tagNovels and Novellas[K][T] and Family Ch. 02

[K][T] and Family Ch. 02


Author's note: Preparations for the wedding are moving into high gear. There will be very little sex from here out. Them's the breaks. If these two were only interested in sex, they would not be getting married.

All characters are fictitious as are all the

Chapter 7—Adjustments

Interlude: 25th Anniversary


Dad tells me that the secret to anything is to put good people on it, then to stay out of their way. In the case of the wedding it was a synergy of the staff, Special Events, Aunt Francine's set crew and the Amish. Supervising all this was Aunt Jo and her team of students. Some of them are here tonightgive us a wave. Aunt Jo says that all she ever said was, "That's fine. Keep going."

I ask this, who got them out of the motel before the media descended? Elspeth? Don't make me laugh.


I dozed on the way home from the Japanese restaurant. Sean woke me when we turned into the drive. It was nice for a few moments, lying in his lap, feeling the cocoon of Sean's protection. I loved my Teddy Bear. But all good things end.

We emerged from the car. Rather than exit through the rear, to the new wing, Sean led me out the front. When we emerged into the drive, I saw Siobhan at the top terrace. Good enough for me. Siobhan would have news.

There is a run of wide steps from the carriage house to the rear of the main house. As we ascended I could see Siobhan pull out her cell phone and dial a number. Internally I made a wager on the recipient. When we were close enough to speak, Siobhan stepped forward, presenting the cell phone to Sean. I won my wager, because it was Herr Gunter. Siobhan wanted Sean to invite him to the wedding.

Sean has a working knowledge of several languages, which made me a bit jealous. His conversation with Herr Gunter was light and ended well. As I assumed, Sean had obtained a promise to attend. He was also getting ready to tease his sister. This would not end well for him.

Sean's play was to have Siobhan tell Gerald. Too easy Sean. Siobhan quick dialed 666, which was amusing. She asked Gerald to check out her date to the wedding, knowing that Gerald would do so in any event. Then she mentioned that Herr Gunter was invited to dance with her and signed off without waiting for a response. It would not win any style points, but it was brutally effective.

Sean took out a shovel and dug a deeper hole. He accused me of coaching Siobhan, which was silly. It was not that I would not, but my style is quite different. I told Sean that Siobhan was a quick study, as she was currently demonstrating. Duh. Fortunately Sean was willing to take his lumps and bow out.

From there Sean went to check on the Amish. Since they were staying in the family rooms upstairs, I was certain that they were content, but a well done visit is never out of place. We met with the Elder, his wife and Evaine. I hugged Evaine, but otherwise played the dutiful fiancée. Frau Neufeld smiled slightly at my act, but Elder Neufeld seemed oblivious. That was fine. I had received all the assurances necessary.

By the time we finally reached the bedroom, Sean was too wrung out to do much. I had him lie on the bed while I did my best to put him to sleep. I may not have developed Sean's massage touch, but I had been studying the theory. In any event, it worked. Sean went out like a light. I pulled the covers over him before I went in search of my shoes.

Siobhan was no clothes horse—yet—but she grew up with one. There was a built in vanity in the bathroom that swallowed a couple hundred dollars worth of skin care products. On my laptop was a note from Siobhan, map really. It pointed out vast additional places in the room for feminine storage, including a large closet, which I had taken as a storage room. Piles of Sean's things had been removed revealing two walls of shoe racks, already holding my shoes, with the back wall made up of pigeon holes for accessories and pegs for belts.

Wrapped all the way around this room was the walk in closet. Into a portion of this were the clothes from my house. Everything had been cleaned and pressed. The remaining space was not enough for my costumes, but there was enough room to make a sizable dent. Inside was another note. This one was rather pithy, "You have a staff now. Use it." I smiled. I had never had a sister, but I found I liked having this one.

It was neither early nor late, so I changed into workout clothes. Sean's gym is convenient, but I had heard of a big gym. I did a quick call to security, to find out who was on duty. A tech named Michael Smith was delegated to serve as tour guide. It turned out the large gym was a converted storeroom, near the kitchen in the old house. I felt right at home. I could only wish my body felt better after what should have been a light warm up.

