Just What They Wanted

byRumple Foreskin©

Once back under the covers, she spooned her chilly back and bottom body against Jason's warm body. "This is much better. But tonight, let's switch sides of the bed, okay? I'd hate to wake up with a bloody nose."

"Sorry about that. Hope your vital equipment is still in working order" Jason pinpointed one spot of particular concern by pulling Kelly closer and pushing his stiff cock against her bottom.

She wiggled against the gentle pressure. "Well, a little TLC back there wouldn't hurt."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew how bad I needed to pee."

"Me, too. But first things first." She raised one leg slightly while pushing backward and was rewarded with the feel of a cockhead shoving up against the opening to her pussy. A moment later, with a thrust of Jason's hips, it slipped inside.

"Oh, yes," she purred. That was all the encouragement Jason needed. He pumped into her with short, shallow strokes that soon had her racing toward her first orgasm of the day.

"Oh. Oh. Oh, shit." The orgasm rippled through Kelly as her body tingled with bliss. It felt so good she hated to stop. "Jason, did you come?"

"Close, but no cigar."

"Let's try it doggie style, okay? Maybe that'll do the trick."

"Sounds good to me."

They quickly assumed the appropriate positions. Kelly helped insure Jason's cockhead was snuggly in place. When he lunged forward and his cockhead rushed into the depths of her churning pussy. She let out a long, low moan of pure pleasure.

It felt incredible. With each deep, pussy-filling thrust, Jason's balls slapped against her, multiplying the pleasure. He spread the cheeks of her ass wide then held on as he began pounding away with deep, savage thrusts. Each powerful stroke ended with animal-like grunts from them both. She pushed back, wanting to have every bit of his cock crammed inside her body.

The orgasm took her by surprise. One moment she was shaking and grunting in rhythm with Jason's thrusts. The next she was gasping for breath as her entire body seemed to contract around his hard cock.

After one more violent plunge into the depths of her body, Jason emitted a guttural noise. For just a moment he shook, then everything became silent and motionless—everything except for the sound of their panting and the rhythmic throb of Jason's cock filling her pussy with his warm cum. Kelly had no idea how long they remained in that position until, as if on cue, they collapsed onto the bed.

They lay together, out of breath and sweating, trying to regain their senses. Jason was on top, but Kelly didn't mind his weight. It felt good. So did his dick as it gradually shrank and slipped out of her tingling pussy. "Baby brother, I don't know about you, but I think this beats the hell out of breakfast in bed."

Jason laughed, rolled off and got out of bed. "It also beats the hell out of my usual morning workout. Now excuse me while I go pee. Then we've got a store to open, you know, the family business."

"I thought this was family business," said Kelly. He grinned and then disappeared down the hall.

The Moss Point General Store wasn't much larger than the average convenience store. But it managed to carry fresh meat and produce plus some hardware, gardening supplies, feed and seed, and an assortment of dry goods. They also sold ammo in addition to hunting and fishing licenses. The most important item however, was communication. Located near the town's small post office, the store served as the unofficial community center.

Much to Kelly's dismay, business was steady most of the morning. There was a lull in the storm, but with the weather forecast calling for sleet, turning to snow, followed by falling temperatures, people were risking the icy roads to stock up in case they became frozen-in. It was almost noon before the stream of customers began to dwindle.

Lunch consisted of soup and sandwiches which they ate together behind the front counter. Through the large, plate glass windows that lined the front wall, they watched as the occasional snow flurry covered tire tracks in the empty parking lot and on the icy road.

"Do you think business will pick back up this afternoon?" asked Kelly, while cleaning up.

"I doubt it. Between the sign on the door, our calling regular customers, and the usual Moss Point grapevine, most folks probably know we're closing at three. That may be why things were so busy this morning—that and the radio saying it's about to start getting bad again. A few stragglers may drag up, but the worst should be over."

"Well, I hope so. I was looking forward to us playing around here at the store."

"Who says we can't?" Before Kelly could think of a suitably sarcastic remark about customers, Jason had her turned away from the front door. In what seemed like an instant, his hand slipped inside her insulated warm-ups and pushed paste the waistband of her panties.

