K: Knossos


Kayla signed up for the experiment, not knowing what she was getting into. She arrived promptly and was guided to an empty room. Once there she was told to touch the computer screen, read the instructions and agree to conditions of the test. She saw the screen in the otherwise empty room, there was one other door and she touched the screen. It lit up and after asking for her personal identification number and gender, it scrolled along with a description of the experimental conditions. She clicked the understand button and it went on to inform her that she would have a choice of the environment, but that for clear readings she would have to be unclothed.

Two buttons showed up, one read 'Click here when you have removed your clothing', and the other one said, 'I no longer wish to be part of this experiment.' She clicked agree, and read that the exit door would lead her to the options room and from there she would select what environment to test. Her clothing would be on other side when she made it out and she would be asked questions about her experience. Safeguards were in place and that she would never be in any danger. She opened the door seeing the a wide range of doors in front of her. A soft neutral voice intoned that doors with red lettering were for female participants, blue lettering for male participants, and gray lettering were in active or already in use. Kayla looked over her choices carefully. She finally selected Knossos, she knew it was an ancient island nation and wondered how it would be interpreted in terms of an environment. As the door opened the neutral voice said, "Environment selected, enjoy your experience."

Kayla stepped into the dark room, it was lit by torches and looked to be some sort of maze. She guessed that she had to find her way through it to get to the other door. She heard a growling sound and without a second thought she headed toward it. It led her to the center of the maze where a large figure stood draped in shadows. She watched it move into the light to see a healthy young man with the face of a bull and horns to match. She glanced down to see his legs were covered in coarse fur and his feet ended in hooves.

"What are you?" she asked, somewhat surprised that there was anything else in the room.

"I am the prince of Knossos, you must solve my riddle or pay tribute to me or I shall devour you."

His voice was deep and rich and she knew he was a human disguised as a half beast, but the disguise looked very convincing. "You're a minotaur, I've heard of your legend."

"Then you know my story and my riddle."

She watched him pace, muscles bulging and she was unsure of whether she liked this environment or not. "Just the part about you being trapped in the maze and being fed young men and women as tribute and the riddle."

He stopped pacing and grimaced, "Well then I shall ask you a more difficult question. How was I conceived and why?" He sat down on the stone altar. "Or you could pay me tribute," his eyes slide over her body, "it looks as if you've brought nothing to offer."

She watched him lick his lips and she was desperately trying to remember how he was conceived and why. "I don't know, but I was told no harm would come to me while I was here so you can't eat me."

He grinned, "I have no intention of eating you, I said I was going to devour you. You could always pay tribute." Kyle was having a hard time playing the monster, but as a historian it was a once in a lifetime chance to play the part of the minotaur.

"What would you accept as tribute?" Kayla finally asked feeling desperate.

He walked around her admiring her chocolate tresses and athletic body. He was thinking of what the minotaur should demand and said, "It would be a simple thing, really as you are blameless in all of this." He paused for effect, "I get rather lonely down here, most people scream, run off, and eventually get killed or die from hunger." He grimaced again, "How about you sit on my lap and let me comb your hair as I tell you the story of my birth and I think about what would be a worthy tribute?"

There was no arguing and she nodded as he sat down and pulled her into his lap. She felt his fingers caress her hair, pulling it away from her neck. She tried not to flinch as his other hand began combing the fine hair between her legs.

"My mother was queen of Knossos, and a beautiful, if somewhat perverse individual. She loved bull fights and often feasted on the defeated bulls testicles. The king indulged her and while he was away on some trading mission a new bull was brought in. Of course my mother wanted to see it right away and she admired the new beast. He was jet black, all muscle, and my mother delighted in the new acquisition. He killed three men before she was overcome by her desire. She went down to his pen and laid there with her legs spread. Of course the bull didn't care and refused to perform for her. She was furious and went through many things to get the bull to mate with her. Finally she overheard a breeder say that if a bull is reluctant you shove your hand inside the cow and smear it on the bulls nose. This will give the bull an erection and cause him to mate instantly with said cow. She felt victorious and she returned to the bull's private pen. She spread her legs and touched herself until her fingers were very wet, then she smeared it on the bull's nose. She was successful as the bull charged her and mated with her, some say so vigorously that it shook the walls of the kingdom. That is probably an exaggeration," Kyle was turned on by her nearness and knew the tribute he would request, if she denied it he would enjoy devouring her. His fingers were spreading her pussy open feeling how aroused she was as his warm breath spilled over her neck as he spoke. "I was conceived through one of her many pairings with this bull, and the king was enraged that I was not his son and had me locked up here ever since."

Kayla was turned on more by his touch than the story. It sounded dimly familiar and she was fighting off cumming as she asked, "Have you decided on a suitable tribute?"

"Yes," he pushed her off his lap knowing that he had been close to having her cum. "I have never had a woman willingly."

She watched him stand seeing what she had felt pressed against her back. The lighting made it seem huge and threatening. She backed up until a cold stone wall pressed against her back. "You've had women unwillingly?" her voice seemed high pitched as she spoke.

