tagNonHumanJustine Ch. 12

Justine Ch. 12


Jeremiah watched as Justine walked away and wished that he could kill her even if it meant his own death. He could have given a rat's ass about the hierarchy. He hated her. He hated her inner strength and her control, he hated everything about her and that hate extended to Quinn. He felt a sharp bite on his leg, looked down and saw Buddy looking up at him with a knowing look in his yellow eyes.

Jeremiah backed up and sat on the cot still buck-naked. It had hurt too much to put clothing on after everything that Zoe had done to him. The longer the humiliations continued, the harder he found it to believe that he had really done those things to not only her but to thousands of others. It was much too late for regrets he realized and he wouldn't humiliate himself further by asking for mercy or forgiveness. He was also honest enough to admit that he didn't regret one minute of it. His only regrets were that he his greed had gotten him where he was now and that Malcolm wasn't with him to share the burden.

Buddy watched him intently and then moved closer to him.

"Go away!" Jeremiah snapped.

Instead, Buddy moved closer before finally deciding to leave a few minutes later.

Jeremiah looked up into the faces of his guards and froze.

"Nice to see you again." a female voice from the distant past said.


"I really don't think that you should go out." Violet said as she braided Justine's hair, "at least not without a guard."

"We'll be fine." Justine replied.

"You could be hurt or worse, kidnapped! And what about Quinn? He doesn't have full control of his gifts yet and...."

"I am not going to hide in this house!" Justine interrupted. "I'm not saying that's what you did but Violet, we need to be visible. I want everyone to know that we're here but not only that, Quinn's right, we've never had a date and I'm ready for some fun!"

Violet shrugged and gave up after she realized the reasons for her fear. The first being, that if something did happen to Justine and there was no one to take her place, the queens of the past would have to draw straws to determine who would rule until Justine recovered. If she didn't recover then they would have to decide who would rule until the next queen came along. The second reason for her nerves was due to how close she had come to losing Edward. However, Justine was right; she and Quinn needed to be more visible.

She had chosen to stay out of sight as was her right but to Justine it was hiding. What Violet thought of as being prudent, Justine saw as hiding. Had she been hiding? She asked herself. Would those hunters have come after Edward if they had done as Justine and Quinn were doing? There was no way to know as it was now the past.

She watched as Justine walked away and wished that she had just an ounce of the confidence that she had. Violet realized that while she had been an adequate queen, she hadn't been spectacular. More things escaped her notice than she cared to admit and once Edward had to be laid in state, her interest in her reign diminished to the point where there were rumblings about how much longer she could hold on.

She had left a mess of sorts for the new queen and felt guilty about it. She also was relieved that she wasn't the one who would have to clean the messes up although it was well within Justine's right as reigning queen to demand that she at least clean up some of it. When she handed Justine the list of those who needed to be found, their crimes and in some cases where they were, Justine hadn't batted an eye. She had given the list the briefest of glances and put it in the pocket of one of her many sweat suits.

Violet braced herself for the curses that she was sure were going to come. Instead, Justine smiled at her relieving her of her anxiety.

"Violet, its alright." she said, you were missing Edward, you just wanted to get the hell out of dodge, and besides, I love a challenge

It was then that Violet realized something; Justine could possibly be the queen of all queens but only time would tell. She found herself honored and pleased that Justine and Quinn counted her and Edward as friends. It was a new thing for her, having friends and she liked it. She was actually to the point that she didn't care if they never joined the queens from the past. There was so much that she and Edward hadn't seen or experienced. Maybe it was time and maybe Justine and Quinn would be the ones to show them.


Justine found Quinn waiting for her in their rooms naked and hard.

"I thought we were going out." she teased as she reached for him.

"We are." Quinn replied as he crushed her to him, "I want to make love to you now and then later." he added as she gently bit her earlobe.

"Maybe we'll just stay in." Justine replied suddenly as naked as he was.

"We're going out." Quinn said, "I want the whole damned city to see us together, I want every man to see how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and sexy wife which brings me to my next question, will you marry me?"

Justine was shocked; the thought of a wedding never crossed her mind.