There was a shower, but I decided to test my skills on Sean's high tech wonder. If I had to make do with ice water, it would serve me right. As it happened, I remembered the basic commands accurately, so I received water from top and three sides. It gave me a chance to try the shampoo and conditioners that Sean had purchased for me. I considered shaving, but decided I could wait til Thursday night. Instead I used the desert dry setting, which made the towel a formality.

Feeling a bit wicked, I climbed into bed wearing only the pins in my hair. Sean was sound asleep, so I snuggled in close and put his hand on my breast. I fell asleep thinking of what that hand might do. I awoke to the hand doing it.

Sean's alarm plays financial news in the mornings, at least til he can drag himself out of bed to turn it off. Instead he was amusing himself by flicking my nipple. By the time I was conscious, my nipple was as hard and pink as a pencil eraser. We had a short tussle, then Sean kissed me. I melted into his arms. We had become engaged on Friday and come home to some wild sex. Since then, we had made love only a couple of times. Our evenings had been full of exhaustion and our mornings were rushed. It was like we were already married.

We were not going to get any right then either, though Sean did take some time to give my sore nipple a bath. Nor did Sean tell me to spend the day in a short skirt with no panties—though he was plainly thinking along those lines. Instead, Sean told me to think about him during the day. I would be rewarded based on my temperature when we met, which would be at 1:30 PM to meet the minister.

With the meeting in mind, I pulled out my small set of ben wa balls. I have used ben wa for years as a muscle control exercise that happens to have a sexual side effect. Normally I use a large pair for long term use. They are made of hollow high impact plastic and have ball bearings inside. For Christine's training I have a middle sized pair made of solid chromed steel. This set of five was made of jade and was rather small. Using them all morning would give my pussy a real workout. The nice part was that they could be left in for intercourse.

This left me a dilemma. I was off birth control.


Returning to my room alone held no appeal, so I checked a car out and went to the hotel. I was not consciously carrying the jam box, but I never set it down. I arrived at the motel, with no particular plan. On the way, I had passed the Walgreen's where I had met Maria. It occurred to me that Christine was in the car. I could have introduced the two. That led to some interesting fantasy scenarios, but I had declined Maria's invitation.

It was not til I pulled into the lot of the motel that it occurred to me that I was horny. The list of nine remaining students was not promising. Evaine was not even there. Six of the others were already paired off. That left only Elspeth and Vivian. Still, I was there, so I might as well show myself. The question was how.

It was a midweek night, but the motel was packed. I wondered what was going on. As I looked for a parking spot, I saw Conrad and Kerin. I beeped the horn to get their attention. Finding a parking space was still difficult, but soon after that we met in Evaine's abandoned room. Evaine was still technically here, but her roommate had bolted. Rather than move someone else in, my students were using it as a meeting room. I should have expected it, given three obvious couples.

Couples or not, the room quickly filled. I counted six, so there were two out. That would be one of the couples: Conrad and Kerin. It was a small pity, since that left us with only two guys, but we would make do. It was interesting that Jasper and Joleen were both here, because they had partied hard on Monday night. It was one reason I had put them on clean up duty at Sheila's studio. That seemed to be a good place to start.

"Hello everyone. I was not planning a formal meeting, but since we have one, has it been interesting?" I said this looking straight at Joleen. She caught my gaze but Jasper was the one who blushed. Interesting. Everyone else was eager to tell me their news, so I let them try to talk for a while. When they started talking to each other, I cut it off.

"Please, a little decorum. I take it that you all have your hands full." There were nods all around. "Does anyone have a problem that cannot be handled with the people you have or that the Gilberts can get you?" This brought a pause, followed by a few issues, but these were quickly attacked by the others. I took it to mean that things were well in hand. Good.

"You have me all day tomorrow, but Friday I have to go back to the City. Wardrobe. In case anyone has not heard, I will be wearing a tux and standing with Sean. I have seen the gown. No one in this room could wear it. It is very Irish, as in green, with ivory lace. Think tree-leaf filtered sunlight on forest undergrowth. Unless I miss my guess, everything will be trimmed out in green, so bear that in mind.

