tagErotic CouplingsKandie's Surprise

Kandie's Surprise


Wayne glanced at his watch, it was only 6 pm. The evening was moving slower than a snail's pace and he was bored. He leaned over and picked up the local newspaper off the coffee-table ad thumbed thru its pages looking for something exciting to read. "Oh how boring, there is nothing exciting in the newspaper these days," he voiced.

When he let his dog out, the autumn air had a crisp cold feel to it and made him shiver clear to his toes. He pulled his sweater tighter around himself and buttoned it; he hates cold weather and would prefer to be backing on a warm beach under the hot summer sun.

In his mind's eye he was strolling along the shore of his favorite beach. He was wearing his blue Speedos; they hug his curves like a second layer of skin.

He sees a group of scantily dressed woman sunbathing and casually walks towards them. The beauties look sexy as hell and some don't wear anything but three small triangular patches of fabric that barely cover their nipples and pussy.

The awesome sight of giggling tits and asses began to arouse Wayne. His cock tingled and started to get hard, "Oh hell no, not here, fuck I am going to be so embarrassed, If I don't do something quick. I wish my sweet Kandie was here, I know what we'd be doing right now," he whispered.

Wayne almost ran back to his car, jumped in the front seat and closed the door fast. "Oh God," he yelled. Then quickly glanced around, hoping no one saw the outline of his hardening cock.

Wayne felt the urgency to jack off right then and there. He was about to slide down in the seat, and watch the sexy beauties, and masturbate. Then stopped, with the way he luck was going lately, some beach-cop would walk by his window and catch him. He could see it now; arrested for indecent exposure. Now how in the hell would he explain that one to his new girlfriend Kandie?

Wayne ignored his cock for the moment, started up the car and proceeded to drive home. After he had gone about two miles, he spotted a small gravel road that disappeared into a grove of trees, on the left side of the highway.

He drove onto the path went a few feet and stopped, rolled his window down and looked at the ground. There were no apparent tire tracks. He went a little further and carefully checked around. He was completely surrounded and he could not see the main road at all.

"Oh this is perfect," Wayne said excitedly. His left hand lowered his shorts, then he ran his index finger across the head of his cock and moaned, "Mmmm," when he felt the tip wet with precum.

He pulls off the road and parks his car, then opens the door. He gets out, without hesitation, his hard cock bobbing in the wind. The summer breeze caressing his cock and makes him tingle from head to toe. Wayne looked around and said, "Hey, man, its time for some serious jacking off!"

Wayne saw the reflection of his hard cock in window and smiled. His right hand grasps his cock firmly and slowly strokes up a down. He wanted to make this sexual moment last as long as he could.

"Oooh fuck, this feels so good!" he uttered. Wayne imagined Kandie was right there with him. She was holding on to him and taking off her clothes. He stood back for a moment admiring his full figured woman. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Then he leaned down and began sucking and biting both of her nipples, one then they other, till they were red and hard. "Oh Kandie I want to fuck your pussy so much I can taste you sweet nectar on my lips," he said.

Suddenly, Wayne feels someone's arms encircle his waist and their warm moist air caressing the back of your neck. He jumped, and the hair on the back of his head stood up and he felt his cock shrink. Before he could ask, "Who are you?" Someone kissed the back of his neck softly.

"Guess who darling?" Kandie whispered. She ran her tongue across his neck and felt him quiver. Then kissed the back of his neck again then said softly, speaking softly, "Wayne, now do you know who I am?" Wayne’s mind races, he knew the person was female. He knew he had heard her voice before, but doesn’t remember when or where. He eagerly tired to turn around, but couldn't move.

Kandie kisses the back of his neck again, "Now who do you suppose is kissing you like this? Wayne, you can turn around now, "she giggled.

Wayne slowly turns around, there before his eyes is a sexy BBW, clad in a one piece hot pink and black swim suit. He rubs his eyes then pinched his arm to see if he's awake.

He looked deep into her sensuous blue-green eyes, blinked and recognizes her. "Kandie, is that you! Dam, woman, you should not scare me like that. I damned near swallowed my tongue. He exclaimed.