The feel of his long fingers taking possession of her pussy set off shivers of pleasure and anticipation. It took all her will power to utter a very weak protest. "Jason, not here. What if customers come?"

"If they do, I'll see 'em pull up. With all this ice and snow, it'll take them awhile to get in from the parking lot."

Thanks to Jason's fingers, that was all the assurance Kelly needed. She spread her legs wider, giving him better access, then leaned back against the counter. Jason stood beside her, facing the door, leaning forward with his left elbow propped on the counter while his right hand continued stroking her silky pubs. Anyone looking in from outside would have imagined they were just hanging around the counter.

Jason didn't rush. Instead of going straight in, he toyed with the moist lips of her labia, letting his fingertip slid in a little deeper with each stroke. When it brushed against her clit, she closed her eyes and gasped with pleasure. But instead of slipping inside, he flicked his fingertip back and forth across her clit. Each touch sent a jolt of passion racing from Kelly's pussy throughout her body.

By now her legs were trembling. She grabbed at the counter's edge for support. All she could feel, all she could think about were those tormenting fingertips and the excruciating waves of pleasure they kept triggering.

Not once had Jason pushed inside her pussy, but she was almost there, about to come. Oh, shit. Oh....

"It's Mr. Allen."

Jason's words didn't register at first. Then they made sense and alarm bells rang. Mr. Allen? Oh, shit! The school principal. She'd been so close to a climax, it felt like trying to pull back after being halfway over the edge of a waterfall. When she tried to turn around and look, Jason's hand held her in place. "Let go, damn it. Where's Mr. Allen? Is he coming in?"

"No. He just drove by—probably going to check on his mother." Jason's teasing grin left no doubt that she'd been had, big time.

"Jason Layton, I'm going to kill you." To emphasize her point, she swung at his head. But they were so close the blow had no steam. Jason laughed, ducked, and his hand slid further inside her pants. Before she could yank it out, his thumb sank deep into her still hot pussy.

All desire to pound her brother vanished the moment his thumb slipped into place. The passion she'd been trying to keep in check came rushing back. The feeling was so intense she wrapped her arms around Jason's neck for support. At that moment she didn't care who came in and saw them.

Each upward jerk of his hand sent her reeling closer to that once postponed climax. When his tongue began working on her ear, she arrived. The orgasm turned Kelly's legs into jelly. It was long and so intense, only her grip on Jason kept her from slumping to the floor. With his help, she made it to the old wooden stool that was a fixture behind the counter.

"Damn. What was that, your thumb?"

Jason used the one in question to give her the thumbs up sign. "Yep. Just call me little Jack Horner."

"Believe me, thumb or no thumb, you're not a good boy—not after making me think Mr. Allen was coming in."

"The devil made me do it."

"Sure he did. Grab me a root beer will you? I'm dying of thirst."

She kept talking while he walked over to the chilling unit and grabbed two cans of soda. "Where'd you learn that trick, anyway? For that matter, where'd you learn what to do? I mean, at the risk of giving you the big head, you're a pretty good lay. But I can't believe you learned it all from Shirley Matson."

He pretended to be hurt. "You mean I'm not the best?"

"Okay, you're one of the best. But please don't get on any ego-trip." She took the can from him. "Thanks."

Jason hopped up on the counter. "I'll make you a deal. I'll answer your question. But you've got to answer one of mine."

Kelly figured it be something along the lines of how many guys had she slept with or who'd been first or something like that. While she and Jason never talked about her sex life, she had no doubt he'd heard a lot local gossip and figured out the rest. "Sounds fair. But you first. How'd you get so good?"

"Well, believe it or not, Shirley had a lot to do with it." There must have been a look of disbelief on Kelly's face. Jason smiled at her and continued. "Her mother's a nurse, remember? Mrs. Matson has a very practical, no-nonsense approach to sex. She made sure Shirley was on the pill and knew the good and bad and how come about sex. So there wasn't a lot of the usual seduction bullshit to our getting started."

