going to catch up with you. This just means that you've come to realize your true standing in life. I admire that in a person. Someone who knows their rightful place and is willing to accept it."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but somewhere deep down inside what he was saying was making sense and hitting me right where I lived.

He went on. "Now that we all realize our respective roles things hopefully will run smoothly. I'm not out to steal your wife and marry her, at least night yet. And, we both enjoy each other very much in a variety of ways. Now that doesn't mean that you can't serve a purpose in that relationhip. As a matter of fact, you'll be a big part of it. As a cuckold husband, you'll come to understand that a superior man is taking care of your wife, while you are serving both of us and making everyone happy. Oh there may be some embarassing and unpleasant things from time to time in the form of punishment, but neither Steph nor I are cruel people and we're not out to hurt you, merely to make you the true submissive cuckold you are."

I didn't know what to say so I just sat there. "Are you still there Harold?" Frank asked.

"Y-y-y-es I am."

"Well we're going out to dinner now. I want you to realize this is not a bad thing that's happening. It's a very good and normal thing for a man like you. I'm going to hang up now, but Steph wants to talk to you." The receiver on his end hung up.

"Harold, I'm so glad Frank was here to talk to you. Frank! stop that! Oh honey he's kissing my neck and you know how that drives me wild. Well we're going to dinner and then coming back here. Honey you don't have to call me for the rest of the time your away, as a matter of fact it might be better that way. It'll get you used to things. Well we'll see you in a few days. Oh honey Frank is just what the doctor ordered!!"

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