"I know that we're already married and but I want to have...."

"Yes." Justine replied, "We can have the wedding during the initiation gala!"

Quinn paled.

"What's wrong?" Justine asked.

"I guess we could but I was thinking of something a little more private. " Quinn replied, "You know, you, me, a few close friends and a romantic honeymoon afterwards."

"How about this," Justine said, "we have a private ceremony and then have the reception as part of the gala."

"Jussie, what are you thinking about doing?" Quinn asked.

"I'll tell you later." she replied, "right now someone needs to be taken care of."

Justine pushed Quinn backwards until he was standing in front of a chair. She pushed him down until he was sitting in it, knelt down between his legs, smiled up at him and took him into her mouth. Around and around her tongue swirled around the head of his cock starting out slowly and gaining in speed until Quinn thought that he was going lose it and then.... She stopped.


Quinn watched her and was about to shake her when she came back from wherever she had gone.

"Where was I?" she asked as she took his cock back into her mouth as if nothing had happened. Whatever it was had passed and Quinn forgot about it as she took him all the way down her throat and began to hum. The vibration made his already throbbing cock throb even harder.

"Ju....." Was all that Quinn got out before there was one big throb and he was emptying down her throat. He hadn't had too many blowjobs in his life but he could say that the one that he had just received from his wife and queen surpassed any of them. "Your turn." he said his breathing still ragged.

Before she realized what was happening, Quinn had her spread-eagled on the bed and was already devouring her drenched pussy. She ground herself against his mouth trying to direct him as to where he should go next with his tongue. Sometimes he listened, sometimes he didn't but when he latched onto her clit and sucked. The newly repaired windows shattered from the sound and high pitch of her screams.

Quinn didn't stop; he wanted to hear her scream again.

"Quinn... stop... we'll... We'll...." and she screamed again.

Slowly Quinn slowed his manipulations of her clit until his tongue was resting on it.

"Damn, where's you learn to do that?" Justine asked breathlessly. "Do we really have to go out tonight?" she asked hoping that he would say no. She wanted to find out what else he could do.

"We don't have to," Quinn replied, "but I want to... I'll race you to the shower!"

An hour later, they were dressed to go out.

"Wow!" Quinn said as she took in Justine's appearance.

"You look pretty good yourself." she replied with a grin. "What? You didn't think that I could wear anything other than sweat suits?" she teased.

Quinn could hardly speak, his mouth had gone dry as it had the first time he saw her.

"No... I mean, Justine you look amazing! Turn around, I want to see you."

Justine smiled, winked and began a slow three-hundred and sixty degree turn. The red of the dress seemed to match the warm red flames that surrounded her eyes making Quinn's breath hitch. He salivated as he watched her turn and he saw how the dressed hugged her every curve, accentuating her breasts and ass. Suddenly, Quinn wasn't so sure that he wanted other men ogling what was his.

"What color undergarments are under that dress?" Quinn asked his voice hoarse.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Justine teased as she turned toward him and slowly raised the hem of her dress stopping just short of mid-thigh. The red heels gave her legs a sleek sexy look that was even better because she wasn't wearing any panty hose, which she had always hated.

Quinn felt himself harden again at the thought of what he would love to do to her on a dark dance floor with a sexy slow song playing.

"Your car is ready!" Darren called in after he tapped on the door.

"You know...." Quinn started.

"Let's go." Justine said interrupting him. Now that she was dressed up, she wanted to go and it was important that they people see them. Humans unless they were working for or with vampires wouldn't know who they were but vampires or other beings would instinctively know who they were.

"Wait a sec." Justine said as she walked over to him. She brushed his hair back from his face, kissed him and stepped back. "Your turn." she said and crossed her arms to wait.

Quinn made the same three-hundred and sixty degree turn modeling the dark suit with a green dress shirt that brought out the green of his eyes.

"Do I pass inspection?" he asked with a grin as he did another turn.

"With flying colors... you look good enough to eat." Justine replied as she took his offered hand.