"Hello Wayne, I'm sorry, hopes I didn't embarrass you too much." Kandie expressed.

Wayne eyes were in a trance as he stood there; this is the first time he has seen her for real. "Oooh Kandie, you're so beautiful! I never in my wildest dream thought I'd meet you. Well, not like this anyways, He uttered. "Hey Kandie, where in the hell did you come from? I know you didn't materialize out of thin air," he uttered.

"Kandie told him she had been hiding the whole time on the floor in the back seat of the car. Just waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and surprise him, she told Wayne.

"I'm sorry; I should have emailed you and told you I was coming for a visit. But I was not sure, if I'd have the funds for it," Kandie said.

"Then two weeks ago my boss gave me a big bonus. A fourteen day paid vacation anywhere in the USA. Darling, I couldn't bring myself to call you directly," she told Wayne.

Kandie then told him that she had called his mom to tell her about the plan to make sure he'd be home for the surprise. Then ask if she could pick me up. She loved the idea and told me she would be glad to pick me up.

"When she picked me up this morning that's when I put my plan into action," Kandie uttered.

Wayne took her in his arms and kissed her softly, "Well Kandie, you sure scared me that's for sure baby," he said. He ran his fingers across her ass and caressed her gently. Then his hard cock brushed against her thigh making them both jump. "Sorry honey, I guess my cock is making my intentions apparent," he murmured.

"Oh Kandie, I love you! I have wanted you since the first time we chatted online. Oh my sweet baby, when you said hello to me on the phone that time I called you. I fell head over heels for you," he whispered.

"Wayne, I love your voice is sweet and alluring. The first time we spoke on the phone I melted into the receiver. I fell in love with your voice and sensuous words. I wanted to hold you for real and hear you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I needed to touch you and feel your warm kisses against my lips. I wanted to caress the small of your back and feel your quiver as my fingertips slowly glided over your skin. I wanted to arch my back as your lips surrounded my swollen clit and moan with pure delight," she purred.

Kandie then glanced down as his cock, "Oh by the way--wow, honey, nice cock! I can't wait to try it on for size," she replied as her tongue caressed her lips.

"Hey, how do you like my swim suit love? I bought it just for the trip. Then she watched his face for any hint of his feelings; he winked at her and blew her a kiss. I'll take that as a yes," Kandie chuckled.

Wayne took the blanket out of the car then laid it on the ground next to them. He reached out and drew Kandie close to his body, and kissed her. His voice quivered and he said. "Let me help you out of that suit darling, ooooh God, I want to fuck you!"

"Oh Wayne, I want to feel your cock teasing my clit and then slowly sliding down and encircling my hole. I want to wrap my legs around your waist and feel you slide your cock in me with deep slow strokes stretching my pussy to its limits. Oh my God, I want you," she replied.

Kandie slid the suit off her shoulders then held on to Wayne for support as he bent over to help her step out of the suit. She gently ran her fingers down the middle of his back and heard a soft sigh escape his lips. If she was not holding on to him she was sure her legs would buckle.

Wayne stood up slowly taking in Kandie's naked body with his eyes. He gasps when her big succulent nipples were just inches from his lips. "Oooh Kandie, I love your tits--oooh can I suck them baby? Wayne asked.

Kandie pulled his head closer to her breasts and uttered, "Yes--baby--yes--I love a titty-man!" She loved the way his tongue encircled her nipple, and when he bit it a bolt of electricity went directly from his tongue to her clit. Kandie shivered excitedly and said, "Oh Wayne lets make love, right here right now!"

Wayne kissed her cheek and gently laid her down. "Darling, don’t move, I want to taste every inch of you--my sweet Kandie," he instructed her. He kiss her lips then covered her face with soft kisses then descended to her breasts.

Wayne flicked her nipple with his tongue, and then sucked it deep into his mouth. He could not get enough of her, she tasted so good. He took it in his teeth and bit it gently. Then crossed to her other nipple and did the same.