He held up a hand in a restraining gesture. "And before you ask, no, she wasn't my first. When your stepfather's a truck driver and you worked for him the last two summers, you learn a lot about truck stops and hookers. Need I say more?"

Kelly shook her head. "Damn, and I had to do it the old fashioned way."

"That's what you get for not asking your stepfather for help. Judging from the way Hank's always eye-balling you and talking about your butt, I'm sure he'd have lent a hand."

She made a face. "You're a disgusting pervert."

Jason gave her a, "Say what?" look, but said nothing. Then she realized that considering what she and her brother had been doing, the remark sounded silly, if not hypocritical. "Okay," she said, with self-conscious grin, "it takes one to know one."

"Don't forget the family that plays together, stays together."

Eager to change the subject, she asked, "Okay, so what's your big question?"

"Why'd you and Craig break up?"

It came with no preamble, no warning, and it caught her off guard. She'd forgotten how Jason had idolized Craig Dickerson. Now she recalled how crushed Jason had seemed when she and Craig broke up. But this was the last question she'd expected and she wasn't ready to answer it, not this minute. But she had to tell him something.

"The truth is, we didn't break up. Craig ditched me when he caught me with another guy. He'd always said trust was the key to any relationship. I played around before we started dating, but I never once fooled around on him, not once, at least not in high school. But after that, the thing is, I didn't want to get married and he did. That's why I went to a different college. And I met a lot of neat guys and decided that since they didn't know Craig, getting it on with them wouldn't really be cheating...."

Outside, the wind picked up. Inside only the crackling of the weather radio broke the silence until Jason spoke. "Okay, you've told me what happened. I kinda figured it had to be something like that. But what I asked was why it happened."

"That's, kind of complicated and, to be honest, I don't know for sure myself. Let me think about it awhile. I'll try to give you an answer tonight. Is that okay?"

The forgiving smile that appeared on Jason's face broke the brief tension. "Sounds to me like you're reneging on the deal. But maybe we can work a deal that would give me a little relief and you some more time."

He rubbed the bulge in his jeans against her while staring into her eyes. The deal he wanted was obvious and one Kelly was more than willing to make.

The problem was how to give Jason the blowjob he so richly deserved in return for his thumb trick, without being detected. They decided the best spot was behind the counter with him sitting on the stool, facing the front door and windows while she knelt between his legs. When she complained about having to kneel on the cold, concrete floor, Jason turned his insulated raincoat into a thick kneepad.

The feel of his warm, hard dick sliding into her mouth was such a rush. Kelly liked giving blowjobs. Especially if she liked the guy. Part of it, she knew, was her being so oral. But going down on a guy always gave her a sense of power, of control. The turn-on with women was similar, but different.

She was getting into this one, luxuriating in the feel of the thick shaft moving in and out of her mouth at a slow, sensuous pace and savoring the faint taste of pre-cum when she squeezed on the shaft while swirling the tip of her tongue around Jason's cockhead. This was going to be a blowjob for the ages.

Then Jason laughed. Puzzled, she paused and glanced up. He was grinning and shaking his head. "You better get up. Looks like I'm being punished for tricking you earlier about Mr. Allen. Guess who really did just drive up."

Two more people came in while Mr. Allen was still there. They turned out to be the last of the day's customers. Half an hour later the snow flurries became thicker. Jason suggested they start shutting down. That was fine with Kelly. While he made sure the emergency generator was ready in case the power went off, she began closing out the cash register.

When he asked if she was ready to go, Kelly said yes and that he could go ahead and turn out the lights but asked him to lock up the front door. As Jason walked toward the front, the only illumination in the store was the one light always left on in the meat market and the dim winter sunlight coming through the tinted front windows.

After engaging all three locks, he spun the OPEN/CLOSED sign on the front door around to CLOSED. "There, we're officially shut down," he said, while turning around. "So what did...?"

Kelly was standing behind the counter with her winter coat off her shoulders, bunched at her elbows. The front was unzipped and opened wide. She had nothing on under the coat. That's what had stopped him in mid-sentence. Jason shook his head in disbelief and grinned. "Damn, but that should attract business."

"Smart ass. I've worked in this store all my life. Now, I want to play here."