"After the ceremony, will be a formal dance. That is why I came down this evening. How many of you know at least some ballroom dancing?" All the girls except Harshini raised their hand. I was a bit surprised that Jasper also raised his. That was more than I would have hoped. "Is anyone well versed?"

That was the big money question, because I was out of my depth. Elspeth's hand went up. That gave me two.

We took a few minutes to clear as much space as the room would offer. I set the CD player on the table and punched play. Sean had loaded Strauss. The first piece was Blue Danube. Jasper and Elspeth seemed unclear where to start, so I told them to do the simple box step. That at least had them moving. After a few measures, they started to settle in. I tried to channel Sheila and asked them to start turning the box.

When the music ended, Jasper and Elspeth looked slightly flushed. Everyone gave them a little applause, which made them a little more flushed. I found them each another partner. After everyone had had a chance, even Harshini who knew nothing about European dance, I was ready to call it a night. Naturally it was Elspeth that brought me up short. Everyone then insisted that I take the floor.

Thanking Sheila for the refresher I had received, I called Elspeth for my partner. She turned white, while everyone was pushing her toward me. All over the room, phones came out. I cued the waltz again. At first I was thinking strongly of Lars Gunter, but it was not working. For one thing, Lars is about 6' 4", while Elspeth was about 5' 7". Also, I doubted that Lars would have any trouble leading. Elspeth was dancing the girl's part. Instead, I thought of Christine.

That was the trick. Elspeth wanted a firm hand. I led her through the school figures I had done earlier with Sean and Sheila. Then I started expanding. Our dance floor was tiny, but I took us around it. By the time the piece ended, I was breathing heavily. It was fun. OMG it was fun. I pulled Elspeth close and kissed her. She kissed me back. I pulled up short, while I gazed into Elspeth's grey/blue eyes. It took an act of will to back away. It was much too late to stop the comments, but I could ignore them.

I was halfway home before it hit me. Elspeth wanted a firm hand.


I was getting to be attuned to Sheila's moods. Something was bothering her. I waited til we reached the bedroom before I said anything. My next words would shape the rest of my life. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get it right. Rather than bluntly ask what was bothering her, I left it to her to shape the conversation. I said, "Now would be a good time to ask."

Have you ever noticed how just about anything can be phrased as a question? Through the years, Sheila would find all of them. Eventually I would only need to say the word "Now." and she would ask her question or make her request, phrased as a question. If I wished to be dubious, I would say "Ask." The only requirement was that I express some interest in her thoughts. If you have ever read Asimov's Foundation trilogy, I was First Speaker. I learned to use that privilege to yield to questions.

All of this philosophy would work itself out in the days, weeks and years to come. At the moment, I only noticed that Sheila had been wanting to say something, but had not. It was a formality that was important to her. When you consider that she had literally put the whip in my hand, such formalities are very understandable. For my peace of mind, Sheila did in fact have something important to ask.

"Sean, would you be willing to wait until the wedding? For intercourse that is. I am off birth control and I want there to be no doubt that our child is legal in every sense. I would be more than happy to give you release in other ways." I am a businessman. Pay as you go is standard practice.

"My Dear, nothing would make me happier. I will take a seat over there and wait for you to entertain me." One of the small changes in my bedroom is that there was now a sitting area. An ancient stuffed leather chair, from the old house, had found its way in. I saw other changes, which made me suspect my brat sister. It was another thing I would have to thank her for.

I made myself comfortable in the big chair. As I expected, Sheila dropped to her knees and opened my pants. When things were fully open, I raised my weight so that she could pull them down. In typical Sheila fashion, she did the unexpected. Rather than apply lips to my half hard cock, Sheila removed my shoes and socks, followed by the pants. Then she began kissing my foot, starting at my big toe and working over the instep and heel, then up the leg. By the time she reached my ankle, my prick was fully alert.

As part of our engagement, Sheila procured releases from all her clients. As with everything else, she was laying herself bare to me. The simple list of names was quite impressive, but it did not stop there. Sheila informed me that they had heard of my session with Mario. They were quite willing to have me in the loop. This is relevant because I had studied some of Sheila's video.