Kandie arched her back, close her eyes and whispered softly, "MMM, Oh Wayne you're making my clit throb, it feels divine! Oooh I want to feel your fingers caress my clit. Oh you sure know how to make a woman feel good!"

Wayne left a wet trail with is tongue as he licked his way down her abdomen to her pussy. Wayne told her to spread her legs wide then moved between her legs with his face inches from her pussy. He slowly spread her labia and licks his lips and excitedly said, "Oh fuck--you're so fucking wet!"

He opens his nostrils wide inhaling her stimulating aroma. Then ran his tongue across her swollen clit and encircled it. He eagerly laps her from her clit to her ass feeling her hips move about wildly. The he held onto her hips darting his tongue in and out of her madly, feeling a gush of fluid against his chin.

Wayne zeros in on her clit setting it ablaze. He slid his fingers in her pussy with wild fucking motions. He stopped for a moment then raised His head, "Oh Kandie, you like what I am doing, don't you," he inquires.

Kandie held his head like it was in a vice and screamed out his name, "Wayne--Oh--Wayne--Oh Yessss--Oh my God--bite my clit! I am going to cum--fuck me now!"

Wayne takes the head of his cock and rubs it all over her pussy, lubricating it with precum. He voice quivers as he tells her, "Sweetheart, hang on--not so fast--we have all day to fuck. I want to make cum before I shove this throbbing cock deep into her hot pussy. Cum for me baby!"

Kandie thrust her hips like crazy, and desperately looked-for his cock to guide it into him. He stopped and said, "Soon my love." Wayne then shoves his finger deeper within her pussy till it rubs against her g-spot.

She screams and began to shiver, feeling the start of an earth shattering climax. "Fuck, oh darling, fuck-me--ooooooooh--yesssssss--I am cumming," she screamed.

Wayne withdrew his hand and prepared to guide his hard cock into her and noticed his hand was covered to his wrist with cum.

Kandie shouted, "Wayne, make love to me now! Baby--fuck me now! I can't wait to feel your cock pulsating against the walls of my pussy. Oh Wayne, please--baby--Fuck Me!

Wayne kissed her lips gently and then went slow relishing the moment as her climax engulfed them. Then without hesitation shoved his cock all the way in her with one hard thrust, yelling, "Yesss--ahhh dam baby--make your pussy-muscles milk my cock. Oh--Kandie--ride my cock hard--make me cum!"

Kandie clamps down on his cock hard with her vaginal muscles feeling the engorged veins in his cock. It felt as if it would explode at any minute. She wraps her legs around his waist and screamed, "Ooooh Wayne cum for me darling!"

Wayne's cock expanded her pussy to the limit. "My darling, sweet Kandie, can I cum inside you--I can't hold back any longer!" Wayne screams."

Kandie in breathless anticipation said, "Oh yes baby, fill me with your sweet cum! I love the way you fuck me, no one has fucked me like before. Honey I love you!"

Wayne's felt his body go rigid and screamed "Kandie--my delicious lady--I am cumming!" His cum exploding with so much force it takes her breath away.

Kandie feels the force of his cum touching the deep recesses of her vagina she begins to shout, "Oh, I am cumming again! Oh Wayne, let's make this moment last forever!"

Wayne held her face in his hands, kissing both cheeks softly. "Kandie, I love you! I am so glad I was privileged to meet you for real. Darling, you’re sexy as hell as and more woman than any man could ever wish for. Let's make the additional 9 days a sentimental journey through paradise," he expressed.

Kandie climbs into bed that night and snuggles up close to Wayne. Then closes her eyes and treasures the precious memories of the day.

Wayne looks at sleeping beauty once more and whispers, "Wait till morning, My Sweet Kandie, I'm having pussy-pie for breakfast.”

Kandie playfully opens one eye, "Not if I can help it--if I wake up first--I’m having tube steak ala cream for breakfast, she chuckles.

Wayne briskly said, "I am going to win this round, I guarantee you baby!"

Kandie excitedly replied, "Shall we bet on it, winner takes all. All I can get!"

They kissed each other goodnight and slowly drift off to sleep snuggled in each others arms.

Hugs, this story is real!

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