"Me too. But where? It's too cold in the storeroom. The floor's not real inviting and the counter's sort of small."

"Remember what we did this morning?"

Jason nodded. "Damn straight. But that was in bed."

"Improvise, baby brother. Improvise." She crooked her finger at him. "Come over here and let big sister show you how it's done."

The mechanics were simple enough. Kelly loosened the waistband to her insulated sweatpants and pushed then down below her bottom. Then she spread her legs and leaned over the counter. Jason positioned himself behind her ample ass and pushed the pants further down until he had easy access. After a brief struggle, he managed to free his very stiff cock. It seemed to have a homing instinct and was soon sliding into her warm, moist pussy.

They remained motionless for a moment, savoring the feel of their two bodies meshed together in this spot so filled with childhood memories. Outside, the snowfall was heavier. No cars passed. They were in their own private, passionate world.

Kelly's pussy contracted around Jason's cock. Could anything be better? As if in answer to her unspoken question, Jason slowly pulled about halfway out and then, inch by gradual inch, he shoved back in. She could feel the big cockhead forcing her pussy wider as it traveled back and forth. When it was once again deep inside her body, Jason flexed his hips. The sensation was exquisite and her pussy squeezed even harder as she rocked her hips in response to his motion.

Fingertips, then hands began stroking her bare back. They were cold but she didn't mind. When Jason reached around for her breasts, she lifted up slightly, wanting to feel his fingers against them. She slid her hands over his and squeezed, joining him in the erotic massage. When he tweaked her hard nipples, it made her whole body tingle.

She wanted to kiss him, kiss her brother. The thought of his tongue in her mouth seemed more intimate, more scandalous than his cock inside her pussy. She turned her head around and looked back at him. He seemed to understand and leaned forward until their lips met. When his tongue slipped inside her mouth, she made love to it with her own. Before long, her tongue was snaking into his mouth, not to dominate, but as an offering for him to use. They continued swapping back and forth until the awkward position forced their lips apart.

Jason began a slow, sensuous pumping motion, using almost every inch of his cock to make love to her churning pussy. Each thrust sent shivers of pleasure racing over her skin. As the pace increased, so did her pleasure. The feel of Jason's hips colliding against her bottom was delicious. Each impact set off another jolt of sexual energy.

By now her eyes were closed. She was totally into the moment. Inside her pussy, Jason's dick was moving faster and faster, generating more heat and more pleasure. There was a whimper, maybe it was her. By now she wasn't sure of anything except she was on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm.

But she sensed Jason wasn't speeding up anymore. The pace was the same. He was keeping her on the edge of coming. Oh shit. Now what was he doing? Oh hell, that little hitch at the end of each stroke, with him deep inside, it was great. But she wanted more than to just feel great. She wanted, she needed, she absolutely had to come, right now!

"Fuck me, Jason. Please, harder."

Fast, powerful thrusts began shaking her body. Jason was hammering into her with no restraint. Each stroke ended with a loud smack and a brain-jarring impact. It was wonderful, and very effective.

The orgasm seemed to explode from her deep inside her pussy and surge through every fiber in her body. From her scalp to her toes, everything was alive, tingling and shivering with pleasure. She felt her pussy clutching at Jason's cock and heard them both make some sound but after that lost track of reality.

Somehow, the world started coming back into focus. Outside, snow continued to fall and the store was getting colder. She lay sprawled half-naked over the counter, still warm from making love. Jason sat slumped on the stool, his pants down around his boots. He looked exhausted. Kelly knew she was, but also exhilarated.

With an effort, she stood, tuned around and cuddled against him, her breasts pressing into his face. Jason looked up and they smiled at one another. She stroked his tousled hair with gentle affection. "You know, baby brother, it's great the way both of us got just what we wanted for Christmas. But what I really love is the way our gifts can keep on giving."

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Spelling errors aside ...,

... it wasn't a bad story.
Could've been a bit better, but it was descriptive, the sex was pretty hot, but the love between them was even better.

Do some better spellchecking, or get a new/better editor.

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I agree what are pubs besides bars in merry old England?

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