The club Merlot was located in an out of the way spot in center city. Most people walked by it and kept going, the cover charge and dress code was enough to deter most humans. Most of the patrons of the club were other than human and their vampire lovers or friends invited what few humans were there. The line to get in was already around the corner and wasn't moving very fast. Quinn was all for telling the security at the door who they were but Justine stopped him.

"I want no special treatment, I want this to be as normal as possible and believe me, it won't be long before someone realizes who we are."

Quinn was actually relieved when no one seemed to know who they were but that relief however, was short lived. It was as Justine said, it started with a murmur from several couples behind them and by the time it reached them, everyone behind them knew that he and Justine were in line.

"My queen!" someone called out and it attracted the attention of those in front of them. Two security guards made their way to them intent on seeing what the problem was but as soon as they saw Justine and Quinn, they dropped to their knees.

"Get up!" Justine hissed as she looked around to see if they had drawn the attention of any humans not with vampires.

"My queen." A deep voice said, "You should have told us that you were coming. Please follow me."

Quinn took Justine's hand and followed the vampire into the club that was already over three quarters full. The crowd parted as they passed through and a few patrons who were brave enough reached out to touch them. Quinn had Justine pulled tight against him, his green/hazel eyes glittering with just a hint of green flames around them. Most who saw his eyes backed off not knowing what he would do if they touched Justine. Justine acknowledged those who called out to her but was grateful to reach their table.

"This is the table used by Violet and Edward long ago." their benefactor said, "but please excuses my manners, my name is Napoleon and I am the owner. What may I get for you?" he asked trying not to stare at Justine. He had seen her face before.... Josephine!

"Is there a reason why you're staring at my wife like that?" Quinn asked bring Napoleon out of his thoughts.

"My apologies sire, but it is impossible not to look at one as lovely as she." Napoleon said smoothly. It wasn't a lie, he thought that Justine was gorgeous but the stare was more about who she resembled. He along with everyone else had heard about what happened to Jeremiah Mathers and he could feel the power as it flowed from the royal pair even though they tried to rein it in. "As I was saying, what would you like?"

"What do you think sweetheart?" Quinn asked, "Dare we try the human stuff?"

"Why not?" Justine asked, "I'll have a long island iced tea."

"As you wish." Napoleon said with a slight bow, "and you sire?"

"A coke with a slice of fresh lemon."

"Will that be all?" Napoleon asked.

"For now." Quinn replied looking around the room.

Napoleon bowed and took his leave. That Justine was a relative of Josephine there was no doubt.... Her daughter! It had to be. Jeremiah had mentioned that Josephine had a child. He wanted to find someone else for him but it had to be Josephine... he counted his lucky stars that he hadn't ended up with her, he could only imagine what would have happened to him if he had been caught with her.

"Oh shit!" he swore as he wondered if the rumors he had heard about Justine were true.

His woman Josephine stood by his side as he mixed the drinks for Quinn and Justine. It had taken him a while to find a replacement but he had done it without the help of Jeremiah Mathers. He had wanted nothing to do with the vampire when he found out what happened to his Josephine as he still called her. The woman standing next to him was a pale imitation to what he considered the real Josephine. There was a slight physical resemblance but that was all. This woman didn't have the strength that he saw in the eyes of the real Josephine and she had broken too easily for his taste.

"Take this over to the king and queen." he said handing her the tray, "and no mistakes." he added as she walked away.

Quinn and Justine were already on the dance floor by the time Josephine made it to their table. Not knowing what to do, she left the drinks and stood by the table to wait for them to come back too afraid to go back to Napoleon for fear that he would yell at her.


Quinn held Justine so close that it would have been impossible to slide a playing card between them. One arm held her while the other hand roamed up and down her back going just a little lower with each downward stroke until it rested on her ass.

"Are you going to tell me what color panties you're wearing under this dress?" he asked nuzzling her neck.

"Who says that I'm wearing any?" Justine replied and then laughed at Quinn's gasp of surprise.

"Well are you?" Quinn asked recovering as he moved back just enough that he could slide the front of her dress up.

"Not saying." Justine replied thoroughly enjoying herself.