To say she is a consummate tease belittles the level of her artistry. Since I knew she was capable of drawing this out almost indefinitely, I held up a spread hand, meaning five minutes. Sheila did not respond in any visible way, but I would take bets she would hit the mark within seconds, regardless of my efforts to choose another time.

Initially, Sheila continued as she had already. As she reached my calf, the kisses became wet. In its turn, she applied the full length of her tongue to the back of the knee. It was like an electrical shock running through me. As the progress reached my inner thigh, I was reminded of my game with Francine. It would not surprise me to learn that Sheila was thinking along the same lines. However, she never reached my private parts.

Instead, Sheila began a strip tease. There was no music, but the beat was definitely there. Undulating at the hips and abdomen, Sheila's hands reached for her hair. Yet another set of hair pins were laid on the table. Down came her lovely hair. Just as I thought that I would like to smell it, Sheila flowed around behind me. With a flip, her hair came around front while she nibbled at my nape. Another electrical jolt ran through me.

Sheila moved around front and the clothes began to come off. Unlike a club strip, Sheila did not wave the clothes or posture seductively. She simply removed her clothing in full view, beginning with her top. It took a while. Sheila has an affinity for elaborate closures. This top was one I had seen before—at the Mario session. There were lots of tiny pearl buttons at the throat. Sheila undid them one by one, til she reached the more normal buttons at the cleavage. Rather than continue down, she undid the buttons at the wrist, then pulled the tail out of her skirt. All through this, her eyes never left mine.

There were many reasons I loved Sheila. One was that she was both smarter and quicker than I was. She had an almost unheard of ability to process masses of information. I think that was why her physical actions were so smooth. She had more processing power than the ordinary people like me. At times like this I feel she can read my mind, which is very comforting. I have had occasional difficulty expressing myself, but never to her. At that moment Sheila was both accepting me, exactly as I was, and offering herself, all of herself, to me. It took all my willpower to not reach out to her.

Sheila's hands moved back to the front of the blouse, once again moving down the breast to the abdomen. She did not lay it open, but there was a tantalizing glimpse of a lacy white bra. Next came a thin black belt, which Sheila pulled out and lay on the the arm of another chair. Then she unbuttoned her skirt and stepped from it. Like the belt, it was laid carefully on the arm of the chair.

Oddly, with her top fully unbuttoned and her skirt off, I could see almost nothing more of Sheila than I had before she started, because of the long tails and the silk stockings. However, Sheila's vulnerability had risen dramatically. It showed in her eyes and the line of her jaw. I thought back on the other times I

had seen Sheila naked. Each time, it had been me opening the bulk of the clothing. Sheila was consciously stepping into new territory.

None of this mattered a bit to my penis. It was pointing straight up and throbbing. I let my gaze move down from Sheila's eyes, for a moment. When it returned, Sheila had relaxed slightly and a tiny smile was there, if you knew what to look for. Any form of applause counts. In any event, the pace quickened.

Sheila removed the top and laid it with the other things. When she reached behind her back, my breath stopped involuntarily. Sheila's body modesty centered on her massive breasts. Perhaps it was some of that modesty lingering, or perhaps it was performance, but Sheila held the bra up while she slipped her arms from the straps. When she finally lowered them, her own arousal was clear in the rigor of her nipples. In comparison, stepping from her panties took no time at all.

Sheila paused, letting me see her intimate self, though she was far from naked. She still wore four inch heels, silk stockings and garters and a firmly tied corset. Ann Coulter once said that what a bikini reveals is interesting. What it conceals is vital. Sheila was wearing the reverse of a bikini. She did a slow turn in place, showing me her spectacular ass. I felt my tongue wet my lips in anticipation.

I had no way of telling the time, but my guess was that we had gone through at least three minutes during the strip. From Sheila's actions, I would guess that time was short. She dropped to her knees between my legs. Her hands started at my knees and slid toward my crotch. The whole ride, Sheila's rather substantial thumbnails cut a strip up my inner thigh. I jerked in place, just in time for her lips to greet my cock. Shit. Sheila was not being gentle. Her teeth macerated my little head while her finger nails scratched my balls. I fountained into her mouth.

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