He almost broke down and told her the truth of the experiment but shook his head. "Let me rephrase, I have never had a woman in any way. Therefore I ask that as your tribute for you to submit to my sexual desires." Kyle was glad for the make up as his face was beet red. In truth he was a virgin and he had never had intercourse, the furthest he had gotten was oral sex and she had been so hesitant about it that it not been pleasant. He watched her stand tall and glare into his eyes.

"Asking me to submit is not the same as me being willing," her heart was racing. Who was this man really and did he actually think he could get away with this? The experiment did not pay that well.

"So your answer is no?" Kyle was relieved.

"You will just have to devour me," she had no idea how he would do that without harming her but she was willing to find out.

"As you wish," he said picking her up and laying her on the altar.

He loomed over her and she closed her eyes expecting the worse, when his mouth descended on her neck. She couldn't believe it at first and then she opened her eyes to watch his lips move over her skin. He was licking, sucking, and kissing her body. Her hips arched off the altar as he settled on one tit. She was on fire and confused, then she realized what he had meant by devour. It seemed like an eternity until his lips finally slid down between her legs.

Kyle felt insecure and asked for permission as was required. He had only been told to ask the participant before doing anything that would normally violate her boundaries. "May I devour you completely?"

The question surprised her and she realized that he was a real person playing a role in this environment. She hadn't even thought of that mainly because she had seen how hard he was, which was in response to her. "Yes, my Prince. You may fully devour me." Her voice was oddly husky and she wondered what he looked like under the disguise as his tongue unleashed the pleasure her body had been holding back. She lay there breathless for a moment to see him standing over her.

"You have paid the tribute you may pass." Kyle felt sad to let her go and hoped she would request to see him at the end of the experiment.

She slowly sat up and turned to face him, her eyes resting on his cock. The tip was swollen and red. She felt empty, Kayla wanted more, for the first time in her life she wanted to feel a man inside her, to feel him fill her in his release.

He stumbled forward, unsteady on the hooves as her legs wrapped around him. "What are you doing? You are free to go." The skin of his cock felt so tight as if it might burst at any second and he wished she would leave so he could take care of it before she left the environment.

"Am I not free to stay?" she whispered her fingers gently guiding the tip to her body. "Don't you want me?" Kayla pleaded, looking into the dark brown eyes of the man behind the minotaur.

He could feel the warm wet folds of her body greeting him and her legs tighten around him. "I've never wanted anything so much in my life," the words were drawn out as he felt her body pulling him in. At the same time he wondered if she would still want him when he was just a historian. A boring history teacher who felt more comfortable with people and places long gone. He groaned as he pulled back, she felt incredible. He looked into her eyes and saw her desire.

"Then take me," she whispered with a soft plea.

"Tell me your name," he asked as his cock sunk into her again.

"Kayla," she murmured as their bodies entwined. She didn't even think to ask his name as she felt him invade her. He seemed so unsure of himself and she wondered what he was beneath the disguise. It wasn't long before he filled her and her fingers dug into his back with lust. The tension seemed to drain from her body and the next thing she recalled was feeling him pull away and lay her down in a pristine room.

The next thing she was aware of was the neutral computer voice saying, "Thank you for your participation. Your physical responses have been recorded. When you feel ready press the next button and fill out the survey."

Kayla slowly stood up and wondered where he had gone. She dressed and wished she could contact him somehow.

She looked at the screen and tapped the next button. She wondered who had been in there with her as the first question flashed across the screen.

'Did you enjoy the experience?' There was a scale going from 'Disgusting' to 'I want to do it again.' She selected, I want to do it again.

'Would you recommend the experiment to others?' The choices were yes, no, and maybe. She picked yes.

'What did you like most about the experiment?' a keyboard appeared on screen for her to type her response. Kayla knew right away what she liked best and typed in, 'The Minotaur."

"I see that you enjoyed your experience," the computer voice intoned. "If you would like to know the identity of the environmental inhabitant, it can be revealed. He too enjoyed the experience."

She nodded and said an enthusiastic, "Yes." Kayla watched a door open and a man appear. He was dressed neatly in gray slacks and shirt. She could feel her heart racing as she walked towards him. He was much better looking and she smiled as her fingers caressed his face.

She was dressed, for that he was grateful, he was confused about everything that had happened and felt the need to apologize. "I'm," he was stopped by a kiss before he could say anything else.

"You were saying?" she looked up at him with her brilliant hazel eyes and he couldn't help but smile back.

"My name is Kyle, and I'm a history teacher. This wasn't what I expected when I was given the chance to be the minotaur in the legendary city of Knossos."

"It's not what I expected either, but I want to see more of you," it sounded odd considering how much of him she had seen. She watched his skin turn pink.

He leaned over to whisper in her ear, "That was my first time."

She looked up at him and realized what he meant. "Was it everything you wanted?"

"I wish it hadn't ended so soon."

"Who says it has to end?" she whispered taking his hand and they walked out together.

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