Quinn began to pull the dress up between them. The scent of apples hit his nostrils making his eyes glow a soft green. He reached down between them and then moaned as his fingers made contact with the coarse hair of her mound.

"Are you trying to kill me?" he asked his voice husky.

Justine laughed, stepped back so that the dress could fall down covering her.

"Tease." Quinn said pulling her close again and grinding against her.

Justine remembered the broken windows in their bedroom and stopped him.

"Not a good idea.... Quinn?"

Quinn's eyes were glued onto Napoleon who was watching Justine but trying to act as if he wasn't.

"Quinn!" Justine called again.


"Are you alright?" Justine asked.

"I'm fine but do you know our host?" he asked.

"Never met him before why?"

"I don't know... I don't like the way he's looking at you and before you say it, I'm not jealous, there's something about him that doesn't feel right."

The dance ended and they walked back to the table hand in hand to find Josephine waiting for them. At the same moment they arrived at the table, Napoleon realized his error and appeared at the table just as Josephine was about to introduce herself.

"Thank you love, I'll care for our esteemed guests." he said smoothly as he kissed her on the cheek.

"As you wish." she said and walked away.

The woman's mannerisms around their host didn't escape Justine; the woman was afraid of Napoleon. She wanted to ask Napoleon the woman's name when there was a ruckus in the front of the club.

"Please excuse me while I see what is happening." Napoleon said with a bow.

It turned out that a group of humans who had somehow found out about the club and had managed to get passes was the cause of the ruckus. Napoleon had arrived to the front just in time, a feeding frenzy was about to start. The humans didn't believe that there were real vampires at the club and deliberately cut themselves.

When Justine found out about the near catastrophe, she had to wonder how the humans found out about the club and who had given them the passes. One of the things that she wanted to put an end to was this kind of thing. She knew that there were clubs where humans allowed vampires to feed from them and as much as she wanted to stop it, the humans were consenting. Her main concern was security; it would be a very bad thing if humans as a whole believed in vampires. The ranks of the few remaining hunters would swell and....

"Earth to Justine." Quinn said rubbing her back.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking...."

"No apologies are needed," Quinn replied, "I have a few questions for our host myself."


Jeremiah turned toward the voice that he had not heard in two centuries and swallowed hard. She was one that was supposed to be dead but here she was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"No greeting?" she asked seductively as she approached him.

Natalia stood in front of him looking as beautiful as ever with her black hair and dark brown eyes. Of all the women that he had laid eyes on, she had to be the most beautiful. He could tell by her dress that she was stuck in the seventies with her big afro, bell bottomed jeans decorated with glitter and her platform shoes.

"What are you doing here?" he whispered.

"Visiting an old friend." she replied as she moved even closer, "I hear that you've been .... How can I put this...? Busy."

"How did you know that I was here and how is it that you live?"

"Word travels fast, the queen put the word out that you were here and that any of us who would like to see you could. And to answer your second question, obviously I didn't die."

"I never hurt you!" Jeremiah exclaimed already fearing the worst.

Natalia glared at him, her eyes flashing with anger, "Never hurt me? What in the fuck do you call it? I sure as hell didn't get any pleasure out of it!"

Jeremiah backed up; in his mind, he really hadn't hurt her. That he didn't have her consent to turn her made no difference, that after he almost drained her to the point of death and then changed his mind about turning her and left her for... a terrifying thought occurred to him. If Natalia was still alive and he thought he had killed her, how many others were there and more importantly, what if one of them was Justine's mother?

"Cat got your tongue sugar?" Natalia asked.

"How did you....."

"How did I survive?" Natalia interrupted, "someone found me and that someone happened to be a vampire who thought that he owned me because he saved my life. I told him what I told you, no one owns Natalia Simone Fletcher!"

"Wh... Where is he? The one who completed the process?" Jeremiah asked.

"How in the hell should I know? She retorted, "In hell for all I know and care."

"You killed him?"

"Damned straight I did about ten years ago, he hit me one too many times and the fool let his guard down. But that's past history; let's talk about you and me." Natalia drawled.

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